Battle Frenzy
1005 A Twist of Fate
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1005 A Twist of Fate

Yin Jiao obviously knew this rule. So what if he could not defeat Wang Zhong? So what if Wang Zhong was a genius? He could use this power to kill Wang Zhong! Who asked you to be a human with no background?

He viciously looked at Wang Zhong with a venomous gaze. "Wait until you are sent to the Arena, bastard. I will go there and personally watch you get ripped into pieces by the savage soldiers in the Arena!"

Wang Zhong did not complain. Meanwhile, Old Cow and the others at the stands had expressions full of hopelessness. They were simply powerless in the face of an official civilization arbitration request from a Faction.

After just over ten seconds, the presiding judge on the main stage seemed to have made his decision. The sparkling lights at the back of his head dimmed slightly, as if he had cut off communication with the other members of the Machinery race. Then he cast his gaze at Wang Zhong downstage.

Yin Jiuli, who was in the stands, flashed a smile, while Old Cow and the others all stood up nervously. Their backs were covered with cold sweat.

Wang Zhong was calm. Then, he heard the presiding judge pronounce his judgment without any hesitation. "Wang Zhong, Yin Jiao, and Mugthol are accused of destroying public property and fighting in public. All the destroyed property will be divided into three, and each person will compensate for their share."

Yin Jiuli smiled. "Don't go through so much trouble. The Shell Shade Faction is also at fault for this situation. As for the compensation, let me negotiate with the person-in-charge. I will pay!"

Only a few shops and houses in Heavenly Treasures Street had been destroyed. Furthermore, they had originally wanted to buy Heavenly Treasures Street to demolish it. Was this a major problem? This small amount of money was not important at all. Giving the Machinery race some face, acting with justice, and executing the guilty was what the Machinery race was most willing to see.

The presiding judge looked at Yin Jiuli, who smiled in return. The surroundings were dead silent. Old Cow and the others were powerless to refute. Furthermore, everyone knew that this compensation was not the main point. The main point was Wang Zhong's judgment.

"However," the presiding judge changed topic and clearly announced, "Yin Jiao roared in the law enforcement hall and ignored the prestige of the Machinery race. He is sentenced to the Arena for one year and will be stripped of his rights to enter the Heavenly Gates!"

"What?!" Downstage, Yin Jiao, who was prepared to celebrate, widened his eyes. He was full of disbelief as he jumped up from his seat.

Meanwhile, Yin Jiuli stopped smiling. Not only was he stunned, even Wang Zhong, Old Cow, Mugthol, and even Shannali and the others all suspected whether there was something wrong with their ears that caused them to hear the judgment wrongly.

Wang Zhong had not been judged, but Yin Jiao had been sentenced to the Arena for a year? Because he roared in the court?

However, this judgment was just the appetizer. The presiding judge had no intention of dragging this and continued his pronouncement. "Yin Jiuli ignored the prestige of the Machinery race law enforcement hall and interfered with law enforcement. The civilization arbitration has been undone. You are sentenced to one year in the Dimple Boundary Prison, and you are not allowed bail!"

"What?!" Even the crafty old Yin Jiuli who was as stable as a mountain was unable to resist himself. He jumped out of his seat and stood up, his face full of rage. "You guys are crazy. I am not going to Dimple Boundary for a mere bottom-dwelling commoner!"

The Dimple Boundary Prison was where experts were banished. It was a place where living was worse than death. It was no better than the Arena.

"Since you have roared in the trial hall, your punishment is doubled. Your sentence has been extended to two years." The presiding judge did not even bat his eyelids. Of course, he did not have eyelids in the first place. "As for undoing the civilization arbitration, it was from the Machinery race. Just now, I have confirmed in the 'machine heart' that 93% of machines are in favor. Do you have any opinions about this?"

"Ma—Machine, Machinery race…" Yin Jiuli only felt his mind buzzing with explosions.

As a level-8 civilization, the Machinery race definitely had the power to undo a civilization arbitration from a mere level-6 civilization. However, a civilization arbitration from the Machinery race? How many years had passed since this had happened? The Machinery race was famous for not caring about the affairs of other races. They represented the rules in the Land. So what would require them to activate their civilization arbitration? But now, they had activated it for a human?!

Tap tap tap!

The heavy sound of metal meeting wood came from the table. The presiding judge's awe-inspiring and low voice sounded, "Bring the father and son of the Yin family away! Moreover, since Yin Jiuli has admitted that he would bear all the compensation costs for destroying public property, this will not involve Wang Zhong and Mugthol. This court announces that they are declared not guilty and will be set free!"

Declared not guilty and will be set free… They did not even need to pay compensation…

Old Cow, Sister Ling, Little Lost Fox, Uncle Sea, and the others all widened their mouths. Was this still the Machinery race that everyone was familiar with? They had actually thought about a free being. Had they encountered a fake Machinery race?


Yin Jiao vomited a mouthful of blood and fainted there and then. Several strong machines entered the hall. Meanwhile, Yin Jiuli withered and weakly leaned against his chair. He was not his ambitious and proud son. He had been a seasoned veteran in the Star Alliance for too long and had lived too well. At that moment, when he looked down at Wang Zhong, his gaze was no longer filled with hatred and anger. Instead, it was filled with deep fear and dread.

Only he, who understood very well the habits and style the Machinery race employed, as well as the rules of the Star Alliance, would know how unthinkable today's affairs were.

This human probably had a great pillar of support behind him that Yin Jiuli could not imagine. Furthermore, it was a pillar of support that could shake and influence the judgment of the Machinery race! Who was it? It could only be one of the four races in Heaven!

He heard that the Earth was once the Playground of the Gods. Could it be that Wang Zhong…?

Yin Jiuli made many blind guesses, but the more he guessed, the more he felt afraid and did not dare to continue guessing. However, he knew that the Shell Shade Faction was completely done for!

However, he had evidently guessed wrongly, as even Wang Zhong was astonished. Although he was not as familiar with the rules of the Star Alliance as Yin Jiuli, but the best outcome he had predicted for today was to compensate a large amount of money and be sentenced to work at the sandpit for a few years or the like. However, he never expected that nothing would happen to him. On the contrary, Yin Jiuli and Yin Jiao suffered heavy punishments.

What kind of place was the Dimple Boundary Prison? It was not an exaggeration to call it purgatory. Once one was sent there, many Void Core experts could not even survive for one month, let alone one or two years.


Other than the father and son that had been quickly brought away, everyone in the hall was still dumbfounded. However, Shannali had taken the initiative to walk up and stretch out her slender white hands towards Wang Zhong as she smiled. "You are very interesting. I am Shannali of the Cloud Mist Faction. You are welcome as a guest to the Cloud Mist Faction anytime."

Wang Zhong adjusted his mood very quickly. Perhaps it was because he had saved that machine? That was unlikely, as it did not seem worthy to talk about merely saving the life of a machine. Furthermore, they could still be re-smelted. Besides, what could a human give to the Machinery race?

He would not think about things he was unable to understand. This was his style all along. He had returned to normal after a short daze at the results of the judgment. Who did not like being declared not guilty and being set free?

Wang Zhong was full of smiles. He stood up, stretched out his hand, and shook hands with Shannali. "Isn't that fellow your boyfriend? Why are you still so happy after he was sent to the Arena?"

"What boyfriend? He was just blowing his own trumpet." Shannali smiled. "However, if you want to be my boyfriend, perhaps I can give you a chance."

"Ha ha." Wang Zhong laughed and did not respond. He did not feel that he was that charming. This young girl seemed like a very subjective person. One look and he could tell that she was extremely skilled at socializing. Thus, it was best if he maintained a respectful distance.

"Wang Zhong!"

Before Shannali could reply, Little Lost Fox had already thrown herself down the stands and hung onto Wang Zhong's body. She was extremely excited. This girl would not care about Shannali's identity. "Amazing, you're alright! We can sell flowers together again!"

At the side, Old Cow, Sister Ling, and the others looked at one another helplessly. Sister Ling quickly pulled Little Lost Fox aside. "What foolish words! Does Brother Wang Zhong look like someone who will sell flowers with you…?"

Little Lost Fox stuck out her tongue. She was not truly foolish but was just rather pure.

Old Cow gave a few dry coughs. Frankly speaking, he did not quite know how to face Wang Zhong now. Such a powerful expert was able to defeat a Void Core like Yin Jiao? Furthermore, in today's Machinery race trial hall, even though Old Cow and the rest did not understand the rules of the powerful, even a blind person could see that the judgment of the Machinery race was evidently biased towards Wang Zhong. Was Wang Zhong actually some amazing figure who was able to get the help of the strictly impartial and incorruptible Machinery race?

However, this kind of mysterious great figure had been ordered around by him all day. He did not know whether this fellow would bear any grudges. Furthermore, even if Wang Zhong really did not care about such minor things, where would he go now? Would he have the face to ask Wang Zhong to follow him and continue selling flowers in his flower shop?

Various thoughts surged in Old Cow's heart. For some time, he felt awkward and did not know what he should say. He arched his big and tall body. However, before he could say anything, Wang Zhong had walked up and patted his shoulder. "Brother Cow, why are you dumbfounded? Let's go home!"

"Go—go home?" Old Cow was stunned once again.

"That's right. The flower shop is my home." Wang Zhong smiled and said, "Unless you don't want to take me in anymore."

Old Cow was dumbfounded before he finally reacted. He also had a carefree personality, and the small conflict in his heart had been dispersed with just two sentences from Wang Zhong. He laughed out loud. "What are you talking about? I'll take you in! I'll definitely take you in! No, no, no, take you in? That is your home. Are you not willing to admit it even after such a long time? Let's go home!"

"Wang Zhong, Wang Zhong." Little Lost Fox pressed close to Wang Zhong. Then, she lowered her tone and mysteriously said, "Let me tell you something. Actually, I kicked the flower pot that you broke. Boss made me do it…"

Wang Zhong rubbed her small head. He already knew about this long ago.

Sister Ling had told him about this during an idle chatter. Not only had Old Cow taken him in, he had also taken in many other people. This was not a secret to a few old retailers in Heavenly Treasures Street.

Those who had been taken in by Old Cow were not much different from Wang Zhong. They all came from low-leveled civilizations and did not have any professional skills. It was very difficult for them to even survive. Thus, Old Cow took them in, but there were very few good endings. These people who came from low-leveled civilizations were mostly ambitious and proud, and very few of them were able to do work in Old Cow's shop. After a while, they would be slightly familiar with the divine territory and hurriedly leave, only to provoke someone and be beaten to death. Some even had evil thoughts and stole things from Old Cow's shop. Old Cow had lost a lot of money over this.

However, this typically miserly fellow had never complained because of this. When he saw wanderers like Wang Zhong, as long as he felt that they were not truly bad people, he would usually try to take them in.

At that time, Wang Zhong had wandered in Heavenly Treasures Street for quite some time, and Old Cow had always been watching him. He had made Little Lost Fox intentionally bump into him and break a flower pot as a random reason for Old Cow to take him in. This fellow had never admitted that he was a good person. According to him, good people did not live long in the divine territory.

This was the reason why Wang Zhong had made the flower shop his home. It was precisely because of Old Cow and not simply because Old Cow had taken him in.

When they returned to Heavenly Treasures Street, there were thunderous cheers. The biggest hotel in Heavenly Treasures Street had already prepared a sumptuous feast.

Although Wang Zhong was the hero in everyone's eyes, they did not completely turn a cold shoulder to Mugthol. They also invited him to sit beside Wang Zhong. At first, Uncle Thol was rather awkward, but after some cups of millet wine, his boasting attributes burst forth again. He talked endlessly as he chatted about the past till present and called Wang Zhong his brother. He was no longer as dejected as when he was beaten up by Yin Jiao in the day.

On the contrary, Wang Zhong used this opportunity to ask for guidance about forming his Void Core.

To be honest, in terms of Spiritual Energy Value, he had already reached the standard of a Void Core. When he fought with Yin Jiao, he could burst forth with a Spiritual Energy Value of over 100,000. In the past, he did not have anyone as a benchmark, and Wang Zhong had felt that he might not have accumulated enough spiritual energy. However, after the battle, he discovered the threshold for the Void Core Realm. This allowed him to scrutinize himself once again. Advancing to the Void Core Realm was definitely his most urgent matter now.

However, Mugthol's reply made Wang Zhong slightly speechless.

"I am from the goblin race…" Mugthol awkwardly said. "I am a goblin whose lineage was considered decent. I already had a Void Core when I was born. If not, with my understanding and my natural talent, how would I have the chance to enter a large Faction like the Patrolling Goblin Faction?

"I don't have much experience with accumulating my Void Core and did not spend much time in the Faction. Furthermore, with my understanding, I did not actually learn much."

"But I know something. Accumulating the Void Core is quite different for various races. Some races do not even have a way to accumulate their Void Core. Take note, I am not talking about techniques or methods. The Void Core cannot be cultivated with any techniques. It relies on your understanding or the natural talent of certain races. Various races have different paths or different understandings when forming their Core."

"The civilization level of you humans is too low. Furthermore, you only entered the Star Alliance two years ago. Your race, body structure, and civilization system are different. There is definitely no current method of accumulating your Core that can simply be used by you. Even if there was, you must consider that the price to pay would be very high. Thus, you still have to test it out yourself."

"However, I can provide you with some thoughts." Mugthol looked at Wang Zhong. "Elixirs!"

"Do you know why pills are round? Do you know why all the celestial bodies in this universe are round? Do you know why the Void Core is called as such?" He put on airs as he listed a whole bunch of questions. Then, he concluded, "They all have something in common! Many pioneers in low-leveled civilizations were able to deduce the method of forming a Void Core that belonged to their own race by relying on their understanding of elixirs. This might be your best choice."

Wang Zhong went into deep thought. Mugthol was a classic and carefree goblin prodigal. Meanwhile, he had heard about elixirs countless times from Boss Sea. They were as taboo as techniques and were the secrets of each Faction that no outsiders would know.

Without the Void Core, spiritual influence was meaningless. His aim was not just to become a local tyrant in Heavenly Treasures Street for the rest of his life.


The Crystal Arena was a relatively famous place in the Land.

This place was always filled with blood and revelry, and allowed fallen civilizations to vent. The newbies were called "meat". They would walk into the circular arena and rapidly lose their lives inside. Various colors of blood were mixed together and eventually formed a thick and profound black, making everyone think of contaminated clay. Meanwhile, their originally lively bodies emitted unwillingness and fear due to death.

Aiolos was inside a cage. On the third day since he arrived, he saw the owner of the Arena from the cage. It was a powerful expert from the crystal race. Like humans, the crystal race was also a classic celestialoid race. However, unlike humans, there was a symbiotic crystal on their foreheads, which was the source of their power. Unlike the awkward level-4 civilization of the humans, the crystal race was a powerful level-7 civilization.

Humans were not unique, let alone the center of the universe. The only capital that humans could flaunt in the divine territory was their status as the lowest civilization.

When Aiolos observed this crystal person called "Burning Sage", the crystal person had ignored him and admired the silver electric Titan instead. "Tsarilorhuan, you deserve a prize. Please make your preparations. Tomorrow, your opponents will no longer be the fools from those low-leveled civilizations. They will be opponents that I have painstakingly chosen for you. However, I hope that you will be able to survive as the crowds like you. Indeed, who doesn't like Titans? Especially the high-leveled silver electric Titans."

Tsarilorhuan's gaze was like fire as he looked at the crystal person's face. In this heavy atmosphere, it felt as if he was about to pounce on the crystal person's face and chop his lower lip into half at any time.

However, the next second, a cold sneer appeared on Tsari's face. His lips curled up slightly in a mocking expression. Then, he used a painful tone to speak. "Send my regards to your little sister, Burning Gusil."

It was evident that there was a feud between them. Furthermore, Tsari had gotten the upper hand in the past, but now, he had fallen into Burning Gusil's hands.

Thus, Burning Gusil was not angry at all. He looked at Tsari coldly and scornfully for the last time before turning to leave. Now, he had the time to let this Titan learn how to respect the owner of this place, the ruler of this place: the Burning Saint, aka Burning Gusil.

"Is there hatred between you two? Does it have to do with his little sister?" Aiolos licked his dry lips. Here, everything had to be obtained through battles: food, water, and even various women. Without fighting, they were only worthy to enjoy the lowest requirements to sustain their lives. In the eyes of the Aiolos managers, a vicious wolf who had been starved for seven days and nights would be more brutal when released to kill.

Only with victory could one have what one wanted. They could even be provided with women.

As for "humanity", ever since the moment they had become gladiators, regardless of whether they had committed an offense or voluntarily did so for Star Coins, they were no longer "human".

Tsarilorhuan stared at Aiolos. "Are all you humans so gossipy?"

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    《Battle Frenzy》