Battle Frenzy
992 Silver Hear
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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992 Silver Hear

"This fellow is my bodyguard, and we are in a clique. You'd have to kill him before you kill me," said Tsari without any hesitation as he pointed at Aiolos. "Brother, hold on. Give me some time to transform fully. I will kill all of them in minutes!"

"Go away. Don't pull me underwater with you. I don't know you well. Do you really think that you are a divine Titan who is immune to anything? To this nine-headed scared dragon, I really have nothing to do with this fool. He is always attacking me in the fields to vent his anger. I don't know him well. If it were not for the fact that I cannot defeat him, I would have helped you beat him up."

When the assassins and the nine-headed snake that were about to attack saw this, they could not help but slow down their actions slightly. There was ridicule in their eyes, and it felt like they were watching a play. How amusing. This human had seen them but thought that he could keep out of this matter. Furthermore, had this human not thought about how long they had been investigating to be able to hide here? Was he still not sure? Was he acting dumb?

"I will kill you first!" Tsari was furious and suddenly reached out to grab Aiolos's hand.

Aiolos dodged this attack, but he was one step behind. Tsari grabbed his arm and violently lifted him up, fiercely flinging him forwards!

One of the night race assassins furrowed his eyebrows. Aiolos had fallen in his direction. He nimbly dodged him, but he hesitated to stab the knife in his hand into Aiolos's body. If it was not absolutely necessary, they were not willing to simply kill a free being. Most importantly, they would not be paid for killing him.

However, Tsari had used all his strength to fling him. Thus, he drew back his knife slightly. However, the moment he drew back his knife, the human's angry and surprised expression from being thrown suddenly turned calm. His right hand turned golden, and his arm suddenly rose, grabbing the shoulder of the assassin at a strange angle.

When the assassin saw Aiolos reaching for him, he smiled. "How naive!"

"You're the naive one!"

The assassin's hand had touched Aiolos's hand. He turned his head and calmly looked at Aiolos, as if he was watching an ant struggle for survival on a hot pan. If Aiolos fought back, he simply had to find a way to kill Aiolos. Even though the worst case scenario would be being discovered by the patrol troop, there would be enough proof to defend him when they obtained the evidence from his memories!

However, the nine-headed snake suddenly thought of something. There was a tremble in his eyes. Then, he loudly warned everyone, "Don't touch him! You must not touch him. His body…"

Aiolos smiled. Crack! There was the clear sound of bones breaking. The cold face of the killer was suddenly torn apart and distorted, while the cold mockery in his eyes had turned into intense fear. His twisted arm was full of uncanny lightning that violently pierced through his body. The spiritual energy in his body wildly surged and fought back, but the lightning drove straight into his body. The next second, he exploded into many pieces.

This was the might of the Titans!

The nine-headed snake did not seem to panic. Instead, he coldly observed this. After all, he had spent money on these killers, and the lives of these killers were his.

Aiolos faced an assassin that looked like a noodle and was about to run away. Aiolos turned back and punched him. It was evident that his enemy had underestimated the combat power of a lower-class civilization. However, Aiolos did not feel comfortable. When he punched this strange body, it felt as if his fist was punching cotton. Luckily, the assassin's main objective was Tsari.

Even though Tsarilorhuan was unable to transform, the silver electric Titan who fully released his murderous intent still killed everything around him. He had a thunderbolt that posed fatal danger to these assassins in his hand, making Aiolos extremely jealous. This was also the reason why refined tools were extremely important in the divine territory. He did not know where to start attacking this darkness noodle in front of him, making him feel very uncomfortable.

Opposite him, Tsari killed to his heart's content. In general, these assassins would explode in one slash. He had not used his full strength while fighting with Aiolos.

The "noodle" had completely wound around Aiolos. He had never thought that he would waste so much time on a low-class creature. This fellow had a very strong body and unusually rich spiritual influence. However, he was an idiot who could only attack.

The darkness noodle wrapped around Aiolos as if he was mummifying him. Two years of living in the sandpit, coupled with the reality that humans were extremely weak in this world, allowed Aiolos to learn many methods that he had once paid no attention to.

For two years, he was no longer the invincible god of combat like when he was on Earth, nor was he an omnipotent king. Aiolos, who once had boundless power, was nothing here. He had to learn everything from scratch.

When Tsari saw that Aiolos was about to be strangled to death, he instantly exploded with violent energy. The darkness noodle did not have the chance to react before exploding from the impact of this intense power.

When Aiolos saw Tsari who was heavily injured, he could not help but ask, "Can't you kill more slowly?"

"Ha ha, that's why I said that you are still too inexperienced. Wart monster, you are the last one remaining!" Tsarilorhuan grabbed his thunderbolt sword and flashed an evil smile. "I still have a technique called the Face-Life Technique!"

At this moment, a buzzing sound suddenly filled the air. Then, the source of the sound instantly appeared in front of their eyes.

"Don't move!"

Just as Tsari pulled Aiolos up, they suddenly heard the cold sound of machinery. This was not just one sound. Instead, over twenty members of the machinery race made the same sound at the same time.

It was the patrol troop from the machinery race!

Tsari laughed coldly. "I killed them too slowly."

At this moment, the middle head of the nine-headed snake laughed wildly. "After suffering once, you still do not remember. You killed people during your term of imprisonment once again. Furthermore, you killed free beings. You are dumb. You are done for. Relax, I will take good care of your younger sister!"

As he spoke, the other eight warts (i.e. the other heads) let out a chuckling sound. It was evident that he had waited for a long time to obtain this opportunity. Furthermore, from start to finish, the nine-headed snake had never made a move.

"Tsarilorhuan, you are suspected of killing free beings. According to the sacred law enforcement rights that have been bestowed to me from the Star Alliance, I have the right to arrest you and your accomplice. If you resist, your punishment will be doubled!"

When the wart monster heard this, his laugh became even more ear-piercing. At this moment, Aiolos grabbed the lightning sword and was not affected by the pain of holding it. In a flash, he threw out the lightning sword like a javelin, which Pampas soldiers were best at.

Before anyone could react, the lightning sword stabbed the largest head of the wart monster in the mouth. The next moment, there was a flash of light, and flesh flew everywhere.

Closely after, the machinery race punched Aiolos to the ground, and an explosive pillar of energy burst from Aiolos's body. His face was plastered to the surface on the ground. Aiolos gritted his teeth. "Tsari, back on Earth, the villains are the ones who speak more!"

The Titan was also pressed to the ground, but he had been laughing out loud all this while. He suddenly realized that humans were truly brave. They dared to kill people even in front of the law enforcement officers from the machinery race. How cool!

The efficiency of the machinery race was shocking. They were brought to trial on the day that they were arrested. Tsarilorhuan determined that the machinery race had not been bribed. Instead, when the nine-headed snake who was controlling the situation saw that the assassins were dead, he removed the screen that blocked the patrol team and used the machinery race to control Tsarilorhuan and Aiolos.

The trial was the important part. However, the wart monster never expected that he would also be killed. The judge was not willing to care about these unlucky incidents. It would be strange if hundreds of such cases happened every day. Without the victim around, the verdict was quickly passed. Tsarilorhuan and Aiolos were penalized and would be imprisoned in the Arena for five years. Tsarilorhuan and Aiolos both lost their status as free beings and became slaves.

The Arena was definitely a cruel penalty that was only second to being issued a death sentence. Was a term of five years very short? In reality, no one had been able to survive for five years.

They were temporarily put in jail. When Aiolos saw Tsari, who was obediently lying on the bed, he no longer thought about breaking out from prison. He lay on the other bed and thought about it before asking, "What kind of place is the Arena? Is it a very grave place?"

Tsari's enemy had spent so much effort to move Tsari from the sandpit to the Arena. It was evident that he would not allow Tsari to move somewhere else just to eat and be merry.

"Dear Brother, let's not talk about me first. Even prisoners from level-8 civilizations will face the most ruthless life-and-death battles when they enter the Arena."

Tsari's words made Aiolos dumbfounded. After knowing each other for so long, fighting and almost killing each other, and facing each other in so many battles, Tsari had changed the way he called Aiolos once again. He had switched from his initial "little insect" to "human", then to "Small Ai", "Big Ai", "Old Ai", and so on. Today was the first time Aiolos was called "Brother."

"Please don't randomly use adjectives like that. It reminds me of the skin of cheese."

"You!" Tsari's eyes widened. "What is cheese?"

"Oh, it's a special human food."

"Is it good?" Every Titan was a hidden foodie. One would only be able to see this hidden side if one was familiar enough with them.

"I hope that I will have the chance to bring you to Earth and take a look. You will understand what a world of delicacies is. I am not looking down on you, but everything here is trash."

Tsari laughed out loud. "Brother, sorry for dragging you into this. Perhaps we might never be able to escape, but it will not be easy to kill us either. Even if I die, you might still live. What would it be like for a human to cultivate the power of Titans?"

Aiolos was dumbfounded and sat up. Tsari stretched his hand into his pants pocket and fumbled around. It seemed as if he was rubbing something, yet it also seemed as if he was choosing something. Then, he took something out and tossed a small scroll with silver pages on Aiolos's bed.

"This is the ultimate art of the silver electric Titans. With your physique, you should be able to accommodate this. Even among the Titans, only very few geniuses can learn this," said Tsarilorhuan proudly.

Silver Heart? Aiolos looked at the ancient words on the scroll. He stretched out his hand but then suddenly stopped. "Where did you take this out from just now?"

Tsari's face turned green, then red. Then, the Titan went out of control… In reality, he had taken this from his thigh.


Yin Jiao led his subordinates and slowly left. Before he left, he did not forget to kindly say goodbye to them. Meanwhile, the buzzing noises outside the door did not stop. Although they sympathized with Old Cow, they were more worried about what the Shell Shade Faction would do next.

They were all owners of the nearby shops. The Shell Shade Faction's intention to purchase Heavenly Treasures Street was no longer a secret. However, since various large shops had formed an alliance, they were able to live together in peace even after half a year since the news broke out. After all, many free beings were involved. Everyone had thought that the Shell Shade Faction would not dare to do anything to them, but ever since Yin Jiao had joined the Heavenly Gates array, the situation had changed.

Old Cow's flower garden rapidly grew deserted, as if the crowd just now had just been an illusion. The three beings in the house were badly battered.

Little Lost Fox seemed to be in a very difficult position, but she sustained the lightest injuries out of all of them. After all, she seemed weak. The spider goblin had not planned to kill anyone and was afraid that he would kill this girl if he attacked with too much power, destroying Young Master's plan. He would not do so in front of the machinery race either. There were no such fools in the divine territory.

Wang Zhong's injuries were more serious. After all, the spider goblin's kick had not been a light one. There was a large bruise on his waist, and there were signs of his backbone cracking. Luckily, Lao Wang's internal organs were strong enough. Little Lost Fox was helping to apply medicine to Wang Zhong's back when her hand accidentally trembled and touched his injury. A large bead of sweat immediately fell from Wang Zhong's forehead.

"Wang Zhong, did I make you ache?" Little Lost Fox was in a tizzy. He could see that she was extremely tormented.

Wang Zhong smiled. "It's not a big deal. This is nothing. After all, I come from a level-3.5 world. The Shell Shade Faction is intentionally picking fault with us, and this had nothing to do with you. If Boss doesn't sell the shop, they will not let this slide."

To be honest, this injury was nothing. Putting aside the fact that he was from a lower-class civilization, his experiences were rather rich. As for his image… It was already gone. However, Yin Jiao's appearance had improved Wang Zhong's sense of danger. With the Secret Flower Garden as his sanctuary, he thought that he had enough time and greater safety here. However, from the looks of things now, he had been overthinking.

"What are the two of you secretly worrying about?" There was a deep and gruff hum. Old Cow held an ice cube and walked out from inside the room. His entire face was red and swollen. "He was lucky today. If the law enforcement squad had not been around, you would have seen how I dealt with him! No matter what, I am also a part of the goblin race and a level-7 civilization. The Shell Shade Faction is no more than a level-6 civilization!"

Wang Zhong and Little Lost Fox were stunned. There were still tears in the corners of Little Lost Fox's eyes. However, when she saw Old Cow, she could not help but laugh out loud. "Boss, you've grown fatter…"

Old Cow did not know whether to laugh or to cry. He looked at Wang Zhong. "Young one, you can still bear it, right?"

Wang Zhong nodded his head. "Boss, I think that we still have to think of a way."

He could see the anguish in Old Cow's smile. They had to think of a way. Although the Shell Shade Faction was from a level-6 civilization, Yin Jiao's natural talents and power determined his status. Meanwhile, Old Cow was an ordinary being out countless members in a level-7 civilization. No one would help him get out of this predicament.

However, the smile on Old Cow's swollen face became even brighter. He walked over and patted Wang Zhong's shoulder. He was still very optimistic. "Don't care about it. Just stay alive. If you can smile, then don't cry!"

Once the shop was cleaned up, Old Cow went out. His optimism was not an act, and there was a certain confidence behind it. Obviously, today's incident was only the beginning. Since they knew that Crown Prince Jiao from the Shell Shade Faction had come to purchase the shop, this had not happened purely by accident. Instead, this involved all the merchants in Heavenly Treasures Street. The Crown Prince had chosen Old Cow as his target as he knew that Old Cow was one of the leaders, and it was also to dissolve the so-called alliance. If they were not united today, they did not need to think of uniting in the future. However, it was evident that none of the merchants could challenge the Shell Shade Faction on their own.

They had also established the Heavenly Treasures Chamber of Commerce for this reason. If one of them flourished, all of them would also flourish. Likewise, if one of them perished, the rest of them would also perish. All the merchants who had joined obviously understood this very well. It would be good regardless of whether they spent money to gain support, used their background and influence, or used the law-enforcing squad to pick on the bad habits of the Shell Shade Faction. The purpose of tonight's meeting was to come up with a plan for a united resistance against the Shell Shade Faction. For the next few days, the entire Chamber of Commerce would be busy with this.

However, all of these had nothing to do with Wang Zhong. He could not interfere with this or even have the qualifications to think of ideas for Old Cow. What ideas could he come up with? He did not even understand the basic policies that the Star Alliance had established for merchants. To the divine territory, he was a three-year-old kid.

He lay down in his narrow room. Lao Wang was also reflecting on himself. The divine territory was not a paradise for weaklings to slowly grow, and humans were not even worth mentioning here. If he was lucky, he would be able to buy some time, but danger would come anytime. If his enemy had not planned to refrain from killing people today, he would have died. His only way to change his fate was the fragment world. How was the Loying Fruit he had planted?

When he stepped into the fragment world, Wang Zhong sensed a thick, fruity scent wafting inside the world. There was a dazzling golden light all around him, making him think that he had gone to the wrong place.

He took a closer look at the surface of the ground that had not sprouted anything in the afternoon. But now, there were Loying Fruit seedlings that were half a foot long each. Furthermore, there was a golden, fist-sized fruit growing on each of the shoots.


Wang Zhong was dumbfounded. He remembered that when he had used his consciousness to take a look in the afternoon, the Loying Fruit had not even sprouted. However, fruits had started to grow in just one day!

For typical Loying Fruit, the process from planting to germination was the longest and would typically take about one month. Meanwhile, it would take about half a month for flowers to bloom and fruits to be produced. However, the plants in the fragment world had taken two or three days to germinate, and only took half a day to bloom and produce fruit.

Would growing plants be even faster in the future?

Was this growth a unique characteristic of the fragment world? Or was there another special reason?

For now, Wang Zhong did not know. However, this did not stop him from being pleasantly surprised. At that moment, he quickly did a detailed check. There were 32 Loying Fruit seedlings, and none of them had died. All of them had managed to survive. Each seedling was about one foot tall and very thin. Their golden leaves had dried up and turned gloomy, but a golden, fist-sized fruit appeared at the tip of the stem!

The golden fruit dazzled with an enchanting light and hung heavily on the branch, as if it was absorbing all the nourishment that the Loying Fruit seedling received. It was simply beautiful and rare. The golden fist-sized Loying Fruit was even more amazing than Wang Zhong had expected.

A typical Loying Fruit was only the size of a bean, and many alchemists simply threw in Loying Fruits when making elixirs. The biggest Loying Fruit in Old Cow's flower nursery was only as large as a dove's egg. Furthermore, unlike the typical pale yellow fruit, these Loying Fruits all had a golden glow! The thin golden skin of the fruit emitted a charm that was hard to resist. Meanwhile, the fragrance of spiritual influence wafted from the juicy fruit, filling this entire space. Whoever smelled this would feel extremely refreshed and start drooling.

Wang Zhong could not help but swallow his saliva.

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    《Battle Frenzy》