Battle Frenzy
1011 Second-Generation Gathering
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1011 Second-Generation Gathering

Broken Horn Kakadinme was a young prodigy from the Blood Demon race. When he was born, he was only a Void Core, and his natural talents were considered low for a peak level-8 civilization. However, he traveled the Land when he was a Void Core and challenged various established Solid Core or even Gold Core experts. It was said that the horn on his head had been broken by a Gold Core expert, but he was able to escape and survive until now. This was enough to prove that his combat level was shocking. He was also one of the four famous experts among the 58th batch.

Pigolo snorted coldly. Strangely, he did not talk back.

At the side, Flying Pig was excited as he had never expected a prodigy like Kakadinme to help him. He charged forth and wanted to hurriedly curry favor with him to display his gratitude. However, before he could say anything…

"Don't misunderstand. I just cannot stand him. He only scolded you, but if you dare to get close to me, I will slaughter you. I can't stand the pig smell from your body." Kakadinme glanced at Flying Pig and did not conceal the disgust in his eyes. "Low-leveled civilizations like you mix your blood with others in the divine territory and drag the standards of the divine territory down. Even death would be too good for you!"

Flying Pig instantly stopped speaking. He did not even dare to breathe.

"Take care of your pig properly. Don't let him dirty the eyes of others." Kakadinme glanced at Wang Zhong. Then, he slowly walked away while continuing to rub his horn. Everyone in his surroundings seemed to be invisible. He spoke in a satisfied tone, "Shh! How enjoyable, how enjoyable! Tsk tsk tsk. A demon horn is the most enjoyable!"

"Damn, what is bad about pigs? We are chubby and can be as cute as you want us to be." Flying Pig only dared to softly mutter to himself after Kakadinme had walked far away. "He really doesn't know how to appreciate things."

Clang clang!

Before he could finish speaking, they heard a sound that sounded like an earthquake. Then, an extremely lofty giant walked over.

"Don't block my way!" Golden light flashed in the giant's eyes. His low and rough voice sounded like a muffled clap of thunder. Everywhere he went, the crowd would retreat and open up a path for him.

This giant was unusually tall with a height of six to seven meters. He was like a crane standing among chickens when he stood amidst the tall beings. Even a few unusually tall races looked like small chicks standing beside him. Furthermore, unlike the ordinary Titans, the golden shine in his eyes was like the sun. Wherever he casually swept his gaze across, it was as if a high-energy searchlight had swept past that area. His gaze was bright and conspicuous.

He was a gold Titan! The Titan race was divided into many classes. Ordinary Titans were tall and were born with boundless superhuman strength. They were relatively powerful individuals. Meanwhile, the silver Titan's eyes were like electricity and had an unusually acute sense for electric spirits. They could borrow the power of lightning and were much stronger than ordinary Titans. They were the aristocrats and the main pillars of strength among the Titans. It was rare for one silver Titan to appear out of 1,000 ordinary Titans that were born. On the other hand, gold Titans were one in 10,000. They were born with golden light in their eyes, having already formed their Solid Core. They were able to cultivate the power of lightning as well as the power of the Sun. They were said to have the most masculine and powerful natural talents in the entire Land. Even achieving their Gold Core was not a difficult task for them.

It was rare for this kind of super prodigy to appear even among 1,000 silver Titans. Thus, they had never thought that there would be one in their own batch.

His massive feet allowed him to take large strides with every step. He walked over Wang Zhong and Flying Pig's heads, his terrifying body blocking out the skies.

"It's gold Titan Tsarisiya!"

Buzzing discussion noises sounded from the crowd once again because he was also one of the four top experts in the new batch of pupils. Gold Titan Tsarisiya's birth circumstances were much better than Kakadinme from the Blood Demon race. Unlike how Kakadinme had made his counterattack as a loser and fought his way to fame, Tsarisiya was born with the bloodline of the gold Titans. Although the Titans were from a level-7 civilization, someone who had been called royalty among the Titans had a shocking identity. With this kind of bloodline, he was pretty much destined to form his Gold Core and would definitely be nurtured with great attention. He was also destined to step into the Heaven in the future.

Wang Zhong silently calculated but could not figure out Tsarisiya's strength. He could only feel that he could almost compare to the terrifying Titan that had helped him register. Even just casually standing there gave the others an absolute sense of oppression. However, it was said that he was only 19 years old… It was hard to imagine this. The geniuses in advanced civilizations started off too well.

However, before the crowd could regain their senses from the oppression that the gold Titan brought along, an even more massive creature blocked out the sky.


It was as if the creature intentionally wanted to leave a strong impact on the new pupils. The black shadow was almost half the size of the field and flew over from a distance, blocking out the sky and leaving the entire field in shadow.

It looked to be bird-shaped, and its entire body was covered in golden feathers. When it flew, it brought about a hurricane with it. Eight in 10 people started to sway from the hurricane as they were unprepared.

"The Golden Feathered Roc!"

"It's Lilisy!"

Someone in the crowd shouted in shock.

Although some people called the Roc race — goblins, they were not considered a branch of the goblin race. In reality, there were many creatures who could transform but were not included in the goblin race. The main branch of the goblin race was simply a gathering of several level-7 civilizations. There were races such as the "Roc race" and the "legendary fish race" who had distant blood relations with the goblin race but had the strength of a level-8 civilization. However, as passing down their bloodline was too difficult and there were too few people in their race, they did not have the position of a level-8 civilization in the Star Alliance. After all, once they were determined as a level-8 civilization, while they would enjoy various conveniences and special treatment as level-8 civilizations, they would also have had to serve accordingly. This kind of development was not suitable for special races with a smaller population.

Other advanced civilizations would send a large number of pupils to each Heavenly Gates batch. However special races like the Roc race could only send one pupil during good times. They simply had too few people.

Lilisy was a member of the Roc race. Needless to say, its ancient bloodline and physique were already enough to scare people. It was said that the Roc race was one of the fastest races in the divine territory. Once they left the divine territory, they could travel through the void. Just now, when Wang Zhong had sensed its aura, it was still many kilometers away, as if it had just flown in from outside the Heavenly Gates. However, in the blink of an eye, it had arrived at Heavenly Gates Square. The boundless aura that this massive creature emitted was so strong that even creatures that were considered massive were as childish and laughable as ants trying to shake a tree. It was even more powerful than the gold Titan or Pigolo.


It slowly flew a few rounds over the square before turning into a light beam and diving to the ground. Then, it turned into an extremely sexy woman with nice curves and golden hair. However, no one had been taken in by her extremely sexy figure as the expression on her face was just too terrifying. When she looked at any of the creatures around her, her phoenix eyes were filled with a thick and raw desire to devour them. She wore a thin robe made out of feathers, and her left hand was constantly hiding her small mouth, as if drool uncontrollably flowed out of her mouth all the time.

"It seems like there is a lot of delicious food!" Lilisy swallowed her saliva once again. Her sexy and exposed stomach let out a shocking grumble that echoed throughout the entire square, causing everyone to tremble in fear.

A majority of people were alarmed and kept a distance away from her. Meanwhile, Flying Pig pulled on the corners of Wang Zhong's pants and could not even stand up straight. His two legs trembled continuously as if he was there with malaria, and his teeth chattered. Only gold Titan Tsarisiya and the Blood Demon Broken Horn Kakadinme could remain calm. The Roc race… had caused chaos in the Land as they could eat other races. Other than the unappetizing Machinery race and insect race, they could eat every other race. Thus, they were called the "Shocking Gourmets".

Gold Titan Tsarisiya roared in a low and rough tone. "Lilisy, don't stare at me!"

However, Lilisy's eyes lit up, and her saliva almost spilled. Her bewitching eyes had turned into slits as she laughed. "I'm sorry. I just can't control myself… But Tsarisiya, you'd better not provoke me. If not, even with your physique, I can forcibly squeeze you through the gaps in my teeth!"

"Hey hey hey! Your words are too exaggerated. With Old Tsar's physique, can you really squeeze him between the gaps in your teeth? Fight, fight!" Kakadinme was still polishing the horn on his head, and his joyful expression made him seem like an addict. However, he was still very observant and alert. He simply did not fear that the world would turn into chaos and shouted, "Old Tsar, I say. This girl has dared to challenge you. I don't know what kind of temper you have, but if I were you, I definitely wouldn't be able to resist! No, no, no. No man would be able to resist. You have to pin this woman on the ground and rub against her!"

Tsarisiya, Kakadinme, and Lilisy were here, and three of the four most famous experts in this new batch of pupils had arrived. They took on the name of the heavenly favored ones, and competition between them would definitely exist. This was also normal among the peak prodigies in past batches. However, no one had expected that such a competitive atmosphere would already be present at the welcome ceremony.

Tsarisiya picked his eyebrows, and a golden light shot out from his eyes. Meanwhile, Lilisy was not willing to show any signs of weakness and stared back. Spiritual influence started to surge from the bodies of these two peak experts. Putting aside weaklings like Flying Pig, even Wang Zhong felt like he was unable to tolerate standing in between when the two waves of spiritual influence collided. This terrifying presence was so hot that it was as if two waves of lava had collided with each other, threatening to eliminate all the creatures here!

Many people could not stand this and retreated, leaving a large and empty space in the square. Wang Zhong also felt that the strength of these two people were simply too terrifying. Even the body he had used to withstand Yin Jiao's full-powered attack would not be able to withstand the collision between the pure spiritual influence here. At the same time, he also protected Flying Pig, who was complaining incessantly. He was rather astonished. Although they were all new pupils in the same batch, the gaps in their strength were large!

The two young experts were about to collide at any moment. But suddenly, it was as if a gentle power descended from the sky, like a ripple on the calm surface of a lake. It easily forced the two colliding waves of aura back.

Petals fell from the sky, and gentle light enveloped the surroundings. Then, two figures covered in golden lightly slowly floated down.

The two figures were both females and had graceful figures. Without even looking at their appearances, each of their actions possessed a purity that was divine and could not be violated. When they walked, it was as if celestial music sounded and was accompanied by singing.

All the light in this world immediately concentrated on the bodies of these two people, especially the girl in front. Her skin was soft and smooth, and her face was glowing. Her eyes were bright, and her wide and thin silk robe flapped, allowing her beautiful pale legs to appear indistinctly. This was accompanied by her graceful posture as she walked like a celestial being. Her gracefulness was charming, and she had a pure demeanor. Even if others wanted to get close to her, they would not dare to do so. And if they wanted to leave, they could not bear to do so. The itch in their hearts was extremely hard to resolve.

Putting the others aside, even Wang Zhong, who could usually control his feelings toward women, could not help but feel some passion. Her demeanor that was between innocent purity and bewitching captivation could cause even stones to soften.

All the males and females there were momentarily stunned. They did not notice how these two people had descended to the square and completely forgot about the competition between Tsarisiya and Lilisy just now. They were all dazed and stunned, as if their souls had been stripped.

In the Land, the only ones with such shocking beauty were the Shell race!

It was the superintendent of the Shell race, Erza.

"Everyone, welcome to the Heavenly Gates. I am your superintendent, Erza."

Before the new people could recover from their shock at seeing this beauty, superintendent Erza's voice had clearly sounded in the square, as if she had no intention of investigating Tsarisiya and Lilisy. Her gentle voice was like the very sounds of nature to their ears, making it very unforgettable.

"You are the Heavenly Gates pupils of the 58th Violent Demon Batch. We have said that every batch of Heavenly Gates pupils represents an era. You are all the elites of the Land. No matter whether you enter the Heaven in the future or stay in the Land, all of you are the pride of the Star Alliance."

She smiled as she spoke with a mystic tone, causing everyone to calm down from their initial shock and gradually awaken from their intoxicated state. The entire process was rather natural. When everyone had regained their senses, they realized that they could clearly remember everything she had said. Furthermore, they did not feel unwell after being dizzy or absent-minded. This was no matter for careless people, but deliberate people like Tsarisiya, Lilisy, and Wang Zhong could sense how terrifying this detail was. Every word and action from this kind of being was like a miracle, and no one could judge them.

"…Coming here is not the end, but it is only the beginning. Here, only those who have passed the final Heavenly Gates examination will obtain qualifications. Those who are eliminated will no longer possess the qualifications. The Heavenly Gates does not need failures…"

"The rare Tide of Fate is about to appear. This is also the reason why we have expanded our recruitment of pupils. You are all extremely lucky, and I hope that you are able to seize this opportunity.

"You should have ambitious goals to surpass your comrades and your seniors. You should surpass your goals and even… surpass me!"

When superintendent Erza spoke, it was extremely quiet, and no one dared to make any sound. This was not just because of respect but also due to an instinctual repression. The aura that superintendent Erza emitted from her body was just too frightening.

In reality, the speech by the superintendent was no more than an official interlude. This batch was somewhat different from previous batches. The Tide of Fate meant that the Heavenly Gates were about to open, and the opening of the Heavenly Gates meant that experts who had gained the acknowledgment of the Heavenly Gates would finally have a chance to soar. However, forming a Gold Core did not mean that you could ascend to the Heaven. Unless you were a king like superintendent Erza, who could forcibly pass through the brutal Heavenly River and head towards the Heaven, ordinary Gold Cores and even weaker Solid Cores only had a small chance of ascending during the Tide of Fate, when the power of the Heavenly River was at its weakest.

However, this kind of news was extremely interesting to a country bumpkin like Wang Zhong. The others had already known about the Tide of Fate from various channels. When superintendent Erza said this, there was not much surprise on everyone's faces. On the contrary, as things gradually grew calmer, they finally realized the other girl standing beside Erza.

The young girl wore pale yellow clothes. Her skin was radiant and as white as snow, while her eyes were as bright and beautiful as a cool spring. She was not as charming as Erza, but she was even more refined and bright. Although she could not draw in the souls of others like the girl in front of her, many people felt unworthy to be in her presence when they looked at her and did not dare to pollute her.

Of course, this kind of figure was definitely not a nobody. Many people had already recognized her. She was the last one of the top four experts in this batch, Celeste, the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince.

As a new pupil, she should have been standing offstage with everyone else. However, the fact that superintendent Erza had intentionally brought her to stand beside her while speaking silently showed that her position among the new pupils was higher. Thus, Tsarisiya, Lilisy, and Kakadinme were secretly unhappy. However, they could not do anything about this. She was the daughter of the Shell race's Crown Prince. Furthermore, the Shell race was famous among the advanced civilizations, which probably had something to do with their low status as a level-5 civilization in the past. They were rather united. However, their control of power was filled with raw desire.

This speech was not very long, and superintendent Erza did not remain on the square for long. When she left, the entire square that had kept quiet out of fear relaxed slightly. A low buzzing noise sounded as they started to discuss. Several people from the Shell race and the Soul race started to gather around Celeste like stars gathering around a moon, naturally forming a circle. The Soul race had been very close to the Shell race as they were both adept in refining pills. Thus, they had language and pursuits in common.


The buzzing and clamor in the square were interrupted by an awe-inspiring voice.

A dark and sturdy creature walked up on the stage. He had the appearance of a celestialoid, except that he was unusually robust. He was about two meters tall, but his arms were as thick as Wang Zhong's waist. Furthermore, there were two black horn stumps on his head. His face was cold and stern, and his eyes were pitch black. If one stared into his eyes, it would be like falling into a bottomless abyss.

This was the overall supervisor of the Heavenly Gates, Endrew. He was from one of the five powerful level-8 races, the Fire Demon race!

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    《Battle Frenzy》