Battle Frenzy
1002 Sudden Change of Scene
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1002 Sudden Change of Scene

Frankly speaking, it was just too inappropriate to laugh during times like this, and no one should have been in the mood to laugh. However, this fellow was just too amusing.

That weak human from Old Cow's flower shop was from a level-3.5 civilization. He helped Old Cow deliver products every day, and a lot of people in Heavenly Treasures Street recognized him.

"…F**k. He actually made me so angry that I want to laugh in this serious atmosphere…" Someone could not help but ridicule him.

"Isn't that the human from the level-3.5 civilization? Does he want to beat up Yin Jiao?"

"Wake up! Now is not the time to dream!"

"Young man, it is important to act sincere. After all, your life is more valuable! Be cautious! Be cautious!"

"Ha ha ha, young man, you can do it! I'm expecting you to win!" Some passers-by who were excited to see some action were shouting. There was an uproar all around, with laughter and shouts mixing together. It was like the noisy overture to a Chinese opera.

Meanwhile, Yin Jiao's face was ghastly pale. It had been very difficult for him to create this great momentum and oppression, but it had been greatly dispersed by this fellow's laughable antics. Only fear and awe were left in the eyes of the surrounding merchants, but now, they were also unnecessarily amused.

He coldly looked at the human who he had seen before. Back then, when he went to find fault at the Secret Flower Garden, this fellow had appeared to protect the small fox in the flower shop and was even kicked away by his subordinate, causing him to vomit blood and almost die. But looking at him now, he seemed to have grown slightly stronger. Yin Jiao could sense weak spiritual influence from his body.

He had made such remarkable progress in the short span of two months. To the bottom-dwelling citizens of the Land, this was not easy, but so what? This fellow was probably so proud that he was confused just because of this small improvement and had actually dared to challenge him!

Yin Jiao coldly gazed at the fellow until he squeezed out of the crowd and walked into the square.


A monstrous ferocity spread from Yin Jiao's body and filled the air. This was an intentional move that was much more powerful than the spiritual pressure that had brought the ordinary divine territory citizens to their knees! He was too lazy to speak any nonsense with these good-for-nothings. He would use spiritual pressure to press on this fellow until all the bones in his body broke into powder!

Intense spiritual pressure formed a visible ray of light and swept towards Wang Zhong. Old Cow, Little Lost Fox, Sister Ling, and the others could not help but cry out in alarm, but they were squeezed in the crowd of people. Even if they wanted to save Wang Zhong, they had no way to. Furthermore, did they have the right to save him in front of Yin Jiao?

However, with a whoosh, the intense wave of spiritual pressure swept past Wang Zhong but did not manage to oppress him. It did not even cause his footsteps to slow. It was as if a cooling breeze had hit him in the face, only causing his hair to fly up slightly behind him.

The laughter in the surroundings instantly stopped, and the entire Heavenly Treasures Street became quiet once again. No matter what sense or impression they had towards this human, they at least knew the fact that he had the skill to render Yin Jiao's terrifying spiritual pressure useless on him!

Old Cow, Sister Ling, Uncle Sea, and the rest widened their mouths. Meanwhile, Little Lost Fox's eyes were large and round.

Was Wang Zhong going to reach the sky?

Wang Zhong did not stop walking and was neither fast nor slow. He completely ignored Yin Jiao's surprised expression and walked next to Mugthol in two or three steps.

He bent down and helped Mugthol up. Mugthol's eyes were shut tight. However, Wang Zhong could sense that his internal systems were still working, except that they were rather weak. His ribs near his chest were broken, but considering the powerful vitality of the dragon-head crocodile, he would probably only need some time to recover.

Wang Zhong rather admired him. Of course, he did not admire his combat abilities. During his fight with Yin Jiao, even though his strong spiritual influence was impressive, but in terms of his battle experience and how he attacked people, they were really… not uncommon. He had lived this long for nothing. What Wang Zhong admired was his courage to take responsibility for his actions when he faced the Shell Shade Faction and the Cloud Mist Faction. At least, Uncle Thol had not fled on the eve of the battle.

He conveniently took out a Loying Fruit and shoved it into Mugthol's mouth. A wave of spiritual influence surged into Mugthol's body and charged into his Core. Right now, he was in a state where he was suffocating. When spiritual influence rushed into his Core, he immediately regained consciousness.

Mugthol, who had just woken up, felt that his entire body was in pain. He struggled and tried to get up, but fell on the ground and landed on his buttocks. Then, he looked at the fellow who stood in front of him and remembered who he was. Mugthol remembered him. He was the weak young man who had made delicious dishes in Cow's flower shop.

"Move away!" Mugthol pressed against his chest. Evidently, he did not understand the present situation. He glared at Yin Jiao in front of him, as if he was about to face a great enemy. Then, he stretched out his hand and tried to pull Wang Zhong away. "This is not a place you can enter. Be careful not to be affected. Your life is hard to protect!"

He spoke naturally, but when he stretched out his hand, he grabbed nothing. In front of him Wang Zhong, simply swayed his body slightly and easily avoided his grasp, causing Mugthol to be slightly dumbfounded.

"Interesting." Shannali was standing on the rooftop and her eyes lit up slightly as she displayed rich interest. She seemed even more interested than when she had been looking forward to Yin Jiao's performance.

Being able to resist Yin Jiao's spiritual pressure did not count as much as spiritual pressure was just something that was used to bully weaklings and was a natural display of one's aura. As long as the difference in their strength was not so large that it could defy the heavens, it was not possible for spiritual pressure to have much effect. However, the fact that this human could avoid Mugthol's grasp was rather interesting. The way he had moved seemed rather natural and spontaneous to Shannali, and there were no signs that he had intentionally dodged Mugthol.

From the tone of the surrounding people, this fellow seemed to have come from a weak civilization in the lower classes. It was very difficult for this kind of weak civilization to produce a true expert as their soul sequence was too lowly and too weak, and they did not have enough natural talent. It was difficult for them to even survive in the divine territory, and absolute power was like a chasm that they would never be able to cross.

Thus, it was very difficult for these lower-class civilizations to produce any experts. However, once they appeared, they were typically geniuses that shocked the world.

Once he had finished saving Mugthol, Wang Zhong completely ignored the stunned and severely injured person. Instead, his focus was completely on Yin Jiao, who was in front of him.

"You loach, you are an adult and should be responsible for your own actions. Back then, you smashed up our shop. We can count that debt together with this," said Wang Zhong with a smile. He looked as if he was asking for a beating.

Frankly speaking, Yin Jiao felt that this human was rather strange. Being able to resist his spiritual pressure was not much, but at least he had a certain amount of strength. This kind of person could not possibly be a fool, so why did he dare to challenge him?

Even then, so what? If it had been someone else with this kind of courage, perhaps Yin Jiao would have had some misgivings. However, he had seen with his own eyes this fellow in front of him almost die from a kick by his weak subordinate! After all, this had only been two months ago. Even if he had eaten the elixir of life, he could not possibly have become that strong!

"You?" Yin Jiao coldly said. "You're not suitable!"

"Are you a man?" Wang Zhong laughed cheerily and did not mind Yin Jiao's rejection at all. "This lady is bright and beautiful. How could she have taken a fancy to a coward like you?"

Wang Zhong shook his head. Even though his acting was very poor, he managed to provoke Yin Jiao, who did not want to fight Wang Zhong in front of Shannali. Firstly, he felt that he would lose face from doing so. Furthermore, Wang Zhong was not a Void Core and was an ordinary citizen in the divine territory. Even if he had challenged Yin Jiao, if he accidentally killed him in public, the law enforcement troops would cause him some trouble. Those machines would not care about his identity.

Although he had a way to avoid this disaster, it would still be a great inconvenience.

However, this fellow was far too arrogant… So arrogant that Yin Jiao completely could not take it.

Was he making Yin Jiao beat the crap out of him? Shannali was nearby. Even if he eventually had to bicker with the law enforcement troops, he would tear apart the body of this ant that had dared to challenge him!

"I can rip you apart with just one hand!"

Using the Lightning Ghost Whip to deal with this kind of weakling was simply too shameful. However, since his spiritual influence was not working, he would simply shoot out like a thunderbolt! He traveled at the speed of light like a strike of lightning!

"Quick, retreat!" Mugthol's pupils rapidly constricted. Although he did not completely understand the situation, he still shouted subconsciously. He could see how terrifying this ordinary attack was. Putting the human in front of him aside, even he would not be able to withstand the impact with his current injuries.

However, Wang Zhong simply smiled.

Yin Jiao was very fast, and his impact force was shocking, but the Spiritual Energy Value was not even half of what he had displayed just now. As for the attack, this was such a direct attack. Did he think that Wang Zhong was a wooden peg?

He had an idea. Suddenly, the divine cells throughout his body swelled, and boundless power wildly exploded from his divine cells. Spiritual power surged on the surface of his body, as if azure flames were burning on it. He aimed at the figure that was charging towards him and moved into a stance.

He lowered his waist, straightened his upper body, and stretched out his fist right in front of him!


All of his actions were as smooth as floating clouds and flowing water. He was not delivering a punch. Instead, he had simply aimed his fist to face Yin Jiao head-on! He catered perfectly to Yin Jiao's attack, and it was simply pleasing to the eyes!

There was the explosive sound of thunder, and Yin Jiao's expression changed in that instant. His reactions were considered extremely fast, but he did not even have the time to think about how this human could have threatened him. His subconscious action was to pull back his arms and defend himself.


A massive and terrifying force traveled through this fist and even concealed a hidden force that forcefully pushed him backward. This frightening force even felt as if it had many layers to it. The moment they came into contact with each other, Yin Jiao felt that it was normal. However, the backlash was very powerful. Yin Jiao felt as if the arms that he had used to defend himself with were faintly numb after being shocked by the layers of power. He instantly lost his center of gravity and control of his body, sending him flying uncontrollably. He came quickly, but he left even more quickly, like a rocket being fired.

Bang bang bang bang bang!

The goblin aura of his body continued to burst forth. The white goblin aura was released into the surroundings like a blast of air. However, he slid back by 20 to 30 meters before stabilizing himself. At this moment, all the observers were stupefied, while Old Cow's nostrils were flared. What in the world was this?

Was this still the employee he had picked up from the roadside?

When Yin Jiao collected himself, there was disbelief all over his face. His embarrassment and anger were off the charts!

That ant who had been severely injured after a casual kick from his subordinate two months ago was actually able to send him flying with a punch? Furthermore, there were layers of mysterious power, which meant that his use of power was very high-leveled. He was on a completely different level from Mugthol, who could only use brute force.

Uncle Thol, who was closest to them, was completely dumbfounded. He still remembered how he had scolded this young one when he visited Old Cow's house. He had said things like "you people in the lower class have high standards but little ability" and "you have no muscles and are shockingly thin". This…

Mugthol felt that his old face was slightly hot. He had actually been taken in.

Wang Zhong, who was in front of him, slowly lowered his fist. His divine cells extended and surging spiritual influence continuously flowed out from his body.

How comfortable!

Cultivation and combat were two completely different experiences. At that moment, infinite power from his body flowed all over the place to its heart's content. He could not feel the spiritual pressure and gravity in the divine territory at all. Instead, he only felt as if his entire body had been released completely.

Wang Zhong's heart was filled with delight. Ever since he had come here, he was simply so happy that he was about to go crazy. He had exploded with power in one go and was able to face such an expert as his enemy. He was like someone who loved wine as much as his own life and had drunk a bunch of good wine. There was only one word to describe all the 36,000 pores on his —— comfortable body!

He felt very unrestrained and laughed heartily at Yin Jiao, who he had sent flying. "Didn't you say that you would only use one hand?"

Just now, Yin Jiao had used both his hands to defend himself.

Being sent flying by a piece of trash from a lower-classed civilization was already a deep disgrace, but now, he had been ridiculed like this.

Yin Jiao's pale face was now swollen and purplish-red. "Trash, you're asking for death!"

But this time, before he could finish his sentence, he could see the figure in front of him sway. His footsteps were not fast, but the speed at which he moved was far too fast. This gave Yin Jiao the wrong impression. In the blink of an eye, he had appeared in front of Yin Jiao to attack!

He had actually dared to carry out a power play!

Yin Jiao was furious. He stretched out his hand and tried to grab him, but the figure in front of him moved swiftly and swayed, causing Yin Jiao to grab nothing. This was closely followed by another attack.

Wang Zhong came in from diagonally above Yin Jiao. He kicked the air and exerted force from his waist that exploded from his arms. This impact was extremely heavy as Wang Zhong had slammed straight into Yin Jiao's chest. As a result, Yin Jiao felt suffocated and short of breath, causing him to almost faint. He could not control himself and flew into the sky. However, before he could resist the intense pain to stabilize himself, the disgusting human had appeared behind him and was waiting leisurely for his exhausted opponent. Then, a black whip-like shadow fell from the sky.


Yin Jiao was like a bomb that simply smashed into the surface of the ground. The impact caused a large area of the ground surface to sink in as half of Yin Jiao's body violently sank underground. Meanwhile, the trembling vibrations throughout the street did not stop, as if even the houses were wailing mournfully for Yin Jiao and feeling the pain for him!

Yin Jiao's body was half-buried underground, and he could not struggle his way out for some time. Meanwhile, Wang Zhong looked down at him while he landed lightly on the ground. However, he did not seize this chance to attack.

He wanted to experience Yin Jiao's goblin form. The fabled true form of a Void Core, the feeling of fighting a true Void Core expert, and the infinite power that the expert produced were what he wanted to experiment with. Frankly speaking, Yin Jiao in his humanoid form was not enough.

The people in the divine territory were powerful, but in terms of combat techniques, there was a large gap between them and those who had climbed out from the lower classes of society! There were many reasons, but the most direct reason was that the divine territory increased one's power too quickly. Pursuing ultimate power and having a strike to fell all strikes were what these people truly desired. But what about combat techniques? It was not that these people did not have any. It was just that they were not skilled in them, or they did not feel that it was worth it to learn them and did not spend time learning techniques.

For example, a creature like Yin Jiao who had not even reached the age of 20 already raised his level of power to this extent. How much time did he have to divert his attention to combat techniques? Perhaps there were beings in the divine territory who were extremely skilled in combat techniques and even the true path, but they were definitely on an extremely high level, where their power could no longer go higher or where the speed at which their power increased had slowed down. Thus, they could divert their attention to study the ultimate use of power in great depth.

However, this was just a guess based on what Wang Zhong had seen. Based on Yin Jiao and Mugthol's standard, they were more powerful than Wang Zhong, but in terms of fighting, the humans were like their forefathers!


Yin Jiao, who was half buried underground, was completely furious.

This was a great disgrace! What a great disgrace! He had been sent flying into the ground by a piece of trash from a mere low-classed civilization, a small employee working in a flower shop. This was simply the greatest disgrace he had ever tasted since his birth!

Buzz buzz buzz buzz!!

Yin Jiao's face was flushed. Then, the surface of the ground shook, and lightning burst forth from underground.


There was an explosion as the lightning burst forth. Then, powerful goblin aura pushed him out of the ground and soared into the sky.

"I will kill you!" Yin Jiao seemed to have gone insane. At this moment, he did not care about whether Wang Zhong was a clown. The Lightning Ghost Whip was already in his hand and was being waved around in a frenzy. In an instant, there was the roar of thunder in the sky. Then, silver whip shadows densely appeared over the entire district like raindrops. Crackle. They were about to destroy Wang Zhong and the entire district, turning it into ruins!

He was even more powerful and explosive than when he had faced Mugthol. With his rising anger, no matter whether it was his power or his speed, they all increased significantly.

However, Wang Zhong, who was in front of him, was like a ghost who drifted about amidst the dense whip shadows. He was calm and at ease.

Shadow Dance!

Lower-class civilizations did not have much power, so they simply used their techniques to the fullest. This was a method used by those with no prospects and was looked down upon by the experts in the divine territory. However, what if someone with the ultimate technique also had power at the same time?

Wang Zhong simply felt that when he walked, the feeling of being like a fish in water returned. Even the air current in the world was helping him in his combat. He moved with the wind and went with the flow.

The whip shadows and lightning that filled the sky were completely non-existent in his eyes. Frankly speaking, this technique was far too lowly. Yin Jiao had simply relied on his fast speed and great power, as well as the threat of the lightning that he so conveniently used. His whip attack was not methodical at all. Every single action in the seemingly dense attack followed a pattern and simply told Wang Zhong where to hit!

With Wang Zhong's speed, he could close his eyes and use his senses to walk randomly through this kind of attack, let alone use Shadow Dance. He felt that it was very difficult for Yin Jiao to hit him.

When he saw the human who seemed like a ghost walk through his dense whip shadows as if he was taking a leisurely stroll, the oppression that he felt from every step was enough to make Yin Jiao, who was in a rage, feel a sense of fear and panic.

He was the dignified Crown Prince Yin Jiao, a genius who had been chosen to join the Heavenly Gates array. Yet, he sensed oppression in the gaze of that trash from a lower-class civilization!

Yin Jiao's lungs were about to explode, but he could only move backwards continuously. The Lightning Ghost Whip that he was proud of was simply a joke in the eyes of Wang Zhong!

However, he did not retreat quickly. Meanwhile, there was not even a hint of wavering in the rate at which Wang Zhong advanced! He only took a short span of over ten seconds to cross the dense lightning whip shadows and appear in front of Yin Jiao.


A kick came from Yin Jiao's right, right into his face. The kick did not seem very fast, but Yin Jiao discovered that he could not dodge it!

Massive momentum crashed into his chest, sending him flying and then tumbling. He violently crashed into a three-story-high building, smashing all three levels into a mess…

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    《Battle Frenzy》