Battle Frenzy
973 Destiny
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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973 Destiny

Wang Zhong turned his wrist slightly.

Hum! Hum! Hum!

There was the hum of the sword power. Ripples that were visible to the naked eye appeared in this space, which was filled with countless layers of spiritual influence as a result of the hum, and spread wildly into the surroundings. The golden sword power from the three Sword Saints was instantly stopped, and the golden light could no longer spread. The might that the three of them released was instantly suppressed.

This was not because of the difference in their power, but because of the form of sword power. The ripples of sword power did not seem too powerful individually and did not seem to have high destructive power, but they were extremely thick and heavy. Furthermore, the ripples overlapped with one another and came in an endless stream. Once you were forced into its rhythm, you would be in a defensive position and could only retreat again and again in defeat when faced with the waves of ripples.

When they felt the layers of power and the rhythm, the divine swords in their hands started to show signs of trembling under the rhythm of the sword power. The expressions of the three Sword Saints changed slightly. They had mastered the same inheritance from the Sword Faction, but the version that the human had mastered was more substantial and higher-leveled. The sword power that the three Sword Saints had released was from their own power, but the sword power that the human released seemed to faintly activate the heaven and the earth. It gathered the power of the heaven and the earth, and it was not possible for them to withstand this power.

They had wanted to suppress the aura of their enemy, but they never expected that they would be suppressed instead.


Bawar unsheathed his divine sword. It was a black sword with a gloomy aura. Meanwhile, the two Sword Saints beside him tapped their feet. They no longer released a golden light from their bodies. Instead, they released a subtle divine glow as ripples of Sword One violently surged.


A massive ray of golden light and a wave of gloomy Sword Qi flew at the same time. On the left, the golden light was extremely powerful and produced a massive explosion. On the right, the Sword Qi was cold and silent, and was engulfed in a treacherous aura. The two completely different kinds of power were extremely well coordinated with each other. In an instant, they trapped Wang Zhong in a position where he could not dodge.

However, Wang Zhong had no intention of dodging. He did not even change his techniques. Soul Power suddenly started to violently surge from his body, and the hum of the sword became extremely hurried.

Hum hum hum hum hum hum!

The overlapping ripples of sword power suddenly seemed to have materialized, and their momentum was shocking. In an instant, it was as if the countless overlapping ripples had forcefully blocked the attack from the two Sword Saints. However, darkness suddenly enveloped their surroundings.

"Sword Domain —— Devouring Space!" Bawar's low voice sounded.

This was not an ordinary darkness. Not only did it devour all the light in this space, even all the smells and sounds had been absorbed and were completely stripped away from the air. Furthermore, even the aura in the heaven and the earth had been severed. Although the hum of Sword One did not cease, it did not have resonance with the power of the heaven and the earth. As a result, its might was greatly reduced. The sword glow that had been suppressed by Sword One was freed and soared into the surroundings.

In the phoenix remains, a smile appeared on Dhomiguer's face. "He was able to create the Devouring Domain even as a Heavenly Soul. As expected, Bawar is a rare genius that only appears in the Sword Faction every hundred years!"

"Although that human has understood the second sword technique of the divine sword inheritance, that is not an actual domain." A Sword God smiled. "His realm has been suppressed, and his sixth sense has been stripped away by the Devouring Domain. Furthermore, he cannot even sense the heaven and the earth. It is like being blind and having one's hands tied. How is he going to fight like this?"

"Just wait for your death!" Sword Faction Suzerain Dhomuta roared coldly. However, before he could finish speaking, his expression instantly froze.

A ray of light shot out from the dark domain, instantly breaking through the darkness that the Devouring Domain had created! Three Mizobudapi Sword Saints with shock and disbelief were revealed.

Their faces were filled with shock and fear. How could this be? How was this possible?!

Not only had the human broken out of Bawar's control, he had even started to suppress them. The three of them felt as if something terrifying had grabbed their bodies in that instant. Ever since Bawar had comprehended the power of domains, he had never encountered this kind of situation, especially when he had attacked first!

"Sword Two!"

There was no expression on Wang Zhong's face. The darkness had been broken through, and he grasped the power of the heaven and the earth. The space around him started to distort as a "slow" sword glow engulfed him!

After all, they were three extremely powerful and extraordinary Sword Saints. At that moment, they burst forth with all their might and broke free of the dominating domain underneath their feet that felt like quicksand. The three of them had done research on Wang Zhong's shocking attack. Its might was boundless and could not be resisted, but it was not completely impossible to dodge it. The Sword Saints in that battle were of a completely different standard from them. Although they were all Saint-leveled, there were various grades and rankings among them. They felt that they would all be able to dodge. After all, there were many times when "powerful might" was an illusion because of the enemy's weakness.

Furthermore, this attack did not seem as resplendent as the attack he had unleashed at the Warrendoor Mountains!

At that moment, their actions were exactly the same. They transformed into shadows. Seven or eight incomplete shadows appeared, while their actual bodies rapidly charged in three different directions. But the next second, despair appeared on their faces at the same time.

They had obviously dodged the ordinary and slow sword glow, but the next second, the sword glow suddenly appeared at their chests. They could not even fight back as they were instantly split into half by the dazzling sword glow.

In the distance, Sauron simply did not dare to believe his eyes. That was Bawar's Devouring Domain, a domain that he had mastered as a Saint-leveled expert. It was practically invincible against Saint-leveled attacks. Even Sauron himself felt that if he challenged Bawar one on one, although he was an almost perfect Warlock Saint, the chance of him winning was at most 50%. However, even such an expert had been killed within seconds in his domain? How was this possible?!

Even if his sword technique was extremely powerful, it should still be a Saint-leveled technique. How was it possible for him to break through the rules of a domain? It was like using a knife to cut an ocean. No matter how sharp your blade was, it was impossible to cut the ocean into half. These were two completely different concepts!

Solomon, who was watching the battle, observed them coldly. Compared to the attack Wang Zhong had unleashed in the Warrendoor Mountains, it seemed like the brilliance of the sword had been concealed. However, his realm of control had improved. It seemed like an ordinary technique that had lost its gleam, but it had truly returned to its original purity and simplicity. It was an accumulation of brilliance and a concentration of the rules. This kind of attack was truly the most terrifying!

"Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry up!" Although Sauron was panicking, his actions were not slow. The imprisonment curse in the air was about to achieve completion after he had exerted all his might, but he already saw Wang Zhong's icy cold eyes turning to look at him.


Wang Zhong's figure flashed and instantly disappeared from Sauron's field of vision. Back then, when he was a Heroic Soul, Lao Wang had been able to compete with Sauron in terms of speed with the help of the Soul Power Circuit and many techniques. Now that he had advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage, the increase in his speed was simply terrifying. Even with gravity 30 times more powerful than usual, Sauron still could not follow him.

Sauron was extremely frightened on the inside. He no longer cared about the imprisonment curse overhead and completely relied on his instincts. A crystalline and transparent defensive shield had appeared around his body. The Warlock Saint's best protection technique was specially meant to deal with Sword Saints and emitted a powerful aura. Sauron still had great confidence in himself!

However, before Sauron could even breathe in, from the reflection in the defensive shield that was as smooth as the surface of a mirror, he saw a ghost-like figure being protected by the defensive shield with him.

This! How was this possible?!

The defensive shield had formed extremely quickly. However, no matter how fast his enemy was, the defensive shield should have been able to repel external forces! How could an enemy be engulfed with him? No, this had to do with the laws of nature. Had Wang Zhong's senses towards the power of the heaven and the earth reached unthinkable levels? It was as if he embodied the heaven and the earth. He was just like the wind and the air. The defensive shield would repel external forces, but it would not repel air…

Sauron looked back in shock and fear. However, Wang Zhong's calm voice sounded by his ear. "You're too slow."


The sword flashed past. Compared to the powerful defense, the Warlock Saint's body was as weak as tofu. He did not even have the chance to shout.

The defensive shield instantly dispersed, and a head flew high into the sky, along with the severed crystalline antennae. The four Mizobudapi had all fallen!

Beside the transmission array in the phoenix remains, other than Ceremonial God Dhomiguer, the other Mizobudapi Sword Gods all had frozen expressions, especially Sword God Suzerain Dhomuta, who had turned green.

They had lost too quickly. It could even be said that they had lost in an extremely disgraceful manner! Although it could be said that experts had powerful techniques and could determine life or death in just one or two attacks, it had been a four-on-one fight. Even then, they had been unable to last for even half a minute before being killed by their enemy. Furthermore, they had been killed by a sword, what the Mizobudapi were most adept at! Moreover, it was by a sword inheritance that had leaked from the Sword Faction… This was too embarrassing. It had been several hundred years since the Sword Faction had obtained the Nebula Sword. It had been left behind by the civilization who had been in charge of the first civilization test. The Sword Faction had done research on this divine sword for several hundred years, but what they had comprehended from the sword was no match for what a human had understood in the span of a few months!

Such trash!

If the two human Sacred Teachers had not been around, Dhomuta would not have been able to control himself and would have started scolding. However, he knew that the Saint-leveled human was just too powerful, even more powerful than the rumors had said. No matter whether it was his comprehension of his path, his body, his speed, or his power… He was on par with God-leveled experts like them. They could not believe this!

"Heh heh, it seems like the result will emerge from between the two humans." Sacred Teacher Timo could not help but be pleased and laughed softly. The humans and the Octopus people had known each other for several hundred years and had fought for several hundred years. When it came to technology, the Octopus people were no match for the humans, but in terms of swordsmanship, cultivation realms, talents, and comprehension, the humans were one step behind. This was the reason why the Octopus people always took the lead when they worked together, even though the two civilizations were almost on par in terms of strength. However, today, this was the first time the humans had turned the tables. It was a crushing defeat!

"Hmph!" Dhomuta coldly said, "Only two people are left, but the 'wings' have not appeared. How can you still laugh?"

There were only two people left, and the Angel of Misfortune would definitely be with one of them. If they were defeated by the Angel of Misfortune in a one-on-one battle, it would mean that they had failed the test. The rate of success had decreased significantly compared to when the six of them were fighting. Furthermore, if the Angel of Misfortune was with Wang Zhong, with his powerful domain and sword realm, as well as the assistance of the powerful wings, Solomon would simply not stand a chance.

When he thought about this, Sacred Teacher Timo kept his smile. Compared to the small satisfaction he had felt, it was obvious that he should be more concerned about whether they would be able to pass the test.

"Let's wait for the results." On the other hand, Uncle Zhang was much calmer. He trusted Wang Zhong tremendously. After all, he had secretly observed how he had progressed in the Holy City. His strength came from his natural talents and hard work. Furthermore, this fellow was not good at telling lies. From the conversation that Uncle Zhang had with him before this, until the moment he stepped into this space, he definitely knew nothing about this situation.

As for Solomon… Although the Kaiser Empire was not bad, their resources had not been used to support his massive growth. Most importantly, many of his thoughts were wasted on other areas. He was not as focused and passionate as Wang Zhong!

The countless colorful clouds that gathered in the sky gradually dispersed. Wang Zhong held the divine sword and hovered in midair. He had completely gotten used to the feeling of the powerful gravity in this space. He had benefited from his extremely powerful body, which had been refined by his divine cells, and complemented well with the heavy environment. This was the first time he felt as if he had his feet firmly planted on the ground, like a fish in water.

This arrangement had allowed him to surpass the limits of his speed and approach Sauron. This feeling… It was different from how an ordinary Heavenly Soul borrowed the power of the heaven and the earth. Instead, it was a true mastery of this power, as if one had integrated with the world and had become the world! It was a beautiful and mysterious feeling.

He did not look at the four Octopus people corpses. Instead, he turned to look at Solomon, who had been waiting by the side. "I'm slightly disappointed. You should not have challenged them to fight me."

"Oh?" There was no visible expression on Solomon's face. "Disappointed?"

Wang Zhong smiled. "You should have worked with them."

Solomon laughed. He laughed very happily. There were times when he was curious about how a weakling like Wang Zhong had such blind confidence. "Indeed, you are much stronger than what I have understood. Your improvement is extremely rapid. However, you are wrong about something."

He took a step forward, A strange, long sword with a nine-headed snake engraved on it appeared in his hands. "I am going to kill you, and I don't need anyone's help."


Unlike how Wang Zhong had naturally absorbed the power of the heaven and the earth, even though Solomon had not unsheathed his sword, a wave of terrifying and rich spiritual influence violently surged from the Nine-Headed Snake Sword in his hands. At the same time, Solomon's aura rapidly grew stronger. The shadow of a nine-headed, two-winged monster appeared behind Solomon like a Dharma Idol that was protecting him, helping him to increase his power.

Even though Wang Zhong was one with the heaven and the earth, he immediately sensed this pressure. If he had felt as if he controlled the entire world before the fight, then at that very moment, Solomon would have been the only existence that was not controlled by him. Furthermore, Solomon seemed as if he was about to challenge the heaven and the earth all on his own!

He was too powerful. He was like the demon god in myths!

"It has appeared! It's him!"

"The Angel of Misfortune, the Soul Wings!" Several God-leveled Octopus experts could not hide the excitement on their faces. Determining the existence of the Angel of Misfortune was one of the components of the test. Even though various people had confirmed and acknowledged that the Angel of Misfortune was highly likely to appear with one of these six people, it was only "highly likely". Unless they saw the Angel of Misfortune appear with their own eyes, no one dared to pat their chest and be 100% sure that this was the case.

Now, it was as if they could somewhat put down their suspended hearts.

Powerful fighting spirit instantly surged from one of the Octopus Sword Gods, but he was eventually able to control it. It was not time for them to attack. If these God-leveled experts dared to interfere with the fight, they would fail the test.

At that moment, the Sword Faction Suzerain Dhomuta, who hated Wang Zhong with a burning passion, secretly prayed that Wang Zhong would defeat his enemy. He was the hope of the Mizobudapi civilization.

They had set this testing area in the Mizobudapi World in order to enjoy the benefits of home ground. Even if the Angel of Misfortune had appeared and they achieved victory, the Star Alliance had never said whether only the victor would pass or both parties would pass. There were too many uncertain factors. They had done all this to possess the rights of taking the lead.

Previously, the uncertainty that the human Holy Saint Teacher had brought them gave them a wake-up call. Thus, although they looked down upon the human civilization, they were extremely afraid of the freaks among the humans. This fear had now materialized. Their overall strength was normal, but a freak had appeared among them. Furthermore, two freaks had appeared at the same time.

The power that Solomon emitted had a strange aura that Wang Zhong could not avoid with his sensitivity. Furthermore, the Nine-Headed Snake Sword in his hands had the same aura as his Nebula Sword. However, what was different was that the Nebula Sword was only a weapon, but the Nine-Headed Snake Sword seemed to have its own aura and power. This power seemed to be unimaginably strong and even somewhat unthinkable. This was the first time Wang Zhong had felt threatened ever since he had advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage.

Sword One!

Hum hum hum hum…

The intense trembling hum was two times more powerful than when he faced the three Sword Saints. Wang Zhong had utilized all his power. He understood Solomon's personality. Solomon was a meticulous person. Although he was conceited, he was not presumptuous.

At that moment, the extremely hard ground underneath his feet trembled in a regular pattern as it followed the hum of the sword. It was as if the entire space had started to tremble. The sword power spread, and ripples appeared in the air, charging towards Solomon like a stormy sea.

However, when the ripples of sword power came into contact with Solomon's body, they stopped. It was as if a low-leveled power had encountered a higher-leveled power and vanished completely.

Solomon's expression was calm. The corners of his lips curled into a proud angle, just like how he was standing. He did not even move from the sword power ripples. Wang Zhong's sword power was very powerful and led the rhythm of the heaven and the earth. In the past, just these ripples of sword power would have been enough to suffocate him. However, he could now only sense the struggle of a low-leveled creature!

Solomon suddenly swept the Nine-Headed Snake Sword in his hand through the air, and a scarlet aura abruptly spread like a hurricane. Not only did this disperse Wang Zhong's sword power, but it also covered the sky and the earth. It was like a wave of evil influence that continued to spread and flourish. It was like ink seeping into clear water, like pollution that could not be controlled.


A red ray of light shot into the sky and filled the entire world. Solomon's body was bathed in the red pillar of light that extended into the sky. He held his sword as he hovered in midair. His expression was proud, as if he was a demon god who was looking down on the world in disdain!

He was the ruler of this world and would complete this test as the spokesperson of the gods. No matter whether it was the Patriarch Society or the Octopus people, they could no longer tie him down. He would become the only god for 300 years. Of course, he would definitely not become a local tyrant. He would use the belief he received as a "God" to obtain and accumulate power. His final objective was to lead the humans to the hyperdimension civilization alliance. He would be the savior that led the human race!

How would people like Wang Zhong deal with these lofty aspirations and high ideals? They would only ever be able to see the benefits right in front of them. They did not know how to make sacrifices for the sake of the overall situation!

"We're in big trouble. This single strike can destroy everything else. Even though it seems vulgar, it is actually hard to break through and difficult to understand!" Dhomiguer was worried. This powerful strength had gone beyond the Saint level. Although Wang Zhong's sword intent was strong, it was highly likely that he would be brutally flattened.

Back then, the Octopus people did not think highly of Wang Zhong. But now, they earnestly wished that he was stronger.

If Wang Zhong lost, it would mean that they had failed the test. The Mizobudapi civilization would have to wait another 300 years before they again had a chance at joining the Star Alliance! Furthermore, they had to face the consequences of failing the test. Not only would Solomon casually spread his belief for the next 300 years, they would also have to offer wars and souls in sacrifice. Everything they had done till now would have been wasted.

The God-leveled Octopus people all felt a faint sense of regret. They could only blame this on their miscalculations. They had assumed that if the wings had appeared among the humans, it was most likely to appear with Wang Zhong. Sauron and the other three Octopus people had been sent to kill Wang Zhong, not simply because of Sauron's personal resentment towards Wang Zhong, but also because of the objective that the God-leveled Octopus people had set. Wang Zhong posed the biggest threat and had the most unusual rate of growth. If they got rid of him, they might only need to kill one person, and everything would be over. But from the look of things now, not only had they wrongly predicted who the wings had chosen, they had also wrongly calculated the strength of those Saint-leveled Mizobudapi. Simply put, they had made mistakes again and again…

"Do you think that these are of any use to me?" At that moment, Solomon's voice boomed like thunder as it reverberated throughout the entire space. "Show some of your skills. This is your last chance. As the only enemy who is worthy, I will give you this bit of honor!"

Wang Zhong smiled and shook his head helplessly. Even during these times, Solomon could not put down his hateful arrogance and his overflowing confidence as an aristocrat.

Unlike the various exhaustion techniques and exploration techniques as a lower-leveled soldier, when one stepped into the domain of the Heavenly Soul Stage, ordinary techniques were of no use against such experts. They could only use their most powerful attack. If their enemy did not die, then they would!

Wang Zhong's gaze was calm. Although he had not drawn his sword, a sword technique had started to build up in the sheathe. His left hand moved slowly, as if the entire weight of the heaven and the earth was on his left hand. He placed his extremely heavy hand on the handle of the sword. In that instant, the power in his entire body was channeled into the sword in a frenzy.


Starlight flashed and disappeared as he displayed his abilities to their full extent. It was as if the entire space had been frozen at that moment. In an instant, his sword technique started to take form. Black and white were inverted, while yin and yang were reversed. The sun and the moon shifted, and the entire world seemed to move along with this!

"Sword Two!"

He unsheathed his divine sword and had finished building up his attack. He brought the entire world along with him. Victory and defeat would be determined in this instant.

Solomon was at full attention and kept quiet. He did not seem to be affected by this attack. To him, the energy in the heaven and the earth that spun in a frenzy was just a breeze. A shallow smile crawled on his face.

Just like what he had predicted, the rotating world was unable to move him as he was too "heavy", even heavier than this world. His great power and energy allowed him to ignore the workings of some rules! Once one had perfected a technique, it would be completely natural, but he was still able to overcome this with one strike. It looked like he did not even need to use the sword techniques he had comprehended from the Nine-Headed Snake Sword.

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    《Battle Frenzy》