Battle Frenzy
977 Lao Wang Picks a Chrysanthemum
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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977 Lao Wang Picks a Chrysanthemum

The selection order was issued from the Holy Land to every piece of land that had humans. No matter whether they were cities or small villages, the messengers from the Holy Land arrived in waves. At the same time, the Holy Land was no longer as secretive as before. A lot of information was released along with the selection orders!

No matter their identity, race, or disposition, as long as they had the potential to advance to the Heavenly Soul Stage before the age of 40, the Holy Land would take them in!

The entire human race was seething with excitement. In order to tap on as many geniuses as possible, the Holy Land did not conceal the news this time. Instead, they spread the information without restraint.

"The Dimensional Star Alliance! After we join the Star Alliance, we do not have to worry about any dimensional invasions. As a level-4 civilization, the Star Alliance will teach us a defensive array for level-4 civilizations. The Earth will no longer be rudely pulled into the hyperdimensional world but will slowly progress. In the future, cultivation geniuses will emerge in an endless stream as a result. They will spring up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain…"

"The rejuvenation of the human race!"

"The rise of the human race is secondary. Most importantly, we do not have to be afraid of encountering disasters like in the past. We don't need to worry that our civilization will fall into the dark era once again…"

The entire human civilization celebrated their entry into the Star Alliance and was proud that the humans had achieved this. However, all of these had nothing to do with Wang Zhong. He wanted to bring Scarlet back to Tianjing. However, his departure was not peaceful. The Holy Land hoped that he would join the list of 100 people. To the entire human civilization, joining the Star Alliance was a piece of good news that put down a heavy burden. However, to the Holy Land, this was also a set of new challenges. Ordinary people thought that this was a victory for the Holy Land, but the higher-ups knew that the performance of the human race throughout the entire process of the war was not good. In essence, the Mizobudapi were much more outstanding than the humans. However, 300 years ago, the great Holy Saint Teacher had seized an opportunity for the humans. Furthermore, Wang Zhong's performance at the final battle was simply too dazzling. This caused the Star Alliance to think that humans were a civilization with "potential". Thus, the two great civilizations had joined the Star Alliance together. The danger that was involved was not easy for outsiders to understand.

More importantly, the situation had not turned into a life-and-death struggle between the two great civilizations. If not, even if they joined the Star Alliance, the humans would suffer a massive blow.

Wang Zhong's performance all along was worth relying on. After all, he was the top Heavenly Soul in history besides the Sacred Teacher, and his strength was on par with his fame. In the large Holy Land, there were countless madmen with toxic tongues and arrogant attitudes, but they did not display any objection. The Patriarch Society hoped that he could go to the Star Alliance and take on the heavy responsibility of leading the human civilization.

Wang Zhong was not afraid of challenges, but he had never forgotten what he had promised Scarlet.

Uncle Zhang looked at Wang Zhong seriously and sighed deeply. "No matter which angle you look at it from, you have to go."

Wang Zhong smiled. "Just one reason is enough. Uncle Zhang, you understand me. I do not want to regret this. She has done everything for me. As a man, I cannot go back on my word!"

Uncle Zhang helplessly shook his head. "You… This is an amazing chance. If you miss this opportunity, you might not be able to encounter another chance like this."

Uncle Zhang felt a great sense of regret. Although everyone hoped that Wang Zhong could go, Wang Zhong was not the only choice they had. As long as one had good natural talents, they would be able to obtain completely different opportunities in the Star Alliance. There was no doubt that there was technology in the Star Alliance that crushed what was available in the Holy Land. A single slow step would lead to all steps becoming slower. There was no doubt that it would be a massive hit to Wang Zhong's future if he was not the first batch to enter the Star Alliance. However, Uncle Zhang admired Wang Zhong's personality greatly. He looked down upon people who did not take on their responsibilities.

No matter what, this was the decision that Wang Zhong had made with a calm mind. He was willing to fulfill the promise he had made back then.

"Go. Leave the rest to me." Uncle Zhang nodded his head. The Patriarch Society would definitely deal with this.

Meanwhile, Wang Zhong, who had put down all of his responsibilities, brought Scarlet back to Tianjing. Wang Zhong was definitely someone who could go with the flow.

Furthermore, no matter what changes had happened, Tianjing was still the place he had grown up in, and this was his home. This place was filled with many memories and feelings. Furthermore, many friends were waiting for him. Grai and the rest had wanted to stay behind, but they were all chased away by Wang Zhong. Uncle Zhang was right. If Grai and the others wanted to go, they should go. Furthermore, Scarlet was his. When Grai and the rest heard this, they were so angry that they could not say anything.

Wang Zhong did not return to Tianjing to settle down. Instead, he developed a field on the outskirts of the city. Scarlet's injuries were already harmless, but daily care was still needed. After experiencing too much unrest, peace was extremely precious. Of course, he would welcome old friends to visit them. Even though they were at leisure, this did not mean that they had withdrawn from society.

Ma Dong and Emily were most excited about Wang Zhong's return. It was as if they had returned to their carefree days in the Tianjing Academy, especially for Emily. As long as she had the chance, she would get close to Wang Zhong, as if she did not care whether Scarlet was around. She would occasionally ridicule Wang Zhong and ask him whether he wanted to try something new or have multiple wives… Scarlet was often delighted by this, while Lao Wang was left with no choice.

As an older brother who had been ignored for a long time, Ma Dong would not hold back. "Let me know when you are more comfortable with each other."

Emily instantly exploded. "I heard that lolis are in short supply. Furthermore, someone like me who will never grow up is a treasure!"

Ma Dong did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Emily had paid the price for power. Wang Zhong had wanted to find a solution in the Holy Land, but Emily rejected that. No matter whether the outcome was good or bad, it was all part of her life experiences.

Emily had also become more mature.

Of course, after Ma Dong and Emily left, Scarlet wanted to discuss with him.

"Do you want to try something new?"

"She is my younger sister, really!" Wang Zhong put up three fingers.

"Is Laura older than me?" Scarlet suddenly changed the topic.

Wang Zhong subconsciously nodded. Then, he saw Scarlet's playful gaze. "I have never seen it, really. It was just that with my naked eye…"

Lao Wang was being wronged. This… Anyone from Earth would be able to determine this.

Scarlet spoke. Then, she did not allow Wang Zhong to continue this topic. She ardently kissed him strongly, as if she wanted him to offer his soul as tribute. There was a hole in Wang Zhong's soul anyway.

This action was sweet but intense. Their breathing was rhythmic but hurried. They did not stop to breathe for a very long time…

To Scarlet, love rivals were far too amusing. She had never cared about it, even more so now. Emily was her dear friend, and she knew that Emily was intentionally mocking Wang Zhong. Of course, this was half in jest. What had allowed Lao Wang to become even more handsome was a fun secret between the two of them.

The other frequent guest was Laura. She often ran between the Holy Land and the Earth. Copperfield was another steadfast friend of the New World and had developed very well. Thus, Wang Zhong and Scarlet's lives were not too boring. Although they did not know what was happening in the Dimensional Star Alliance, great changes had happened in the Holy Land thanks to Wang Zhong.

"According to what you have said, Lao Wang has become a legend?" Scarlet prepared fruits for Laura.

"That's right. Although Lao Wang is no longer around, he is still a legend." Laura was not treated like an outsider at all. She wore little clothes in this weather, and her body seemed to have become even hotter. "Scarlet, why are you making me the center of attention?"

"What do you mean by I'm no longer around? I am doing just fine!" Wang Zhong protested slightly. A peaceful life did not mean a lazy one. Although the energy was much weaker here, Wang Zhong still consolidated his Heavenly Soul realm. He trained in Cellular Cosmology and comprehended sword intent. This allowed him to calm down from running around wildly everywhere, giving more time for him to think.

Scarlet's injuries to her Soul Sea had been too severe. Although she had recovered, she could not advance to the Heavenly Soul Stage. To Scarlet, this was a form of release. Unlike Sharmie's hate, Scarlet was very happy with everyone she had met, no matter whether they were good or bad. In terms of her mental realm, Wang Zhong felt that Scarlet had reached an even higher level. She had achieved her own form of perfection.

"It's for you to better attract our Lao Wang. There's no fun after a long time of being together," said Scarlet in a mocking manner as she batted her eyelids.

"Are you serious? I have been longing for him for a long time. That's right, how is Lao Wang's strength? Tell me about it."

Lao Wang, who thought that he was invincible, had retreated in defeat. Women were truly terrifying when they went crazy. When he heard the two women whispering and occasionally laughing in the house, Wang Zhong felt very relaxed. However, every time he looked at the sky, he was very curious about what they were talking about…

As he lived his days peacefully, Ma Dong would occasionally send Wang Zhong various pieces of new information. Wang Zhong lived a life in seclusion, but his existence was not ordinary. The entire operation of the New World was because of his existence.

"The selection at the Holy Land has ended. This year, the humans were unable to completely fill up the list of a hundred people…"

"Mu Zi, Aiolos, Grai, Carolyn, Mo Wen, and Mo Xingchen have all gone to the Star Alliance. The Mo Family had displayed extraordinary potential…"

"We have built a transmission station that directly connects to the Holy Land, not only in Tianjing City but also in Katchirda…"

"The request of the Patriarch Society has been rejected. Now, everyone is focusing on nurturing young Heavenly Souls. In the first place, our level-4 civilization is the lowest level in the Star Alliance…"

"I feel that we need to suppress Aiolos. Recently, we have had some friction with Boss Aiolos's tribe…"

Wang Zhong listened carefully but did not share much of his opinion. He simply listened to Ma Dong speak. When Mu Zi and Aiolos were about to leave, they had come to visit him. The three brothers let go of everything and drank for three days and three nights. They were completely set free. No matter where they were, they were brothers. As for the Pampas tribe, Wang Zhong would naturally take care of them.

Their lives were calm and graceful, as if they were living in the countryside. Scarlet had slowly started to like planting flowers, while Wang Zhong started to keep a dog. The dog had been left behind by Mu Zi, but when he went to the Star Alliance, he could not bring summoned creatures like his dog. Furthermore, Ham Sausage was too close to humans. Thus, Mu Zi had no choice but to give it to Wang Zhong.

Simba was the happiest. In general, he was left to roam freely. However, he occasionally missed goddess Lan Daier. Teacher Lan Daier had obtained the right to enter the Star Alliance in the second year. The Earth and the Holy Land had renewed their method of choosing people. They placed more focus on choosing based on talents and quickly nurturing their realm. Once they advanced to the Heavenly Soul Stage, they could learn about combat and everything else in the Star Alliance.

The only person who did not like Ham Sausage was Lily, who often came to visit Wang Zhong. This was because her child was afraid of dogs. Furthermore, she would bring her son every time she visited Wang Zhong. Ham Sausage liked to chase her son and jumped around wildly. There was no danger involved, but when she saw that her son looked like he was about to cry, yet did not dare to every time they came, she was about to explode from rage.

"Lily, can't you get your child used to it? What is there to fear about a dog!" Colby put on an act and sighed.

"Idiot, this is a level-8 dimensional lifeform. This means that our child has good natural talents!"

"Ahem. Wang Zhong, when are you going to deliver a speech at the Tianjing Academy? The Tianjing Academy has expanded once again. Among this batch of new students, there are even geniuses from Stuart City who have come to attend lessons. The pressure on us teachers is as great as a mountain."

Wang Zhong simply smiled. "If it's just a speech, then forget it. Over the past two days, I have been sorting out a study program for the Soul Power Circuit. You can give it to Casted Souls. Could you and Senior take a look and fill in any gaps? You can let the students try it out. Look for me if you have any questions."

When Colby received the book that Wang Zhong passed to him, his hands could not help but tremble. The Soul Power Circuit was currently the most popular cultivation method in the Holy Land. Although it was just a method to those experts, it greatly increased the rate of advancement among the Casted Soul soldiers. A few students who could only play support roles successfully obtained the chance to be soldiers thanks to the Soul Power Circuit! This had societal significance. The entire standard and combat level of the human civilization had benefited from this.

The schools in the Federation had also started to offer classes in the Soul Power Circuit. Naturally, the Tianjing Academy had also established this class, but the results were ordinary. The teachers were new to the Soul Power Circuit and could not teach their students as well as they had wished. One of the objectives he and Lily had by often visiting Wang Zhong was to ask for advice for the difficulties they faced.

Colby took a deep breath and suppressed the excitement in his heart. Then, he earnestly received the book from Wang Zhong. Wang Zhong was the creator of the Soul Power Circuit. He did not need others to check whether there were any gaps and fill them up! He could imagine that with this kind of program, the Tianjing Academy would become a sacred ground for Soul Power Circuit cultivation. To the Tianjing Academy, and even the entire Tianjing, this had great significance.

When he saw Colby and Lily hurriedly leave, Wang Zhong's gaze slowly turned calm. He looked at the large tree nearby and suddenly heaved a long sigh. He calmly said, "It's been three days. Since you have been quiet enough, I have given you three days."

A breeze quietly blew past the tree, causing the branches and the leaves to shake slightly from the wind.

"If you were able to hide from Ham Sausage, you must be Solomon's Dandelions."

The moment Wang Zhong finished speaking, there was a rustling sound. The tree suddenly disappeared. Seven black shadows charged out at the speed of lightning.

"Wang Zhong!"

Kai charged out with a ferocious look on his face. "For the Empire! Die!"

They should be the last Dandelions. Without Solomon, they had lost their meaning in life. Taking revenge was their only objective in living. However, they knew how powerful Wang Zhong was. They had wanted for the other six to advance to the Heavenly Soul Stage before launching their attack.

Wang Zhong looked at them charging over. His finger replaced his sword, and he lightly swiped the air.

"Sword One."

The sword power was hellish! In an instant, the seven figures were firmly nailed to the ground. Blackish-red blood started to spurt out from their seven orifices.

Wang Zhong's expression was calm. He knew the process of how the Dandelions had been formed. The Kaiser Empire had used inhuman methods. Not everyone was able to walk out of the shadows like Grai. They did not come here to kill, but to die.

Thus, Wang Zhong gave them satisfaction. To them, they had not been treated unjustly. Instead, this could be considered to be a journey back home. They hoped that their reincarnations in their next life would be luckier.

Ma Dong, who had received the information, immediately rushed over. When he saw the Dandelions dead on the ground, his expression sank. In terms of hate, he did not hate the Zhao Family the most. In fact, he hated Solomon and his lackeys, the Dandelions, most. Although the Zhao Family was sinister and vicious, but at least they had approached him directly and could barely be considered as dignified. His hate towards them was as direct and as strong as a volcano. Meanwhile, Solomon and his lackeys, the Dandelions, were insidious people who played with people's hearts!

This kind of hate was like a maggot in his tarsal bone. It was like a ticking time bomb. It was like a cursed poisonous insect!

The seed of hate that had been planted in Ma Dong's heart after Milami's death exploded at this moment!

Compassion towards the enemy was cruelty to oneself. The New World declared war on the Kaiser Empire!

From the Holy Land to the Federation, everyone watched quietly and did not say anything. After all, when Wang Zhong left for Tianjing after returning to the Earth, he supported Ma Dong as Ma Dong's train of thought was correct. He knew that the conflict with the Kaiser Empire could not be resolved. Since this was the case, they had to conquer it. They would not tolerate any flukes.

Meanwhile, since the Kaiser Empire had been established for several hundred years and continued to prosper without dying out, they evidently had some background and power. They definitely did not just have one or two 4-star Great Teachers from the Zhao Family.

This was a battle that would determine the ownership of the Earth.

There were not many sparks from the war. The Rothschild Family, who had gathered their Heavenly Souls, did not even have the power to fight back against Wang Zhong, who had reached the peak of his power. Meanwhile, Ma Dong had already arranged opposing forces, as well as the deterrence from the Federation. In the span of a few months, they stabilized the Kaiser Empire's position.

What followed after was much easier. Ever since the dark era, the impressive feat that had never been completed was finally fulfilled under the guidance of Wang Zhong and Ma Dong. The humans formed the "New World Alliance". The Federation, Tutankhamun Empire, Kaiser Empire, Pampas Empire, and the Amazon Empire finally united. Furthermore, there was no intervention from the Holy Land. Evidently, they had tacitly approved this progress. As a result, Wang Zhong, who had been rather worried, heaved a sigh of relief. He knew that this was not enough to oppose the Patriarch Society. Of course, considering the Patriarch Society's level, they were definitely focused on the Star Alliance.

Time flew past. Two years had passed since Wang Zhong had returned to Earth.

Wang Zhong's small courtyard had become a flower garden. Every single flower and grass had been personally nurtured by Scarlet. They even had unique names.

The courtyard was beside the forest on the outskirts of Tianjing City. Although it was considered part of Tianjing City, there were few people. Over the past two years, although Wang Zhong and Scarlet had lived a peaceful life, their identities were different. Every day, they would see a group of people looking at them from outside when they opened their door. They could not live a truly peaceful life. Occasionally, there would be someone who lodged a complaint to them while crying. Thus, they vacated their place and moved three times. They only achieved peace when they moved into this place.

Warm sunlight scattered in the courtyard, making the smooth soil seem like it had a layer of gold on it. There was a stone table in the middle of the courtyard. There were various wooden blocks scattered around that acted as chairs. In front of the stone table, a small child was learning how to write with a long face. Meanwhile, at the flowering shrubs in the distance, two women were sitting together and having afternoon tea. This scene was like a painting. They chatted about the weather, Tianjing Academy, and even a few of the genius students who had appeared in Tianjing Academy over the past two years.

Hymin looked at Scarlet's face, her eyes full of admiration. Over the past two years, Scarlet had lost her last bit of immaturity as a young lady. With the help of comfortable love, her sweet and charming body had been fully developed. She was simply the best representative of someone with the face of an angel and the body of a devil. Hymin's heart started to beat wildly. "Quickly tell me. What secrets do you have? If you continue to develop like this, Laura will lose her luster by next year."

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    《Battle Frenzy》