Battle Frenzy
983 Collapsed Fragment World
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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983 Collapsed Fragment World

Wang Zhong had wanted to change the situation of the "flower shop" and help it reverse its losses. Scarlet was skilled in flower arrangement, and the current method of placing flowers in flower pots was too unrefined. However, Boss Cow felt that he had high artistry. Lao Wang, who did not have any position as of now, could only pinch his nose and endure this. Who allowed Old Cow to be the boss?

"Oh oh oh! Is that so? So it's been that long." Little Lost Fox was overjoyed. Her ears were upright, and her pretty tail was held high in the air. "In any case, you are amazing! Wang Zhong, I feel like after you arrived, I haven't been scolded as much. It looks like my amnesia is much better!"

Lao Wang's face turned red. Yes, Old Cow got angry at him almost every day. Lao Wang was scolded five times a day. With this explosive temper, Lao Wang really wanted to… He only thought about it, and that was all.

There were races who specialized in delivery, especially to distant places, where safety was of utmost priority. However, Old Cow usually delivered goods by himself to distant places unless the destination was especially dangerous. As for close distances, Wang Zhong was definitely made to deliver them. After all, it was free.

He pinched the large bag in his hands. These were not simply peculiar plants and materials. A majority of the things in the divine territory had shockingly high material density that could not be judged just by its volume and one's sight. Adjusting to the environment in the divine territory was not a simple thing, and Wang Zhong was already better off. He heard that many new immigrants from lower-leveled civilizations were completely unable to do any manual labor even after spending one or two years in the divine territory.

When he carried this large bag on his shoulders, his shoulders instantly sank. He could not even stand up straight with these heavy products. However, he had a sense of satisfaction, as if he was undergoing cultivation. This kind of manual labor would help him adjust to this environment more quickly.

He still remembered the helplessness he felt when he faced the powerful demon sword while fighting Solomon. At that time, he felt that although they were both Heavenly Souls, how could the difference between them be so large? But now, Lao Wang faintly understood. When those who had lived in the divine territory were placed into universes at the edge, they were no longer restricted by the powerful gravity. Their bodies would become frighteningly light and despairingly powerful. Without the restriction of the powerful spiritual pressure, they could activate their Soul Power more quickly. The speed at which they absorbed the power of the heaven and the earth would be many times higher than the civilizations at the edge!

Fights against higher realms would become extremely easy, and there would be a world of difference when they fought. Furthermore, there were many cultivation methods that had been passed down by advanced civilizations. He did not know how many times more advanced these methods were compared to the cultivation methods in the Holy City… The ones there lacked in every aspect by comparison. The humans in the Holy City were indeed viewing the sky from the bottom of a well.

He was going to the Water Dragon Core Pharmacy, which was also called "the shop that was created by the celestial people". It was not too far away, but to Wang Zhong, who was carrying a heavy burden, it was not near either. It was half a long street away from Old Cow's flower shop. When he carried the large bag over, Lao Wang felt as if sweat was about to seep into his entire body.

Boss Sea was a member of the Water Race, which was considered one of the large races in the Star Alliance. They came from various places in the Fifth Dimension. There were over forty Water Race civilizations, and the most powerful Sea God Race was a level-8 civilization. Boss Sea came from the Procuress World, a level-6 civilization that housed the Procuress Sea Race.

This fellow seemed like a four-legged water snake. He had a very large head with a long and thin body. He wore a pair of round glasses and stretched his neck whenever he walked. His slender body made Wang Zhong feel as if it would be crushed by his massive head at any moment. Of course, Boss Sea definitely did not call himself by a lowly name like water snake. According to him, had you ever seen a snake with legs?

Don't humiliate him. He was a dragon! He was a sea dragon… descendant! He had the bloodline of an ancient dragon flowing through his body. Heh heh heh. Who knows? One day, his bloodline might awaken, and he would soar into the sky. Would ordinary folk be able to reach his level?

"Xiao Wang, are you here to deliver goods? Place them here, place them here!" He heard a sharp chatter beside his ear and was filled with happiness. Boss Sea twisted his body and stretched his neck as he walked out. He directed Wang Zhong to place the goods and then carefully checked through the goods.

"Not bad, not bad. Today's materials are rather fresh." He nodded his head in satisfaction and smiled at Wang Zhong. He naturally swallowed his saliva. "Xiao Wang, I heard that your sense of smell towards flowers and plants is very sensitive. Do you want to try being my assistant here? I am not as miserly as that large black cow. How about 10 Star Coins a month?"

Boss Sea spoke with sincerity. Initially, he thought that Old Cow had picked up a burden. Although humans entering the divine territory was a minor matter, they were still a new civilization. Everyone noticed that their appearance was special but realized that this civilization did not amount to much. They did not have any combat power or special characteristics. Other than for their appearance, many pragmatic people were not willing to use them, especially in places like Heavenly Treasures Street. Who would have thought that this human called Wang Zhong was not bad? Although he did not have much physical strength, he was tough and was not bad for someone who had just entered the divine territory. Furthermore, he had neatly organized Old Cow's extremely messy flower shop and categorized the plants. Just like this, Boss Sea had started to admire him.

Of course, most importantly, this human did not have any requests. It was fine as long as he had food and lodging. Where else would he find such a good employee?

Although there were slaves in the Land, slaves could not undertake jobs in businesses. Only the free could take on such jobs. Thus, the businesses had to consider the cost.

Frankly speaking, Wang Zhong was quite touched. Boss Sea operated a shop selling elixir materials and low-leveled elixirs. He might even know some alchemy, which was what Wang Zhong and the humans urgently needed. But no matter whether it was in the Holy Land or this kind of place, as long as it was a civilization, trust was important, especially to someone in an awkward position like him. To be honest, other than the fact that Old Cow had a bad temper, was miserly, exploited him, and was ugly… He seemed to be decent.

Of course, there seemed to be a feud between the two bosses. Although they did business with each other, they did not think well of each other. According to the large black cow, Boss Sea was a snake that sold fake medicine. Furthermore, he was a snake that sold himself and fake medicine!

"You think too highly of me. I don't have such talents." Wang Zhong waved his hand with a sincere expression on his face. "I'm better off selling flowers."

"Aiya…" Uncle Sea shook his head. There was hidden bitterness and pity in his eyes. His webbed, orchid-shaped fingers touched Wang Zhong slightly. "That is such a pity. Xiao Wang, think about it. Also, don't be afraid of that large black cow when you make decisions. You have Uncle Sea around. I am not afraid!"

When he returned from Boss Sea's shop, Little Vixen gave Wang Zhong a shiny candy. This kind of snack was rich in energy. There were times when Wang Zhong felt slightly sentimental as he was truly living like a refugee. However, this also sparked Wang Zhong's fighting spirit. The rise of the human civilization would start with him!

Land was extremely expensive in the divine territory, and it was evident that there was not much extra space for anyone to plant crops and rear animals. A majority of the food here had to be imported. However, ordinary food from the Fifth Dimension could not enter this place, especially taking into consideration the expensive delivery costs for shipping over a long distance. Thus, only some precious meat from level-8 and level-9 animals or rare delicacies could be delivered. One could imagine how much the expensive meat and expensive delivery costs would amount to. It was evident that only aristocrats in advanced civilization could enjoy such foods.

Meanwhile, ordinary civilians could only rely on alchemical products or elixirs to resolve their hunger. For example, Uncle Sea mainly sold "Day Stomach Pills". These pills did not have much nutrition but could provide the nutrients that the body needed and made one feel extremely full. A pill that was as large as a bean could completely fulfill one's food needs for a day for an inexpensive price.

Lao Wang now relied on these Day Stomach Pills to get by, but they were extremely unpalatable. After eating them for three days, his mouth felt very bland. During times like this, the candy that Little Muddle Head gave him was extremely delicious. When he tossed one into his mouth, the smell of the candy lingered on his lips and mouth.

"Where does your money come from?" Wang Zhong was very curious. Even this kind of candy would definitely not be cheap. With Little Vixen's severe amnesia, he doubted that this girl would remember whether she had received her monthly salary or not.

"I have no money. Sister Ling next door gave them to me." Little Muddle Head and Wang Zhong sat beside each other on the steps outside the flower shop. She swung her legs and sucked on the sweet in her mouth. Her smile was naive and innocent. "Sister Ling is the best. She often gives me yummy things. If Sister Ling hears Demon Cow scolding me, she will speak on behalf of me!"

Sister Ling was a member of the Darkness Elf Race. She operated a candy shop not too far from Old Cow's shop.

The Darkness Elves were an offshoot of the native race and were considered a mid-tiered civilization in the Star Alliance. Wang Zhong had seen Sister Ling several times and had delivered flowers to her a few times. Many of the candy flavors she sold were made from flowers. Speaking of which, Sister Ling was also a gourmet. She was able to create various flavors of candy that could be used, even in an environment like the divine territory. Not only were they delicious, but they also had many peculiar functions. It was not an easy art. For example, not only was the candy that Wang Zhong was sucking on extremely fragrant, a cooling sensation also seeped into his head, making him feel extremely refreshed. He felt as if his entire soul had been cleansed.

Sister Ling had a similar appearance to humans, but she was taller and more slender. Her skin was slightly tanned, but was sexy and well-proportioned. However, she was somewhat aloof. Although Wang Zhong had delivered flowers to her several times, she had spoken a total of fewer than ten words. She only said things like "oh", "there", and "okay".

However, she was very fond of Little Muddle Head and often gave her candy. It was even said that she often angrily cursed at Old Cow on behalf of Little Lost Fox. It was rare to see someone in the divine territory going against the large black cow on behalf of an unskilled employee. If it were not for the fact that she was a different species from Little Muddle Head, Wang Zhong would have suspected that they were long-lost sisters.

"Wang~ Zhong!"

Just as he was tasting the delicious sweet and enjoying this rare peace, the Demon King's insulting roar sounded from the backyard.

"Have you turned over the soil in the flower nursery? Have you watered the flowers? There are so many empty pots and plots. Have you washed all of them? Do you have the time for idle chatter then? Am I providing you with food and accommodation just for you to enjoy a leisurely life?!"

Beside him, Little Muddle Head stuck out her tongue and looked as if she wanted to help but could not do so. Old Cow did not allow her to enter the rear flower garden. It was said that when Little Muddle Head had just arrived, she had stepped on and destroyed many things in Old Cow's flower nursery. In any case, according to how Old Cow calculated, Little Muddle Head probably had to spend the rest of her life paying off debts here.

Wang Zhong turned around and got up. He had no choice but to give in as he had no power. "I'm coming!"

His days in the flower shop were complicated and hard, but it was orderly and gave Wang Zhong some precious buffer time. Wang Zhong laid on his bed as usual. Above him was the sky of the divine territory, and the distant light was probably Heaven, the place where everyone desired to go to.

The less clearly they could see it, the more desire they would be filled with. This was probably why every civilization in the Land was busy. After all, they could not shake off their material desire.

He also had to deal with survival and progress throughout. Of course, Lao Wang was not a young man who was obsessed with the arts and only occasionally felt sentimental. He could not truly put down the pressure that he felt.

He heard the sound of footsteps. Boss Cow was coming. He probably wouldn't stop him from sleeping in the courtyard, right?

This time, the large black cow did not roar. Of course, his voice was still full of tyranny. "Don't lay down here today. If I accidentally step on you while going to the toilet, it will be inconvenient." As he spoke, he pointed to a corner beside a staircase. "I'll help you keep your things. In the future, you can stay there! That's right. I will have to collect rent, but since you have no money, you will work for another half a year with me. Heh heh. Thank this great Boss Cow. You will never find anyone as benevolent as me. You only have to work half a year for one and a half years' worth of rent!"

With that, he walked away cheerily without a single care about Wang Zhong's opinion. After all, he was the boss. He did what he wanted to do!

Wang Zhong smiled and shook his head. The tough work he had done over the past few days had yielded some results. Even though he did not have time to take a break amidst his strenuous work, he had completely gotten used to the energy here. Furthermore, his power continued to rise. Although the corner at the staircase was small and cramped, his bed was clean, and it was warm inside. There was even a small lamp. With the help of this rare lamp, he could see an awe-inspiring picture of Old Cow pasted on the wall.

"Don't turn on the light for no reason! As expected, I can't be too benevolent with fellows like you. The moment you start staying there, you are already making me unhappy. Turn off the light!" Old Cow's roar thundered from above. "Is energy free?!"

Although his roar was ferocious, Wang Zhong could not help but laugh. Even though Old Cow was miserly, to be honest, he did not feel much malice from him over the past month. Meanwhile, the universal energy could provide for them. As for the price… it was definitely not something Wang Zhong could bear.

He conveniently turned off the light and laid on the bed. He had finally obtained a place that belonged to him in the divine territory. When he looked back on his experiences in the past month after arriving in the divine territory, Lao Wang was rather sentimental. It had not necessarily been difficult. Most importantly, the mental barrier was difficult to overcome. In his own world, he was a well-known figure. When he suddenly faced such a massive contrast, most importantly, he was helpless. His tenacity almost collapsed.

This was the first time he could settle down and sleep safely after coming to the divine territory. Fatigue engulfed him, and Wang Zhong quickly went into dreamland. However, the strange dream was back. In a small and narrow space, a stone that was as dazzling as the sun was high overhead. It seemed to be calling for him.

Wang Zhong had repeated this dream several times. He would see this dream every two or three days. However, he felt that the stone was now especially dazzling and clear, so clear that Wang Zhong could clearly see the 12 strange facets of the stone.

"This is…" Wang Zhong seemed to have finally realized something. He had suddenly arrived at an answer for the question he had racked his brains over in his dreams. "Is that the Fate Stone?"

"You turned on my light again!" Old Cow's roar jolted Wang Zhong awake.

He was still in the small corner under the staircase, but a fist-sized object made out of an indescribable material was hovering in midair. It emitted a gentle light, but when he took a closer look, Wang Zhong immediately jumped from shock!

The Fate Stone!

Wang Zhong widened his mouth and felt slightly muddled. He started to record down what was happening. The Fate Stone, which had only existed in his Soul Sea till now, had separated from the Soul Sea. Furthermore, it did not make any commotion, other than alerting him in his dreams.

Not only that, it had also appeared and materialized in reality. It had never appeared anywhere else in the Fifth Dimension until he had arrived in the divine territory. Did this mean that the rules in the divine territory could cause the Fate Stone to take on its actual form?

Was the Fate Stone a product from the divine territory?

"Roar roar roar! Do you dare to ignore me? Do you want to sleep on the streets again!" Upstairs, Old Cow was about to go crazy. This fellow had actually dared to ignore his words. "Turn off the lights! My energy bill!"

Wang Zhong clicked his tongue. He grabbed the Fate Stone and hid it under his blanket. When he grabbed the Fate Stone, it felt cold and chilly… However, the blanket was evidently unable to conceal its gentle light, and the light in the small corner did not grow dimmer. Wang Zhong grabbed the Stone, but he also felt as if he was not actually grabbing it. Furthermore, the light might have been present, but it also seemed isolated from this world.

"Wang~~ Zhong~~!!"

The floorboards started to tremble, and dust fell from above. This sound was loud enough to awaken half the street, but Lao Wang was helpless. He saw that the Demon Cow was immediately about to rush down, but where else could he hide the Fate Stone?

He thought about the fragment world that he had been in. However, it was a pity that he could not operate or even activate his Soul Power ever since he had come to the divine territory. Luckily, he had been able to use a bit of his Soul Power last night. However, that Soul Power was barely enough… Wang Zhong was willing to try it out and use that bit of Soul Power to activate the pathway to the fragment world.

He encountered the first surprise ever since he had come to the divine territory. It was not the Fate Stone as even Wang Zhong did not know that it was not a good thing for it to appear like this. However, he had established a connection with the fragment world without any obstacles. The fragment world from the Patriarch Society was not stable in the divine territory and would normally collapse. However, Wang Zhong's fragment world had managed to hold on.

Crack. There was a soft sound, and the light completely disappeared from the small corner. Meanwhile, the scenery in front of him transformed. In the blink of an eye, Wang Zhong felt as if he had fallen into a fragment world.

But at the same time, a massive rumbling sound reverberated throughout the entire world, while the ground underneath him cracked in a frenzy. The spiritual influence in the world started to become more brutal. The entire world was about to collapse!

Wang Zhong could also sense this. It was as if the construction of the pathway had pulled the powerful gravity and the spiritual pressure in the divine territory into the fragment world. The material density of the fragment world could not endure this terrifying gravity and spiritual pressure, and the entire fragment world broke into pieces in an instant. Wang Zhong was in despair. He had never thought that he would die in his own fragment world. This was too… unjust.

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    《Battle Frenzy》