Battle Frenzy
984 Reunion at the Slave Marke
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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984 Reunion at the Slave Marke

Before Wang Zhong could recover from the shock of this sudden collapse, the world that had turned into dust rapidly reorganized and pieced together with the help of an extremely gentle wave of energy. However, the fragment world that was originally several square kilometers wide turned into a small space of five or six square meters. The Fate Stone hovered overhead and was the source of the gentle energy that reorganized this world. Furthermore, the Fate Stone seemed to have calmed down from its previous unstable state.

At that moment, he was surrounded by a boundless void. The Fate Stone overhead was like a warm sun, while the space that spanned over five square meters beneath his feet was like a small platform floating in this boundless void. Wang Zhong was surprised. He forcefully stepped on the ground, but the ground was extremely sturdy, even sturdier than the soil he had flipped in Old Cow's backyard. However, he could not sense any spiritual influence here. It felt like a complete void.

At that moment, Wang Zhong could still sense the changes in the outside world. Old Cow was charging over, and he did not have any time to do further research. Thus, Wang Zhong left his fragment world and appeared under the staircase.

He heard a thumping noise from the dim staircase above him. Wang Zhong had just appeared on his bed when the door was violently pulled open by the large black cow. His eyes that were the size of bronze bells were wide and emitted a green light in the dark night. "If you dare to… Eh…?"

The large black cow felt slightly awkward. He had charged down, full of murderous intent, but this fellow had turned off the light already. Thus, he could not release his rage. How awkward!

The large black cow coughed twice. Then, he fiercely said, "From today onwards, it will cost you one Star Coin every time you turn on the light! If you turn on the light for more than one minute, you will pay according to how long you've used it for!"

Wang Zhong did not explain himself either. He felt that this Old Cow was just finding a reason to vent his anger. Furthermore, a small world that truly belonged to him had mysteriously appeared. Thus, Wang Zhong was slightly excited.

Once he chased away the large black cow, he entered his new fragment world and stayed there for a while. He wanted to understand what exactly had happened. He was also full of excitement towards the small space that the Fate Stone had pieced together. However, even though he had spent more than half of the night in the space, he did not discover anything significant.

The space was not very big. It was a somewhat circular space, and after detailed measurements, he discovered that it had a diameter of over five meters. As for the ground… When he touched the ground, it felt like the surface of the Earth, but there were nothing else. He could not walk around in the surrounding area. He saw a void, but it was as if an invisible wall was blocking him.

There was also the Fate Stone. He had thought that the Fate Stone had appeared in real life out of nothingness and frequently called him. He thought that he had established a new connection with the Fate Stone. However, no matter what method Wang Zhong used to communicate and sense it, he could not get any response from the Fate Stone. It was like the sun that hovered overhead. Other than shining light, it did not have any interaction with Wang Zhong, an ordinary person.

Furthermore, he could not reach the Fate Stone in the sky.

He was the one who had dragged the Fate Stone in, but it had destroyed his original fragment world that was rather large. Now that it had made full use of him… Damn it! He could not even touch it.

It was like a turtledove occupying a magpie's nest. His home had been seized!

Wang Zhong was upset. Man and stone stared at each other in the small space. In the end, Lao Wang admitted defeat. He had no choice. He had been staring at the stone, but the stone was too dazzling. Actually… It had always been in his Soul Sea and saved him many times. Lao Wang was not quite used to it when it suddenly left him, and he felt like a little lady who had been abandoned. Sigh, it would have been good if Simba was awake. Luckily, Simba had not abandoned him.

Last night, Wang Zhong had a rare good night's sleep. In the morning, he and Little Lost Fox were awakened by Old Cow's roar asking them to get to work. In general, Wang Zhong did the dirty and tiring work by himself, while Little Lost Fox was mainly responsible for the business outside the shop. Today, Lao Wang was rather happy. After all, he had something from his past with him now. Having a fragment world in the divine territory was definitely valuable.

After some unhappiness, Lao Wang was now calm. Although the space was small, it was his only paradise in the divine territory. It was said that those who possessed fragment worlds in the divine territory were at least Heavenly Core experts. Although the Fate Stone did not have any use for now, it had given him a huge gift.

However, it was a pity that the space was far too small. Typical fragment worlds were used for cultivation and accumulated energy, but it was evident that there was no aura in Wang Zhong's fragment world. It could not even be compared to the divine territory outside. It was a place where Lao Wang slacked off or stored his items.

The awkward thing was that Lao Wang was now extremely poor. He did not even have a dime on him. His life was extremely lonely!

As Lao Wang pondered, he went into a daze. His hand shook slightly.



The lantern fire wick, which had been shining like fire, was instantly deflated. The stem had been broken by him, while its round and plump roots instantly became flat and hard, as if air had leaked out. The red light also turned dim.

He had no choice. Only a few flowers in Old Cow's flower nursery were durable. A majority of them were extremely delicate. After all, plants that could survive in the divine territory were very rare. Meanwhile, the lantern fire wick was like a baby among the delicate species. However, it was a good material for elixirs and was a steady source of supplies for Boss Sea.

"It's a disaster! It's a disaster! It's a murder! It's dead, it's dead, it's dead!" He heard a chattering voice beside him. It was a blue eight brother grass from Malulu Planet. It rubbed its two leaves together and produced a strange, sharp sound. Of course, those who had eaten the Khris Candy understood what it was saying. Evidently, it was excited to see some action happening.

"Wang Zhong! Are you done?" Old Cow's impatient voice sounded from the distance. He was walking over to the flower nursery.

Wang Zhong acknowledged him and decisively threw the lantern fire wick into the fragment world to destroy the evidence.

"Flower thief! Flower thief!" The eight brother grass was shouting again.

Wang Zhong was speechless. He was being threatened by a strand of grass! He turned around and fiercely glared at it. "Do you not want to drink water this month? Do you want to drink urine instead? If not, you'd better be obedient!"

It was as if the eight brother grass had been struck by lightning and glared at Wang Zhong with bitterness. Of course, after some thought using its small brain, it figured out that this evil human was actually able to do so. Even if it successfully lodged a complaint, there was an 80% chance that Old Cow would not do anything. This damnable obstacle only knew how to stop his losses and would definitely not sustain further losses in his business. In Old Cow's Secret Flower Garden, women worked like men, while men worked like livestock.

The large black cow walked in, full of impatience. He glanced at Wang Zhong, who was preparing the goods, and the Malulu eight brother grass beside him.

"Good morning, Brother Cow! Brother Cow is very mighty today!" The eight brother grass immediately started to suck up to him.

"Shut up!" Evidently, Old Cow was not quite fond of this fellow. He ignored this strand of grass that chattered all day. Most importantly, he could not sell it. "If no one buys you this month, I will make you go down to the fields!"

The eight brother grass instantly started to wither. Was it its fault that it could not sell? It was because the people in the divine territory had no taste!

This time, Wang Zhong followed Boss Sea to deliver the goods. They did not deliver products to Boss Sea, but to the protectors of Heavenly Treasures Street, the boss of "Nine Wilderness Path". It was said that the boss was a Heavenly Core goblin who protected this entire area. Boss Cow was offering him gifts to win his favor. Boss Cow, who was usually arrogant, became quiet once he entered and bent his tall body over. However, Wang Zhong did not see the fabled Heavenly Core expert. He and Boss Cow had been sent away by a few subordinates of Nine Wilderness Path, but Old Cow had probably shoved a few Star Coins into their hands.

After this whole process was over, Old Cow walked out of Nine Wilderness Path and heaved a sigh of relief. His breathing became consistent, and he regained his attitude as a boss. "Young one, in this area, you absolutely cannot offend the people from Nine Wilderness Path."

"Boss, aren't the goblins the one who call the shots here?" Wang Zhong readily accepted his advice. After all, it was rare for Old Cow to speak so politely. Although he felt that a majority of beings that he met were goblins, the goblin race was actually a general concept. They were considered a subordinate race to the wilderness race above them but were a powerful force in the Land.

Boss Cow ordered something that looked like a cigar and aggressively gnawed on it. He blew out smoke with satisfaction, and Wang Zhong was instantly engulfed in smoke… What did this feel like? It was as if someone had farted.

Lao Wang pinched his nose and endured this, while Old Cow seemed to enjoy himself. "You're not far off. Today, I'll bring you to see the most profitable place in Heavenly Treasures Street."

Where was the most profitable place? What place made Boss Cow so excited? Wang Zhong immediately understood when he saw it. It was the slave market!

There were slave markets in the Dimensional World and the Holy Land, but they paled in comparison to this place. Even the goods that were brought in were out of the ordinary.

This slave market was divided into the inner and outer markets. The outer slave market was dirty and rundown. Dirty objects that emitted a foul smell, disgusting and sticky liquids, and stinky excrement were strewn all over the ground. Many slaves from various races had a rope tied around their neck and were randomly tied under a wooden shack like livestock.

A majority of these slaves were "ugly" and came in all kinds of weird body shapes. Some were insects; some were strange beasts, and some were vulgar celestialoids. However, they all had a similarity. All of them had strong bodies.

"This is a being from Tambaqui Planet. It has the Titan bloodline and can do ten people's worth of manual work, going for only fifty Star Coins. You can walk past, but you can't miss it!"

It was a giant that was four meters tall with an extremely dirty body. The electric rope around its neck was pulled by the slave vendor, causing its massive body to kneel on the ground. Many people surrounded it and picked at it, or kicked it to test its strength. Some asked the slave vendor to open its mouth to see whether it had any illnesses.

The giant was very powerful. It was furious and wanted to fight back, but once it struggled, the slave vendor pressed the remote control in his hand. The electric rope emitted a powerful flash and instantly caused its entire body to tremble. It was dizzy and nauseous, and had no choice but to allow everyone else to do as they wished.

"This is an Azarna Jiazz bee that can fly at low altitudes in the divine territory! Two for only ten Star Coins!"

"This is a Wallance tailed-person. Its tail can be chopped off to be eaten, and it will grow back in a few days. This is a decent regenerating ingredient and is easy to rear. It will not die even if you only feed it once a month. They are sold in bundles of ten for a great discount of a hundred Star Coins!"

The voices of various hawkers rose and fell. Slaves of all shapes and colors were picked by customers like products.

Wang Zhong sighed silently. After all, the human civilization was also considered a part of the lower class. Meanwhile, Old Cow was exultant and pointed out many things to Lao Wang. At the same time, he warned Wang Zhong to be obedient when they came here and not to create any trouble for him. If not, no one would be able to save Wang Zhong.

A majority of these slaves had been forcibly captured by these slave vendors from civilizations that had not entered the Star Alliance. In reality, the slaves that would be captured were definitely powerful beings in their own civilizations. In the Holy City, they would probably be Great Teachers. He could see pride for their former selves in their eyes, but most of this pride was faint.

To the divine territory, lower-class civilizations were like cows and sheep. He had some opinions about how the Holy Land did things as they had sacrificed far too much. However, from the look of things now, it had been necessary. After all, one who fails to see far will find trouble at their doorstep. The human civilization would not be lucky forever. Once the slave vendors infiltrated Earth, they would bring about unimaginable disasters. Furthermore, once the peak experts of a civilization had been defeated, it would mean that the civilization would regress by 100 years.

He followed Old Cow and walked through the outer slave market. Meanwhile, the inner market was much cleaner and more comfortable. "Wait here and don't run all over the place. I'm going to buy something."

When he saw Old Cow's lewd expression, he knew that was probably up to something. The slave market would definitely be accompanied by the red light district.

Running all over the place and running around were two different things. Since he was here, Wang Zhong definitely wanted to understand the situation here. It would be great if there was a method for him to learn techniques. Just now, he had seen the Ninth Wilderness Path. Although they had offered gifts to them, they only accepted those from level-6 civilizations and above. This meant that Wang Zhong could not save up to join them.

There was a tall platform nearby that was surrounded by many creatures of all shapes and colors. The slaves that were sold on this tall platform were probably more valuable or had special talents or uses. Most of them were rather similar in appearance to the four main races in the divine territory: the Heavenly Wings Race, the Elemental Race, the Violent Demon Race, and the Wilderness Gods Race.

After all, they were the four supreme races that were respected by all the civilizations in the Fifth Dimension. Thus, many races were influenced by them, and their beauty standards followed the four top races closely. There were some slaves that had similar characteristics to these four top races. Even if they did not have any other talents, they were bought to decorate their gates or become bell boys to give their races more prestige. Of course, many other dirty thoughts were considered normal. Desire, ambition, and the pressure to survive formed the lower class of the divine territory.

After a short while, the slave that was being auctioned on the tall platform was subjected to a crazy round of bids and was eventually sold for a price of 200 Star Coins. She was a very beautiful female blood spirit. The spirit race looked similar to the Heavenly Wings race. Their bodies were tall and slender, and they had nice curves. She also had an electric rope tied around her neck and was dressed thinly. She looked pitiful and helpless, and her tearful eyes attracted tender love for her. She made some males go crazy.

When Wang Zhong observed the crazy shouts and gazes; he knew that her fate would not be good. According to Old Cow, once you were sold, being able to live for one month was considered decent.

He could see that the slave vendor on the platform, which had the head of a wolf and three legs, was swaying with excitement. He flashed out dense teeth that looked like a shark's, making Wang Zhong shudder. His business today was very good. "Everyone, everyone, please take note. The second-last product for today is from Earth, a new member of the divine territory. It had the status of the free but lost its status after being stolen from. I spent a large amount of money to buy it. It is a celestialoid and is a unique quality product. At the same time, after an appraisal, we have determined that it is attractive and does not have an excessive sexual life. No matter whether you use it to decorate your door, for your entertainment, or for warmth, it will be a good choice."

The moment he finished speaking, the observers started to discuss among themselves. It was evident that they were extremely interested in this new product. They did not care about whether it was from Earth or from elsewhere. To people who came from complicated races, there was nothing novel about this. However, her previous status as a free being was a bonus point.

As the wolf goblin spoke, someone dragged a slender woman out. The woman was extremely pretty and only wore a robe, which was pushed up by her plump chest. Her long and sexy legs were exposed to the public. There was an electric rope around her neck that was firmly pulled on. Her stubborn gaze was filled with struggle and despair.

When he saw this woman, Wang Zhong's expression instantly sank. Even though he had heard that the situation was terrible, he had never expected that it would reach this stage. Had this woman been stolen? He did not believe this as she was… Carolyn!

"HOHO! This girl is not bad!"

"A Kampalian? A Bodongian?" Whistles and questions could be heard offstage. Kampalians and Bodongians looked most similar to the celestial people. However, the overall strength of these two peripheral civilizations were weak, and it was difficult to find a female expert who could endure the gravity in the divine territory. Thus, they were extremely rare and expensive.

"Doesn't seem like it. Kampalians and Bodongians have pointy ears, but her ears are round."

"But its chest is big, and its legs are long and pale. It is definitely a first-class product!"

"Where did you get this from? Is this a new race?"

"I heard that it's from Earth?"

"Who cares about whether she is from Earth? How is her stamina? Don't tell me that she will break after two rounds. That will be a massive loss."

"That is a level-4 civilization. Furthermore, I heard that they have barely reached level-4. She is probably attractive without any substance, and you will make a loss if you buy her. Basir is terrible. If he really had a supreme product, do you think that he would put it up for auction?"

There was chatter and heated debate offstage. Everyone was rather excited, and some people had started asking for a price. However, all of them wanted to bargain and some even wanted to strip her naked for a check. However, wolf goblin Basir did not want to reveal too much. These people would only buy if they were kept in suspense, especially the poor who just wanted to take advantage of him.

"It is not a Kampalian or a Bodongian. It is definitely a new product that is even rarer than the past two products. As for the quality, heh heh, anyone who had eyes would be able to tell. With this kind of top quality product, you can buy it as a maid or as a bed-warmer. Ha ha, whoever buys it will know! Let me repeat, this female has not had any experience with the other sex…" Wolf goblin Basir repeated himself.

The alien-race males downstage all widened their eyes, and their breathing became thick and heavy. Although the quality of this woman was no match for a true celestial person, she, at least, looked similar on the outside. That was enough! Such a perfect celestialoid was easy on the eyes. If they were to buy her to do some dirty things, tsk tsk tsk. They were excited just thinking about it.

"I want this celestialoid! Don't compete with me!"

"You c*nt, do you think you are a master? You actually dare to say such words in the Heavenly Treasure Slave Market. Are you looking for death?"

"Stop that nonsense. Don't keep us in suspense. What's the starting price?!"

The bidders below the platform were all excited. Some crude and ugly races shouted wildly as their drool spilled all over the place. They whistled at Carolyn, who was on the stage, and produced indecent sounds.

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    《Battle Frenzy》