Battle Frenzy
998 Prey
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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998 Prey

He was a goblin who was from the inner circle and had reached the Void Core Stage several decades ago. Furthermore, he was also the disciple of a large Faction. Later on, he committed an offense and killed an aristocrat. As a result, he was chased out of the Faction. He was strong, but ordinary powers did not dare to admit him as a member of their organization. Thus, he could only rely on "solving problems" for others for a living.

The situation at Heavenly Treasures Street tallied with his needs far too well and was much better than continuing to roam about. He came to Heavenly Treasures Street for a price of 5,000 Star Coins. From now on, the Heavenly Treasures Street would be under his protection. If the Shell Shade Faction wanted to do anything to the Heavenly Treasures Street, they would first have to go through him.

This fellow was a true Void Core expert who had been famous for a long time. He would definitely not be defeated by the influence and strength of a level-6 civilization. For example, the Shell Shade Faction only had two Void Core experts. In particular, Yin Jiao had only just stepped into the Void Core Realm. Even then, they were already considered a very powerful Faction.

Even though the Shell Shade Faction had two great Void Core experts, since the Heavenly Treasures Street had dared to call an expert in, they evidently had enough courage and confidence. After all, he was a goblin from the inner circle in the Land who was from a large Faction. Was he someone who ordinary Void Cores could compare with?

However, this fellow's appetite was rather large. The protection fees that he demanded from each merchant was 30% higher than that of the highest fees from the Ninth Wilderness Path.

In the past, there would definitely be unhappiness and complaints. But now, as long as they were able to keep their shop, even if they had to pay protection fees that were 30% higher or even double the usual price, they could grit their teeth and endure this. Furthermore, from the past few days of interactions, other than being greedy, boastful, and a foodie, they did not find much fault with Crocodile God Mugthol. He was rather easy to interact with.

"Cow! This is good wine! Reminds me of a flavor from the past." Mugthol was ravaging through Old Cow's precious can of Heavenly River Wine. This was a rare and high-quality wine in the Land. It was said that Old Cow had collected this for over ten years, but now, it had become capital to welcome Mugthol.

Lord Mugthol was evidently rather satisfied. He patted Old Cow's shoulder. "Back then, when I was in the Patrolling Goblin Faction, we drank this Heavenly River Wine like water. Tsk tsk tsk. It's been a long time since I had this authentic taste. But the food that is supposed to pair with these drinks…"

He pretended to casually glance at the empty plates on the table.

"Serve the dishes, serve the dishes!" Old Cow hurriedly urged Wang Zhong, who brought out a large plate of steaming hot meat from the kitchen.

This time, Old Cow had invited Mugthol over but could not bear to spend money and eat outside. Instead, he forced Wang Zhong to display his craftsmanship. Luckily, Wang Zhong had spent some time with Lan Daier. Even though he had never cooked before, he had seen her cook.

The plate of roasted meat was golden and greasy, and oily streams rose from the crispy golden steam. Golden drops of oil dripped from the meat and emitted an enticing scent. Even though Mugthol was half full, his eyes instantly lit up. Meanwhile, Old Cow, who was standing at the side, drooled at this sight. Typically, he ate Day Stomach Pills like Wang Zhong and the others to fill his stomach. He would only go to a cheap bar along the street to have an occasional good meal. Ever since he built the kitchen in his house, he had only used it a few times.

"Delicious, delicious!" Mugthol started to narrow his eyes as he continuously gobbled down the food. "Heh heh, little fellow, you seem very weak, but your cooking skills are not bad. How about this? Are you interested in joining me? With me, I will ensure that you will have no worries about food and clothing, and you won't be bullied by anyone else!"

Wang Zhong smiled and shook his head. However, he was rather curious about the Void Core. If he had the chance to, he wanted to try joining him.

"Foolish child, what are you thinking!" Old Cow was so shocked that he was about to pinch a hole in his pants. "Lord Crocodile God has taken a liking to you and is praising you. This is extremely rare…"

"Hey, don't! If he's not willing to, don't force him!" Mugthol rolled his eyes and waved his hand. "Furthermore, are you asking a fool with no vision to come with me and upset me? Do you really think that I will take in anyone?"

Old Cow smiled obsequiously and secretly wiped away his cold sweat. Recently, he had been too busy and did not have the time to take care of the shop. However, Wang Zhong had arranged the shop in a neat and orderly manner. Old Cow had seen him as his right-hand man and was afraid that he would offend Mugthol. However, Old Cow would not be willing to actually send Wang Zhong away.

"You people from the mortal world." Mugthol was not hungry. As he gobbled down the food, he started to boast to Wang Zhong. "You all have your own ideas. When you talk about cultivation theories, you have so many that you boast about, as if you are an impressive Grand Master. However, when you actually put them into action, you are all so weak that I can easily crush you. All of you are weaklings with high standards but little ability."

"Hey, little one. Don't learn from those fellows who boast all day. Those kinds of people should admit that they are weak. If you are under attack, you should still stand up straight!" He said with a mouth full of oil. "Look at you, you have no muscles. A stray gust of wind could blow you eight feet into the air. Today, you have met someone with a good temper like me. If someone else were here, with your lack of vision and defiant personality, there are too many mortal people like you who have been slapped to death. You won't live for long!"

Wang Zhong did not know whether to laugh or to cry. He could only allow Mugthol to express himself.

"Fine, fine. Go, go, go." Mugthol waved his hand. "Be more clever in the future and do a good job at Cow's place. Then, go back to your mortal world after 180 years. Even though you will suffer over the 180 years, once you leave the gravity and spiritual influence here, I assure you that you will be invincible back in your world. How great would it be to become a local tyrant back home? If you stay here, you will be bullied by others. Heh heh. I have seen too much. This is the best path for people like you!"

Wang Zhong was helpless and could only excuse himself.

Mugthol's powerful blood surged, and the goblin aura that his body emitted was like a thin membrane that covered the surface of his body to the point that it was visible to the naked eye. Indeed, he seemed ferocious and monstrous, and was rather powerful. But miraculously, Wang Zhong did not sense much threat from him.

It was not that there was no animosity, but he did not feel any threat.

He silently made a comparison. When he released all the spiritual power in his divine cells, he even felt as if he was stronger than Mugthol. Thus, it was no wonder that he did not feel that Mugthol was frightening.

However, it was said that Void Core goblins could release their goblin body. When their goblin body truly appeared, only then would their true combat level be displayed. However, the stronger and bigger their goblin body, the greater the spiritual influence they would have to face. Their typical normal form was simply to avoid unnecessary consumption. It was far from their true strength.


While Wang Zhong was thinking about how to find an expert for help, Mu Zi was staring blankly at the surging Netherworld River. Three days had passed, but Foonilia had not come to disturb him over the past three days. It was very peaceful, but for some reason, he somewhat missed her.

Naturally, he did not miss her tremendously. However, when he saw the Netherworld River, her curious and arrogant gaze would surface in his mind. Her tone of speaking also reminded him of Wang Zhong's clown. They were that similar. Of course, he would not tell her that he thought this way. He also did not know what she would do as a result.

When he recovered his senses, the sky was slowly turning dark. Mu Zi briefly packed up and hurried back to the Faction. However, not long after he set off, a figure suddenly appeared from behind a tree, blocking Mu Zi's way. The figure was fast and sudden, and ran into Mu Zi's chest.

There was a flash in Mu Zi's eyes, and he stepped away lightly from this figure's actions. Just as he was about to avoid this figure, another figure appeared beside him.

This was terrible!

Mu Zi managed to react, but the figure had bumped into him. Then, he heard a wail that did not sound quite like a wail. "Wah ah! My secret potions!"

Mu Zi stopped in his tracks. However, before he could clearly see what the stain on the floor was, a pair of hands grabbed him. "Repay me for my secret potions!"

Mu Zi flashed past the oily hand. This was a clamperson from the shell race, and its entire body was covered in oil. From a distance, it looked like a human with a shell on its back. However, the appearance of the clampeople was extremely warped. Its mouth was where the eyes should have been, while its nose was where a mouth should have been. Meanwhile, its eyes were asymmetrically placed on each cheek.

When Mu Zi dodged, the clamperson did not panic. A glum expression appeared on its face. Then, Mu Zi sensed over ten members of the shell race emitting a gloomy air all around him.

The shell race came from a level-5 civilization and was notorious. This was because the shellfish race, a branch of the shell race, exceeded expectations and adapted to the environment in the divine territory after entering, especially their natural experts. In the end, the Alladeso shellfish race advanced to a level-8 civilization. However, to the rest of the shell race, not a single one had benefited from this. There was a massive shock when this caused a few branches to fall and even descend into internal strife. The clampeople were representative of this fall and had been chased into the Netherworld River after losing in a fight. However, they were also not welcomed here. They specifically robbed and bullied weak civilizations for a living. Only occasionally would they show their prowess as a member of the shell race.

These clampeople had always been waiting for Mu Zi! The secret potions were simply an excuse.

"What nonsense are you speaking with him? He is a mere human? Listen up, we have had our eye on you for a very long time, but we have never seen you with so many Star Coins. Just now, you spilled Father's gourd secret potion. The dozen of us don't want much from you. We just want 10 silver star stones, as well as 10 piles of Netherworld Sand every month."

The clamperson spoke in a gloomy voice, while the rest laughed in a threatening manner. A dozen pair of eyes glared at Mu Zi.

Mu Zi seriously looked at the stain on the ground. A broken gourd had rolled to the side. "This is water from boiling ghost heart grass. It is not even worth one Star Coin."

Boisterous laughter erupted. "Really! Are human brains all like this? This is just an excuse. After all, the Faction will not care about fights with a reason behind them. Now, you should know your place. Don't think that we don't know about the fact that you have 10 silver star stones with you as well as the formula to refine Netherworld Sand. You can actually refine Netherworld Sand? If we did not take a closer look, we would not have been able to tell."

Mu Zi looked at the clampeople. They had not just set their eyes on him for 10 days or half a month. They had definitely been watching him for at least half a year. The clampeople were gloomy and cautious. At first, they thought that Mu Zi was able to think and act independently because he had support behind him. However, after keeping watch on him for a long time, they realized that the others had been misled by this fellow's strange attitude.

In the eyes of the clampeople, there was no other suitable target to suppress other than Mu Zi.

He was a human from the weakest level-4 civilization. He was alone and had left his group. However, he had a large amount of Star Coins and refined Netherworld Sand!

As long as they discovered how to refine Netherworld Sand… It was as if the clampeople could see a bright future ahead.

If they had only wanted Star Coins, he could have negotiated with them. However, since they had talked about refining Netherworld Sand, there was no leeway for reconciliation. Mu Zi was very clear that they would definitely not leave a survivor behind.

Mu Zi looked around him. The clampeople were very experienced and did not leave behind any gaps. After all, they were from a level-5 civilization. Furthermore, it had been several hundred years since they had entered the Star Alliance and were familiar with the spiritual power in the divine territory. He could still fight one or two of them, but now, over ten of them were attacking at the same time. Furthermore, they were naturally coordinated and cautious!

This was a fight with no suspense. Mu Zi desperately fought but was only teased and humiliated by the clampeople as they slowly exhausted his stamina. While they teased him, they loudly made plans on how they would make Mu Zi completely hand over the formula to refine Netherworld Sand.

"I prefer to torture him. I believe that as long as the method is appropriate, no one will be able to endure cruel torture."

"Use an illusion and make him rebirth a hundred times in our clam illusion. There will be no secrets that he can continue to keep."

Mu Zi's final assault was stopped by the shells of the clampeople, leaving him with a large wound in his chest. This was the straw that broke the camel's back. Mu Zi lay on the floor and struggled but could not get up."

"That's enough. With him in this state, it's my turn to act."

The clamperson who was about to torture Mu Zi moved his body and approached him. It took out a box full of torture instruments, and his cold smile was engraved in Mu Zi's vision.

Mu Zi firmly hugged his Life and Death Coffin. At this moment, he recalled the peace when he looked up at the moon. There was only him and the Life and Death Coffin in the entire world.

He recalled the dream that he often saw. He recalled the tall mountain, the wasteland, and his Life and Death Coffin.

Death was not a terrifying thing. He was just slightly unwilling.

However, at this moment, a deep and furious voice sounded from the sky. "You guys! Actually dare!!!"

Full of anger, Foonilia looked at Mu Zi, who was lying on the ground. Those foul-smelling things were targeting her prey and doing things that she would definitely not forgive!


A pitch-black light appeared in the sky, as if a world was falling.

In the distance… a jet-black pair of eyes opened above the Netherworld River. It saw what was happening here through layers of obstacles. There was unhappiness in the demonic, black eyes.

These feelings of unhappiness were like a rule and rapidly materialized from nothingness, forming a wave of terrifying power.

"Heh heh. She is slightly mischievous, but she is saving a disciple of your disciple. I will allow it just this once."

Before this power was fully formed, a light laughter that sounded like a gentle breeze caused this unhappiness to flow back into the eyes and be sealed underneath many layers.

"Then, that shall be the case." The owner of the jet-black eyes spoke. His voice sounded like a rusty saw cutting through glass. It was shocking and difficult to bear.

The light dispersed, and Mu Zi saw the girl who had descended from the sky. He was muddled and made a suffocating discovery. He saw a passageway that led into darkness from her body.

Foonilia slowly landed beside Mu Zi. Her gaze surpassed the space they were in as she looked somewhere in the distance. She lowered her head, and her moist, red lips turned upward, as if she was at odds with someone.

However, she quickly adjusted her mood. When she looked at Mu Zi, she displayed a disdainful expression. "Luckily, you are someone I have taken a liking to. Why are you so weak?"

Mu Zi smiled. "But I have you around."

Foonilia was stunned. How could he speak so naturally and smile so happily… All of these completely overturned Foonilia's rigid world.

After a long time, Mu Zi heard the voice of a small girl. "Remember, you are my prey. No one else can bully you other than me…"

An ancient and profound secret surged out from her heart and deeply engraved itself in Mu Zi's mind. Mu Zi was clear that this girl had used some almighty method similar to enlightenment that allowed this technique to be engraved in his memory.

"This much should be enough for you to be a tyrant in the Land, especially the method to absorb spiritual influence. Your soul is decent and very special. It is also extremely suitable for the negative system of this technique. If I had other techniques on hand, I wouldn't have taught you this. So, you absolutely have to keep this a secret! If not, you will be done for."

Just as Foonilia's words settled in Mu Zi's heart, a black ray of light shot from a distance and swept her away into the sky.

"Remember, your soul is mine!"

As he watched the black light that disappeared in the sky, Mu Zi was stunned. His soul… What?

Foonilia. He would not forget this name either.


Just how powerful was Mugthol? Wang Zhong was very curious. What he currently lacked was the ability to visually ascertain the level of experts in the divine territory. Just how large was the gap between the Foundational Stage and the Void Core Stage? Evidently, Old Cow only had scant knowledge about this, and his answers were not completely reliable. Perhaps he would be able to gain a preliminary understanding through Crocodile God Mugthol.

However, it was a pity that Lord Mugthol was too "busy". Ever since the time he came to Old Cow's place, Wang Zhong did not have the chance to get close to him. Mugthol had feasts all day.

All the shops in Heavenly Treasures Street treated Mugthol like one of their ancestors. He had two small feasts every day and one large feast every three days. Frankly speaking, although the protection fees that he collected were slightly harsh, he was not like the Ninth Wilderness Path, which was still nurturing a large group of disciples.

In the past, the protection fees that the Ninth Wilderness Path collected were at market price. However, it was said that standing in front of the King of Hell was easy, but smaller devils were more difficult to deal with. The ones that exploited these merchants were the evil people in the Ninth Wilderness Path. But now, Crocodile God Mugthol did not do this. He collected exactly how much he had proposed. After only a short time since the takeover occurred, no one dared to cause any trouble on the street. This grandpa particularly liked patrolling his territory. This contrast was probably because he had lacked "respect" over the past few years. As a result, he was serious and responsible at his "job". Furthermore, he was swift and decisive in his words and actions. Simply said, he was an upright and honorable official.

This way, their lives were now much better than before. Furthermore, most importantly, it had been a full month ever since Crocodile God Mugthol had arrived in Heavenly Treasures Street. The entire Catanlyke District knew that Mugthol was protecting the Heavenly Treasures Street, but there had been no reaction from the Shell Shade Faction. Not only did Yin Jiao not appear in public, even the darkness goblins that liked to wander around in Heavenly Treasures Street had all disappeared. Was the Shell Shade Faction actually scared?

"After all, Uncle Thol was once from the Patrolling Goblin Faction, one of the top Factions in the entire Land! Will his pattern of protecting be the same? I heard that even a cleaner in the Patrolling Goblin Faction can trample on a level-6 civilization!"

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    《Battle Frenzy》