Battle Frenzy
975 Aggressive Lao Wang
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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975 Aggressive Lao Wang

It was just like staying in one's room. No matter how great your construction skills were, could you build a skyscraper inside your house? You could at most practice by creating a small wooden house for children to play with. Only when you stepped out of your house into a vast world would you have the means to build a skyscraper! This was the same logic as Heavenly Soul experts using a domain.

But what was the human doing in that space? The domain space he activated had broken free from the restriction of rules, reaching a range that even God-leveled experts took great difficulty to achieve. The entire domain spread throughout a radius of a few kilometers.

That was not all. His domain was of very high quality. Unlike the individual domains that contained one of the 5 Elements — metal, wood, water, fire, and earth — that Saint-leveled experts comprehended, this was the Ruler's Domain! With will came power, and he controlled the domain in all aspects. Even among the God-leveled experts in the two civilizations, this kind of domain only existed in legends. Only the emperor of the Mizobudapi, who had stepped into the Star Alliance and witnessed true experts in the broader world, had mentioned the terrifying domains he had seen in the advanced civilizations in the Star Alliance!

Such high quality, and such a large range… He was only a Heavenly Soul and a Saint-leveled expert, but he could already control this kind of domain?!

Even Ceremonial God Dhomiguer who had lived for almost a thousand years felt as if his world view had been overturned. This was too unthinkable. He could not use his common sense to understand this.

"There… there is still hope!"

There was a bright flash in Uncle Zhang's eyes. Just now, Dhomuta's intention to allow Wang Zhong to die had made him squeeze his fist until his fingernails turned white. The hearts of the six God-leveled experts were all raised, and their eyes were all widened. They stared at the projection without blinking.

The collision between the two terrifying waves of power had caused sparks to fly and the earth to shatter. The ground that was several dozen times denser than usual started to split slightly from the frightening tremors. A massive crack opened up where the two domains came into contact with each other and continued to spread into the surroundings.

Solomon simply did not dare to believe his eyes. He could feel the powerful sense of oppression from Wang Zhong's domain. It was difficult for even the invincible power from the Nine-Headed Snake Sword to suppress this power!

How was this possible?! He had borrowed the power of the demon sword from an advanced civilization, but he could not suppress this mere fellow human?!

He could not take this. He absolutely could not take this! Wang Zhong had to die!

A frenzied killing intent spread from Solomon's body. His left hand gripped the blade of the Nine-Headed Snake Sword, and he violently slashed his sword. The sharp blade instantly cut his five fingers and palm. Blood flowed out continuously and flowed into the sword.

When the Nine-Headed Snake Sword absorbed the blood, the nine-headed snake became even more ferocious and active. It had a greedy expression on its face.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!"

Solomon roared in anger. One could see that the black veins had followed his blood vessels and crawled all over his body. His entire face and body were covered in black veins, making him seem extremely ferocious and terrifying. At the same time, an even more brutal power suddenly surged out of the Nine-Headed Snake Sword.


There was another change in the shadow space. It was as if Solomon's blood had seeped in, turning it blood red!

Wang Zhong instantly felt that the shadow space that he had withstood became even more powerful. The balance between the two enemies was broken. Although Wang Zhong was not instantly crushed, the threat from the demon sword showed signs of suppressing him. The balance was no longer present, and the blood-red space started to push and oppress Wang Zhong's Ruler's Domain, pushing forth step by step.

Wang Zhong desperately activated the nuclear power in his divine cells, but he still could not withstand that terrifying power. Wang Zhong, who had the support of a special Soul Sea and divine cells, could be said to be the pinnacle of self-recovery in the human civilization. However, it was evident that Solomon was not using the power of a human.

The blood-red domain continued to expand as the black and white Ruler's Domain was forced to shrink…

Outside, the God-leveled experts felt as if their hearts were about to explode. Frankly speaking, they had never expected that Wang Zhong would be able to reach this stage as he was just a Saint-leveled expert. Even Dhomuta, who hated Wang Zhong the most, could not help but feel a sense of admiration in his heart. However, the power of the demon sword was just too powerful. There seemed to be no limit to its power. What kind of test was this? This was too despairing!

The humans were a strange race. Their average standard was very normal, but one or two outstanding humans could mysteriously appear. They would be several levels higher than the rest of the humans, and other civilizations found it difficult to accept this. Wang Zhong was one of them. Although they were opponents and even enemies, in the face of shared benefits, the Octopus people also hoped that Wang Zhong would do his utmost to save his desperate situation and turn things around.

Strangely, they knew that this kind of power was not something a Saint-leveled expert could win against. But for some reason, they felt that there was hope. They were all veteran sly old foxes and had sharp intuitions.

At that moment, six God-leveled experts, including Octopus people that looked down on humans, mysteriously had a certain amount of trust in this mere Heavenly Soul human. This was simply unthinkable. Even they themselves did not dare to believe this.

Wang Zhong's domain space continued to shrink. He continued to endure, as if he could withstand this for a bit longer. However, he could feel the limits of his body. He thought that he could withstand this with his divine cells and the Ruler's Domain, but he still lacked something. Although Solomon's realm was not as high as his, Solomon's power far surpassed his limits. This was not something he could resist.

Wang Zhong sighed silently, but there was not even a hint of panic on his face. Although he did not know what he would face before coming here, something that would make Uncle Zhang so serious would definitely be extremely dangerous. However, Wang Zhong was still able to keep his cool. It was not because he was simple-minded, or because he was a fool. It was because he had enough confidence and preparation!

Solomon was borrowing the power of the demon sword, right? He made it seem like Wang Zhong did not have any external help…

"Simba!" Wang Zhong calmly shouted.

"Damn! You should've called me a long time ago!" In Wang Zhong's Soul Sea, Simba was already unable to wait. During this period of time, he had painstakingly prepared for such a long time. It would be too uninteresting if Lao Wang eventually resolved everything by himself. "It's time to show you what real techniques are!"

He waved his small hand. The dazzling Fate Roulette appeared in his hand, full of energy!

The Fate Roulette drew on Soul Power. Back then, during Wang Zhong's Tempering Soul Calamity, the countless Heavenly Souls he had faced had all been formed from his Soul Power! That battle had recharged the Fate Roulette, allowing it to be used twice! It was a great weapon. In the past, it took him great pains to accumulate a small amount of power, but now, it was overflowing with power!

Furthermore, Wang Zhong now understood that the soul was the source of power for the Fate Roulette. It was just that its level was extremely high. There were some aspects of the Fate Roulette that he still could not understand, causing Wang Zhong to overturn his earlier judgment. The Fate Roulette and Simba were not simple Soul Guards. Soul Guards did not surpass the level of civilizations.

"Lao Wang!"

"Judgment!" Wang Zhong was distracted by this. He was extremely confident in this judgment. After all, Solomon was only a Heavenly Soul, and his level was far from Wang Zhong's level. Judging a weakling was far easier than judging an expert.

"Ha ha ha ha. Fate is like a wooden bat!" Simba shouted loudly and kicked the needle on the Fate Roulette. "Let us kick it to our hearts' content!"


The black and white needle suddenly started to spin. The Fate Roulette had been activated.

But in that space, he already could not support the Ruler's Domain. The moment Wang Zhong's attention was diverted, he immediately started to lose.

The blood-red space had an overwhelming advantage. In that moment, it squeezed and shrunk the Ruler's Domain. The black and white Ruler's Domain, which had spread over a radius of several hundred kilometers, was shrunk to around Wang Zhong's body. It could not even stretch over a three-meter radius like before!

"It's over…" Even the six God-leveled experts who had great confidence in Wang Zhong could not help but feel their gaze grow dim at that moment.

"Scoundrel!" Dhomuta was upright and unyielding, but his eyes were on fire. "This is not a test. This is cheating!"

That was right. Which Saint-leveled expert would be able to withstand the power of this demon sword? No matter which civilization or person in the Star Alliance had set this test, he had never intended to allow the humans and the Mizobudapi to pass the civilization test!

Would they have to sacrifice 300 years of belief and countless souls while waiting for the next test? How could they wait? Would they face this kind of irrational test and drag the entire process of civilization progress just to be disappointed again? Even a super Heavenly Soul who defied the heavens could not win. Even if they waited for another 300 years, who would be able to win?


In here, the blood-red space had completely engulfed everything. The last remaining light from the black and white domain had been completely swallowed up, only leaving behind an extremely small dot. But at that moment…

"…Hm?" Dhomiguer suddenly gasped slightly.

A ray of light suddenly exploded from the black and white dot, causing the red space to tremble slightly. Closely after, the dot became as large as a ball. The ball then became as large as a bucket, and the bucket expanded into the entire space…


The space exploded, and the black and white domain appeared again like an undying cockroach. It struggled out of the sea of blood and completed its transformation. Its power was boundless and was ten times as powerful as before. It rebounded like a hurricane!

The blood-red space, which originally had the upper hand, was as weak as tofu in the face of the rebounding Ruler's Domain. It was not a contest of levels. It could even be said that this was not a contest at all!

Everywhere the black and white Ruler's Domain expanded to, the blood-red space was like an egg that had smashed into a rock. It was easily crushed and destroyed, and Wang Zhong could not sense any resistance.

Solomon was flabbergasted. He was shocked by the domain power that rebounded in a frenzy. He wildly lost his blood to the Nine-Headed Snake Sword. However, no matter how brutal the power that flowed out of the Nine-Headed Snake Sword was, it was as if it was still one level lower than the Ruler's Domain. No matter how much power he invested, it was completely unable to stop the Ruler's Domain from expanding!

This… How was this possible?!

Solomon's face was distorted from fear. He simply could not believe that in the short span of three seconds, the black and white Ruler's Domain had completely suppressed him and occupied this entire space!

Outside in the phoenix remains, the six God-leveled experts were stunned. They were tongue-tied and could not say anything. At their level, they had never encountered any "accidents" for many years. However, they had been excited by this little fellow. The God-leveled Octopus people looked at the two human Sacred Teachers with indescribable admiration and jealousy. Why didn't they have this kind of person?

Meanwhile, in the space, the heaven and the earth had been restored, and the feeling of rich energy in the air had also been restored. On the contrary, the blood-red space had completely dispersed.

Wang Zhong calmly hovered in midair. The entire space was under his control. His sparkling eyes looked at Solomon, whose face was full of black veins, and waved the Nebula Sword slightly. The blood-red space had been sealed up by Wang Zhong, but Solomon was not injured. The energy he sensed from the Nine-Headed Snake Sword was still boundless. This battle was not over yet.

Solomon was still stunned. Suddenly, he sensed the killing intent from Wang Zhong and the sharp sword glow.

The Nine-Headed Snake Sword in his hand was moving restlessly and roused his attention. It wanted to absorb Solomon's blood and make him risk his life with Wang Zhong. But…


Solomon simply flung it to the ground and raised his hands high into the air. "I admit defeat!"

Wang Zhong was slightly dumbfounded. Not only was he stunned, even the tongue-tied God-leveled experts in the phoenix remains were dumbfounded.

The chosen one that the demon sword had taken advantage of was able to free himself from the control of the demon sword and admit defeat?

Ordinary people might not be able to do this, but he was Solomon. He was someone whose intelligence was ridiculous. The demon sword could devour his body, but it could not control his heart and his soul.

If it could bring about benefits and his ideals, Solomon would be willing to sacrifice himself. However, a human would not be able to deal with some shitty advanced civilization and deity!

"I am willing to offer the divine sword!" Solomon did not hesitate. As the chosen one, he knew about the test and the entire process of this situation. No matter whether it was the humans or the Mizobudapi, they only cared about passing the test. Now that he had given up on resisting, it simplified the process of the test, turning the small chance of success into a reality. They would not say their thanks to him, but they would not show much hate either. There would be hope as long as he was alive!

"The seniors want to find the Angel of Misfortune. Its wings have transformed into this sword. All you have to do is to destroy this sword."

Wang Zhong was stunned. He had underestimated Solomon's ambition and intelligence. He was not a careerist or a lunatic. He simply had a mental illness!

"Ha ha ha! I was only being forced. In the end, I am still human. If I can resist the temptation of the demon sword, why not save the humans from some trouble? This is not against the rules!" The black veins on his face continued to disperse. His original ferocity was no longer seen. He could rapidly adjust himself from his previous state and still act in a natural manner. He was like a male superstar. "Of course, if you want to kill me, I will not resist!"

As he spoke, he closed his eyes and put his hands behind his back, as if he was handing his life to Wang Zhong.

This was a gamble, but Solomon was confident. The person who understood you most was your enemy, and Solomon understood Wang Zhong very well. Even though he had a lot of blood on his hands, as long as he was given a reason not to kill, he would typically not kill anyone. When faced with an "outstanding figure" from the human race, especially when Wang Zhong evidently did not quite understand this situation, the chance of him surviving was very high. At least, there was a higher chance of him surviving than being completely devoured by the demon sword or being killed by Wang Zhong.

He saw Wang Zhong furrow his eyebrows.

Wang Zhong hesitated for a split second. Solomon's actions had made him slightly surprised, but he was only surprised for a moment. Frankly speaking, he had 10,000 reasons to kill Solomon. Everything that he had done could not be summarized in a few sentences.

Hesitation only appeared on Wang Zhong's face for half a second. Then, he raised his sword. He was no longer the rookie at CHF. Leaving behind Solomon would be leaving behind the source of chaos in the world. Killing him would not harm his morals!

There was a flash of panic on Solomon's face. But before Wang Zhong could attack…

Vroom vroom vroom vroom~~

The Nine-Headed Snake Sword that Solomon had flung on the ground trembled in a frenzy and started to hum. Wang Zhong stopped his actions, while Solomon looked at the ground in shock.


Sword glow shot out, and the Nine-Headed Snake Sword flew away from the ground, instantly piercing through Solomon's heart!

"Trash! Trash! Trash!"

An enraged, frightening voice seemed to have sounded from beyond the highest heavens. It passed through the Nine-Headed Snake Sword and trembled through Solomon's soul. It echoed throughout the entire space as the sword continuously stabbed Solomon's heart and pierced through his soul.

His confident expression instantly turned to shock and fear, as well as great unwillingness. He widened his mouth but could not say anything.


Unbridled energy exploded from the Nine-Headed Snake Sword. The pride of the Kaiser Empire was instantly blown into pieces from this wave of power and turned into powder, along with his ambitions. At that moment, Wang Zhong could still see Solomon's obsession. He probably still thought that he was the chosen one until the very last moment.


The scattered blood and flesh started to wildly reorganize in midair and formed a faint shadow. A massive pair of wings spread out from the back of the shadow, and an aura that was even more terrifying than Solomon at his full power wildly spread from the sword!

"Lao, Lao Wang~~" Simba's voice was trembling.

Wang Zhong was shocked. He had consumed a great amount battling Solomon, and his body was fatigued. Even his last resort, the Fate Roulette, had been used up. He was already a spent force. How could he face an enemy even more powerful than Solomon?

Crash! Crash! Crash! Crash! Crash! Crash!

Before Wang Zhong's despair grew, six figures instantly appeared in the air with a crash.

Dhomiguer, Dhomuta, Uncle Zhang, Sacred Teacher Timo… The six God-leveled experts who had been keeping guard at the phoenix remains appeared at the same time!

Unlike the hostile gaze that the Octopus people had always used to look at Wang Zhong, even Dhomuta, who hated Wang Zhong the most, now looked at Wang Zhong with a gentle and favorable gaze, as if he was looking at his own son!

Uncle Zhang's carefree laughter sounded in the air. "Ha ha ha. Good, good, good! Wang Zhong, you did not put the humans to shame. Very good. Leave the rest to us!"

The Ceremonial God could not control the smile on his face. He waved his hand at Wang Zhong and activated the restricted power in this space. In an instant, the fatigued Wang Zhong was transmitted out. What followed would be a bloody battle, but everyone was prepared to sacrifice themselves for their civilization!

The figures in front of him swayed, and Wang Zhong found himself at the transmission array in the phoenix remains. Two massive pillars that stretched into the sky appeared in front of him. Meanwhile, he could no longer sense the terrifying demon sword and the six God-leveled experts.

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    《Battle Frenzy》