Battle Frenzy
978 The Indispensable Lao Wang
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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978 The Indispensable Lao Wang

"Ordinary people cannot compare to her. That's right. Wang Zhong sometimes brings back wild game that tastes quite good. Bring some along with you when you go back." Scarlet smiled.

"Really? What kind of game is so special?!" Hymin's eyes lit up. Although she had a good figure, after giving birth to a child, she was no match for little girl Laura. She was unwilling to give in. Of course, most importantly, every time Wang Zhong met Laura here, he could not ignore her "assets".

"I'm not too sure myself. According to Wang Zhong, it seems like a level-7 creature."

"Ah, ah, ah, now you're showing off."

"Yes, that's right." Scarlet calmly admitted her happiness.

"I feel so sour now! Okay, afternoon tea is over, and Wang Zhong is going to return soon. I won't accompany you anymore. I have to rush back to cook."

Hymin looked at the time and hurriedly left with her son. Every few days, she would bring her son here and drink afternoon tea with Scarlet when Wang Zhong was out hunting. Occasionally, Laura and Lolly would also be around, but it was only the two of them most of the time. Other than Milami, Scarlet was closest to Hymin. However, Milami was no longer around. Some things had been brought along by the passage of time, but outsiders would never be able to enter their circle.

Just as Hymin left, a pitch-black hover car stopped outside the small courtyard. Ma Dong, who had grown a beard, stared at this small courtyard. A helpless and wry smile appeared on his face.

At this moment, Scarlet had walked out after hearing the sound of the car. Ma Dong hurriedly wiped his face and looked around but did not see Wang Zhong. He asked, "Where's Wang Zhong?"

Scarlet seemed to have sensed something. She smiled. "Wang Zhong is out hunting. Is something the matter?"

Ma Dong gave a few dry coughs. Over the past two years, as the New World progressively displaced the Federation, the rules of the New World were now being practiced in 100 city-states. He had been working very hard. For the past year, when he was at Tianjing, if he was not calculating in terms of days, he was calculating in terms of hours. He was on the road most of the time. He had ridden the armored trains in various city-states. He recalled how he had the dream of traveling around the world. He had fulfilled this dream, but he could not see the views that he had wanted to see.

"These are some local specialties from the various city-states. Wang Zhong said that he wanted to eat these the last time we chatted…"

Scarlet looked at Ma Dong, who was looking left and right, while talking about something else. She could not help but smile and said, "Okay, don't hide it. Do you think that your eyes can trick me?"

Ma Dong took a deep breath and sighed deeply. Then, he took out a letter with the seal of the Holy Land Patriarch Society from his car.

Ma Dong placed the letter in Scarlet's hand and openly said, "The Holy Land Patriarch Society hopes that Wang Zhong will leave his retirement and assume an official position. Over at the Star Alliance, we have sent 185 humans over the past two years. They are all geniuses and the hope of humankind, but 87 people have died. Even for the rest, it is rather difficult for them to live, including Grai and the rest. The conditions at the Star Alliance are more difficult than we have imagined."

Scarlet received the letter but stared at Ma Dong.

Ma Dong felt awkward and did not know where to put his hands. In the end, he grabbed the back of his head and said, "Don't look at me. I don't want Wang Zhong to go either. I'm just here to relay the message, but honestly speaking, if we cannot establish ourselves in the Star Alliance, everything ahead of us will be an illusion."

Scarlet smiled. "I got it. I will let Wang Zhong know."

Under Scarlet's gaze, Ma Dong leaped on his car and rapidly left. He did not even think of his original intention to drink with Wang Zhong. Ma Dong was also conflicted on the inside. If Wang Zhong kept watch on Earth, everyone would live very comfortably. But was this truly fine?

When the nest was upset, no egg would be left intact. Furthermore, the Patriarch Society had been left to their own devices and fooled around. They even gave up on any strategies to balance their position. What was their aim?

Night fell, and Wang Zhong returned with game. Ham Sausage was also unusually excited and anxiously brought its share of game to its doghouse to eat.

"How fragrant. Why are there so many dishes today? Is it my birthday today?"

When Wang Zhong entered the house, he looked at the table filled with dishes. He raised his thumb and was about to dig in when he was stopped by Scarlet. "Go wash your hands."

"Yes, yes, yes." Wang Zhong's hands trembled, and the Soul Power Circuit dazzled on his hands, making them clean. This was the Soul Power Circuit that Wang Zhong had developed while training a child. There was no combat power involved in this, and its main function was to get rid of dirt. If Colby saw this, tears would have started streaming down his face. Using the Soul Power Circuit to clean dirt? Did you have no money to buy soap, or was there a water shortage at your house?

However, Scarlet did not let him go. "No sly tricks."

Wang Zhong was helpless. To them, washing hands was an unnecessary action. It was just a habitual action that served as psychological consolation. However, this woman was particular about this. "You women."

After they ate and drank to their hearts' content, their night life started. Wang Zhong was pushed onto the bed by Scarlet. "So early?"

"I want to take the lead today!"

Wang Zhong was dumbfounded by Scarlet's sudden enthusiasm. Then, he allowed her to control the situation. This was the first time Scarlet was so active. Her small, pale hands traveled downwards, causing Wang Zhong to fall completely…

It was an enchanting night. The crescent moon watched this with a smile. Even the clouds did not come to disturb them.

The next morning, after they ate breakfast, he realized that Scarlet had changed into school clothes.

"Hm? Are you actually planning to accept Barran's invitation?"

Scarlet nodded her head seriously. "Yes, I have rested enough. I have decided to assume an official position as the principal of Tianjing Academy. I will continue my grandfather's beliefs. I might not be able to become a peak expert, but I can definitely make Tianjing into the best academy in the world!"

When he saw the sparkle in her eyes, Wang Zhong finally understood. Scarlet had finally recovered her fighting will. "Wang Zhong will wait for the Principal's orders!"

"Very good. Student Wang Zhong, you're a good boy. Now, there is an important mission for you to complete. Go to the Star Alliance!" Scarlet exclaimed.

In an instant, the house fell silent. Scarlet passed him a letter with both hands. The symbol of the Patriarch Society almost made him forget how to breathe. Then, he furrowed his eyebrows and looked at the letter. He looked up and heard Scarlet's serious voice. "Yesterday, Ma Dong came to deliver this letter. He has also told me about the situation."

Wang Zhong shook his head. "I'm not going."

Scarlet shook her head. "The past two years have been my happiest years. But Wang Zhong, you should go and pursue your dreams. I don't want my hero to become a coward. No need to worry about me, I will happily wait for you!"

Wang Zhong smiled. "No, you have to take responsibility for me."

"The condition of the human civilization is very poor. I believe that the Patriarch Society will not speak without thinking. This is the responsibility of every single human being. I cannot be too selfish. Now, my injuries have healed, and the Dandelions have been extinguished. There is nothing to worry about. Are you just staying behind for me? Can't I just wait for you?"

Wang Zhong's mouth was wide open, but he did not know what he wanted to say. Dreams… He did not have any. It was just that… every time he dreamed, he would dream of the sacred mountain of the Octopus people and the fate of humankind he had seen in the flow of space-time. He dreamed of the powerful and invincible fleet, as well as humankind's helpless resistance…

"Furthermore, Grai, Mu Zi, Aiolos, Mo Wen, and Mo Xingchen are there… Do you want to see them die with your eyes wide open? The greater your abilities, the greater your responsibilities. Go. Remember, you are Scarlet's man. This will never change no matter where you go!" At this moment, Scarlet was extremely arrogant. Her eyes were dazzling.


He returned to the Holy City once again. Earth-shattering changes had occurred here since he last came two years ago. There had been a change in plans for the inner and outer city. Simply speaking, the boundaries between social classes had blurred. Perhaps the higher-ups had opened their eyes and taken a more open approach. At least, this was the case inside the Holy City.

Massive dimensional projections could be seen everywhere in the Holy City. There were also many advertisements from various races who were selling products that Wang Zhong had never seen before.

"A star stone is everlasting. One stone can be passed down forever!"

In a projection advertisement, a woman with suffocatingly beautiful features was holding a stone that dazzled with a black light. This was a dimensional star stone that had become popular over the past half-year. It was said that it was a man-made source of energy that had been suppressed through special techniques. It surpassed the nuclear energy that the humans once pursued. The energy that was produced in one cubic centimeter of the stone was over ten thousand times the energy produced by nuclear energy. It was only palm-sized, but it was enough to keep the Trust aircraft carrier flying for an entire year!

But from what Wang Zhong understood, even though they had shared this technology with the other civilizations, humans did not seem to have the ability to produce these star stones. However, they had established the Star Stone Company and developed the star stone market with great vigor. They had even created an advertisement for this… This was Ma Dong's style. He was one of the core investors in this project. Back then, his wishes of becoming the richest person in the world seemed to have become a reality. Although the New World's Ma Dong was rich and arrogant, this project had a great future. The star stone was a popular source of energy in the Dimensional Star Alliance.

"Drink from the ice of the star territories and walk on the sacred path!" This was an advertisement for alchemical water. It was said to have been produced through advanced alchemy techniques from the Star Alliance. If one drank this water every day, it would rinse one's marrows and make their path of cultivation easier.

There were many such products. Of course, these advertisements were only partly true. They were just for people to see. There were great changes since the humans had joined the Star Alliance two years ago. The convenience and technology available to the civilians had improved rapidly, but frankly speaking, there were many opportunistic fellows who made use of the humans' pursuit of the Star Alliance to produce and sell counterfeit goods. At least, Wang Zhong did not believe that drinking water from the ice of star territories would allow you to become a Saint or a God. If it were that easy, Heavenly Souls would be found everywhere among the humans. After all, only two years had passed since they joined the Star Alliance, and they did not have much capital. It was wishful thinking if they wanted to advance their civilization level in one go.

"Do you want to have better cultivation opportunities? Do you want to broaden your horizons? As long as you advance to the Heavenly Soul Stage before the age of 40, you may report to the Holy City Star Alliance Development Team. We need you to join us!"

An advertisement appeared before Wang Zhong. This voice was completely different from the half-false advertisements outside. When he heard this voice, he could tell that it was sincere. The Patriarch Society had produced this advertisement two years ago, and it was continuously played all 365 days of the year. Meanwhile, the gate to the Patriarch Society was right in front of him.

Frankly speaking, even though Wang Zhong was part of the core members of the human race, he had spent the past two years on Earth. Thus, the Patriarch Society was still an extremely mysterious existence to him. Even Ma Dong knew more than him in this aspect, particularly after Ma Dong had invested greatly in the Star Stone Company. He had since stepped into the upper levels of the human race.

He did not even need to report his intentions of visiting. A young girl who was in charge of receiving guests was standing outside the Patriarch Society and had warmly welcomed him into a meeting room. She was an ordinary Heroic Soul and looked at Wang Zhong with great admiration. Her voice even trembled from excitement when she spoke to him. He was truly a great god. Back when the humans had just joined the Star Alliance, the Patriarch Society would feature Wang Zhong as the hope of humanity to publicize their message. They had also recorded and advertised his achievements at the civilization test.

He was so young, so powerful, and so handsome. At the same time, he was low-lying and was infatuated. He had given up on entering the Star Alliance to accompany his girlfriend… He was simply the incarnation of the perfect boyfriend. It was hard to prevent a young Heroic Soul girl from developing feelings of love.

Wang Zhong did not feel anything as his thoughts were elsewhere. From the letter Ma Dong had sent, he could tell that the troops that the humans had sent to the Star Alliance had definitely encountered many difficulties. Back then, Uncle Zhang representing the Patriarch Society agreed to allow Wang Zhong to live in isolation. If humans had not encountered great difficulties in the Star Alliance, Uncle Zhang would not have put himself down to convince him once again.

Wang Zhong was actually rather curious. After all, many experts had represented the human race at the Star Alliance. Aiolos, Mu Zi, Grai, and the rest had all gone over. Last year, Lan Daier had also gone there. They were definitely the elites among the elites in the human race, such as Aiolos. Even though Lao Wang believed that he was invincible, later on, when he met Aiolos on Earth again, he did not have the confidence that he would definitely win a battle against him. Even though such an expert had represented the humans to set up camp in the Star Alliance, they had still encountered difficulties that gave the Patriarch Society a headache? What kind of place was that?

He observed the meeting room and randomly found a place to sit. From the urgency that the letter had portrayed, one of the 12 Patriarchs would probably meet him today. He was simply unsure whether he would know the person visiting him. After all, the 12 Patriarchs in the Patriarch Society were all extremely mysterious and had never revealed their identities. Uncle Zhang could be considered their subordinate.

"Young one."

The door of the meeting room had been pushed open. Wang Zhong heard a voice that he had never expected to hear. He turned back in shock, while a man and a woman walked in with a smile.

With Lao Wang's current state of mind, he could not help but be stunned at the sight of these two people.

They were Uncle Wang and Aunt Shea!

"What? Are you very surprised?" Wang Zhanfeng laughed out loud and stretched out his hands for Wang Zhong. "Come, young one. I haven't seen you in years. Let's have a manly hug!"

Wang Zhong was overwhelmed with emotions. It took him great difficulty to recover from his shock. He stood up and hugged Wang Zhanfeng tightly. He was as happy as a child. "Uncle Wang! Aunt Shea!"

When they saw Wang Zhong again, Wang Zhanfeng and Aunt Shea were evidently very happy. They could speak forever about their identities, why they had disappeared in the past few years… Wang Zhong had far too many doubts in his heart. At that very moment, even though there was no change in Uncle Wang and Aunt Shea's appearance since Wang Zhong had last seen them a few years ago, Wang Zhong could tell how powerful they were. Since they had not seen one another for many years, Wang Zhong spoke endlessly like a child. Wang Zhanfeng and Aunt Shea actually knew about a lot of things. They silently looked at him, but even with their experiences, they felt that this was mystical.

Wang Zhong was like a Sacred Teacher. Furthermore, he was a very powerful Sacred Teacher, even more powerful than Uncle Zhang!

"Aunt Shea, Uncle Wang, do you know Uncle Zhang?"

"Ha ha. Young one, you are rather sharp. Uncle Zhang is our old friend. But let me put this straight. We didn't tell him to take care of you. Your encounter was simply a coincidence."


Before Wang Zhong could express all the doubt in his heart, Aunt Shea had smiled and said, "Since we have reached this stage, there are some things we need to tell you."

"Uncle Wang and I are disciples of the Holy Saint Teacher." Aunt Shea's words already made Wang Zhong slightly dumbfounded. "Heh heh, we are much older than you think. We have to start from the Mizobudapi civilization test that occurred three hundred years ago."

"Three hundred years ago, although the Mizobudapi civilization had failed to join the Star Alliance, in reality, the Mizobudapi had received a transmission key. Although the transmission key lost its privilege to open up a pathway as the rules of the test had been flaunted, it was still from the Star Alliance. The Holy Saint Teacher made a bet with the Octopus people and eventually won the key. "

"The foundation of the human race is too weak. If it had not been for that lucky coincidence, no one knows when we would have been able to even come into contact with the Star Alliance. Time waits for no man. The Holy Master brought back the transmission key from the Star Alliance and the Golden Stone Slab. To the Star Alliance and their advanced civilizations, these are merely toys, but to the weak humans, even if they are toys, they are worth doing research on. They are very valuable."

However, due to the heavy injuries he had sustained during the test, the Holy Saint Teacher passed on not long after he had returned, leaving behind the transmission key and the Golden Stone Slab, which was dispersed and no longer complete. Needless to say, the imitation and research abilities of humans were very strong. With the incomplete technology they had inherited from the Holy City, the transmission technology of the human race had always far surpassed their civilization level. Although there was no progress in the research on the Golden Stone Slab, the transmission key had produced results. They had discovered a way to construct a transmission pathway to the Star Alliance.

There was a great divide among the Patriarch Society over this matter. A group of them supported the construction of this pathway, while Uncle Wang and Aunt Shea objected. After all, even if the construction was successful, they had not obtained approval from the Star Alliance. Did humans really have the right to step on their territory? Would it bring about a disaster?

In the end, the Patriarch Society passed a bill. At the same time, in order to avoid disaster, they chose a compromise and decided to carry out experiments on the transmission pathway in Inca City on Earth.

This was the famous "disaster" experiment in the history of the human race. The experiment failed, and Inca City was destroyed by the powerful energy, causing the Inca City Disaster that shocked the entire human world. Uncle Wang and Aunt Shea were sent by the Patriarch Society as the people in charge of cleaning up on Earth. At the same time, they had discovered the only survivor in the destroyed Inca City —— Wang Zhong.

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    《Battle Frenzy》