Battle Frenzy
1003 Uncle Zhong
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1003 Uncle Zhong

"Show me your true skills using your goblin body." Wang Zhong still spoke in a calm tone despite how he had kicked Yin Jiao away like he was an ant. "If not, you are not enough for me to warm-up."

There was silence!

A deathly silence!

Other than the sounds of a few bottles and cans dropping on the floor in the three-story building, there was not even a single noise in the entire Heavenly Treasures Street!

The lower jaw of Old Cow and the others were about to fall. Meanwhile, Crocodile God Lord Mugthol, who was still sitting on the ground, felt as if his eyeballs were about to pop out.

Damn, this was too savage! Putting aside how Yin Jiao had not revealed his goblin body, this human had evidently not revealed all his strength and had casually beaten the crap out of Yin Jiao. What would happen if he got serious?! Furthermore, Mugthol had even put on airs in front of him. If his temper was worse, would Mugthol have beaten to death there and then? Mugthol only felt that his spine was chilly.

On the other hand, Shannali's eyes were sparkling as she looked at Wang Zhong. At first, she had only come to take a look after Yin Jiao had invited her. However, she never expected that she would be able to watch such a good fight. Was that a human from the level-4 civilization that had just joined the Star Alliance? Shannali seemed to have heard that it was a very special place and was once called the Playground of the Gods.

However, being associated with the gods did not mean that they were amazing, and they could only be considered special at most. The gods may have projected their images there, passed down their techniques, or released their faith, but this was not because Earth was special. It was just a game among the gods, who felt that it was interesting or who secretly wanted to compete and seize the belief of a place. Such Playgrounds of the Gods did not only exist on Earth. However, a majority of these Playgrounds of the Gods were destroyed as the competition for belief between the gods escalated, or they would experience war between Factions as a result of the messy and numerous beliefs after the gods gradually lost interest. These kinds of wars would have no end, but with the low-leveled native power in these civilizations, they were unable to truly uproot and destroy the beliefs that the gods had preached. Thus, their civilization would eventually lose the guidance of their god. As a result of prolonged wars and decline, their land would eventually go to waste.

However, the Earth was rather special as it was able to advance into a level-4 civilization from a barren land that had lost its belief and entered the Star Alliance. This could be considered a miracle. Furthermore, such a fellow had also appeared and broken through the limits of his civilization's low-leveled combat ability, even possessing this combat level shortly after entering the Star Alliance.

Shannali was very interested and suddenly felt as if this low-leveled civilization seemed to have many mysterious and attractive aspects. She also saw that the Machinery law enforcement squad had arrived but was in the distance along the street. In reality, they had arrived a long time ago but did not have any intention of interfering.

Shannali felt that this was somewhat strange.

Another set of rules applied to experts in the Star Alliance who had advanced to the Void Core stage. As long as they did not kill anyone, they were almost completely free in the areas of the Land where ordinary citizens were active and would not be restricted by the law. As for actions like fighting in public and causing destruction, the Machinery law enforcers were not afraid that these Void Core experts would not be able to compensate for a few buildings. They simply did not care about these. However, if a Void Core simply killed ordinary people, the law enforcement squad would intervene most of the time, especially under the circumstances where there were many people around.

Shannali could clearly see that there was a level-7 machine among them, who was one of the leaders of the Catanlyke District law enforcement squad. This machine was considered a prominent figure in Catanlyke District. However, they simply watched quietly and showed no intention of stepping in.


Amidst the broken three-story building, something seemed to have stood up from the rubble.

This was followed by a sharp, heartrending roar!


It was as if he wanted to roar all his humiliation away. The terrifying sound waves sent the broken bricks and tiles in the three-story building flying away.


There was an explosion, as if something heavy had landed. Closely after, the entire building collapsed in a frenzy. The massive and terrifying flood dragon revealed its true form and soared into the sky from the clouds of dust!

"I want you dead!"

The white figure that soared into the sky was like a shooting star. His goblin aura had spread infinitely and was even more powerful than when he had knocked out Mugthol!

This stimulation brought about insanity, and combat brought about evolution!

The flood snake in the sky showed signs of turning into a true flood dragon. Its four short limbs were rapidly growing at a visible speed, while the two horns on its head were sparkling, as if starlight was shining on them!

Furthermore, a jade-colored Core-shaped object was particularly conspicuous on its massive and pale body. Light from the object was able to shine through the thick skin of the flood dragon and was extremely visible within his body!

"He catalyzed the power of his Void Core nucleus, but spoiling things through excessive enthusiasm is equivalent to burning one's potential. How childish." However, there was no hint of empathy or pity on Shannali. Instead, there was a cold expression on her face.

Yin Jiao had relied on the fact that he was naturally talented to gain the favor of his father. It was fine that an alliance between the Cloud Mist Faction and the Shell Shade Faction had been formed, but he had dared to take his ideas into his own hands and claimed to be a man who protected women. Furthermore, he frequently acted pompous in an attempt to be romantic. For example, he had carelessly said that he could cut off Mugthol's skin and make a leather bag for his girlfriend.

Who was his girlfriend? Shannali was so disgusted that she wanted to puke. However, considering her father's image and the alliance between the two Factions, she simply did not complain. She was part of the Heavenly Gates array. When she reached the Heavenly Gates, how many experts and elites would be there?

At that moment, she watched as Yin Jiao had lost heart and went crazy after encountering a difficulty, causing him to catalyze his Void Core early. He had made the decision to do this deep in his heart. Did he really think of becoming an expert with this attitude?


In the blink of an eye, the massive flood dragon had charged into the ground. The crazy and ferocious flood dragon violently smashed his head into the ground like a meteorite. No matter whether it was its speed, power, or impact force, this was more than two times more powerful than when he had been in his humanoid form.

There was nothing miraculous about the technique, but it was strong and fast. When it reached its peak, it was still the most terrifying technique of a king. Wang Zhong's figure had floated up, but under the terrifying air pressure when the flood dragon charged towards the ground, his body was no longer as nimble as before. Furthermore, his enemy was miraculously fast. This attack was completely unlike his leisurely and unrestrained demeanor from before, and seemed rather hasty.

Although Yin Jiao's murderous intent was strong, he had not lost his reason. He had already observed that Wang Zhong was in a difficult position. Before fully regulating his massive body, he waved his massive tail and violently whipped it in the direction where Wang Zhong was hiding with enough force to collapse a mountain.


The ground trembled, and a large hole was formed. This attack probably had a Spiritual Energy Value of at least 150,000! Even the entire Heavenly Treasures Street trembled, as if an underground dragon had flipped its body, making everyone unable to stand steadily!

This was a true attack. Everyone could clearly see that although his large body was clumsy, there were benefits to having a large body as the attack surface was also large! Firstly, Wang Zhong had forcibly dodged the attack by the flood dragon's head, but closely after, the attack from the flood dragon's tail targeted the spot where Wang Zhong had dodged to. The flood dragon was about three or four meters wide when it stretched out. Such a large surface area for attacking was completely different from the previous dense but thin whip shadows. Small shifting techniques were practically useless in the face of this large surface area, and the spot was instantly hit!

Old Cow stopped his lower jaw from dropping further and did not know what he should be feeling now. To be honest, from the time Wang Zhong had stepped out, he had still not recovered from his shock. Meanwhile, Little Lost Fox, who only had one brain cell, reacted more quickly, but her face was pale, and she covered her eyes. She did not dare to watch this.

Even a piece of metal would be flattened from this terrifying power, right?

There was finally a hint of excitement on the flood dragon's face. However, after a short span of half a second, the hint of excitement was frozen on his face.

He felt his tail being held up by someone!

He saw Wang Zhong using both hands to lift his tail slightly. Closely after, his body slid out like a loach and buoyantly appeared on the other side.

This… Yin Jiao was stunned. How was this possible?! Wasn't this fellow dead?!

However, there were no obvious injuries on Wang Zhong's body, and it certainly did not seem like he had been flattened. His clothes were simply slightly tattered.

To be honest, Wang Zhong was slightly surprised but also slightly disappointed.

He was surprised about his body and his divine cells that had been refined by the Devouring Heaven Technique. When he encountered injuries from combat, it made Wang Zhong feel as if he was "immortal". When the spiritual influence he had fully released reached its peak, the feeling of all his divine cells swelling was too tough! It was so tough that even Wang Zhong himself was shocked.

However, he was disappointed in Yin Jiao's attack. It evidently had terrifying power and a Spiritual Energy Value of over 150,000, but a majority of this power had been uselessly wasted on slapping the floor. Meanwhile, having his back to the ground when he was attacked was only a very simple defensive technique, but it was enough to transfer a majority of the attack power underground.

His use of power was so crude and direct. Was this fellow too honest, or was the divine territory this poor?

He would smash, whip, roll, and sweep Wang Zhong away. This was Yin Jiao's plan.

"I suggest that you see the animal world on Earth. Their style of fighting is very similar to yours." Wang Zhong tacitly mocked Yin Jiao. He would not be polite with this kind of person, no matter whether it was with his hands or with his words.

The translation candy had its advantages. Although some phrases were not used in the two civilizations, the translation candy could allow you to accurately understand what the other was saying.

Yin Jiao simply felt a rush of blood to his head, and his head was about to explode. White smoke was crazily spewing outwards from the large and crude pores on his skin. He was like a flood dragon-shaped jet engine.


He felt as if there were no words that could fight back the ridicule from this human. The only thing he could do was kill Wang Zhong at all costs!

The flood dragon flew and slapped its massive tail once again. However, Wang Zhong, who was prepared this time, easily dodged.

Slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap!

The flood dragon was enraged and in a complete state of insanity. A terrifying thunderbolt that was as thick as his arm would wildly attack the human, with the tail of the massive flood dragon joining in. His Void Core exploded, and his spiritual power continued to increase, while the spiritual pressure continued to grow stronger. For a period of time, he managed to regain some of his dignity. It would be difficult for Wang Zhong to dodge now.

"Interesting. This is finally interesting!" However, there was no hint of worry or fear on Wang Zhong's face.

He was now truly excited. Yin Jiao's continuously increasing spiritual power made him feel pressure and threat. He was no longer as nimble as before, but this was the feeling he was most familiar with in the Holy City and on Earth, fighting while his limit was constantly being pushed!

He faced the wave of the thick tail with one empty hand and used his other to resist the lightning that filled the sky.

His divine cells, which had been tempered by the Devouring Heaven Technique, had become unimaginably tough. Their defensive power was definitely terrifying and far exceeded Wang Zhong's level of power. However, when faced with Yin Jiao's ultimate burst of power, he had finally reached the limits of his body's defenses.

Wang Zhong started to feel an injury from the harsh attack. He did not defend himself from this attack, and blood started to surge in his chest. His arms started to go up as he slowly familiarized himself with how experts in the divine territory usually fought — using one strike to fell all strikes.

This was very painful, very violent, and very satisfying!

Compared to Yin Jiao's insanity, everyone now realized that Wang Zhong was even crazier than him!

It was obvious that his power did not match up to Yin Jiao's, but he dared to forcibly resist and fight him. Even though it felt as if every single terrifying attack would simply beat him to death, he was still able to use his small body to withstand the attack.

Could it be that a miracle was about to occur?

The surrounding merchants widened their eyes. Meanwhile, Old Cow felt as if his heart was in his throat.

But at that moment, the flood dragon flew into the air. He found an opportunity and devoured Wang Zhong!


He closed his massive mouth and devoured Wang Zhong!

The clamour of war suddenly ceased from the surroundings. The entire street was dumbstruck.

"Ya!" Little Lost Fox instantly turned pale and shouted in shock.

Had Wang Zhong actually been eaten up?!

But the next second, everyone saw Yin Jiao's massive head turn bright red, as if he was resisting some strange force. Closely after, his massive mouth that was shut tight had been opened by someone!

Two of his repulsive teeth had been tightly gripped by Wang Zhong, who stood on his lower gum barefoot while raising his hands up!

Yin Jiao simply felt as if an extremely sturdy iron pipe had been shoved into his mouth, and he could not bite down. Furthermore, this monstrous power was shocking, and his two teeth were burning, as if they were about to break off.

Though Wang Zhong laughed, his excitement was already gone. Yin Jiao had burst with the power of the Void Core, but he could only be this powerful for a limited time. On the other hand, his divine cells that had been tempered by the Devouring Heaven Technique had endless power. As one rose, the other fell. He had already sensed that Yin Jiao was less capable than he wished.

3rd Drive!

Spiritual power burst forth. The accumulation and activation of power in his body was already complete. When he used his power, he was simply bursting with it.


There was a massive and dull noise. Yin Jiao's two crude and repulsive teeth that were two meters long and had a diameter of 15 centimeters had been broken off by Wang Zhong! The teeth had been pulled out. Then, the flood dragon's blood gushed out like water from a spring.

"Roar roar roar!!!" Yin Jiao was in so much pain that it was heartrending. With a mournful shout, his body that was 25 meters long simply fell from the sky and tumbled continuously on the ground.

If he was given another chance, he definitely would not have allowed this shameless thing to go into his mouth!

However, before he had the chance to think about something else, Wang Zhong, who was covered in the blood of the flood dragon, had jumped out of the mouth. His body swayed and then charged to the tip of the flood dragon's tail in the blink of an eye like a shooting star. His arms that were drenched in blood were still warm as he hugged the massive tail that was as thick as a pillar.

Everyone was stunned. What was this human going to do?

"Arrrh!" Wang Zhong roared loudly, and light burst forth from his eyes. At that moment, he grabbed Yin Jiao's tail and started to swing it around!

Yin Jiao, who was already in so much pain that he felt nauseous, could no longer control his body. The body of the flood dragon that was 25 meters long was swung around by some monstrous force and then was raised high into the sky. Closely afterward…


The flood dragon fiercely crashed into the ground from the sky and landed head first, causing Yin Jiao's entire body to turn soft. However, this was not the end. Wang Zhong's monstrous force burst forth again!


The ground was shaking, and the entire Heavenly Treasures Street trembled. Everyone widened their mouths as they watched the small and thin human swing the flood dragon that was over 20 meters long back and forth as if he was swinging a rope. He swung the flood dragon back and forth 10 times!

The surroundings were quiet, except for the terrifying smashing sounds. Wang Zhong was like a violent demon king as he forcefully stepped on Yin Jiao's body. A brutal scene was in everyone's field of vision.

This… was too shocking!

Yin Jiao completely could not control his body, and all his bones felt intense pain as if they had all been dislocated. The world was spinning, and the sun and the moon had flipped!

He had never failed before. Since young, he had been protected too well by the Shell Shade Faction as he continuously pursued his realm. His realm was everything to him. He was completely like a flower in a greenhouse. He was beautiful but weak!

This was a great disgrace! What a disgrace! Such shame!

The snake, whose teeth had been pulled out, was like a soft loach. Yin Jiao had no strength left to fight back with the injuries on his body, only left with the embarrassment and anger that attacked his heart. His eyes slowly rolled backwards, and he did not even finish his final depressed thought. He simply lost consciousness.


After losing control of his consciousness, the powerful goblin body rapidly returned to its humanoid form under the spiritual pressure of the world.

Precious flood dragon blood was splattered everywhere, while the ground was covered in flood dragon scales that had fallen from Yin Jiao's body. They sparkled with a silver light and shone on the ground. These were very good refining materials…

However, Wang Zhong did not even look. Instead, he lifted up Yin Jiao's left leg and hovered in the air as if he was carrying a dead dog. Then, his left hand shook.


Yin Jiao fell on the ground. He could only exhale and had no breath left in him.

The surroundings were dead silent as countless eyes stared at Wang Zhong, especially the women. In the divine territory, power was definitely the main standard of beauty.

"Did… did he win?" After a long time, someone finally dared to ask with great disbelief.

"Nonsense! We've won! We're saved!"

"Wang Zhong! Uncle Zhong! The guardian spirit of our Heavenly Treasures Street!"

Several people who had reacted shouted loudly from excitement. Closely after, it was as if a single spark had set the entire prairie on fire. The entire street suddenly erupted with crazy cheers, and the uproar shook the skies. The explosive sound waves were about to send the entire street flying!

The merchants were so excited that they danced for joy and shouted in a frenzy. Meanwhile, the bewitching eyes of the women had turned into slits as they shot out amorous glances. They knew that the danger had been lifted.

Old Cow was simply dumbfounded and did not even hear Little Muddle Head excitedly shaking his arm as she shouted excitedly beside him. He only felt that his mind was completely blank.

Was that Wang Zhong? The Wang Zhong he bossed around all day and asked to hoe the fields and to pick the weeds in the flower nursery? My god…

Even Old Cow was in this state. Meanwhile, Mugthol, who was in front, was dying to find a crack in the ground to hide in. When he thought about how he had put on airs in Old Cow's house, he was so embarrassed that his ears turned red. He felt as if he had eaten feces. He had asked this being who was able to defeat Yin Jiao empty-handed to live here for 180 years before going back to his own civilization! If even this kind of person had to return to his own civilization, then what was he? He was probably only able to melt and reconstruct himself!

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    《Battle Frenzy》