Battle Frenzy
1000 Thunder Technique
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1000 Thunder Technique

A silver whip covered in lightning suddenly appeared in Yin Jiao's hand. Although the silver whip was only half a foot long when it appeared, when Yin Jiao shook it, it wildly lengthened in an instant. It summoned a thunderbolt from the sky that swept across ten or more meters and charged towards Mugthol.

In that instant, the entire square was filled with lightning and crackling sounds, as if this entire area was about to be swallowed up by lightning!

Mugthol shook slightly. Then, the green pimples on the surface of his body instantly expanded like holes. Poisonous fog surged from the holes and filled the air like thick clouds. The fog was actually able to challenge the lightning. Furthermore, the poisonous fog spread extremely quickly and engulfed Yin Jiao in the blink of any eye.

They heard the sizzling sound of something corroding in the poisonous fog. But closely after, a white light shone. The white goblin aura from Yin Jiao's body had materialized and became sturdier, not allowing the poison to seep in.

"That mere poisonous fog is a small trick from an insect. Do you think that that can harm me?" Yin Jiao asked in an arrogant tone. He waved the silver whip in his hand once again and lightning fell from the sky.

"You used the 100 Poison Pill from the Cloud Mist Faction. You are well prepared," said Mugthol coldly.

The Cloud Mist Faction was best at refining their Core. Furthermore, since their princess was nearby, it was not surprising that Yin Jiao also had the 100 Poison Pill. It was no wonder that the Cloud Mist Faction had "hidden" for two months. It looked like they had not been slacking off for the past few months and had determined the exact details of the situation. Yin Jiao knew how powerful his poisonous fog was and had already made his preparations.

It seemed like the effects of the pill would not disappear for a while. Mugthol flipped his hand, and a massive pair of green shears appeared. It shone with a dim light and was unusually sharp. These were the Crocodile Head Shears!

He violently waved the massive pair of green shears, producing a green ray of light that completely swept away the lightning overhead.

However, this massive pair of shears was just too big. When it was placed upright, it seemed even taller than Mugthol. The green metal was sturdy and seemed extremely heavy. When such an awkward and heavy object was used against a light and nimble whip, he should have been in great trouble. However, strangely, the massive pair of shears was extremely light in Mugthol's hands, as if it did not even exist. It faced the attack head-on at lightning speed and could compete with the silver whip in terms of speed. Furthermore, the green pair of shears even seemed intelligent! When Wang Zhong saw this, he was astonished. He could sense that Mugthol's current Spiritual Energy Value was not particularly high. He should not possess this kind of monstrous energy.

This was an artifact that belonged to a Void Core expert!

Wang Zhong fixed his gaze on the fight. He had heard Old Cow boast about how Void Core experts could give birth to their own artifacts, which could vary in weight and size and had countless transformations. It seemed like Uncle Thol's Crocodile Head Shears was one of these artifacts.


The massive pair of sharp shears continuously opened and closed as they randomly attacked. Yin Jiao was not careful for a moment, and the end of the silver whip was cut off, causing the entire whip to dim slightly as a large part of the dense lighting dispersed. When the two artifacts clashed, it was evident that the Crocodile Head Shears had the upper hand.

When his weapon was harmed, Yin Jiao's expression changed slightly. After all, this was his life weapon. Luckily, it had not been long since this weapon was born. If not, this attack would have injured him severely.

Meanwhile, the vendors surrounding them were so moved that they went crazy. As expected, Lord Mugthol was truly impressive! "Lord Mugthol is invincible! The Shell Shade Faction is done for. Are you still thinking of taking in the Heavenly Treasures Street? Ha ha ha ha ha!"

"Lord Mugthol's Spiritual Energy Value is probably at around sixty thousand. After all, Yin Jiao is a newbie and has not even reached a value of fifty thousand. He is definitely no match for Lord Mugthol!"

A few sensory-type races were also shouting excitedly. To ordinary people, storing one's spiritual power was the most instinctual thing to do.

Wang Zhong felt that he was much stronger than this. Once artifacts were revealed, they were no more than convenient weapons or only possessed certain special abilities. However, to Lao Wang, who had extremely rich combat experience, artifacts were nothing, so he was not carried away by this. A Void Core's power was determined by the strength of their true forms. Everything was just empty talk before they revealed their true forms.

"Ha ha ha! Young one, you still have time to admit defeat now!" Mugthol laughed out loud. After all, his opponent was young.

In reality, regardless of whether it was in terms of material quality or level, the Lightning Ghost Whip was above the Crocodile Head Shears. However, Yin Jiao had only recently formed his Void Core. Thus, it was natural that only some time had passed since he birthed his artifact.

"You really boast shamelessly!" Yin Jiao huffed coldly. Whoosh! The Lightning Ghost Whip disappeared, as if he had kept it. The lightning that filled the surroundings dispersed.

Then, his body suddenly soared into the sky. While he was engulfed by Mugthol's green fog, his body transformed, and he struggled free from his body. A massive creature unfolded and appeared in the sky!

It was at least 20 or 30 meters tall and was as thick as a house! It had four short and webbed limbs, while its head was extremely big. There were two horns on its head, and its massive and ferocious mouth was filled with shark teeth.


It roared in anger, and its terrifying roar caused the glass halfway through the street to break into pieces with a whooshing sound! When he revealed his true form, the goblin aura from his body immediately grew much stronger. Then, he dived toward the ground without any hesitation.

"Are you being serious now?" Mugthol scoffed coldly. Then, his body suddenly shook, and the countless pimples on the surface of his body started to rotate, distort, and expand.

His physique changed wildly. In the blink of an eye, he grew eight to nine meters tall. A massive crocodile tail that was covered in green pimples expanded, and countless bumps that looked like tumors started to grow on his back, forming a terrifyingly hard shield. His head became extremely big. Unlike his previous human-like physique, this head was somewhat similar to the flood dragon in the sky. He also had a large, bloody mouth that was filled with shark teeth. He was just missing the two horns on the head.


He transformed very quickly, but Yin Jiao, who was diving down from the sky, was also very fast. The two giants immediately clashed, and this was accompanied by a terrifying tremble. A shock wave that was visible to the naked eye violently surged into the surroundings and spread throughout the entire street! The surrounding crowd was already rather far away, but at that moment, they were hit by this shock wave, causing everyone to fall backwards. Many people who were standing right in front instantly felt dizzy as their ears rang. Some were also nauseous and dizzy!

Little Lost Fox, who was standing on Wang Zhong's shoulders and chattering excitedly, also collapsed from her dizziness and was caught by Wang Zhong. Meanwhile, Wang Zhong's eyes lit up. As expected, Void Cores who revealed their true form were truly powerful. Their current Spiritual Energy Value was more than two times higher than before! They now seemed evenly matched. If both of them had a value of 50,000 or 60,000 before, they had now achieved a value of at least 120,000!

Furthermore, after they revealed their true form, Yin Jiao suppressed Mugthol. This meant that Yin Jiao's natural talents and potential were much better than Mugthol's. After all, Yin Jiao had achieved this level of strength just after advancing to the Void Core Realm.

Shannali, who was nearby, flashed a satisfied smile. He possessed this much spiritual power just after advancing to the Void Core Realm. Furthermore, it was said that he had some blood of the dragon race. Of course, it was likely that this was just boasting. However, it was good for his image. Honor was also necessary for the development of a Faction.

Wang Zhong's eyes lit up. He had slowly gotten an understanding of their strength. Although their spiritual power was much higher than his, for Wang Zhong, who was used to the weak defeating the strong on Earth, the gap in power was not too large. More importantly, he needed to see whether their true forms had any other abilities.

The flood dragon that charged towards the ground from the sky was fiercely stopped by the massive hands of the dragon-head crocodile. They were at a stalemate for some time.

They heard Mugthol's low voice. "Young one, don't destroy my street. Go to the sky!"


He silently shoved Yin Jiao and sent him flying into the air. Then, he stomped, and the surface of the ground trembled slightly. His massive and terrifying body soared high into the sky.

However, the next moment, a shocking smile appeared on the face of the flood dragon.

Because being sent flying had simply been a feint! He instantly recovered his control of his body!

The bigger one's body, the greater the spiritual influence and gravity that one had to tolerate would be. One's strength would increase, but one's agility would also decrease. He was a half-flood dragon and was adept at flying in the sky and traveling on the ground. However, his opponent was no more than a shockingly powerful dragon-head crocodile. He had actually dared to fight in the sky with him!

Yin Jiao's body soared into the air. He was no longer as clumsy and slow as before. In the flash of an eye, he flew towards Mugthol.

Suo suo suo! Crack crack crack!

His body, that was 20 to 30 meters long, instantly wrapped around Mugthol's body violently. Mugthol's expression changed slightly, and he anxiously struggled, but there was nowhere for him to exert his strength in the air. Coupled with the mistake in his judgment just now, he was unable to break free immediately. He would no longer be able to escape!

The giant flood dragon squeezed his body. This terrifying force caused the dragon-head crocodile's burly body to crack and violently fall from the air!


They crashed into the surface of the ground while they were still intertwined. The surface of the ground was made out of green gems and gold, which were said to be some of the hardest metals in the divine territory, but it was slightly distorted from the terrifying weight and collision from these two people, forming a depression in the ground. The stone sign with the words "Heavenly Treasures Street" engraved on it was instantly broken into pieces as well.

Bang! Rumble…

Dust clouds filled the air, concealing the angry roars and struggling sounds from Mugthol. Everyone widened their eyes and could only clench their fists tightly as they broke out in a cold sweat. The feeling of being bound by a massive snake was not comfortable, let alone a half-flood dragon like this! They could only hope that Lord Mugthol was much stronger.

However, Wang Zhong could clearly feel that the Spiritual Energy Value of 120,000 that Mugthol had displayed when he revealed his true form was Mugthol's peak. However, this was not the case for Yin Jiao. His goblin aura was still spreading and filling the air, while his Spiritual Energy Value continued to rise!

If Mugthol did not have any trump cards, he would probably be done for… But since he had been famous for a long time, he should have a trump card. Since Void Cores had a true form, they should also have a suitable killing technique.

Through the dense cloud of dust, Wang Zhong could even see Yin Jiao's four short limbs being stimulated and growing wildly under the opposition of the extremely explosive power. The horns on his forehead also seemed to shine with new life and were growing at a visible speed.

His Spiritual Energy Value continued to grow. He was wrapped around the dragon-head crocodile's entire body, and this binding force was growing more powerful. Mugthol's body was squeezed so tightly that a few of his bones were about to break. The swollen tumors on his back burst, causing waves of poisonous gas to surge out and spill on Yin Jiao. However, with the effects of the pill in place, there was a white light protecting Yin Jiao. Poison could not seep through, making the poisonous liquid practically useless.

Mugthol's green face turned bright red. The massive dragon-head crocodile opened his mouth and tried to bite back, but Yin Jiao was evidently adept in binding his enemies while engaged in combat. He did not even care about Mugthol and continued to squeeze him harder with massive force.


The sound of an explosion could be heard from the body of the crocodile-head dragon. This deafening sound was like the sound of bones breaking. His massive eyeballs, which were the size of dining tables, suddenly protruded. Then, he flipped over and lost consciousness!

His consciousness dispersed. Naturally, he was also unable to maintain his true form. Everyone saw the body of the dragon-head crocodile shrink rapidly. In the blink of an eye, he had become as small as a human and lay on the floor lifelessly.

The entire street was dead silent, and the merchants were stunned. Old Cow fiercely pinched Wang Zhong's arm. His dark face instantly turned deathly pale.

Had Mugthol lost?

Yin Jiao, who was on the ground, let out a long cry. Then, he soared into the sky and turned into a ray of light that smashed into the ground. When he landed, he had regained his previous refined and elegant bearing. He landed lightly beside Shannali and looked down at Mugthol, who was on the verge of death. "You old thing who doesn't know life and death. You actually dared to step up on behalf of other people!"

The surrounding area was silent, so silent that one could hear a pin drop. They only felt that Yin Jiao, who was standing beside Shannali, had a tyrannical and unparalleled aura.

Everyone understood why Yin Jiao could join the Heavenly Gates array, why the Ninth Wilderness Path was so afraid of Yin Jiao, who had just advanced to the Void Core Realm, even though they were so powerful, and why even a great power like the Procuress Sea Race was not willing to provoke the Shell Shade Faction… This was a true expert.

Yin Jiao would not kill Mugthol out of his own initiative as there was no need. This was also one of the rules in the Void Core Realm. All the civilizations had a rule to not provoke the machinery race unless you were a celestial person.

Meanwhile, Yin Jiao was full of pride. Power could bring about respect, pride, fear, authority, and the admiration of the girls beside you.


Netherworld Faction, Underground World.

It had been some time since Foonilia had left. Mu Zi continued to enjoy his solitude. To him, cultivation was good medicine for solitude.

The technique that Foonilia had left in Mu Zi's heart was called "Phantom Five Thunder". Mu Zi took three nights to carefully acquire a good grasp of this technique and understand it.

Even the first chapter alone was broad and profound. It was an analysis of the spiritual influence in the divine territory and negative power. Mu Zi felt enlightened, and this knowledge allowed him to escape his narrow worldview. The feeling of suddenly being enlightened caused Mu Zi's ideas to break through their bottleneck. Mu Zi's awareness of the Netherworld River and negative energy was also more dynamic, and he could clearly differentiate them just from the air. He could easily absorb the spiritual energy into attacks, defenses, and various other effects.

But there was more. The Phantom Five Thunder was split into five levels of ascending difficulty——

"Illusory Mirage Thunder"

"Cursed Ghost Thunder"

"Defense Rune Thunder"

"Extreme Killing Thunder"

"Divine Punishment Thunder"

After 30 days of hard work, he barely managed to achieve the Illusory Mirage Thunder stage.

The Phantom Five Thunder aligned with Mu Zi's demand for negative power. However, Mu Zi's cultivation was full of difficulty and danger. There seemed to be an estrangement between the Phantom Five Thunder and Mu Zi that was hard to overcome. Every time Mu Zi went deep into his heart and used his soul to sense the technique, there was an innate resistance that turned into countless demons. Devilish flames would then entangle one another and form cages that trapped these demons. Every inch of progress he made with the technique was forcibly deduced after putting in twice the effort for half the result.

Mu Zi was keenly aware that this technique was not in agreement with him. These inner demons represented his soul's rejection of the Phantom Five Thunder technique. However, Mu Zi did not dare to slack off in his cultivation of the Phantom Five Thunder. This was his only chance to understand the origin of spiritual power in the divine territory.

The more he cultivated — even though the process was dangerous and difficult, and his progress was very slow — the more Mu Zi understood that level-4 civilizations in the divine territory were truly the bottom class. Putting aside humans, a bottom-class civilization that had used a ploy to advance to the level-4 civilization, many level-4 civilizations who had been in the Star Alliance for more than 100 years still had not created or found techniques for themselves that could truly absorb the spiritual influence in the divine territory. Even if they had found a technique, most of them had flaws and were not very useful in absorbing spiritual power.

When he pursued the truth, he found out that the strength of level-4 civilization backgrounds was too weak, while their basics were even weaker. They had come to the divine territory but could not understand the divine territory. On the contrary, the power systems that they were used to in their own civilizations disturbed their cultivation. They even had to spend many years understanding the spiritual power in the divine territory and what exactly was happening. Under these circumstances, how were they supposed to create a technique that allowed them to control spiritual power for their own use?

Humans had also encountered this problem, but worse. Compared to the other level-4 civilizations that had truly fulfilled the conditions to enter the divine territory, human understanding of power and its fundamentals was even weaker. Even the runes and Soul Power that they were once proud of were not even considered the fundamentals in the divine territory.

He had to start from zero.

However, being the weakest could possibly be an opportunity for humans in the divine territory. After all, compared to old paintings with paint on them, a blank sheet of white paper might produce a better painting.

Furthermore, Mu Zi felt that what he was doing was the first and the most important stroke on a white piece of paper.

The Phantom Five Thunder was definitely an extremely powerful technique. However, this power might not necessarily be suitable for humans. The physique of various races, as well as their recognition, reflection, and usage of power, would be different. Thus, the function of their techniques would also be different. What Mu Zi had to do now was to understand the divine territory and spiritual power during the process of cultivating the Phantom Five Thunder technique. Then, he would find a path that belonged to him.

He would be a pioneer. This journey was destined to be difficult and dangerous.


Once again, he retreated in defeat from the Cursed Ghost Thunder technique. The backlash of the Ghost Thunder was like a male bull with super strength running up and fiercely crashing its horns into Mu Zi's chest.

Mu Zi's consciousness was muddled. It seemed as if he had just seen Earth and returned to the New World. However, that place was filled with mountains of corpses and a sea of blood. He gripped his knife. If he had not checked whether he had the Life and Death Coffin on his back, his consciousness might have been lost in this illusion forever.

Now, Mu Zi had escaped. He shook his head a few times and quickly recovered his original state. Furthermore, he had achieved some results. He could smell a burned scent from his chest. The recovery of his sense of smell meant that he had truly broken free of this ascension. Moreover, this burned smell was the mark that was left behind from the backlash of the Ghost Thunder.

Mu Zi touched his wound with his hand. An intense wail of a ghost immediately surged into his brain through his soul. However, Mu Zi was already used to this. He used his hand to firmly press on his wound, and weak spiritual power covered the wound. Then, the power of Ghost Thunder was dispersed bit by bit by this wisp of spiritual power.

When the leftover energy from the Ghost Thunder completely vanished, Mu Zi finally put away his hand with great fatigue. His fingers were still trembling from activating spiritual power. However, a smile appeared on Mu Zi's dark face, and his teeth could be seen. This was because the spiritual power he had just activated was actual spiritual power from the divine territory even if it was just a wisp! However, this wisp of spiritual energy felt as natural as moving his arms and fingers. He did not borrow this power from a technique or a rule, and this spiritual power completely belonged to him and was essentially different.

This was what Mu Zi understood after achieving the Illusory Mirage Thunder.

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