Battle Frenzy
1008 Life and Death Evolution
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1008 Life and Death Evolution

Although it was rather rushed, Wang Zhong still made some arrangements for the Heavenly Treasures Street.

Mugthol would stay behind and settle down there. In reality, Mugthol was also weary of wandering. In the Land, even high-level-civilization members would only have a lifespan of several hundred years if they had not achieved the Gold Core realm. Mugthol was not young and no longer wanted to rush about. Thus, the Heavenly Treasures Street was the best place for him to take shelter.

Furthermore, to the Heavenly Treasures Street, even with Wang Zhong's reputation, they still needed a Void Core expert to be on guard. Simply relying on Wang Zhong's subordinates — wolf goblin Basir and his group of bandits — would not be enough to guard against thieves. Thus, even though he had to pay more commission, he did not complain much. The two sides also clicked together well.

"You can relax leaving the Heavenly Treasures Street in my hands." Mugthol patted his chest with assurance. He also gave Wang Zhong a profound suggestion. "There are not many low-key fellows like you in the divine territory. This personality is rather good as you don't stir up trouble easily. However, once you reach the Heavenly Gates, I'm afraid that you will have to change this habit.

"Over there, the Heavenly Gates will try to control you, and the various large civilizations will also keep you in check. Many elites gather there through different means, but no one dares to act recklessly there. But in reality, this is only on the surface. Within the Heavenly Gates, the division between groups is very severe, and the law of the jungle is much more common than you imagine. You cannot achieve peace by lying low. If you don't want to be bullied and want to be respected by others, it is best if you are crueler, especially because you are from a lower civilization like Earth. If you act low-key, no one will treat you like a big shot there…"

"Heh heh. Thanks, brother, I will take note. Furthermore, my fellow clansmen…" Wang Zhong nodded his head. Mugthol meant well, but he would only know what the exact situation was when he arrived.

"Relax, I will help you take care of this place. Experts do not think much of this place, and I can deal with the weaklings." Mugthol's attitude was extremely proper. He laughed out loud and said, "If your clansmen come here, I will definitely arrange the best things for them. Now, who would dare to bully Earthlings in Heavenly Treasures Street?"

Wang Zhong had no intention of occupying territory. He just wanted to provide Earthlings with a relatively better environment. He believed that there were many people among them with natural talents. Once they had the opportunity, they would definitely rise.

He first drew up a plan, which was no problem since his reputation in the Heavenly Treasures Street was determined. After a few simple sentences, a preliminary gathering spot for humans had been formed. However, it was a pity that it was still not easy to relay information to the Holy City. He had established himself in the Heavenly Treasures Street for several months, but other than a very small number of humans in Catanlyke District who had gathered here after hearing the news about Heavenly Treasures Street, he still had no contact with a majority of humans. He had sent a letter to the Holy City through the Starship Company, but the Starship Company did not specialize in sending letters. They could only say that if they had business with the Holy City, they could conveniently help to pass down the message. However, the time taken was uncertain. Thus, a reply had never arrived.

However, since his news had already been sent out, regardless of when he had sent it out, the Holy City would eventually receive the news. In the future, they would also send people straight to the Heavenly Treasures Street, where they could interact with other Earthlings. The Holy City would let them know and allow them to choose whether they wanted to come to the Heavenly Treasures Street. Furthermore, Mugthol, Old Cow, and the rest would take care of them, allowing them to live peacefully. This was already 10 million times better than how humans had once been treated. Wang Zhong would also be more relieved when he headed towards the Heavenly Gates.

At night, he had a small gathering with Old Cow, Little Lost Fox, Sister Ling, Boss Sea, and the others. They would not part forever, and going to the Heavenly Gates did not mean that he would never return. He was not joining a Faction and would still be free. Furthermore, every batch of Heavenly Gates candidates would only undergo training for a certain period. Every now and then, there would be a long period of time for everyone to return to their territory and cultivate. To Old Cow, Little Lost Fox, and the others, Wang Zhong was only "going on a journey".

Wang Zhong had opened up a path. However, he was not the only one with good luck. It seemed like the luck of humans had changed ever since he arrived in the divine territory.

What exactly was the divine territory?

Even the creators of the divine territory were unable to answer this question. In the beginning, the powerful civilizations had gathered and wanted to create a world that could link to the Hyperdimension and accommodate tyrannical power. Of course, they took great pains so that this world could achieve "eternity".

However, after sacrificing countless civilizations and resources, the divine territory they eventually created was different from what the creators had imagined. The divine territory was able to accommodate their power and provide a source of energy, and even provide opportunities to impact the Hyperdimension, but the resources in the divine territory were limited.

This was not the ideal place that the peak powers in the Fifth Dimension wanted. However, they were also helpless. Thus, frankly speaking, the appearance of the Star Alliance was like a robbery, and they wound up with a pyramid structure of power.

However, life, or the mysteries of the universe, was unpredictable. There was no doubt that the divine territory itself was limited, but the appearance of the Netherworld River was unexpected. The Netherworld River was a "self-healing" method, which balanced the power of the Heavenly River, that the rules had created. Furthermore, the Netherworld River continued to expand. More accurately, she was becoming larger. The space created caused the birth of various life forms and even nurtured some bottom-dwelling civilizations.

However, the peak civilizations did not mind this "smelly ditch". They felt that this was simply the rules of the universe. The Netherworld River had secretly grown and passed through the divine territory. Like the nourishment from the Heavenly River, the Netherworld River in the underground world also brought about various effects to the places she flowed through.

The Netherworld River had unknowingly formed a superficial consciousness and followed instincts that were similar to living creatures.

The dim green Netherworld River corroded many things and greedily absorbed everything that got near to her, regardless of whether it was a living or dead thing. Even if it was a piece of metal, a stone, or a fallen leaf, the Netherworld River would completely change their original properties from inside out and stamp the seal of the Netherworld River, making them a part of her. When the Netherworld River wanted to eat something up, she could not be stopped. Everything, even dead stones, would become her nourishment.

She made no exceptions, and the willpower of the Netherworld River was cruel and emotionless. At the same time, she was sluggish and relaxed.

Perhaps it was an accident, or perhaps it was fate, but this exception caused her willpower to naturally consolidate. She had sensed something strange.

She surrounded it.


Within the Life and Death Coffin, Mu Zi was making plans for the rations he had brought along. This was a habit he had formed as a result of wandering in the desert. Mu Zi had to bring along enough food and water with him for him to wander for several months before he could be reassured. Suddenly, the Life and Death Coffin shook and the dim Netherworld River rapidly surged inside. The power of the Netherworld River, which had been stopped, suddenly turned brutal. Waves of invisible but substantial power passed through the Life and Death Coffin and charged towards Mu Zi without anything blocking their way!

The first to be attacked were his clothes, which almost immediately turned into green dots before completely vanishing. However, before he had the chance to feel awkward, the various items he had brought along with him were now also affected. They turned into green dots like his clothes, and whatever was stored inside had disappeared into the flow of the river or returned to the riverbed. No matter whether it was his food and water or the Star Coins that Mu Zi had painstakingly saved over two years, they were all devoured quickly and efficiently by the Netherworld River. Mu Zi could only watch everything disappear with his eyes wide open. He could even faintly sense the Netherworld River's joyful aura because of this.

Just as Mu Zi saw his own body transforming from the corrosion of the Netherworld River, the Life and Death Coffin finally reacted. A dim light shone from the Life and Death Coffin as it once again blocked the corrosive power of the Netherworld River.

There was a moment of peace. Then, the waves at the surface of the river suddenly became unusually rapid. An even more enormous power suddenly charged downwards with great determination.


This was completely different from the power that had fallen, and the Life and Death Coffin could no longer completely stop this. Mu Zi could clearly sense that a powerful Will had transformed into countless spirit tentacles that he could not see, which forcibly passed through the Life and Death Coffin. Although this wave of power was much weaker, it was still strong enough that he could not resist it. The tentacles went into his body through his seven orifices and his pores. They were like the legendary king-leveled venomous insects of the venomous insect race that brutally wreaked havoc in his body like farmers who were burning rainforests to open up land. They first destroyed his body, then forced the Will of the Netherworld River onto his broken flesh to create something new, and finally stamped the seal of the Netherworld River onto it.

Not only did the Netherworld River corrode and reconstruct Mu Zi's body, the Netherworld River also had unrestrained greed and desire toward his soul. She wanted to eat it! She charged toward his soul and attacked it over and over again. She could obtain the growth that she wanted from this weak consciousness, which would allow her thoughts to become clearer.

His body and soul were affected. Not only did Mu Zi feel pain, he felt something else that could not be described with life and death. The weight of all the despair in the world put together was not even enough to describe the heavy feeling that flattened him and rounded him. He was completely eaten up and disintegrated into dirt. When he thought that he could finally break free, he realized that everything had returned to the beginning. Once again, he was flattened and rounded… This cycle would continue without stopping until his soul had disintegrated into a form that the Netherworld River wanted. This was a special characteristic that the Netherworld River possessed when it was first formed. Its desire for souls was like a newborn's desire for their mother's milk. This was a pure and powerful instinct.

The Life and Death Coffin let out a creaking sound. It was evident that it was suffering from a heavy load yet did not collapse. It was like an extremely stubborn child. Every time Mu Zi was about to collapse, the Life and Death Coffin would tremble and emit a profound and dim light that engulfed his soul. It was like an adhesive or transparent tape that forcibly pulled back his scattered soul.

His small soul was covered with cracks and looked like a porcelain doll that had been broken into pieces and pieced back together. However, his soul could not be subdued.

The Netherworld River was interested. Her corrosion progressively grew stronger. This was a game and an experience in her long life.

Amidst this, after Mu Zi attempted to struggle several times, he completely gave up on healing himself. He allowed the corrosive power of the Netherworld River and the dim light from the Life and Death Coffin to fight back and forth within his body. Since he was helpless, he would not care too much about it. He was like this along. He was able to adapt himself to different circumstances and was simple. Regardless of whether it was life or death, he was always calm and undisturbed. This attitude seemed to have worked and released him from much pain.

"Life is like eating. It usually makes people excited and can be rich and colorful. However, it can also lose its novelty and feel dull. Meanwhile, death is like the fatigue after playing. Although it is not as varied and colorful as life, just like life, it is ordinary and common. Thus, I will not be excited about life, but I will not fear death either.

"I am like a container. Life can be put inside, but death can also be put inside. Happiness, pain, memories, and the future can also be placed inside. After accepting all these, I am me, your Mu Zi."

He had once explained his life and death philosophy to Wang Zhong and Aiolos. He had also explained what power and realms were. In fact, he had always not cared much about this. When faced with everything that had happened, as well as life and death, and including the torture he was now experiencing from the Netherworld River, he was calm and carefree.

He had never experienced this kind of thing before.

"Her" dispersed, simple but extremely powerful consciousness simply had a desire to "live". It desired to be as free as other creatures and not be restricted to the Netherworld River. Occasionally, her consciousness would gather, but most of the time, it would disperse boundlessly.

But now, she had found a body that could contain and was willing to accept her. This was a living and free body.

Inside the Life and Death Coffin, Mu Zi's gaze continued to transform. For a while, he had black pupils, but after a while, his eyes seemed as bottomless and deep as an abyss.

Gradually, these changes disappeared, and the destructive Will started to retreat, healing Mu Zi's broken soul and body.

The Life and Death Coffin had also completed its transformation. It no longer completely rejected the corrosion of the Netherworld River. Power from the Netherworld River formed runes that landed on the Life and Death Coffin, turning into one of the ancient runes on the Life and Death Coffin.

Mu Zi let out a long sigh. Finally, all the pain had dispersed. He did not know what exactly had happened, but he knew that the Life and Death Coffin had once again pulled him back from the boundary of death. He stretched out his hand and touched the Life and Death Coffin. However, to his shock, a Will suddenly jumped into his consciousness.

It was the Netherworld River!

Mu Zi was dumbfounded and could sense how obscure and primitive this Will was. The Netherworld River still wanted to devour him, like a child that could not reject sweet food. However, she had just learned how to restrain her desires. This was because she could obtain the "freedom" that she had never had from Mu Zi.

The two of them engaged in a "deal". Mu Zi would provide his body to the Netherworld River, and in return, the Netherworld River would provide protection for Mu Zi. Of course, Mu Zi was still very weak and could not fully support her. Meanwhile, time was insignificant to the Netherworld River. She was willing to wait for the only miracle in the endless flow of time.

The consciousness of the Netherworld River dispersed. It had left as suddenly as it had arrived. At that moment, Mu Zi looked at the blurry and boundless Netherworld River, and suddenly felt very close to it. It no longer rejected him and was like water… He was slightly thirsty, but… Forget it.

Mu Zi's stomach started to growl. If any outsiders were here, they would definitely sense that there was something different about him. However, at that moment, Mu Zi was very hungry. It would be great if there were fish in the Netherworld River.

Furthermore, in reality, he did not think that the Netherworld River was deathly still. But now, he still wanted to think of a way to get back to shore.

However, as he floated, an island appeared in front of Mu Zi just as he felt as if he was about to starve to death.

There was an island within the Netherworld River? Mu Zi looked at it. Even after spending two years in the divine territory, he had never heard that there was an island in the Netherworld River. He realized that he had drifted to the unknown depths of the Netherworld River. Perhaps this was a place that even the big shots in the divine territory did not know about.

It was a round and pitch-black island. He could see the dancing shadows of trees on the black cliff. Then, Mu Zi looked down at his own body that had absolutely nothing. He moved the Life and Death Coffin slightly and headed towards the small island…

After traveling around the island for half a day, Mu Zi finally found a beach where he could disembark. This island was much more massive than he had seen from afar.

The Life and Death Coffin floated to the shore and stopped. Then, Mu Zi jumped out and stepped on the black beach barefooted. An intense wail soared to the sky as a massive deathly atmosphere suddenly turned into surging spiritual pressure, which charged towards the shore at an earth-shattering pace.


It was as if a gust of wind had slammed into his face, causing the top of his head to feel numb. Thus, Mu Zi started to feel lucky that he was already bald.

Mu Zi touched his numb head and sensed the massive deadly atmosphere. However, this was just the beginning. This island, which was in the Netherworld River, was full of dejection and fear that could make people go crazy.

However, Mu Zi smiled and looked at the black forest that was somewhat far away from the shore. He carried the Life and Death Coffin on his back and walked over.

Dogs who barked did not bite people. Since even the Netherworld River had not engulfed him, he would see what this island had to offer.

At the least, he had to find something he could wear. He also had to find water, and it would be best if there were creatures like wild rabbits…

Mu Zi was very optimistic and wanted to eat barbecue. It would be even better if there was cola.


Lao Wang did not notify anyone else in Heavenly Treasures Street. He brought along the 1,000 Silver Star Stones he had accumulated and left.

The currency conversion in the Star Alliance was relatively simple. One hundred Star Coins were equivalent to one Silver Star Stone, and 100 Silver Star Stones were equivalent to one Gold Star Stone. One thousand Silver Star Stones was definitely a massive sum of money, and the majority of it had been gathered by Old Cow, Sister Ling, and the others, who had dug into their pockets for this money. It was said that cultivation in the Heavenly Gates was extremely pricey.

Wang Zhong was the only traveler standing on a massive transmission platform. Beside the transmission platform was a rare and beautiful goblin girl, who shot amorous glances at Wang Zhong. Even the ordinary service staff at this transmission platform were the best in this entire transmission area. After all, in a place like Catanlyke District, did everyone have the right to head to the Heavenly Pond District to travel? Sorry, the Heavenly Pond District did not accept travel requests from civilizations below level-8 unless they had been invited. If not, even if you had proper business in the Heavenly Pond District, applying for a return permit and travel permit from various departments would completely tire you out.

He arrived in the Heavenly Pond District, serial number TH01. This was the origin of the Heavenly River and the center of the entire Land.

From other branches and districts, various civilization Factions or Star Alliance offices would be gathered here. However, there was only one group in power: the Heavenly Gates.

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