Battle Frenzy
982 Secret Flower Garden
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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982 Secret Flower Garden

He ran into walls everywhere he went. After three or four days, Wang Zhong was rather dejected. He was not familiar with the situation as he had just arrived and had probably overpaid for things. He only had half of the Star Coins he had brought but did not even see a glimpse of hope. In the end, he gritted his teeth and went to a gladiator arena that seemed very bloody. However, even before he could explain his intentions for coming, he was thrown out by a big and tall Titan.

"I don't see a hint of muscle on your body. Go aside and play. You'll be trampled here!"

When Wang Zhong came here, he was still rather confident. Over the past few days, he had completely gotten used to the environment here, and his combat power had recovered slightly. His divine cells were absolutely powerful and did not lose their function here. However, he had wanted to hide just now, but he had still been caught. It was evident that the way they used their power here was different. The Titan had only casually grabbed him, yet he could not dodge.

The city was covered in feasts, revelry, and colorful lights. However, there was nowhere he could settle down. Wang Zhong started to miss Simba. Luckily, the passageway had not put Simba in any danger. However, ever since Simba had entered the divine territory, he had been asleep. When Wang Zhong was lonely, he felt rather frustrated without Simba's optimistic spirit.

Wang Zhong also felt rather weary. Being here consumed a lot of his stamina and his spirit. In the past, he would be in high spirits even if he did not sleep for over ten days. However, if he did not sleep for one day here, he would be so tired that he could not even open his eyes. He did not have much money left and could not afford to spend it on lodging. Furthermore, he also had to eat. He had already chosen the cheapest supplementary energy. If not, he would have truly starved to death. He relied on his memory and found a relatively deserted road. Wang Zhong had come here two or three times. Unlike the rest of the city, which was still bustling at midnight, a majority of the shops here only opened in the day, and it would be very desolate at night.

He sat at a relatively clean corner outside a shop, and a feeling of tiredness overwhelmed him. He closed his eyes and went to sleep. In his dreams, he seemed to have come to a peculiar place. He saw a square stone that was as dazzling as the sun floating in midair.

He had only been here for five or six days, but he had seen this dream several times. Every time, he felt that the square stone seemed extremely familiar. It was definitely something that he recognized. It was faintly calling for him, but strangely, even though it was a familiar object, he simply could not recall what this stone was. He curiously stared at the dazzling stone in the sky and spaced out as he racked his brain. What exactly was that?

Clang clang clang.

Knock knock knock.



Something seemed to have stumbled on his body. At the same time, he heard a clear breaking sound and the surprised cry of a girl, jolting Wang Zhong awake from his dream. He was still in a daze. Like the past few days, he faintly felt as if he had seen a dream that had a powerful pulling force. He wanted to explore and understand the dream, but he simply could not remember the scenes in his dream.

He rubbed his sore neck. When he opened his eyes, he saw a loli that was 15 or 16 years old. She was looking at him with a gloomy expression on her face. "Why are you sleeping here? You caused my flower pot to break into pieces."

Wang Zhong was dumbfounded and saw that the door he was leaning on had been opened halfway. This was a florist, and the loli seemed to be placing flower pots outside the shop. Perhaps it was because he was sleeping in a corner and the sky was still rather dark. This loli had probably not noticed and stumbled over him, causing the palm-sized flower pot to break into pieces when it fell on the ground.

Wang Zhong stood up helplessly. It was evidently his fault for sleeping outside their door. "I'm sorry… How much was the flower pot? I'll pay."

"How much? Gah, I'd have to think about that." The loli looked similar to a human, but she had round ears and a colorful tail behind her. She rubbed her chin and thought for a long time. "How much was the flower pot, how much was the flower pot…? Huh, what does this have to do with you? Why should I tell you? Heh heh, don't casually try to strike up a conversation with me."

She muttered to herself. Then, she looked down and suddenly shouted in shock. "Aiya, my flower pot! Why is it broken?"

"…" Wang Zhong was simply dumbstruck by this sudden change. What did this mean?

But before he could patiently explain, he heard a low and rough voice that sounded like a clap of thunder. "Roar~ Who was it! Who broke my flower pot!"

Before the fluctuating voice finished its sentence, footsteps that sounded like an earthquake had sounded from within the shop. A massive black shadow rapidly flew out at a speed that made even Lao Wang amazed. It was a massive creature with the head of a cow.

It was over three meters tall and had to bend over to walk through the tall door. Unlike the Mizobudapi taurens he had seen in the Mizobudapi World, this was an actual black cow. He had the head of a cow, the body of a cow, the hooves of a cow, and the tail of a cow. The only difference was that his rear limbs were extremely developed and sturdy. Thus, he could stand up like a human.

He looked at the flower pot, which had shattered on the ground, and his protruding eyes became even wider. It sobbed as it roared, making it sound like the rumble of a massive cannon. He looked bitter as if this was the last in his family line, and he instantly roared throughout the street. "MY~ FLOWER POT~ AH~!"

There were too many fluctuations in his voice. Wang Zhong and Little Muddle Head looked at each other helplessly. Meanwhile, half the street had been shaken by this voice. Many people quickly opened their shop doors and peered out, smiling as they observed the situation.

"Did Little Muddle Head break Old Cow's flower pot again?"

"Damn, it's so early in the morning. It's just one broken flower pot. Why is this miser crying and howling over this?"

"Oh, it seems like there is an outsider. Old Cow is definitely going to frame him."

After Old Cow's heartbreaking howling, he did not even look at Little Muddle Head. He simply glared at Wang Zhong. "You were definitely the one who broke it! Pay me! Hand over 10 Star Coins!"

"Okay, okay, okay." Wang Zhong did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Although he was being cheated, he had slept outside their door. It was worse to let Little Muddle Head take the responsibility. He moved his hand to his waist and touched it, but felt nothing.

Where was his wallet?

Wang Zhong was slightly dumbfounded. Last night, it had still been at his waist before he went to sleep. It couldn't be…

It had been stolen!

He had the luck of a dog. The people in the divine territory were too unlawful and even stole from a beggar who slept in the streets. Was there any justice?! F**k!

It never rains, but it pours. Things were not going well for him.

It seemed like the gravity and spiritual pressure did not just affect his body and spirit, but his reactions and sensitivity had also become worse. He had fallen asleep and did not even feel anything when something was taken away from him.

He awkwardly rubbed his nose. "I have no money."

"No… no money?!" Old Cow's eyes widened even further, and his voice became even louder. He blew white smoke out from his massive nostrils. "Do you want to die? Do you think that I can't kill you in one punch?"

The black cow waved his massive fist. With his surging energy, Wang Zhong absolutely believed that it could kill him in one shot. His attitude had been adjusted after wandering in the streets for a few days. He was truly the leader of the Wanderlust Team. He righteously took the blame.

Lao Wang smiled and waved his hand. "Boss Cow, I really don't want to slack off on this payment. I had money on me, but it was all stolen when I fell asleep. Even if you kill me, you will not get back your flower pot. Will this be reasonable for you? I will work for you. Since I owe you 10 Star Coins, I will work for 20 Star Coins' worth. Of course, you will have to cover my food and lodging. Actually, my family also sold flowers."

Wang Zhong tried his best to keep a sincere expression. He had learned a lot from Scarlet over the past two years.

"Boss, I think that he is rather sincere. Furthermore, I am extremely busy working alone." The vixen could not help but assist him. After all, she was partly responsible for this. If she had paid more attention, she would not have fallen.

The vixen looked normal, but she had a good heart. After spending such a long time here, Wang Zhong felt that he had accumulated enough karma to meet an empathetic person. He was so tragic that he did not have any value… other than selling his body.

"You, shut up. You money-owing fellow, let me calculate!" Boss Cow started to calculate.

The neighbors nearby were happy. This fellow was the most famous miser in Heavenly Treasures Street. This burly goblin had insisted on opening a flower shop. Of course, when he first started, business was poor until this vixen started working after she did not have enough money to buy flowers. Although she was muddle-headed, business at the florist improved greatly. Since they were both goblins, the cow decided to take in this assistant. Wang Zhong had probably hit a sweet spot. Old Cow observed Wang Zhong's body and realized that he looked like a celestial person. Heh heh, he would be good to place at their door.

"Cough cough. Young one, your luck is really good. If you ask around, I am the most generous in the Heavenly Treasures Street. I am not cheating you either. If you work for me for a year, I will provide you food and lodging, and you can pay off your debt. Let me tell you, don't try to reduce your debt. Even I am afraid of my own anger!"

As he spoke, he held his two large hooves together. When faced with threats and promises, Wang Zhong did not know whether to laugh or to cry. He nodded his head. "Thank you for taking me in, Boss!"

"Ha ha, although you are slightly thin, you have a good brain. If you work well, I will not treat you unjustly!" He patted Wang Zhong, but Wang Zhong felt as if his bones were about to shatter. Ah, what kind of monstrous place was this? There were monsters everywhere he went. If he had dared to attack just now, there was an 80% to 90% chance of him being turned into meat sauce.

"Little Vixen, get this fellow familiarized with the rules. Don't clumsily destroy my babies!" Boss Cow was not even worried that Wang Zhong would dare to run away. Big businesses used contracts, while small businesses used their influence and status. From this fellow's strength, he was probably from the lower classes.

The vixen called Little Vixen was evidently very happy as she finally had a companion. She curiously observed Wang Zhong and started to touch him all over, until Wang Zhong felt embarrassed.

"Are you human? What's your name? I heard that you are one of the 12 low-leveled civilizations who have just joined and also the most unlucky." Little Vixen spoke very happily, as if she had discovered a new continent.

Lao Wang rubbed his nose. Could she not be so direct when she spoke? How would they chat like this?!

Wang Zhong finally had a place where he could settle down, although this place was shrouded in strangeness.

The Secret Flower Garden was a flower shop run by a crude cow goblin with an enchanting name. There was no one else in this shop. Every time he saw this name, Wang Zhong felt a sense of deja vu, as if he was watching a cow eating a peony. Boss Cow did not spend much time in the shop, and everything was done by Little Vixen and Wang Zhong. Ever since Wang Zhong came, Boss Cow started to shirk his responsibilities even more. He had taken in Wang Zhong to take advantage of him, but he had never expected that this human was skilled in gardening.

Why did Boss Cow open a flower shop? Wang Zhong and Little Vixen did not know, but Wang Zhong was very doubtful. How had Boss Cow managed to support his business without closing down? Boss Cow definitely had some advantage in his stock. There were flowers from many Dimensional Worlds, to the point that Wang Zhong found them dazzling. However, the business was rather basic. Flowers were planted into flower pots and sold. There was no wrapping, horticulture, or flower combinations. Furthermore, the prices were up to him.

The flowers in the Secret Flower Garden were split into two kinds. The first were ornamental flowers. They were pretty, beautiful, and fragrant. Some of the flowers could even speak, such as the intelligent plants from Malulu Planet. However, these kinds of flowers did not sell well. Other than those with too much money, who would want to buy a large flower that was constantly chatting? Ever since Wang Zhong had started to take care of the flower shop, he had constantly been nagged at by the flowers. He had wanted to sell them, but no one wanted them.

The other kind of flower could be used for pills. All plants that could enter the divine territory were definitely rich in spiritual influence and were high-leveled. They were used as decorations by the aristocrats but were also medicinal materials for alchemy. Simply put, they were selling medicinal materials. Old Cow sold them wholesale, and they were the main revenue of the shop. However, because of this, the flower shop could be considered a side occupation. Old Cow probably wanted to put on a front.

After one week, with Old Cow and Little Vixen, he had gained a basic understanding of the conventions here. If the civilizations in the Land wanted to break free of this awkward place, they would have to advance to the Heavenly Core Stage. However, all the living beings who were able to enter this place had already achieved the lowest requirement for entering the Star Alliance, the Foundational Stage. The human Heavenly Soul Stage was the Foundational Stage. Anyone below the Heavenly Soul Stage would explode when they entered this place. Of course, this meant that every living being here had great power and terrifying natural talents. For example, all the mutated creatures on Earth would probably listen to the orders of the goblins out of fear. If the Star Alliance had not established areas of control, it would have been a disaster. In essence, the Patriarch Society was right to spare no effort in joining the Star Alliance.

All the living beings here were pursuing the Heavenly Core Stage. Different races might have different forms, such as ghosts and goblins, but in essence, they only differed in grade. Once they advanced to the Heavenly Core Stage, not only would their lifespan increase greatly, their ability to absorb the power from the Heavenly River would also become much more powerful. Most importantly, their position in the Land would be different. This was also the only way to change their civilization level. For example, civilizations that wanted to open businesses had to be at least level-6. However, if they had reached the Heavenly Core Stage, even level-4 civilizations would be able to do so. This was their privilege. At the same time, exceptional Heavenly Cores would have the opportunity to enter Heaven. Heaven was a paradise that only level-9 civilizations could enjoy, and it was the most legendary place in the entire Fifth Dimension. It was a paradise. At the same time, it was the only way to enter the hyperdimension.

In order to advance to the Heavenly Core Stage, there were two essential requirements: techniques and elixirs.

There were hundreds of paths, branches, schools, and sects among the various civilizations that passed down their techniques. Some were very enclosed and only made these techniques available to their own civilizations. Others were very open, but required expensive "tributes" in return. These techniques did not need to be the best, but they had to be suitable. After all, there were too many civilizations for the techniques to be suitable for everyone.

Meanwhile, elixirs were not a shortcut, but a necessity. Techniques could hasten the absorption of the power from the Heavenly River to transform their Spirit Sea. They would continue to accumulate power to eventually form the Void Core, which would materialize. This was a relatively long process. If they wanted to speed this process up, there was no doubt that they needed to use elixirs. Thus, alchemy was high above the masses in the Land, and alchemists were extremely impressive. In various civilizations and powers, alchemists occupied top positions. They were even more important than Heavenly Core practitioners themselves.

Of course, Heavenly Treasures Street, where the Secret Flower Garden was situated, did not have any great alchemists. Furthermore, Little Vixen had probably been lonely for too long. It was rare to have such a hardworking companion like Wang Zhong, and she was willing to dispel his doubts. It was just that… She might have amnesia. She often forgot what she was doing, like when she was talking sometimes.

This made Lao Wang slightly sad. Little Vixen received much better treatment than him. Of course, since Little Vixen was a goblin, she had a higher-leveled seal on the back of her hand. This was a form of deterrence to a very large extent. In general, ordinary beings from level-4 to level-6 civilizations had to be relatively cautious and careful while living in the Land.

"Wang Zhong, it's a pity that this technique can't be… Ah, send this to…" It was rare for Little Lost Fox to remember Wang Zhong's name. She had just helped Wang Zhong to wrap a large batch of materials that someone had ordered. However, her habit popped up again. She had forgotten where to send these materials to.

Little Lost Fox was a nickname that Wang Zhong had given Little Vixen. She had definitely lived up to her name as Wang Zhong had to take care of affairs at work. If not, with Old Cow's explosive temper, they might not have had anything to eat.

"I know, this is for Boss Sea." Wang Zhong smiled. This street was rather famous and had a few extremely unique shops. Their range was also rather wide. Some delivered to the outer circle of the Heavenly River, while some delivered to the inner circle. In terms of geographical position, Old Cow had chosen the right location for his shop.

Boss Sea was the biggest customer of alchemy ingredients in Heavenly Treasures Street.

"It looks like it… Hm? How would you know?" Little Vixen seemed to have some memory of it but was not too sure.

"Two-headed bone bark, dragon ginger grass, lantern fire wick…" Wang Zhong sniffed and named the flowers as if he was enumerating his family treasures. "Aren't all of these elixir ingredients? With such a large batch of ingredients that have to be sent in the morning, these should be for Boss Sea."

"Ya! How did you remember so many flower names in a day? Furthermore, how did you know without even opening the packs to take a look?" Little Muddle Head was pleasantly surprised and simply did not dare to believe this. Even she could not remember these complex names until now. Speaking of which, how long had she been at the flower shop?

"You can smell them… Also, I've been here for more than a week." Wang Zhong touched his nose. During the period he lived here, he also realized the advantages humans had, namely their five senses and artistic qualities. Some advanced civilizations were weaker in their pursuit of artistry because they had pursued power instead, and their senses had thus become weaker. However, humans were just right. The Earth had been tossed around by the four level-9 civilizations, as well as some disorderly level-7 and level-8 civilizations. Their complex artistry that had formed under these circumstances was relatively marketable here.

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    《Battle Frenzy》