Battle Frenzy
993 Recovery of Power!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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993 Recovery of Power!

Was he going to eat it? Impossible. Back then when he planted the fruit, Wang Zhong had never thought about simply eating them.

Even though there was not much to the Loying Fruit, this was only relative. Any plant that could grow in the divine territory was extremely special and mysterious.

According to Uncle Sea, medicines and herbs had two parts benefit to one part poison. Even the most neutral Loying Fruit contained poison to ordinary people in the divine territory. It could only be used to produce elixirs. It could be said that the process of making elixirs was to increase the abilities of various medicinal ingredients to a certain extent by refining and gathering the essence of these ingredients. But there was another fundamental factor that could not be ignored. In order to use elixir-making methods to eliminate the poison in various medicinal materials, there would definitely be some processing involved.

If you dared to randomly eat things in the divine territory, the collision between different star territories and different ability levels would cause your body to collapse, not to mention if they were poisonous medicinal materials. This was basic general knowledge and something Wang Zhong had always avoided doing. However, at that moment, the golden fruit hanging from the branch was too alluring. At first glance, he simply thought that it was pretty, but on the second look, he wanted to eat it. After looking at it for more than three seconds, he could no longer tear his eyes away from it.

The fruit was golden and shiny. It was plump and tender, and its plump pulp seemed as if it was about to burst out. Waves of fragrance appeared on the surface of the fruit like steam. It was a fruit, but it emitted a meaty fragrance, causing people to drool over it.

Even someone who was full would start drooling when they saw something like this, let alone Lao Wang… He had been eating the wax-like Day Stomach Pills everyday for over a month, and his taste buds had become numb. At this moment, he felt that even leftovers were a delicacy. As for this fruit, this fruit…

The best way was to find a method to sell these fruits. As long as he obtained Star Coins, he could buy a few potent pills that could increase his spiritual power. This would truly form his capital for cultivation. However, the Loying Fruit was considered the most neutral out of all medicinal materials and the most common. It was also said that it was not deadly. He would only feel uncomfortable at most.

As Wang Zhong thought about this, he subconsciously plucked a fruit. It felt more real when he held the heavy fruit in his hands. The lure of the fruit became even stronger, and saliva started to wildly form in his mouth. He could feel that this fruit was violently enticing him, and his hunger burst forth when he looked at the fruit. Although there was still some resistance in his heart, this feeling became weaker under the lure of the fruit.

"The Loying Fruit itself does not have such powerful disorientating abilities. It is my body that is forming such a powerful desire for the fruit! I feel like not only will it be able to fill my stomach, it will also be useful for cultivation.

"Perhaps there is some danger in eating this fruit by itself, but so what? My body will not trick me. Furthermore, I am just tasting one fruit. My internal organs have undergone the terrifying Hellfire, and I am much stronger than ordinary people in the divine territory. There shouldn't be much harm in just trying one fruit. I can also determine the specific effects this Loying Fruit variant has on my body.

"…It's so fragrant. I want to eat it!"

At first, he was still continuously finding excuses to convince himself, but later on, his entire mind was occupied by the extremely fragrant Loying Fruit.


He subconsciously took a bite.

The outer skin that had felt hard when he held it rapidly dissolved when it came into contact with his saliva, and a crack instantly appeared in the fist-sized fruit. The pulp was not solid but made up of pure and rich spiritual energy in the form of juice. The internal pressure in the massive fruit caused the massive spiritual energy to burst out from the gap that had been bitten through and flow into Wang Zhong's mouth. The small fist-sized fruit was filled with pure and rich energy… It was very substantial!


The Loying Fruit seedling rapidly withered, leaving behind a thin and gloomy epidermis that had been drained of all its energy, and fell on the floor. It was rapidly absorbed by the surface of the ground and disappeared completely. Meanwhile, Wang Zhong bent over backwards from the impact of the energy that flowed in. With Wang Zhong's physique, an ordinary Loying Fruit would not cause a large reaction, but the Loying Fruit that grew here could be considered the king of fruits. Wang Zhong's body had never experienced such high-leveled energy. Some fruits contained poison, but the Loying Fruit contained a wholly different level of energy. This was like how humans were not used to certain foods because of their physique.

Wang Zhong's body was used to the weak aura on Earth that was not much stronger even in the Holy Land. When he reached the divine territory, he took a few days to get used to it. However, when he simply ate this king of fruit, his internal organs had to get used to how the energy flowed into his body. The high-leveled energy spread out in his body like a bomb had exploded in it. The spiritual energy threatened to break out of his body as he could not absorb it.

He felt intense pain, as if he was being poked and bitten all over. Even with Wang Zhong's tolerance, he collapsed on the ground from the sudden intense pain, and large beads of sweat continuously dripped from his forehead. His face was extremely pale, and his body could not stop spasming!

If it had been an ordinary Heavenly Soul, no matter how strong their will was, they would have simply broken apart. However, Wang Zhong was a monster among monsters. Even having to endure over ten minutes of this, he was able to calmly think amidst this intense pain. Although it was very terrifying, it was better than Wang Zhong had expected. The worst thing that could happen was his world exploding. He would be able to endure it if it was just intense pain.

His divine cells were the key!

After he had arrived in the divine territory, he was unable to voluntarily activate his own power. When his body was almost about to explode, his power had been passively activated.

Simply speaking, the power of the divine cells needed to be activated by his Soul Power. However, as he was unable to activate his Soul Power in the divine territory, he was naturally unable to tap into the power of his divine cells. But now, his body was continuously swelling, increasing the contact area between his body and the spiritual energy around. His body was forced to the edge of death, but this also activated the power in his divine cells.

All of his divine cells opened up. His body was not compatible with this pure spiritual influence, like a river and the river bed. However, countless small whirlpools had appeared at the river bed, sucking in the spiritual energy. At first, Wang Zhong felt very overwhelmed, but as time passed, Wang Zhong gradually felt… comfortable!

Power had finally flowed into his dry and repressed body. He could feel the changes he had always been expecting and even dreaming of. As expected, one would only seek wealth when one was in danger.

Hu Hu Hu Hu…

Wang Zhong could clearly sense that the massive energy contained in the Loying Fruit was being greedily devoured by his "revived" divine cells at an alarming speed. Meanwhile, the seemingly insignificant divine cells seemed like bottomless black holes at that moment. They easily split up the massive energy among themselves without leaving anything behind.

The divine cells were stimulated and nourished!

Wang Zhong suddenly snapped out of the ripping sensation and became clear-headed. Not only was his consciousness clear, there was also the mysterious "recovery" of his body!

It had been a long time since he had experienced the feeling of being able to clearly sense all the cells in his body. This was a different feeling. He had not been able to absorb any spiritual influence in the fragment world or the divine territory. Other than the spiritual pressure that suppressed him, he had not been able to sense anything. However, at this moment, he could clearly sense the rich spiritual influence in the air. It was massive and pure!

His previous cultivation of his divine cells allowed his consciousness to continuously accumulate in the depths of his cells. But right now, he could not win against the massive spiritual influence in this world. Thus, his consciousness was completely different from when he had cultivated in the past. It did not seep into his cells but continued to spread throughout his body.

His perception of this space became clearer, and his range of control also became bigger. It was as if every single divine cell had cast a projection, diffused out of his body, and found a place in the surrounding air to link with. They controlled this world like countless dense dots.

Wang Zhong could not help but take a deep breath. As his cells shrunk, the spiritual influence in his surroundings that was being pulled by his divine cells surged into his body like a violent wave and rapidly flowed into the depths of his divine cells! This wave of power was much more powerful than the energy that was contained in the Loying Fruit. With just one breath, his entire body, and every single cell in it, swelled and was filled with the spiritual influence of this world!

However, breathing in was only one part. As he exhaled, the power instantly left his body, leaving Wang Zhong rather dejected.

After trying several times, he finally understood that "devouring" the spiritual influence in this space was very different from eating the Loying Fruit. No capital was required for devouring, but the disadvantage was that its efficiency was very low. He had to repeat it many times before obtaining a limited amount of spiritual power in his body.

When Lao Wang looked at the other golden Loying Fruit, he could not help but laugh. The Loying Fruit was his priority, while the swallow and spit method he had miraculously discovered was complementary to the Loying Fruit. These two methods struck a balance with each other. Although he did not know what the techniques of the other races were like, it would not be anything beyond absorbing spiritual power. He would use this self-curated method for now. It was enough for the current Wang Zhong.

As long as he could control his power, he would have the power to fight. Wang Zhong, who loved to fight, had been holding back for a very long time.

Less than thirty minutes later, the spiritual power from the Loying Fruit in his body had been fully absorbed by his divine cells, and his body regained its peace. Wang Zhong opened his eyes. The first thing he felt was that his body had become stronger. Furthermore, there was a massive increase in strength.

The weak feeling that his body would be blown away by a strong gust of wind was gone. His hands and feet felt full of power. Furthermore, the weak wisps of Soul Power in his body had become as thick as his finger as they flowed inside his body. The stagnant Soul Sea also regained its vitality. Although he still did not reach a level where he could freely activate his Soul Power, this was evidently a massive step forward.

Lao Wang understood his body very well and ate his second Loying Fruit without any hesitation. This time, he was prepared. His divine cells immediately dealt with the surge of spiritual power and continuously devoured it. Furthermore, his divine cells were already strengthened and managed to do this with great ease. He only took over ten minutes to digest the second fruit and felt a full sense of satisfaction.

After eating five fruits, the rapid absorption by his divine cells stopped, and Wang Zhong did not continue. Of course, he knew that going too far was just as bad as not going far enough. He also had to observe the follow-up effects.

When he left the fragment world, Wang Zhong's body contained unprecedented power. Everything in these surroundings became clear. Little Lost Fox hid in her room and secretly cried. It was evident that what had happened in the day was a massive hit to her. There were times when Wang Zhong was uncertain how she had managed to live until now with her personality. He could only say that Old Cow was a good person.

He did not know when Boss Cow had returned. He sat alone in the courtyard and spaced out…

Wang Zhong knew that comforting him with words was meaningless. He sat cross-legged, and Soul Power started to revolve around his entire body. The Soul Power that seemed to have dried up was now rather abundant. However, he wanted to break through this stagnant feeling and make everything smoother, allowing him to do as he pleased like in the Holy Land.

There was an internal cycle in his body. Wang Zhong subconsciously made use of the Devouring Heaven Technique he had just invented. The spiritual influence in this world was still solid and rejected him, but he could now come into contact with it. Every time he breathed in and out, there would be a little spiritual power left behind. Furthermore, it was evident that as his body grew stronger, the technique would also become stronger. He might even be able to devour "heaven" one day.

As the first human who had created his own technique in the divine territory, Wang Zhong decided to give it an impressive name —— Devouring Heaven Technique!


Netherworld Faction, Underground World.

"Baldy! Why are you always alone?

"Baldy, are you not afraid of being bullied for being alone?

"Baldy, have you already been bullied by others?

"Baldy, are you hungry?

"Baldy, do you want to drink some water?"

Mu Zi stopped… He helplessly looked at Foonilia, who had been following him all this while, and felt very uncomfortable. If he had known about this, he would not have answered her back then. More accurately, he would not have told her so many things about "Baldy".

Foonilia looked at Mu Zi's jet-black bald head and was laughing. Then, she passed him some water and said, "Tell me more about Ham Sausage, the little clown, and Wang Zhong."

This pure and dainty Baldy! This was the most interesting reward the great Foonilia had obtained after coming to the underground world. The taste of his soul was so peculiar that she felt hungry, but she just could not bear to devour it! This was the first time she had felt this queer dilemma ever since she formed her self-awareness.

Mu Zi looked at Foonilia. This beautiful girl's curiosity towards him gave him a headache. He could sense the threat from her but did not know how to deal with it. Simply said, ever since he entered the divine territory, he did not have the freedom he had on Earth.

Mu Zi did not mind taking the trouble to share some of his experiences with Foonilia. Mu Zi's experiences were actually very plentiful. The geography of the desert, the unique sceneries, and his experiences in the Dimensional World evidently had a powerful impact on Foonilia. She had power, but this power seemed to be natural. She had not experienced so much nor ventured anywhere outside the divine territory.

Mu Zi was rarely this chatty. Furthermore, he was talking to someone who was truly interested in the boring things he said.

"Am I good-looking?" Foonilia winked and smiled like a rose that exposed its thorns. Her train of thought jumped all over, but Mu Zi was not someone with a normal train of thought either.

"Yes." Mu Zi nodded his head honestly. "I have never seen someone as good-looking as you. Furthermore, you are very powerful."

Foonilia had heard countless praises, but they had never been as sincere and as honest as the praise from this dark fellow. She wanted to keep him as a… pet. However, it was a pity that he was simply a creature from the underground world.

"Cola is so mysterious. According to you, it is something that has no energy at all."

Foonilia looked down upon him slightly. Everything in the divine territory first had to possess energy before anything else.

"It is different. It can bring about joy and is a very valuable drink on Earth. When you drink it, bubbles will be released in your mouth. The sweet and pleasurable sensation is as comfortable as delving through one's soul, allowing you to forget your troubles." Mu Zi started to miss cola. After all, as the bottom class in the divine territory, they ate the tasteless pills to the point where they wanted to vomit. When he thought about drinking an ice-cold can of cola in the hot desert, it was simply heaven.

Foonilia clearly sensed that his pure soul had suddenly grown excited. It was evident that he was full of yearning for this thing called cola, and his soul would not lie. Was this object really so special?

"Where can you buy it?"

"Wang Zhong has a friend called Ma Dong. He is a merchant and has done a lot of research in this area. He often has a few rare and strange flavors."

Foonilia thought about it. Then, she took out a small bottle from her bag and threw it into Mu Zi's hands. "Try this out. This is Moon Dew that you won't find anywhere here. It's super delicious!"

Mu Zi received the bottle and observed it. The bottle was transparent, and he could see some fog inside the bottle. At this moment, when light shone through the bottle, the fog spread out as if it had been opened up, revealing a mini round moon inside. The moon gradually waned until it disappeared. Then, the lunar eclipse disappeared, and the crescent moon turned into a full moon. It was as if a cycle of waxing and waning was repeating itself in the bottle.

Mu Zi felt dizzy watching this. "Is this supposed to be drunk?"

"More or less. Go ahead and drink it." Foonilia's innocent eyes were large and round. She was indescribably good-looking. Then, joy surged from her eyes like a spring.

When Mu Zi heard what the girl had said, he did not think further. He twisted open the bottle cap, and a fragrance filled his nostrils. Mu Zi could not help but feel excited. His lips touched the mouth of the bottle, and he lightly poured the contents into his mouth.

Gulug gulug…

A fresh aura instantly surged from the depths of his heart. In an instant, countless thoughts flashed past, but when he looked back on them, there seemed to be nothing. There was darkness, as if even death was dying. There was nothingness, and it felt as if everything had returned to their origins.

A single tear fell from Mu Zi's eye. He saw one thing in this void.

It was the Life and Death Coffin. They would live and die together while standing side by side. They would share their disasters and happiness.

Mu Zi opened his eyes. Everything that he had felt had happened in just the blink of an eye.

"How is it? Good, right?" Foonilia's eyes were shining as she stared at Mu Zi's eyes, like a small girl who was waiting for a reward after doing a good deed. This was a superb soul that did not have any impurities. It was very rare.

Mu Zi nodded his head and sensed that some changes had occurred in his body. A smile appeared on his face. "It is intriguing, but it is slightly tasteless."

Foonilia was stunned. It was slightly tasteless?

"It is a bit like my Samsara wine, but the taste of the Samsara wine is richer. It contains happiness, anger, grief, and joy, as well as sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy flavors, causing your soul to tremble in fear. Of course, you will eventually be able to happily sleep at night." Mu Zi sincerely described this feeling. Foonilia could not even refute this.

This feeling was extremely strange. She actually…

Wanted to drool. No, she was already drooling!

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