Battle Frenzy
1004 Judgment From the Machinery Race
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1004 Judgment From the Machinery Race

Just as the entire street had gone into a frenzy, they heard an inappropriate sound.

"This is the Machinery law enforcement squad. Everyone is to retreat and maintain silence!"

Twenty expressionless creatures from the Machinery race walked out from the crowd. The sound of the Machinery race could even stop babies from crying at night. The excited clamor in the surroundings came to a sudden stop as the 20 machines walked in front of Wang Zhong.

An unusually tall machine displayed an arrest warrant to Wang Zhong. "Wang Zhong, you are suspected of fighting in public and destroying public property. Please follow us."

"What do you mean? Yin Jiao and Mugthol were the first to fight! The one who picked the fight was Yin Jiao. You should be arresting him first!" someone in the quiet crowd could not help but shout.

"That's right! What right do you have to capture Wang Zhong?"

Lord Mugthol, who was standing in the middle of the square, was extremely awkward. In the morning, he was still Uncle Thol, but now, he was Mugthol. Evidently, the one who won was a man, while the one who lost was like a bear[1].

"Maintain silence!" The unusually tall machine looked around him. Fear instantly spread, causing everyone who made eye contact with him to remain silent out of fear. "If anyone makes an uproar, it will be considered as hindering the punishment that is to be decided!"

The surroundings were dead silent. This machine was too terrifying and was much stronger than ordinary machines in the law enforcement squad. Just one glare was enough to bring about an absolute sense of oppression. Furthermore, the machines were carrying out law enforcement. Even if people were unhappy, they could only move their mouths. Who actually dared to stop them?

The machine silenced everyone. Then, he turned to look beside him and instructed the rest, "Take Yin Jiao and Mugthol away as well!"

Wang Zhong smiled and did not resist. Even though he had only spent a short time in the Star Alliance, he knew that opposing the Machinery race was definitely asking for death. Furthermore, he was not illiterate and had crammed the laws of the Star Alliance during this period of time. There were small flaws in their mechanisms that he might not have fully understood, but at least from the nature of this situation, his behavior today would not be considered much.

He followed the tall machine and walked in front. Behind him, there were machines leading Mugthol and carrying Yin Jiao as they caught up. Their actions were very fast and even cleaned up the scattered blood and scales on the ground in the short span of one minute. As a result, those who wanted to pick up the remains were greatly disappointed. Closely after, the 20 machines led three people away and neatly walked out of the street while thousands of eyes stared at them.

Shannali, who had been standing on the rooftop this entire time, looked faintly amused. She was very interested. She tapped the tip of her foot lightly and followed behind the Machinery race. Meanwhile, the thousands of people in the street looked at one another helplessly, but Little Lost Fox was the first to react. She pulled on Old Cow's arm and shook it wildly. "Boss, Boss! Let's hurry up and follow them to take a look!"

"Yes, yes, yes!" Before Old Cow could reply, countless merchants on the street automatically grew enthusiastic. "Let's all go, let's all go!"

"If there are many people around, we can also act as eye-witnesses! It was obviously Yin Jiao who picked a fight with us. Uncle Wang was forced to fight and did not violate the laws of the Star Alliance! As for the broken houses, they are all on our street. We can acknowledge those losses!"

"Damn it, your house wasn't the one that was destroyed…" The owner of the broken three-story building felt his mouth trembling.

"Excuse me! How much is your broken building worth? We will pool money and pay you back! Go stuff your eyes with money after that!"

"If anyone wants us to provide proof, we will provide proof! If anyone wants compensation, we will pool money together!" They did not need anyone to organize them. All the merchants were standing on the same battlefront. "We can't allow our hero to suffer, exert himself, or shell out money!"

The crowd was vast and mighty. It was 10 times more bustling than when the Heavenly Treasures Chamber of Commerce argued with the law enforcement squad. If they directly opposed the law enforcement squad, it would be strange if they were not accused of disrupting public order. Then, Wang Zhong might end up guilty even if he was innocent.

"Quiet! Quiet! Don't make a mess!" Old Cow was still one of the Chamber of Commerce leaders and was rather famous in Heavenly Treasures Street. He shouted loudly, "If there are too many people, it will be easy for an accident to happen. I just need a few representatives to follow me! Everyone else, wait for news at the Heavenly Treasures Chamber of Commerce. If anything happens, we will immediately let everyone know!"

Catanlyke District was built around branch TH43 of the Heavenly River. All the peak powers and the important departments of the Star Alliance in the district were situated near branch TH43.

This kind of place was completely different from the sandpit that surrounded the Heavenly River. The Heavenly River contained extremely powerful spiritual influence, but also contained poisons and radiation. However, in this kind of place, due to some special Heavenly River rules, the radiation and poison that the Heavenly River emitted were reduced to the minimum and were almost harmless. On the other hand, the spiritual influence that spread out far exceeded normal levels. If one lived in this kind of place, there was no doubt that the spiritual pressure and gravity would be much higher, but conversely, the spiritual influence would be gentler, richer, and purer.

When Wang Zhong came here, he felt as if the entire world became very clear to him. There was no doubt that cultivating in this kind of environment would bring about double the results with half the effort. It was no wonder that large Factions and great figures all monopolized the areas near the Heavenly River. The closer they were to the Heavenly River, the more expensive the land would be. Even though they were in the same district, the price of land in the center of this area was 10 times that of Heavenly Treasures Street.

They were brought into the law enforcement office. Then, the level-7 machine quickly left while others from the Machinery race came over to settle some law enforcement procedures. According to the laws of the Star Alliance, any Void Core expert that was suspected of an offense would have to go through an official judgment in the law enforcement hall before receiving punishment or being released.

After finishing the procedures, Wang Zhong and the others were brought to a resting room to wait for their judgment.

There were four people inside the room. Other than Wang Zhong, Mugthol, and Yin Jiao, who had just woken up, Shannali from the Cloud Mist Faction was also present. However, unlike Wang Zhong and the others who were waiting for their punishment, she was free. As one of the members of the Heavenly Gates array, she had extremely great freedom in the Land. It was normal and trivial for her to be able to go anywhere with the law enforcement squad.

There was some awkwardness on Mugthol's face. He was usually a very carefree person, but when he looked at Wang Zhong, he would think about what had happened at Old Cow's house, causing him to feel so embarrassed that he started to panic. After greeting Wang Zhong, he obediently sat at the side and healed his injuries. He did not complain at all.

Yin Jiao was already awake. Frankly speaking, his injuries were not severe. The half-flood dragon's recovery power was shocking, and Shannali had also fed him some recovery pills. At that moment, although he looked as if he was on the verge of death, he had recovered most of his spirit. He was full of hatred and murderous intent as he looked at Wang Zhong. "You trash. You will definitely pay for all of this! My father will definitely kill you!"

"A dog that bares its fangs does not bite." Wang Zhong laughed cheerily and said, "You're going to look for your father after being unable to defeat me? You are really something."

Shannali, who was at the side, could not help but laugh out loud. This fellow was too interesting and had a very vicious mouth.

On the other hand, Yin Jiao was dumbfounded. However, when he heard Shannali's laughter, intense anger attacked his heart. He had regained consciousness with great difficulty but almost fainted from anger. He pointed at Wang Zhong, and his voice trembled. "You, you…"

Wang Zhong was too lazy to deal with him. Instead, he turned to Shannali and greeted her. "The recovery pill you fed him just now was amazing and woke him up instantly. What kind of pill is that?"

"It is the Refreshing 100-Ingredient Pill. It can heal anger and a deranged mind." Shannali smiled and said, "It can strengthen the spirit and make one calm."

"You should give him a few more pills." Wang Zhong shook his head. "He doesn't seem very calm now."


Yin Jiao spurted out a mouthful of blood. Putting aside the fact that Wang Zhong had humiliated him, Wang Zhong was even teasing the woman he had taken a liking to. Most importantly, the woman had actually replied! She even exchanged flirtatious glances with him and laughed with him. This was simply, this was simply… Yin Jiao was crazy about cultivation and interacted with geniuses from various races who were hardworking in cultivation after joining the Heavenly Gates array. Perhaps they did not lack in pettiness, but they did not quarrel with others for no reason. They were just not good at this, let alone the young Yin Jiao. When faced with Wang Zhong's sharp tongue and various subtle attacks, Yin Jiao felt as if he could not beat him in words even if he had a hundred mouths. The dejection he felt from being unable to express his pain was just as bad as the humiliation he felt from being defeated in public.

However, before he could use the most vile phrases on the human scum, the door of the resting room was opened. A machine walked in expressionlessly. "Suspects from the Heavenly Treasures Street, please enter the law enforcement hall for your judgment!"

The law enforcement hall was also called the judgment hall, and those who were brought here for judgment were those with a certain status in the divine territory. Ordinary people did not have the right to activate a presiding judge to carry out their trial.

"Jiao Er!"

Just as they walked out of the resting room, an anxious and furious voice came from the law enforcement hall outside. A powerful and terrifying aura from the stands filled the air in a frenzy. Not only was it filled with urgent concern towards Yin Jiao who had been near death, it was also targeted at Wang Zhong. The aura and the gaze simply wished to immediately swallow and skin Wang Zhong alive.

It was Yin Jiuli, the Suzerain of the Shell Shade Faction.

After all, he was a Suzerain. Although he did not have the dazzling natural talent of his son, there was no doubt that the aura that Yin Jiuli released was much more terrifying than Yin Jiao's, causing Wang Zhong to secretly be in awe. These established Void Core experts might have too many aspects needing improvement, but they typically also had their own unique qualities. For example, if Mugthol had not made mistakes in his combat strategy or been too mindful of destroying street property, as long as he stood still on the ground and used its power, with his tough body and natural super strength, he might not have needed to fight Yin Jiao again.

Meanwhile, from the aura that angrily erupted from Yin Jiuli's body, he was probably even stronger than Mugthol and Yin Jiao.

Wang Zhong looked out of the corner of his eye and saw that not only were Yin Jiuli and a few darkness goblins from the Shell Shade Faction sitting in the stands, but Old Cow, Little Lost Fox, Sister Ling, Uncle Sea, and a few other people were also there. At that moment, their faces were filled with worry. However, when Little Lost Fox saw Wang Zhong, she started to cheer. "Wang Zhong, Wang Zhong, are you okay? We're all here!"

Tap tap tap!

"Silence! Silence!" A machine sitting in the middle of the law enforcement hall knocked on the table and chided them in a serious tone.

Unlike ordinary machines, this machine's head was extremely large, while the back of his head was transparent… There seemed to be a universe inside his head. However, the shape of his square face was rather normal. It was obvious that he had a different position among the Machinery race and was well-respected by the other machines.

The clamor in the hall stopped and was followed by a series of procedures.

A law enforcement officer from the Machinery race replayed a projection of the fight that had occurred today at Heavenly Treasures Street. The light from the projector shone in the hall while Old Cow and the others watched with unpleasant expressions on their faces.

It was obvious that the Machinery law enforcement squad had already arrived at the street as the video they had recorded was almost complete. It started from when Yin Jiao and Mugthol started to fight until Wang Zhong knocked out Yin Jiao. Frankly speaking, this situation was very strange. Typically, the Machinery law enforcement squad would wait until something happened before taking the appropriate actions, but today, they had already arrived at the scene of the fight before anything had happened. This was very unlike the typical style of the law enforcement squad. Who would believe that there was absolutely nothing fishy about this?

The expressionless law enforcement that the Machinery race carried out had already left a deep impression in everyone's hearts, but nothing was absolute. They felt that there was something fishy about this. Could it be that the Machinery race was helping a group of civilians deal with a difficult aristocrat? Even if the Machinery race had such lofty consciousness, no one in the Heavenly Treasures Street had made any secret deals with them. They did not have anything to do with them but still came to help when something was wrong?

The entire hall was silent until the entire projection was finished.

"Great presiding judge, the situation is already very obvious!" Yin Jiuli stood up.

He could barely tolerate the pride that Yin Jiao displayed in front of him as Yin Jiao represented the future of the Shell Shade Faction and was his successor. However, this did not mean that others could bully his successor just like that!

"From the law enforcement recording, the Shell Shade Faction will compensate for any public property that has been destroyed in the fight between both sides! However, this bottom-dwelling citizen harmed an aristocrat, a special aristocrat who had joined the Heavenly Gates array, no less!" Yin Jiuli turned the tables. As a leader who controlled a great Faction, he was far too familiar with the laws of the Star Alliance. There were so many civilizations, many of which were more powerful than the Shell Shade Faction. However, the Shell Shade Faction had been able to take root in Catanlyke District precisely because they had a thorough understanding of the laws in the divine territory, allowing them to turn fortune into blessing.

Saying that Wang Zhong had destroyed public property and whatnot was nonsense. This fellow had dared to humiliate his child in public. Yin Jiuli wanted him dead. He definitely had to die!

He shouted, "According to the law, he should be punished for a minimum of ten years or be sent to the Arena!"

"I, the Suzerain of the Shell Shade Faction, officially request for a civilization arbitration and request the highest punishment for this absolutely abominable case!"

The trial hall was silent. Old Cow and the rest were shocked and could only feel sweat on their palms.

Requesting for a civilization arbitration was a right that only the leaders of great powers had. Furthermore, once they submitted their arbitration, it would no longer be a simple personal matter. Instead, it would ascend to the higher levels of the Star Alliance, and the punishments were usually relatively heavy. This was a rule that was written in the laws of the Land, and even the Machinery race could not ignore this. Furthermore, these special rights were also a means of motivation as the celestial people did not want a stagnant Land.

This was simply asking for Wang Zhong's life.

"Suzerain Yin, please calm down." Before the presiding judge could answer, Old Cow hurriedly smiled and said, "It was just a personal fight. There is no need to request for a civilization arbitration. How about this? Quote a price for compensation. Even if I lose my family fortune, I…"

"Huh." Yin Jiuli coldly glanced at him. "What are you? A lowly vendor who buys and sells products. Are you suitable to stand in the trial hall and negotiate with me?"

Old Cow was rendered speechless. To be honest, in front of Yin Jiuli, he did not have the right to speak. However, Wang Zhong had only come this far for the sake of everyone. Old Cow was willing to sacrifice himself in order to help Wang Zhong escape punishment. The smile on his old face was extremely ugly. "Suzerain Yin, you are right. A small fellow like me does not dare to negotiate with you. However, I am just begging…"

"Can any kinds of trash now enter the trial hall now?" Yin Jiuli was too lazy to even look at him. "Presiding judge, this kind of low-leveled commoner is not worthy to enter the trial hall. Please chase him out of here."

"How about you? You randomly scold people even when everything is fine." Little Lost Fox felt that Old Cow had been wronged.

Old Cow was shocked. However, before he could cover Little Lost Fox's mouth, Wang Zhong had already laughed. "Brother Cow, there's no need to speak in a meek and submissive tone. Back then, if you did not take me in, I would have died of hunger on the streets. This small issue is no matter, and you don't have to care about it. They will judge according to how it is supposed to be done. I think that a mere Shell Shade Faction will not be able to affect the Machinery race."

"Heh, interesting." Vicious murderous intent flashed past Yin Jiuli's eyes. "I rather admire you, little fellow. Let's see whether your mouth is as sharp when you die!"

"You're dead for sure, you son of a b*tch!" Yin Jiao had started to roar in a frenzy.

"Silence! Silence!"

The machine presiding judge with the massive head knocked on the table again, and the trial hall immediately quietened down. Then, the judge's massive head started to sparkle, as if he was communicating some information with other members of the Machinery race.

The communication method that the Machinery race used was something that the other races in the divine territory could not mimic. They had a unique communication platform that allowed every member of the Machinery race to communicate with any other member at any time and place. Some even said that all the creatures in the Machinery race shared the same soul that was called the "machine heart". Only the Machinery race was capable of having the entire race on the same page and sharing all of their knowledge and even emotions with one another.

The presiding judge was obviously communicating with other members of the Machinery race and deciding the judgment outcome.

Even though the results were not out yet, Yin Jiuli's expression was as calm as water, while Yin Jiao displayed a victorious expression.

The civilization arbitration was of a high level. They had many special rights and definitely many restrictions. For example, a level-6 civilization was only able to submit an arbitration once every 10 years. This was a special right that the Star Alliance had given to middle-leveled and high-leveled civilizations.

Thus, Yin Jiuli used his identity as the Suzerain of the Shell Shade Faction to request a civilization arbitration. Unless another civilization of the same level used a civilization arbitration to oppose this, it would be impossible to undo this or change the judgment. Frankly speaking, using this to deal with Wang Zhong was an overkill. However, Yin Jiuli had seen the video of the fight between Wang Zhong and Yin Jiao and realized that this human's combat power was relatively terrifying. Even if he attacked, he might not be able to win. Furthermore, if he did not kill Wang Zhong as quickly as possible, with his terrifying speed of growth, would the Shell Shade Faction be able to still remain standing in the Catanlyke District in the future?

The price was big, but it would be worth it! Wang Zhong had to die!

[1] "man" and "bear" sound the same in Chinese

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    《Battle Frenzy》