Battle Frenzy
1001 Teach, Teach
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1001 Teach, Teach

It was as if a silver key had destroyed the heavy chains that restricted humans. However, the problem was, this kind of chain did not simply restrict humans just like that. Mu Zi, who had broken through the chains, now faced an even heavier seal.

However, he believed that as long as he continued to cultivate, he would understand the world of the divine territory through the Phantom Five Thunder technique. Then, there would be nothing that could stop the humans.

Mu Zi stood up in solitude. Although he enjoyed quietly training by himself, there were times when his thoughts would float away and recall a few people and things.

Wang Zhong, Aiolos, and Simba who loved to ride Ham Sausage… He did not know how Ham Sausage was doing on Earth.

Aiolos had come to the divine territory with him. An extremely independent fellow like him was a monster who did not need anyone to worry about him.

Wang Zhong would probably come.

Occasionally, he would understand how insignificant humans were here from the idle conversations among the disciples in the Netherworld Faction. This weakness attracted several great figures in the Star Alliance. Privately, they were called "hunters", which were civilizations that hunted low-leveled civilizations and were adept at encroaching upon them. Now, they were greedily observing the human civilization. When they sensed the weakness of humans, they would look for a loophole in the Star Alliance rules. If humans were lucky, the Earth and the Holy Land would become the colony of these kinds of races. However, if they were unlucky…

Mu Zi had heard many cases of civilizations being extinguished after entering the Star Alliance. Although the higher-ups in the Star Alliance would fly into a rage and enforce punishment, compared to the extinction of civilizations, only a few sacrificial lambs under the great figures who had benefited would die. To them, they only needed to spend some time nurturing a large group of such scapegoats.

Thus, Wang Zhong would definitely come. The elders in the Holy Land would definitely allow Wang Zhong to come out from his retirement and come here. Mu Zi could not help but ponder, what if Wang Zhong had come to the divine territory from the very beginning? What would he have been like after two years here?

If he became a Warlock God, he would have definitely been able to find a path that belonged to him from the Phantom Five Thunder technique more quickly… Perhaps he might have even been able to discover a path that would allow humans to establish a foothold in the divine territory beyond just discovering his own path.

A level-5 civilization…

But thinking about it felt like having a mountain on his back. Mu Zi touched the Life and Death Coffin behind him out of habit and could not help but laugh at himself. He was used to solitude, so why was he thinking about such great things?

He dreamed of a day where the three of them could drink together under the sun in the divine territory.

As he looked at the ceaselessly flowing Netherworld River, Mu Zi adjusted his state of mind and smiled as he turned back. Clampeople walked out from the forest of stones beside the riverbank. Their resentful gazes were like poisonous arrows as they cautiously got into formation. They were all fully equipped and had various knives, swords, rifles, and halberds, each shining with a unique gleam. These were artifacts that had been stimulated by spiritual power.

This was not surprising, but this was also beyond his expectation. In the Netherworld Faction, the clampeople were relatively strong. They would definitely retaliate against Mu Zi, and they definitely had to do so. If not, since they were an outer Faction, it would become very difficult for them to display their power like before.

However, he never expected that the clampeople, who were used to aggression, would delay their retaliation for such a long time.



The clamperson that was about to speak had only uttered two syllables when he was sent flying by a black fist. Mu Zi's other hand waved the long sword he had snatched and slashed the hand of another clamperson who was holding a knife.

The clampeople let out an angry roar, accompanied by the blood-curdling scream from the clamperson whose hand had been cut off. Blood and flesh were bubbling and evaporating at the wound where his hand had been cut off, as if it had been soaked in a powerful acid. Mu Zi looked at the sword which was still gleaming in his hand and saw that there was acidic spiritual power on the blade. As long as it injured skin and muscle, the acidic poison would continuously corrode their flesh and blood. This intense pain could turn strong soldiers into cowards that begged for mercy.

"Kill him!" the clampeople shouted.

Mu Zi did not speak. There was no need for him to utter any nonsense either. He glared at his next target and charged towards him, but he did not succeed as easily this time. The moment he attacked, an attack came from behind him. However, his opponent had underestimated the Life and Death Coffin. When he used a blade filled with spiritual power to slash the Coffin, only a white mark that almost could not be seen was left behind. Meanwhile, Mu Zi seized the opportunity to stab another clamperson, who did not even have the chance to draw his sword. Then, Mu Zi rapidly rolled on the ground and avoided several green rays of light.

Mu Zi turned his body and got up while dodging several green lights that flashed by. He took a deep breath and then let out a long sigh. The Life and Death Coffin had blocked the sword that slashed his back but did not protect his legs. Thus, his left leg had been hit and immediately brought about intense pain, as if it had come into contact with a grill. Spiritual power rapidly suppressed the wound, and the burning pain immediately weakened. He could sense that the wave of poisonous spiritual power, which had surged into his wound, was being expelled.

When Mu Zi sensed this change, his confidence increased greatly. The clampeople were able to do as they liked outside because of their acidic spiritual power. As long as they could make a small cut in their opponents' skin, their opponents would lose their mind and will in a short amount of time. The pain would be worse than death.

As long as he was not afraid of being injured, the threat of being attacked by the clampeople would be reduced by half.

Not only did the Phantom Five Thunder technique give Mu Zi a wisp of spiritual power that belonged to him, Mu Zi's speed was now much faster than it was 30 days ago. His spiritual senses were also much more accurate. In his eyes, the actions of the clampeople were no longer mysterious. They even seemed slow.

He could win. Mu Zi was no longer who he was 30 days ago. The Illusory Mirage Thunder slowly appeared in his hand!

However, at that moment, someone suddenly stood in Mu Zi's constantly expanding spiritual senses. He stood there and smiled at Mu Zi. Then, he raised his hand lightly with an elegant and confident smile on his face.

His gaze fell on Mu Zi's hand. Then, he said, "I never thought that you would be able to learn this. What a pity."

But he did not feel that it was a pity at all. When the clampeople saw him, they shouted, "Lord!"

It was now very obvious that the attack from the clampeople was not just a form of retaliation.

However, just as the clampeople finished speaking, the person waved his hand slightly. In that instant, Mu Zi forgot to breathe. He seemed to be staring blankly at the hand that the person had raised up. It was so beautiful, as if even the glimmer of the stars were not even 0.1% as bright as this hand!

It was an illusion, an illusion, an illusion…

Mu Zi's heart fiercely jumped. His spiritual power was also wildly struggling in the depths of his soul. However, even though he knew that this was an illusion, he still could not break free.

Mu Zi's mind was still drawn in by that person. He could not resist or go against it. He was like a civilian who had seen his king and was so frightened that he could not move.

"You must be very curious about who I am. I am also very curious about how you have not knelt down when faced with the might of a technique with the same origin as yours."

When the calm voice traveled to Mu Zi's ears, he felt that it was pleasant to listen to.

It was an illusion, an illusion, an illusion…

"However, since you are going to die, I am no longer curious. You are probably a fellow with a stirring soul. Thus, she made a mistake that she should not have committed."

The person spoke calmly. Mu Zi looked at him and understood that he was here to correct some mistakes. Foonilia had told him that he absolutely could not let anyone know. However, from the look of things now, even if he did not know whether Mu Zi possessed this technique, even a suspicion was enough for him to want to get rid of Mu Zi. Techniques were the foundation of a civilization. Even if a lower-leveled civilization was unable to use this technique, he still could not allow this technique to exist among them. He had to kill them all.

The attack by the clampeople was a test he had arranged. If Mu Zi had not cultivated Foonilia's technique, he would simply die in the hands of the clampeople.

But now, the result would still be the same.

The clampeople smiled ferociously and charged at Mu Zi, who could not move. Over a dozen knives and swords caused a thousand wounds on Mu Zi's body. They did not simply want to kill him. Instead, they wanted him to suffer as much pain as possible. Even if he died, he would be in pain for the rest of eternity.

"The Netherworld River!"

There was no better way to torture others to death than the Netherworld River. The Netherworld River would slowly erase and clean the victim. Even the remnant soul would not be able to escape.

Under the orders of their lord, Mu Zi and all his belongings were stuffed into a box and thrown into the Netherworld River. No trace would be left behind.

The clampeople felt that it was a pity that they could not and did not dare to search for any valuables on Mu Zi's body under the supervision of their lord. But very quickly, they no longer thought so.

The lord smiled and waved his hand. In an instant, all the expressions of the clampeople froze. Their heads fell off their bodies and tumbled to the ground like watermelons rolling off a car.

Only the dead would not tell others what they had seen. Furthermore, the baldy had been killed by the clampeople. No matter how much Little Fooni pursued the truth of the matter, she would only cause trouble for the clampeople. Meanwhile, it would be as if he had never appeared.

Oh, Little Fooni. You are mine. Only I can obtain your favor. Only I.

He smiled and looked at the Netherworld River. Then, he waved his hand. The heads and the bodies that had lost their lives flew up and were submerged in the ceaseless Netherworld River, just like how they had thrown Mu Zi in.

The Netherworld River would erase everything. He had not come here either. He turned and disappeared, bringing away any causes and effects of the matter.

In the Netherworld River…

The Life and Death Coffin was unable to stop the terrifying and destructive negative energy. The unworldly Netherworld River washed over him. His body disintegrated and was corroded. However, Mu Zi smiled and calmly accepted all these. He wanted to know what exactly death was.

Was it the beginning of another journey, or Nirvana in eternal darkness?

He had countless thoughts, but none of them could be proven.

However, it was really very painful!!!

Would it continue to hurt after he died?

When Mu Zi thought about this, the wisp of spiritual influence in his body suddenly moved. He discovered that he had recovered the ability to move.

Why was he still able to think?

Had his soul been stripped away? This did not seem to be the case. A soul without a body would only be left with pure pain and mourning and would have nothing to do with thinking.

A vanishing force filled the Life and Death Coffin, but water from the Netherworld River did not seep in. Meanwhile, the Life and Death Coffin seemed to be in a strange state. The "waste product" that had come from Earth was not useless after all. Mu Zi was connected with the soul of the Life and Death Coffin and felt something mysterious.

Mu Zi had always been fearful of the Netherworld River as it could bring about innate harm to living beings. Thus, the Life and Death Coffin, which had lost its power, would definitely be instantly destroyed.

But now, the Life and Death Coffin was floating proudly in the Netherworld River. The power in the Netherworld River was unable to corrode the coffin. In fact, even the perishing power of the Netherworld River had become "gentle".

No one had ever seen this scene before as everything that entered the Netherworld River would assimilate with the river and disappear. Although the power of the Netherworld River was no match for the Heavenly River, it was beyond what living beings could tolerate.

However, the Life and Death Coffin was like a boat that slowly floated to the depths of the Netherworld River.

Inside the coffin, Mu Zi was very calm. He had been attracted by this power. The Phantom Five Thunder technique opened up a window for him, and allowed him to understand the rules of this world and how to obtain power. Meanwhile, the power in the Netherworld River was telling Mu Zi what was suitable for him.

Life and death, yin and yang, as well as the Heavenly River and the Netherworld River were the origin of power in the divine territory, the foundation of civilizations, and the only path to the Hyperdimension.

Mu Zi was the only one floating in the Netherworld River.


The Heavenly Treasures Street was done for!

Many people could not believe this and covered their mouth. They looked at Uncle Thol, who was lying on the ground like a dead dog as he constantly panted. Frankly speaking, Uncle Thol was rather popular in Heavenly Treasures Street. Other than his carelessness when he collected protection fees, he was usually casual and easy to get along with. He did not put on any airs of a Void Core expert and had stepped up on behalf of everyone to fight with Yin Jiao. However, they never expected that he would eventually die.

The tense nerves on Old Cow's face had completely collapsed in this moment.

A challenge? Asking an expert to be on guard? In the end, everything had been futile. Uncle Thol was the only hope of the entire Heavenly Treasures Street, but they never expected him to be defeated so quickly and so brutally.

It was not because Uncle Thol was weak or did not try his best. It was because his opponent was far too powerful. This young genius who was able to join the Heavenly Gates array was like a god to the ordinary shops in the Heavenly Treasures Street! Resistance? That was not possible!

No matter whether it was blocking streets or using their subordinates to fight to the death, it was far too easy for a great Faction to deal with ordinary merchants who did not have any protection. This was not the Star Alliance's problem. It was because their positions, resources, and strength were completely unequal. Rules were one-sided in favor of the strong. Furthermore, the more skilled these experts were, the easier it was for them to make use of these rules!

In reality, this was an elimination method that the Star Alliance wanted. Even though they had entered the Star Alliance and were advanced civilizations, they still had to go through a process of elimination through competition.

However, it was a pity that Uncle Thol, a dignified Void Core expert, had been left half-dead by a young person for 50,000 Star Coins. His reputation reached rock bottom.

"Uncle Thol!" A few people who were close to Uncle Thol on a daily basis rashly charged out. They wanted to see Uncle Thol's condition, but a wave of force fiercely swept out from Yin Jiao's body like an expanding wave of pressure. The ferocious aura of the unparalleled beast was revealed and caused those who had charged out to feel as if their legs had turned jelly. They could only kneel on the ground.

"Who else?!" Yin Jiao looked scornfully at the street filled with ants as the vast aura of a king surged from his body. This was the feeling and the effect he wanted. He would use the might he displayed from defeating Uncle Thol to completely destroy the spirits of those merchants who dared to resist!

The entire Heavenly Treasures Street was silent. No one even dared to sigh.

"Is this all the support you have? Heh heh. Not even one of you can actually fight!" Yin Jiao proudly chided. "We have made it clear before the battle. Since no one is able to defeat me, then roll over and sign the contracts obediently! If not, heh heh! If anyone dares to play with the Shell Shade Faction, the consequences of breaking your promise will be very severe!"

Huh. He found yet another reason to play with them. The future would not be kind.

Hum hum hum hum hum…

The entire street was filled with worry and dismay, but no one dared to challenge him. They had lost their face and did not have any might. Whoever went up would truly be asking for death.

Old Cow sighed. "Let's go home and pack up…"

He called for Wang Zhong and Little Lost Fox but realized that Little Lost Fox was tapping her foot beside him. However, Wang Zhong was nowhere to be found.

"Where's Wang Zhong?" Old Cow was shocked.

However, before Little Lost Fox could answer, they heard a cheery voice among the buzzing on Heavenly Treasures Street.

"I'm still here."

This voice was not loud, but for some particularly special reason, it could clearly be heard in the noisy street. The Heavenly Treasures Street, which had started to buzz, quietened down again, Everyone's gaze was concentrated on the source of the sound.

What did this mean? Was someone going to challenge Yin Jiao?

"Who? Who, who, who?" Many people widened their eyes. Who was such a fool to jump out and challenge Yin Jiao? Was this the fabled Savior who had been hiding?

Old Cow and Little Lost Fox tiptoed and peered in front. The voice seemed to have come from not too far away. Furthermore, very strangely, they felt that this voice was somewhat familiar.

They heard the voice sound again. "Excuse me, please excuse me… I'm sorry!"

Among the crowd, a skinny and weak young celestialoid was continuously squeezing his way into the crowd. He was extremely thin and small among the crowd of tall goblins.

The expectant gazes instantly froze. Everyone in the surroundings was in a daze.


You dared to call yourself a mysterious expert who dared to challenge a Void Core expert like Yin Jiao but only squeezed out of the crowd? Couldn't you fly? Look at Uncle Thol. When he appeared, he dazzled brightly and was accompanied by wind and thunder. Even then, he had been beaten up until he was half dead! Damn, were you here to make a joke of yourself? You squeezed out from the crowd?!

Little Lost Fox sat on Old Cow's shoulders. She stood tall and looked into the distance. She immediately recognized the person and was so shocked that her face lost color. She immediately shouted at Old Cow, "Boss, Boss! That's Wang Zhong! Our Wang Zhong!"

Old Cow's face turned green!

Even without Little Lost Fox saying anything, he had suspected this when he heard the voice. However, when he saw the back of the figure who had parted the crowd, he had already recognized the figure, the shockingly thin weakling who did not have any muscles and was not even two meters tall. If that was not Wang Zhong, then who was it?

"Foolish child! What are you trying to do? Come back quickly. This is not for you to play around. Have you gone nuts?!" Old Cow suppressed the dejection in his heart and hurriedly shouted, "What he said doesn't count. He is just an employee in my shop. There is something wrong with his head! I will sell my shop!"

Wang Zhong, who was in front, had obviously heard this, but he was still politely greeting the people around him. However, everyone avoided him as if he had the plague, opening up a path for him. Wang Zhong was emotional that Old Cow was such a good person.

"Boss, it's okay." He turned around and smiled at Old Cow. "I will teach him. You don't need to sell your shop."

Teach… teach…

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    《Battle Frenzy》