Battle Frenzy
996 Difficult Position
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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996 Difficult Position

Wolf goblin Basir was still struggling. Of course, he could not resist. When faced with this kind of expert, he did not think of resisting. This was simply a subconscious action that was done in panic. He sobbed and wailed mournfully, jolting awake the three female slaves behind him. They were pleasantly surprised as they looked over.

"Stop struggling. I'm afraid that I will kill you. There are no law enforcement officers in this black market, let alone anyone who will pick up your corpse," said Wang Zhong calmly.

The wolf goblin, who was still struggling on the ground, instantly became as docile as a cat. Even though his body had started to tremble in fear, he immediately quieted down obediently.

Yes, this was the Catanlyke underground trade market that was not managed by the Star Alliance. Killing people in here was far too normal. What about their status as citizens? They were of no use in this kind of place.

His mouth was still being pressed on, and his head was still tilted. He could faintly see that the creature stopping him was a celestialoid who wore a cloak and spoke with a strange voice. It spoke like a goblin, yet its voice was mixed with a strange foreign accent. He could not determine this creature's identity just from its voice.

When this fellow quieted down, Wang Zhong finally released him.

The strong force that was pressing on him disappeared, but the wolf goblin did not even dare to move. He had mixed with all kinds of people in the underground of the divine territory and understood all kinds of messy rules. He was also smart. Even though he could not determine why this expert had come to look for him or this expert's identity, the best way to deal with this was to not move! He would not even open his eyes!

Why did this expert wear a cloak over his head? Why did he speak in a strange tone? It was evidently because he did not want others to recognize him! Basir did not think that he was a brainless imposter. What if he was killed because he took another look? In this kind of situation, he would meet all changes by remaining unchanged. There was no harm being more careful. After all, curiosity killed the cat!

"Lord, Lord… Mi won't move. Please don't kill mi!" Basir could not even speak nimbly. His tongue was in too much pain and would be tied in a knot when he tried to speak. However, he managed to convey some meaning. "Please tell me what instructions you have!"

Wang Zhong was slightly dumbfounded. After all, he had not worn this cape to conceal his identity in front of Basir. However, since Basir had misunderstood, Wang Zhong immediately felt that this misunderstanding was not a bad start.

"I can see that you are very clever." Wang Zhong adjusted his tone. Basir had probably forgotten about the insignificant human.

"Lord, you praise me too much!" Basir's voice was trembling, and he squeezed his eyes even tighter. However, his heart that felt as if it had been suspended in midair was lowered halfway. This tone did not sound like it was from an assassin that his enemy had sent. When he thought about it, this made sense. After all, he was a minor figure. Even if he had offended some people in the past, did those people have the qualifications to invite such an expert?

It was fine as long as he was not killed in revenge. This expert had probably looked for him for something. Thus, it would be simple. As long as he was able to survive, he would definitely not hesitate even if he had to eat feces.

"I have something to sell, but I don't like making deals with those in the auction room."

As Wang Zhong spoke, he placed a golden Loying Fruit on the table. "Since you are so clever, I will give you one day to sell this. If you do well, you will have the chance to earn money in the future. But if you don't do well and waste my time…"

Wolf goblin Basir was stunned. Then, he became more flexible in his thinking, sweeping away the dejection he had felt just now. He even felt slightly excited. "Lord, please relax. I understand. Basir cannot do anything else, but I am smart and capable."

There were many races with strange traditions in the divine territory. Those who were unsociable and did not like crowds were far too common. If there were experts among these races, they would typically travel alone. However, since they lived in the divine territory, they would naturally have countless interactions in the divine territory. As for buying and selling items, they were too lazy to appear and were not adept at negotiating prices with others. Thus, they would naturally need a "spokesperson" or an "attendant". Even though they were simply spokespeople or attendants, it was said that the shade was plentiful under a big tree. Thus, doing things like this was much better than working oneself to death as a slave vendor.

Was he having a lucky break to have been suddenly looked upon by a solitary expert? Although this was slightly weird, what was not possible in the divine territory?

Even though there was only a strange Loying Fruit on the table that did not quite seem to match the identity of the "great expert" he had imagined, he did not even need to think to realize that this expert simply wanted to test out his business skills. After all, they were still not familiar with each other. How could he ask an expert to bring a basket of rare treasures for him to sell?

Even if it was not valuable, this was a variant! Would an ordinary person be able to casually produce this kind of variant?

"Don't worry! I will definitely do well! I will definitely do well!" Wolf goblin Basir's voice started to tremble, but it was different from how he had trembled in fear. Now, he was trembling in excitement.

It was like having something fall into his lap. He had actually been chosen!

"Tomorrow night, I will go to your house to pick up the money. Tell me about the process of buying and selling. You can take 10% of the profit as commission, but you'd better sell this at a high price for me."

He would even obtain an official commission of 10%! Many people would pay experts to become their attendants and help them with various matters in pursuit of a stable backer. Even then, many could not find an expert who would take them in. After all, there were too few experts, but too many rich people. Now, someone had voluntarily looked for him and would even give him commission!

"You can relax while I handle this! I will definitely sell this for a high price!" Wolf goblin Basir was now extremely respectful but still did not dare to raise his head. These solitary experts had a whole bunch of taboos. Even if one became an attendant for them, one would still have to lower one's head. He had not even officially gotten the job.

As for the identity and strength of this expert, Basir did not know anything at all. To him, this was a great feature. However, if he was successful in the future, he would have a chance to know.

Wang Zhong was not worried that Basir would take the fruit for himself. After all, this item was not extremely valuable. Furthermore, the profit he would obtain and the risk of doing so were not directly proportional. A cunning wolf goblin like him would make the right decision.

It was almost dawn when he returned to the flower shop, but Old Cow had not returned. Wang Zhong changed his clothes. Upstairs, Little Lost Fox was wearing a set of loose pajamas and rubbing her eyes as she walked down in a daze. When she saw Wang Zhong, she pulled a long face. "Wang Zhong, I had a nightmare again. The two of us and Boss had no place to sleep and lived in a rubbish dump outside. How tragic!"

Wang Zhong did not know whether to laugh or to cry. With Little Lost Fox's memory, she could actually remember what had happened in her dream? He could tell how deep her impression of this dream was. He patted her head. "Don't think about those trivial matters. Let's open the shop!"

Old Cow did not return that day. Not only did this happen to Old Cow, but almost half of the shops in Heavenly Treasures Street did not open today. Perhaps the issue of money had not been successfully resolved last night, but there might be other reasons. Recently, closing business early was common in Heavenly Treasures Street and was no longer rare.

Poor business brought about its own benefits. Wang Zhong spent the entire day pondering about the spiritual influence he had channeled into the machine. As he thought about his overall control of the Devouring Heaven Technique and various detailed operations of the technique, he felt as if he had new understandings and realizations about the Devouring Heaven Technique.

Typically during cultivation, he would only pay attention to the control of his divine cells and allowed them to retain as much of the spiritual influence they had absorbed as possible. This idea was not wrong, but it was too one-sided and limited. He could also make further use of it. Just like how he had helped the machine yesterday, he could use his consciousness to control the spiritual influence that he had absorbed. Although this process of controlling was short and weak, as long as he concentrated on this, not only would it strengthen the retention by his divine cells, it would also increase the strength at which spiritual influence surged into his body. These two aspects combined formed the most efficient way to conserve spiritual influence.

Furthermore, there was another benefit. When he trained his control of the spiritual influence in the world, his affinity with the world of the divine territory would also increase. This would be a great help when he progressed to more advanced cultivation in the future.

Wang Zhong spent the entire day pondering about this. During his afternoon break, he asked Little Lost Fox to take care of the flowers while he went to his fragment world to put this into practice.

It was difficult. This method of cultivation, where he had to pay attention to two things at the same time, required more advanced control of his consciousness. Thus, the successful and simple cultivation over the past few days had become complicated again. When he cultivated the Devouring Heaven Technique, he required his concentration to increase greatly, thus increasing the difficulty. However, there was no doubt that there were good results. His train of thought was completely right. It was just the issue of whether he was skilled enough with this technique, which would require some time for him to adjust to and polish.

Wang Zhong was very satisfied. Thus, he believed that it was good for people to have kind intentions. If he had not saved that machine, he did not know when he would have to cultivate until before sparking similar thoughts in this area. He would not have been able to think of this out of thin air. He was only inspired when he used this technique in reality. He would treat this as his reward for doing something good.

Old Cow did not return for the entire night, and there was no news until night fell. According to Sister Ling next door, several leaders of large shops had gathered 50,000 Star Coins, but the Procuress Sea Race had temporarily raised their prices and demanded 200,000 Star Coins. How was this possible? The members of the Heavenly Treasures Chamber of Commerce almost fought one another last night just to gather these 50,000 Star Coins. But now, they still had to bicker with the Procuress Sea Race.

They had no choice. Many people in Catanlyke District knew about what was happening in Heavenly Treasures Street, but the Procuress Sea Race was the only one willing to help. If they asked for 200,000 Star Coins, they would have to pay up, and there was no leeway for them to bargain. If they could not pay, then they had to leave.

"I can't say that they are taking advantage of the situation to profiteer. The Procuress Sea Race is a level-6 civilization and would not go so far as to destroy their brand just for several thousand coins. Since they have increased their prices, I'm afraid that we have wrongly estimated the strength of the Shell Shade Faction… This will probably not succeed. I predict that we will have to demolish our shops in the end." Sister Ling shook her head and folded her arms. This Darkness Elf was tall and had a plump chest. Furthermore, her style of revealing her thighs without a word made her a perfect scene wherever she went. She looked at Wang Zhong. Her impression of this young human was not bad, mostly because the relationship between Wang Zhong and Little Lost Fox was not bad. "Old Cow actually has a good heart, but it is difficult for him to even protect himself. You should take the chance to make plans for yourself."

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    《Battle Frenzy》