Battle Frenzy
974 Unparalleled Figh
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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974 Unparalleled Figh

However, this confidence only lasted for half a second. Rotations were relative and relied on an object of reference. Solomon was not shaken by Wang Zhong's sword technique, but as the heaven and the earth moved, he instantly lost his sense of direction! Everything around him spun, making Solomon dizzy and nauseous. He experienced everything he was supposed to experience.

The smile that had crept on his face instantly disappeared. He thought that he was the foundation and would break through with his power. Wang Zhong's level of sword techniques would not be able to shake his realm of control. However, what he saw and what he felt were two completely different things. He would only know how dizzying this attack was once he experienced it.

However, he did not panic. He had methods to deal with this. He suddenly pressed down on the Nine-Headed Snake Sword in his hand, and a domain formed around him. It was a space and time domain!

He could already control time and space for short periods when he was a Heroic Soul, more so now. Unlike Wang Zhong's Ruler's Domain that increased his strength, he could only control time in the time and space domain!

The flow of time suddenly came to a stop, and the world that was rapidly rotating in front of him became very slow. The dizzy and nauseous feeling in his mind stopped and disappeared. In fact, it was as if this entire world had suddenly turned quiet.

But controlling the flow of time did not mean that one could escape the laws of time. When he forced time to come to a near-complete stop, his body would also stop. It was just that his spirit could freely travel in this still space. He wanted to speed up time on Wang Zhong's body and make him age rapidly, allowing him to win even without fighting. However, Wang Zhong controlled the Ruler's Domain. Furthermore, Wang Zhong's control of the domain was much more powerful. Thus, he would not be successful if he did so.

At that moment, Solomon's eyes narrowed. He wanted to find the fatal sword in the rotating world. As long as he could clearly see the actual sword that Wang Zhong had hidden, he would be able to calculate where the sword traveled and would be able to easily dodge it when the flow of time went back to normal. But… where was the sword?!

Suddenly, Solomon was dumbfounded. He did not see Wang Zhong's sword even when the world had come to a standstill. The Nebula Sword had disappeared from Wang Zhong's hands.

There was no sword, no Sword Qi, and no sword glow. It was as if there was nothing at all in this space! However, the threatening feeling that filled his heart and the feeling as if he could be ripped apart by a wisp of air at any time made Solomon unable to believe his eyes. Goosebumps appeared all over his body.

Was it because his sword was so fast that he could not even see it after slowing down time?

Solomon desperately controlled the flow of time and slowed down time even further. However, it was of no use. He could not see the Nebula Sword and could not even see any actual attacks. It was as if Wang Zhong was always standing in the distance, looking at him coldly. Meanwhile, the invisible threat around him became stronger and stronger, like maggots on his body. The threat rapidly increased and was invisible, like the non-existent sword. It filled every corner of this space!

Solomon suddenly understood.

There was no sword! He simply could not dodge! Unlike the technique he had used at the Warrendoor Mountains, which still had gaps, the current Sword Two had subtly achieved true perfection. Everyone who thought about dodging this attack was already in trouble.

His attack was not a hard physical slash! The main point was not the sword, but the sword intent that had accumulated in the technique. It seemed as if the attack split the rules, defining the limits of black and white and separating the heaven and the earth. Thus, this attack contained the entire world. The energy in this world was about to slash him!

The energy of the world was present, and thus, the sword was present. Since he was in this world, how was he supposed to dodge?

He had taken this for granted. He could not dodge. This attack was indeed quite interesting!

A drop of blood had fallen from the tip of Solomon's tongue onto the Nine-Headed Snake Sword. It was as if the blood sacrifice had opened up some sort of terrifying restriction. Crack! The nine-headed snake that was engraved on the handle of the sword seemed to have suddenly come to life. They ferociously bared their fangs. Thick and resplendent energy flowed out from each of the snake heads and surged into Solomon's body.


Wang Zhong's figure appeared, and the Nebula Sword in his hands had been grabbed by Solomon. At that moment, Solomon's left hand was like a scarlet ghost claw that came from hell. He firmly grabbed the tip of the sword as powerful energy accumulated at the point they made contact. It was obvious that in terms of ability, Solomon would completely crush Wang Zhong.

However, Wang Zhong was at full concentration and stared straight at Solomon with a murderous look. This was the true essence of sword intent. In terms of power, Solomon would crush him, but in terms of comprehension, Solomon, who had trained as an aristocrat, would never be able to catch up to the battle-tested and seasoned warrior Wang Zhong.


Solomon did not even look at him. The red light from his body instantly broke through Wang Zhong's gaze. At the same time, he violently swept his left hand and released a burst of energy, sending Wang Zhong flying. His body disappeared in midair and flashed constantly, putting distance between them like a flickering light.

The corners of Solomon's mouth curled into a smile. Wang Zhong was still extremely smooth and ran very quickly. However, where would he be able to run to in this world? Just as he was prepared to chase after him, there was a whooshing sound at his neck. A wound appeared and purple blood started to flow out. He subconsciously touched the wound and saw his hand covered in blood. Solomon's pupils rapidly constricted. His eyes looked like a snake's.

Had he not completely grabbed the sword just now?!

In the distance, Wang Zhong smiled. "This power is not yours, right? I don't know where the source of your power is. It feels different from before."

His tone was rather relaxed, but Wang Zhong was extremely frightened. The threat that he sensed from Solomon was not actually from Solomon, but the sword in his hands. What exactly was that sword? It felt as if Solomon had not used any of his own power.

"You're asking for death!" Solomon's gaze was even colder. However, the moment he finished speaking, Wang Zhong unleashed another move with his sword!

Solomon was going to play the same old trick, but at this moment, the Nine-Headed Snake Sword in his suddenly emitted a low hum. A shadow-like snake head appeared and suddenly engulfed Wang Zhong's Sword Two. At the same time, another shadow appeared and shot a black thunderbolt at Wang Zhong. Wang Zhong's body disappeared again.

It was obvious that the Nine-Headed Snake Sword felt that Solomon could not withstand this attack and had started to take over. Solomon had also seemed to have realized this. Just now, he had not activated the power of this demon sword. Normally, Solomon would definitely think about it carefully. This sword had its own consciousness. Was it going to control Solomon?

However, Solomon had now lost his cool. He thought that he was the protector of this divine weapon, and the one chosen by the gods!

Wang Zhong's attack was very fast and strange. Solomon would not hold back. At the same time, he would also prove himself to those up there. Massive shadows of heads became clearer, and a brutal aura filled the space. Not long after, nine massive energy snake heads appeared on Solomon's body. Every single snake head contained a different attribute. They greedily looked around and howled without any restraint. They changed the energy structure of this entire space.

Devour! Taint!

Wang Zhong could sense the shocking changes in the rich energy that filled this space!

The energy in the air was rapidly "tainted" by the power that had surged out from the Nine-Headed Snake Sword and underwent strange changes. As a result, the energy was no longer "energy". It was no longer warm and thick, but was repulsive and seemed to be lying in ambush. This power could no longer be used!

Every single element or attribute that made up energy was in chaos and started to change… With Solomon, who was holding the Nine-Headed Snake Sword, in the center, a massive shadow started to rapidly spread in this world, infiltrating the entire world!

Putting Heavenly Souls aside, even God-leveled soldiers would not be able to do this. This was not normal. This was a method that would transform the heaven and the earth!

It was said that after one stepped into the Heavenly Soul Stage, they would be able to fight like a fish in water. The heaven and the earth were the water, and the Heavenly Soul was the fish. They could freely travel in the heaven and the earth. But now, the heaven and the earth were transforming. If the water turned into fire, how were fish supposed to survive?!

The energy in the heaven and the earth became foreign and unfamiliar. The range of the shadow was too large. Wang Zhong raised his sword, and the Nebula Sword spun in the opposite direction. He would not allow Solomon to continue!

Sword Three!

Countless Nebula Swords immediately appeared in the sky. Every Nebula Sword was dazzling and exuded the power of Sword Qi.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh~

Thousands of swords instantly appeared in the air, as if there were countless shooting stars charging towards the shadow. However, the impact was not as earth-shattering as he had expected. The swords pierced the shadow and easily went through, but they did not cause any changes. The massive shadow was like a bottomless black hole. All the Nebula Swords that shot through disappeared completely without causing any waves.

"Oh!" Dhomiguer's clenched fist involuntarily relaxed.

"Devouring Domain?"

"No," said Dhomiguer, "that is not a domain. Even if Saint-leveled soldiers are able to comprehend domains by chance, their strength is limited. This devouring effect has far surpassed the level that a Saint-leveled domain can achieve. That is an effect of that demon sword… It will change the heaven and the earth tremendously. This is not something that a civilization of our level can possess."

"That place is also beneficial to him. Although the energy level in that space is high, the Will does not exist. If this had happened outside, he would not have been able to reach this level."

"Not bad. The energy in the entire Earth cannot be tainted easily. After all, the Will and rules exist."

"How could this be?!" Dhomuta was even more agitated. He angrily said, "This has gone beyond the scope of a level-4 civilization test. Have the higher-ups made a mistake?!"

"We are at their mercy. There is no right or wrong to speak of." Dhomiguer heaved a long sigh. "The rules have all been set by them. The ones who are responsible for the test have probably intended to make things difficult for us. After all, if we fail, two great civilizations will have to contribute three hundred years of belief and countless souls… Which Saint-leveled expert would be able to defeat this kind of demon sword?"

Dhomuta was slightly dumbfounded, and the glow of anger in his eyes slowly dimmed. The humans and the Mizobudapi saw this civilization test as a rare opportunity. It was extremely precious and valued thus, but to those in the Star Alliance, whether these two level-3 civilizations would be able to join would depend on what the person-in-charge said.

Fairness? Rules? Did they really think that they would carefully calculate the tolerance of a level-4 civilization in a boundary world and arrange a rational test for them? This was not much different from dreaming! They had given them a crisis, and this was the reality. If they passed, they would join the Star Alliance, but if they failed, they would sacrifice their belief and their souls. These were useful to the civilizations in the Star Alliance? What if they were unwilling or unhappy? The Star Alliance did not care. After all, they could extinguish you in minutes.

"Let's end it. We've failed," Uncle Zhang suddenly said. "Open the space. There is no need for unnecessary sacrifice. Stop this test!"

"What kind of good dream is that!" Dhomuta laughed coldly. "If it is not a sacrifice to you humans, then did the Mizobudapi die for nothing? Even if we have failed, we have to let that fellow go to his grave!"

"Then what about the next time?" Uncle Zhang coldly said. "Do you dare to assume that a Saint-leveled expert who is even stronger than Wang Zhong will appear from our races? We have the chance to retake the test three hundred years later. If we allow him to live, we will have a greater chance of succeeding next time!"

Dhomuta paused. But before he could speak, Dhomiguer's eyes lit up beside him. "Don't panic. That fellow has not seemed to have given up…"

In the space, Wang Zhong stopped his sword attacks and furrowed his eyebrows. The Nebula Sword Storm did not consume much of his energy, but purely using it for nothing was still a waste. The shadow around Solomon's body was far too strange. Not only was the Nebula Sword Storm useless, even the Sword Qi attacks and energy attacks that he fired would disappear completely when they came into contact with that shadow, as if they had plunged into the ocean. Even the energy in the heaven and the earth was simply bizarre.

It was somewhat similar to a black hole, but it was not completely the same. The devouring power of a black hole was active, but Solomon's power was passively devouring energy. It was far from the level of a black hole. There should be a way to deal with this.

Opposite him, Solomon's expression had turned berserk. Power! Boundless, limitless power! Not only did it surge from the Nine-Headed Snake Sword, it was also changing and assimilating with the entire heaven and earth!

Solomon had never comprehended any domain, but at that moment, he completely sensed the feeling of controlling a domain. Wherever the shadow spread, every bit of energy was under his control. This feeling was too good, as if the heaven and the earth were in his hands.

The Empire, the Holy City, and the various powers were not even worth mentioning in the face of this power! Twenty years of belief was no match for what he was feeling now. Solomon felt as if he had lived 20 years in vain.

"What is a god?" His facial expression, which had become distorted from excitement, was ferocious. Black veins started to appear all over his body like decorative patterns. His entire face was filled with black veins as he laughed crazily.

"I am god!"

"Are you daydreaming? You are at best a ghost!" Wang Zhong huffed coldly. He placed his feet firmly on the ground and took a step forward.

As he took a step, the ground where his left foot landed turned black, while the ground where his right foot landed turned white. It was as if black and white alternated on the ground and spread in an instant.

This was the Ruler's Domain!

This was Wang Zhong's trump card after he had advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage. He was the center of the domain, and his divine cells were tough enough to allow him to display this kind of power as a Heavenly Soul. This was also the technique Wang Zhong had used to break through Bawar's domain. Only a high-leveled domain could directly crush his enemy.


A domain with a radius of three meters appeared around Wang Zhong. It was as if it was wrapping Wang Zhong up, yet seemed to be isolating him to prevent him from being devoured by the shadow domain.

Solomon was slightly dumbfounded, and envy flowed from his heart. If he had not had that fateful encounter, he would have been no match for Wang Zhong. This weakling had been able to comprehend domains to this extent!

But now, Solomon was more amused. So what if he had the Ruler's Domain?

This was just a Saint-leveled attack. At that moment, in Solomon's eyes, this level of domain was complete rubbish! Furthermore, it only had a radius of three meters. Could it withstand his Devouring Domain? He could crush Wang Zhong with one hand!

"Die!" He was used to controlling the shadow. The massive shadow in the air suddenly pressed forward, ready to devour Wang Zhong and his laughable three-meter Ruler's Domain!

"This is not good!" Uncle Zhang's expression suddenly changed. He had never expected that Wang Zhong was this powerful. He was a genius that he had not seen in the Holy Land for the past 100 years. Even the Holy Saint Teacher had not been this powerful at this stage. He was the hope of humankind, but it was too late to step in.

The terrifying shadow covered the heaven and the earth. However, there was no sign of panic on Wang Zhong's face. Instead, a smile appeared on his face.

Frankly speaking, this was his first time using this power after becoming a Heavenly Soul. It was too powerful, so powerful that even Wang Zhong did not have the confidence that he could fully control it. Furthermore, Sword Two had been enough to deal with his earlier enemies. If he wanted to use his Ruler's Domain, he had to be able to control it… When he had broken through Bawar's Devouring Domain, he had only used a small part of the Ruler's Domain.

There was a bright flash in Wang Zhong's eyes, and he was full of fighting spirit. Even though the energy in the heaven and the earth had changed, the aura in his body was stable. Ordinary Heavenly Soul experts needed to draw on the power of the heaven and the earth to have boundless power. But in the end, there were other special beings, such as Aiolos, who had boundless Soul Power, and Wang Zhong, who had divine cells!

As he pushed his hands out, there were constant crackling sounds in his body, as if some form of restriction had been lifted. Although he could no longer use the energy in the heaven and earth, the core energy in his body continued to gush forth, forming the source of his power.


The domain that only had a radius of three meters trembled slightly. Closely after…


Boundless energy suddenly exploded from Wang Zhong's body. The black-and-white domain underneath his feet wildly spread into his surroundings like a web. The domain, which only had a radius of three meters, instantly extended into the air and the ground, occupying one-third of this space, violently clashing with the shadow space!

Ruler's Domain! I am the ruler!

Pa pa pa pa pa~~~

When the black-and-white space and the shadow space came into contact, there were countless sparks and the explosive sound of thunder, causing a massive crackling sound. The two spaces stopped each other as if they were wrestling and were stuck in a stalemate.

The shadow space tried to infiltrate and devour, but the black-and-white space continued to replace itself and formed a cycle. It was a unified whole, and there were no gaps for the shadow space to seep through. They consumed a crazy amount of energy and clashed with each other in all directions. Furthermore… Solomon's shadow space continuously devoured and destroyed everything in its way, while Wang Zhong's domain continued to build and repair itself.

One followed the law and order of destruction, while the other followed the law and order of creation. They were complete opposites and were as incompatible as fire and water.

The entire space trembled, and the entire world became the battlefield for the two of them!

They were evenly matched!

The six God-leveled experts in the phoenix remains, who were in despair, widened their mouths into an "O" shape! They could not be blamed for losing their self-control. What was happening in the space was simply too unthinkable.

No matter whether it was in the history of the Octopus people or the humans, were there Saint-leveled experts who had comprehended the power of domains? Definitely, and there were many examples in the course of history! However, there were also different levels of domain power. Furthermore, the difference was very large.

Even the most powerful Saint-leveled experts in the history of the two civilizations only had a preliminary mastery of domain power. If they were able to extend their domain to a radius of five or six meters and create their own rules in their domain, they would be deemed as defying the heavens. This was a kind of rule and a kind of limit. After all, activating a domain was like creating a world.

After all, Heavenly Soul experts had not conquered the major Heavenly Calamity; no matter how great one's natural talents were or how high one's comprehension was, in terms of their current level, they had not truly freed themselves from the rules of this world.

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    《Battle Frenzy》