Battle Frenzy
1006 Earthling
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1006 Earthling

"I'm not thinking seriously, but if you have a huge grudge, should I be maintaining a safe distance from you?" Aiolos shrugged his shoulders helplessly. After spending time in the divine territory, he felt as if these races from advanced civilizations were somewhat "degenerate". They passively fought most of the time.

"What do you mean by not thinking seriously?" Tsarilorhuan was amused. Wasn't it a bit too late to talk about distance now?

"I mean it literally. I'm so hungry. Just when will I be able to go on court?"

Aiolos did not have an opportunity to fight yet. The Arena, which was like a meat mincing machine, did not just allow anyone to appear in it. It was very obvious that humans would not have many tricks to show off here either. The managers for Aiolos had not found any good way to allow Aiolos on court even after three days of thinking.

In reality, the manager in charge of sending people on court was very troubled. Every day, he wanted to swear at the machine judge who had sentenced this human here more than ten times!

It was really very difficult to send this human to his death. The manager had to consider the displeasure and comments from the audience, and was more worried that this would affect the reputation of the Crystal Arena. After all, they were not the only Arena here. They had many competitors waiting for them to make a mistake.

However, Tsari did not have any spare food to deal with Aiolos's empty stomach. Titans had very large appetites. Furthermore, everyone in the Crystal Arena knew that the Titan had an old grudge with the crystal person boss. Even though Tsari had satisfyingly won competitions and received cheers and rewards from the audience, those malicious managers were never willing to give him enough food and water.

"If you are hungry, then absorb spiritual power." Tsari did not care about eating and drinking. Other than needing a small amount of water, Titans could absorb spiritual power to survive.

Furthermore, in theory, the Silver Heart technique that Tsari had passed down to Aiolos could allow Aiolos to absorb spiritual power and obtain a certain amount of nourishment for his body. Although he could not reach the level that Titans achieved, he could still effectively reduce his need for food.

Simply speaking, if he cultivated Silver Heart every day, Aiolos, who would normally have starved to death in 10 days, could last for a while longer even if he was still hungry.

Aiolos could only continue to cultivate his Silver Heart as Tsari observed the changes in Aiolos's technique. The Silver Heart that Aiolos cultivated was no longer the version that Tsari had passed down to him back then.

At first, the Silver Heart brought about great harm to Aiolos. After all, the bodies of humans were too weak, and their basics were too thin. Thus, the Silver Heart was difficult for him to endure. If it were not for Aiolos's ridiculous recovery abilities, Tsari would have definitely given him a gentler technique. However, a gentler technique would mean that advancing his realm would be slower. He was still weak. Furthermore, Aiolos, who was now in the Arena, felt that his greatest enemy was not having enough time.

Luckily, the Arena had not allowed Aiolos the chance to go on court to die. The audience had bought tickets to enter, not just because they wanted to watch blood flow, but also because they hoped that something more exciting would happen, allowing them to shout and vent their stress.

This gave Aiolos the time to adjust the Silver Heart, which was also what he was best at. He was good at creating everything based on his own yardstick, from weapons to techniques. Through the Silver Heart, he understood how to obtain power. In essence, it was the same as on Earth, except that the quality of spiritual power in the divine territory was higher.

Spiritual power was like turning a screw. The spiritual power on Earth was like a small screw that could deal with most situations. However, in the divine territory, not only did the density of spiritual power increase, the "rules" were also different. There were countless changes. Thus, he needed a multi-functional screw that could change shape at any time according to the rules.

Aiolos's rapid adjustment allowed Tsari to further change his perception of humans. Humans might not have any natural talents, but their complex experiences allowed them to accept anything relatively quickly.

Most importantly, human intelligence did not simply drive them to pursue strength. For example, in order to advance to a level-6 civilization, the shadow race had completely given up on their material existence in reality and became true shadows. Now, they only seemed to exist in the world of shadows. Meanwhile, humans placed more emphasis on compatibility and understanding.

In particular, they emphasized compatibility. From Aiolos, Tsari could see that the compatibility of humans was beyond his imagination. He felt that as long as he gave this civilization a certain amount of time, they would definitely make the people who had once laughed at them regret doing so.

As the days passed, Tsari's fights became more complicated and dangerous, and were no longer as relaxing and enjoyable as when he had just arrived. The crystal person was carrying out his revenge. Although Tsari managed to survive every time, he always brought back deep wounds. However, Burning Gusil was dying to kill him in one shot.

Aiolos was only worried about Tsari for a day. However, he quickly found out that the silver electric Titans were not called high-leveled Titans just because of their strength. They were also very adept at sinister things. Although the injuries on Tsari's body were shocking, in reality, they were simply superficial wounds. Tsari was using his injuries to confuse Burning Gusil as he carried out his revenge. Meanwhile, Tsari was accumulating strength in secret. "He probably will not have many more chances to attack. He will probably do so for at most two times, or even just one. This is the revenge that the Titan race has tacitly agreed to. This is just challenging the dignity of the Titan race."

"Thus, the reason why no Titan has stepped up to help you even though you have been beaten up all this time was that the entire Titan race allowed this revenge?"

"That's about it."

Aiolos looked at Tsarilorhuan with a strange gaze. "Just what have you done? How many enemies like the Burning Sage do you have?" He could not help but dig up the past of this high-leveled Titan who had been confronted by danger. Just what had made the Titan race abandon him just like that? Being sent to the Heavenly River sandpit was understandable as he had killed an aristocrat from a civilization of the same level, but the Arena? The Titan race was not a race that particularly liked talking about principles. Their principles were their fists and lightning. Whoever was stronger had the power to speak loudly.

"How would I know? It's true that I was presumptuous when I was young and unintentionally offended many people. Then, I was disciplined." The Titan spoke as if others would not cause trouble for him if he was not calculative.

"Now, I'm really thinking about whether I should keep a safe distance away from you." Aiolos smiled.

"Ha ha, I like your jokes."

Tsari laughed for a while before saying, "During an important trial, I accidentally destroyed a joyous event for a large group of people."

He did not go into detail, but Aiolos knew that he had said enough. In the divine territory, there were some pieces of information that were extremely dangerous.

"Did you kill the aristocrat then?"

"No, that is another matter."

"Are you a troublemaker?"

"My mom said that too! She will definitely like you."

"…" Aiolos stopped speaking. No matter what topic he chatted with Tsari about, Tsari would always make the conversation die out. This fellow was probably both the legendary troublemaker and conversation-stopper.

The next day, Aiolos suddenly received a sumptuous breakfast. The manager for Aiolos excitedly looked at him. His gaze was happy, and he was like a wicked butcher who was glaring at a piece of expired, smelly meat that had been sold.

"Human, your chance is here."

Before Aiolos could finish eating, the manager anxiously said, "You can finally go on court today. Prepare yourself well."

He had finally found a way to make this human completely disappear. Last night, he had dragged a weak and massive Mhengla beast to the Crystal Arena. This was a monster that had achieved the strength of a Void Core and would be today's great show in the Arena, where a group of gladiators would fight the massive Mhengla beast. This scene would be very grand and spectacular.

However, the massive Mhengla beast had to be fed first before it could break out of its weak state. If not, it would be very difficult for the beast to display its true strength as a Void Core. After all, it was a confused monster that could only be ordered about.

Such feeding was usually done behind the scenes. Thus, when the massive beast appeared, it would cause the audience to cry out in shock and create a flourishing atmosphere.

However, he planned to change it up today!

"You will only get a steady supply of food if you win." Aiolos looked at the vicious and delighted gaze of the guard, but was more concerned about his own stomach. After so many days of just relying on some basic food and water and surviving by absorbing spiritual power, he felt as if his stomach had shrunk.

"There is a plan behind this, but I wish you good luck." Tsarilorhuan did not seem to be worried at all. He also had a tough battle to fight today.

Aiolos waited. A series of fights started and ended, and blocks of flesh were brought away. No one cared about where they were eventually brought to. The hot and moist Arena that was covered in blood was what everyone focused their attention upon.

At this moment, the host's shout echoed throughout the Arena. "I believe that everyone has heard this. Today's second-last programme is a monster, a massive Mhengla beast!"


"Everyone has seen a massive Mhengla beast before, but who has seen it eat? Who has seen it eat and recover its stamina and heal its wounds?

"Now, your chance is here!"

Roar wu wu wu ——

The surface of the ground shook. Then, a massive beast that was as large as a two-story building appeared behind a fence. Ten strong slaves used 10 long pincers to restrict its movements, causing it to roar with even more anger. The unfamiliar environment and its weak state caused its desire to slaughter to reach a peak.

At this moment, a guard pushed Aiolos. "It's your turn to go on court."

Aiolos turned back and looked at him. Then, he packed up his three sets of equipment. He had a sword, a round shield, and standard gladiator leather armor. They were very normal and felt more like decorations.

Then, he appeared.

Wu wu wu…

Hissing sounds almost immediately sounded from the crowd!

"It's actually a human?"

"My god, this is… a human who has just joined the Star Alliance?"

"Indeed, he has the appearance of a celestialoid. But since when were humans allowed to enter the Arena? Their incompetence tarnishes the reputation of the Crystal Arena."

"Hey, why is there only one? Shouldn't you prepare a group of slaves and allow the beast to recover its strength?"

"The human Aiolos!" The host hurriedly explained in a loud voice. "He is only the appetizer before the Mhengla's meal! Just a bit of food can stimulate the ferocity of the massive Mhengla beast. I believe that everyone understands what I mean. The fight later on will be even more exciting, and it is worth patiently waiting."

There were various sounds and all sorts of voices. Hissing shook the skies.

The guard wiped the sweat on his head but sighed in relief. The human was actually an appetizer. Thus, the audience was hissing at the human, not at the Arena.

They felt that even if he was an appetizer, they should have looked for one who could fight longer. Of course, they could still tolerate a few small complaints. They could not wait to see this human die quickly and be switched out for someone else who could fight.

Aiolos took in a deep breath. The smell of blood that had been left behind from previous fights still wafted in the air. Meanwhile, the hissing sounds made this smell even stronger, to the point that he tasted a sweet sensation in his throat. Was he going to become food for this massive beast? Aiolos laughed. He suddenly pushed aside the leather armor on his body and exposed his upper body. Then, he stretched out his hands and faced the hissing crowd, the smile on his face making it seem as if he was embracing cheers.

Wu wu…

"Shameless human!"

The hissing noises became even louder.


With this order, the 10 slaves that were holding the massive beast back put away their pincers. Then, they quickly put on a piece of outerwear that allowed them to hide from the massive Mhengla beast. Then, they quickly and skilfully left the Arena from the two side doors.

The massive Mhengla beast locked onto Aiolos. Its eyes were full of hunger and blood, and its roar became even more ferocious. However, Aiolos moved first and charged straight at the beast. After all, it was said that dogs that could bark did not bite people. How could he hide from a beast who liked to use its roar to threaten its prey?

If he was about to fight, he would fight to his heart's content!


Aiolos was sent flying over 20 meters away, smashed into the walls in the Arena, and then fell to the ground heavily. He was left crawling on the ground.

Aiolos could sense the massive destructive power. His power had reached a bottleneck after coming here until he obtained the Silver Heart. Although the power from the thunder technique was not suitable for him, he could forcibly borrow it for power. There might be side effects, but they were not much.

His strong recovery powers allowed Aiolos to slowly make use of the Silver Heart and transform it.


The massive Mhengla beast swiped its claw, and Aiolos was once again sent flying as a result.

The entire Arena hissed, and shouts from various civilizations accumulated into countless sounds. Meanwhile, the massive Mhengla beast took big steps and charged towards Aiolos. It needed to eat food, in particular food that contained energy. This creature could instinctively sense Aiolos's energy.

However, the two heavy attacks made Aiolos feel as if he was alive. Creatures here who were not from any civilization were rubbish and did not have any skills at all.


Lightning flashed and accumulated in Aiolos's eyes. He would let everyone see what was called Earth's Style!


Aiolos dodged the attack from the massive beast and charged at the beast's throat like a rocket.

Bang bang bang bang…

This explosive power was like delivering over a hundred punches. All the attacks were concentrated in one area. Even the massive Mhengla beast, who was on the alert and defended itself, could not endure this. Its body swayed, and it fell on the ground.

Aiolos did not give it any chance for unbridled behavior. Like knives, his hands cut the beast along its bones. This was the method to deal with beasts that he was skilled in. Then, with a roar that shocked the heavens and shook the earth, he pulled out the throat of the massive Mhengla beast.

The massive Mhengla beast stopped roaring, and blood spurted out from its throat area like a water gun, splattering the ground of the Arena. In an instant, all the hissing stopped. Countless pairs of eyes stared at the short and small figure in silence.

The human had defeated the massive Mhengla beast?!

Amidst the crashes, the massive beast had collapsed, and the human had stood up.

The smile that the human had flashed in the beginning was still on his face. He was smiling! He was actually still alive and still smiling!

What a completely different style!

The human did not seem to care as he pointed a finger to the sky.

Did this mean something in their civilization?

Was this a miracle? They did not care? At any rate, they had seen something novel and were excited. The massive Mhengla beast that was supposed to be the second last performance had collapsed just like that. They wanted to see what other new exciting performances the Crystal Arena would schedule!

"Human, human, human!"

Aiolos raised both hands in the air as he breathed deeply. The intense pain in his chest seemed to have disappeared. Compared to the Heavenly River sandpit, this place might suit him better. Furthermore, fighting caused the negative power from the Silver Heart to feel more comfortable.

Fighting was his path. His road was to become a god of combat. He might die, but he had to rely on his own fists to open up a path.

I am an Earthling!

Tsarilorhuan watched all of this from behind the railings, and his eyes were full of pride. This was his brother from the Earth. He knew that the Silver Heart might be something that he could endure, and he believed that Aiolos could do it.

Aiolos was much better than he had imagined!


After a few days of repair and maintenance, although Yin Jiuli and his son had been captured, the Shell Shade Faction was still around. It was said that an elder who was only in the peak Foundational Stage had stepped up. He had hurriedly made good relations with Wang Zhong and Old Cow from the Heavenly Treasures Street. As for compensation to the shops in Heavenly Treasures Street, they were extremely meticulous and compensated for everything, including when Yin Jiao had led people to smash Old Cow's shop. They automatically said that they definitely had to compensate Old Cow and that they could name the price. There was no negotiation at all.

They were afraid that Wang Zhong and Mugthol would find a reason to cause trouble at the Shell Shade Faction. Now that they did not have Yin Jiuli and Yin Jiao, the Shell Shade Faction could not resist these two experts at all. After all, it was the law of the jungle. They would be done for if they could not do anything.

In reality, it was not important regardless of whether Wang Zhong and Mugthol would attack them when they were down. They had lost their Void Core leader and only had a group of Foundational Stage fellows left; they were not enough to support a Faction or take root in a place like Catanlyke District. Countless powers around them had fixed their gaze at the Shell Shade Faction's territory. Once the tree falls, the monkeys on it would scatter, and it was only a matter of time before they were eliminated. However, this was not a problem that Wang Zhong would care about.

An open secret had spread through the entire Heavenly Treasures Street and even the Catanlyke District that an Earthling called Wang Zhong had been favored by the Machinery race and that the Machinery race was willing to "let him out through the back door". No one knew whether this was true, and no one dared to verify this. They simply knew that the law enforcement squads near Heavenly Treasures Street had doubled.

Some Factions in the Catanlyke District had even guessed whether Wang Zhong was the illegitimate son of some big boss. After all, although a place like the Earth, which had been called the Playground of the Gods, was backward, over there were the footsteps of many actual deities. One of them might have fathered children and left behind noble blood. It was not impossible for him to be the actual son of a deity or for the sacred bloodline to have been passed down to him. Of course, some deity might have taken a liking to him on a whim. Who knew?

Rumors and slander flew everywhere, making Little Lost Fox feel that it was very bizarre. She made random guesses and asked arbitrary questions, while Wang Zhong smiled and did not say anything. Such rumors were actually useful in helping to stabilize the Heavenly Treasures Street. He did not confirm these rumors but did not deny them either. As for why the Machinery race had saved him, Wang Zhong felt that there was an 80% to 90% chance that it was to return the favor. Once they had returned the favor, it would be over. After all, the divine territory was too large. Furthermore, frankly speaking, the Shell Shade Faction was like a dancing little clown that only had Void Cores on guard. They were no match for truly large Factions.

With such a protector around, the Heavenly Treasures Street very quickly recovered from its state of anxiety and became peaceful again.

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    《Battle Frenzy》