Battle Frenzy
1016 Second Job
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1016 Second Job

Lao Wang glanced at him. He saw that this fellow was trying to sow discord and incite Lao Wang to cause trouble in the Combat Cultivation Hall. What a joke. If he really became a public enemy, he would be beaten into a pulp within minutes. Of course, he had to show what he should show. If not, Lao Wang would be very frustrated if any Tom, Dick, or Harry came to cause trouble with him.

"I will." Wang Zhong nodded his head seriously. "But I usually like to warm-up before fighting. Little Jho, it's time for you to shine as a punching bag."

Even though he felt that the combat power of these young prodigies in the divine territory was not much after defeating Yin Jiao, Lao Wang was not a hothead. Yin Jiao alone could not represent all of the new stars in the Heavenly Gates. There were over 700 Void Core experts among the 900 people in the Combat Cultivation Hall, and some of them had even reached the peak Void Core Realm and were heading towards their Solid Core. Regardless of how their combat techniques were, with the massive oppression from their realm, they would be able to contend against 10 with their own strength. Thus, he definitely could not deal with them easily.

Of course, accumulating points was still important. Lao Wang did not intend on deliberately laying low, but it was better for more people to be respectful. Lao Wang had no intention of belittling the Combat Cultivation Hall.


It was also bustling on the other side. A human had become famous in the Arena, and this gave the divine territory some excitement.

The aristocrats in the Land liked this and happily chased various novel and interesting information. Thus, every day, the number of aristocrat guests in the Sacred Arena increased, and with more guests, this brought about rich profits to the Arena. These aristocrats could throw out thousands of Star Coins just for a feeling. Every minute and every second that they spent here was filled with wonderful monetary value. High-leveled seasoned wine or sexy female slaves that aristocrats took a liking to were all able to attract these enchanting "small things". In the eyes of the crystal people, the sounds produced when these "small things" clashed with each other was the most splendid and pleasant music in this world.

Rumble! Bang, bang!

There were countless tapping sounds from the Arena stands as they watched an exciting and great match. The human from the low-leveled civilization had defeated his opponent once again, bringing about excitement and happiness to those who had bet on his victory. They shouted his name loudly and expressed their excitement with all their might.

This was a battle that could cause people to be excited and captivated. Even those who had lost their bets could not help but admit that they had made a mistake and started to curse, "Damned human. How lowly, how savage. The characteristics of a damned savage civilization are seeping out of his body."

"Even Farnan was killed by him!"

"Damn. Perhaps I should bet on him next time?"

"His Spiritual Energy Value is over 100,000, right?"

"The last attack had a Spiritual Energy Value of at least 150,000! He has broken through 150,000!"

"He can really fight. Even that Titan only has a Spiritual Energy Value of about 200,000."

"If he explodes with power, the Titan probably has even more power that he hasn't shown yet."

Tsarilorhuan raised his bloody hands high into the sky. There was a dangerous light on his face as he smiled coldly. In the Arena, everyone had to hide their weaknesses and bare their fangs to let everyone know that it was not good to provoke them. Even the Titans did not have the absolute advantage here.

Today, their opponent had been Crow Farnan, an expert who had 86 victories. However, it was evident that he had not taken into account Aiolos's terrifying growth. Aiolos was a comrade that could be trusted. If Aiolos had not been around today, even if Tsarilorhuan was able to win, he would have definitely lost something.

A pyrrhic victory in the Arena was a failure. It was like death from a slow poison. One would not immediately die, but just like using a knife to kill people, it was extremely uncomfortable. The slave owners would not spend large amounts of money to heal their slaves. Frankly speaking, the slaves were consumables.

"Hurry up and make the preparations. Be quick in your actions. The two brave soldiers have won the battle and are going to come down immediately."

A candle demon had received orders to become Aiolos and Tsarilorhuan's temporary manager. In the Arena, every wealthy soldier would have such a being supporting them and dealing with trivial matters on their behalf; thus, the gladiators could focus all their energy on training for combat. At the same time, these supervisors would monitor these gladiators and prevent any terrifying accidents from occurring.

Candle demons were a special existence. They did not belong to a civilization and were the results of research by the Machinery race. They were half machine and half insect without souls, but they were intelligent. Everyone knew that the Machinery race had done many terrifying things in order to continue developing themselves. In short, they were the side effects of such research, or more accurately, the "products" of such research. They were greatly liked by some aristocrats as they had the characteristics of the Machinery race and the insect race, and were particularly adept at service. Thus, they continued to exist and became an industry for the Machinery race and the insect race.

Aiolos, who had won once again, walked down the pathway very quickly. His entire body was covered in blood, and there were terrifying wounds all over his arms and legs, causing blood to drip behind him all the way. Maids who were ordered by the candle demon immediately jogged quickly towards Aiolos. Beneath their blue skin, they were peaceful and docile. Their four long and soft arms were filled with runes, which gave them the power to heal minor wounds. Furthermore, their nimble four arms allowed them to be especially adept at nursing.

However, Aiolos did not allow the maids to approach him. He signaled for them to retreat with a wave of his hand as he furrowed his eyebrows. "There's no need."

He could not stand how these maids walked on tiptoe. Perhaps it was because he empathized with them, or perhaps he was worried about those who were like him. These maids had been part of a dignified level-4 civilization in the past. However, as they were involved in a battle among aristocrat civilizations in the divine territory, their civilization that had been growing steadily was completely extinguished. In order to continue living, the race accepted their slave status from the Star Alliance and became a slave race in the Star Alliance.

If humans were unable to display potential that people feared, perhaps the humans, who were ranked last in the divine territory, would be an extinguished civilization.

The maids did not dare to retreat, but they did not dare to approach Aiolos any further either. They stood at the corridor and were evidently at a loss. Aiolos suddenly felt that his expression when he rejected them had been too heavy. Luckily, this awkwardness received a perfect solution when Tsarilorhuan came down. There were no wounds on his body that had to be bandaged, but he liked the service from these maids very much. He waved his large hand at them, and the maids immediately ran over, as if they had been released from a heavy burden. They gently helped him to wipe his blood. Meanwhile, several small cuts and abrasions quickly healed completely with their power.

Then, Aiolos called the candle demons to come over and bandage his wounds. While the candle demons skilfully bandaged his wounds, they smiled and confirmed the menu for tonight's victory dinner with Aiolos, which would feature fish soup and steak that were cooked in human style.

This was a kind of reward for victors. Of course, due to the monotonous nature of Titan menus, Earth menus were typically prepared.

Aiolos looked at these products of evil in front of him. However, he realized that the smiles on the faces of the candle demons were genuine. Aiolos sighed but knew well that the candle demons would report his and Tsari's situation to their master, the extremely greedy crystal person, every day.

This was the true job of the candle demons.

The crystal person was extremely delighted that the combination of Aiolos and Tsarilorhuan was booming in popularity. No matter whether it was the powerful Titan or the human, not only did they earn a big amount of Star Coins for him, they had also won a unique reputation among the aristocrats. Of course, there were a few other special things.

Dinner was extremely delicious. Although it was not particularly authentic, Aiolos was able to savor the taste of home, especially from the fish soup that greatly suited him.

Tsari did not have much interest in the fish soup, but he ate pieces of steak, one after another, as if he was addicted. "Is this really the cooking skills of you Earthlings?"

"Probably 70% of us."

"Your Earth is very impressive in terms of food."

"Don't be so one-sided. Our fighting is very impressive too."

Aiolos did not listen to Tsari's words. As long as he had meat and there was enough to eat, even if it was raw, he could eat very happily just by sprinkling some salt on it. Furthermore, there were 100 ways to praise the chef. It was said that a terrifying way was to call the chef out and eat them as a side dish. It was obvious that this was an unreliable rumor. Perhaps this was a rumor that the rivals of the Titan race had created.

However, there was one thing for sure. He definitely could not accept food recommendations from a Titan.

This was also the experience and lesson that Aiolos had gained after eating several terrifying victory dinners. Until now, when he recalled what he ate back then, his stomach would rashly knot up and reject any food.

Once they were done eating their victory dinner, Aiolos and Tsari waited for the candle demons to bring them back to the prison in the Arena. After finishing the victor's dinner, their status changed from victors to that of "prisoners".

Very quickly, the candle demons brought a guard over, who checked the restrictions on Aiolos and Tsarilorhuan's bodies. Once he was sure that he had completely controlled the use of spiritual influence in their bodies without any mistakes, he smiled and clapped. Then, the maids with four hands came in. Before Aiolos could furrow his eyebrows, a candle demon's voice sounded. "Bring the two of them down to bathe and change into appropriate clothes. You have half an hour."

This time, Aiolos did not reject the service from the maids. As a prisoner, he was not willing to miss out on any opportunity to bathe, even if he had self-cleansing abilities from his cultivated spiritual influence. He felt that bathing was a habit of the human cultivation, and this made him remember that he was still human. Being served by others was also a habit, as he was originally a king who was best at stretching out his hand for everything.

This bath was very thorough. The maids cleaned every inch of his body, including his private parts that represented his status as a man. Every single hair on his body had been specially checked as well.

Tsari's unbridled laughter came from the other room. The Titan enjoyed baths even more than he did and had adapted well to the service by the maids. Titans had an unusual admiration towards celestialoids with many hands. There was a Titan goddess called the "Six-Armed Titan" in their legends, whose position in Titan society was similar to the Goddess of Beauty in the human society.

In any case, Aiolos could not understand why creatures with four more limbs than him were very sexy. Perhaps he was just too conventional.

The maids cleaned every single pore on Aiolos's body before helping him to shave and tidy his hair. At the end, they cut his long beard into a powerful and bold shape and applied nourishing essential oils to his beard, making him look like a dazzling warrior.

When Aiolos walked out from the room, he saw the extremely "terrifying" Titan laughing wildly at him. Then, seeing the silver electric Titan, who seemed to have been beautified excessively, Aiolos laughed fiercely. "You look like a turkey who is going to be slaughtered during a holiday."

"You're the same, Aiolos! Your beard, I swear, is the most amusing beard I have ever seen. It's not even one of the most amusing beards I've seen. Did they give you essential oils? Some great figure must have wanted to see us?"

"Why don't you have any?" Aiolos looked at the maids with doubt, shocking them until they did not dare to move. It was simply because Tsari's beard had only been cleaned. Once it was dried, it was still very messy.

Was Aiolos the only one whose beard was taken care of?

"Because I would say no. Young one, you have to learn more." Tsarilorhuan had a unique quality of just getting by, yet being able to make his days of hardship more meaningful.

Aiolos hesitated for a second before asking the maids to find a razor for him. Then, he shaved clean his oiled beard that was so exquisite that it was amusing.

"Just now, you said that there was a great figure?"

"We must have attracted their attention. It's not a bad thing, but why would they use such expensive essential oils?" Tsarilorhuan flashed a strange smile. He definitely knew why, but he did not want to explain it to Aiolos.

Very quickly, a candle demon appeared at the corridor again. He led the two of them through a secret underground path. There were many twists and turns like a maze. Eventually, they entered a massive flower garden.

Here, the candle demon left Aiolos in the hands of a servant from the Machinery race. Meanwhile, Tsarilorhuan followed a group of dim spirit-like creatures and walked to the other side of the flower garden.

Aiolos advanced forwards. Massive flowers bloomed in the flower garden, and the flourishing trees had been cut into various shapes. There were some shapes that he could recognize, but there were some that were as abstract and abstruse like a great spiritual power technique.

Aiolos was brought into another courtyard. There was a hot spring built in the middle of the large hall, and the surroundings were filled with lustful paintings and statues. The divine territory did not just have spiritual power and combat, as many high-leveled civilizations also had a persistent pursuit of the arts.

Aiolos was observing his surroundings when there was suddenly the sound of water from the hot spring. A dripping wet woman was surrounded by mist and walked up to him. "Come here."

She let out a laugh that was pleasant to the ears. Her charm did not seem to be artificial. Meanwhile, there was a sweet scent in the air.

"You are?"

Aiolos's entire body tensed up as he observed this woman. Water droplets slid off her snow-white and delicate skin. She was almost completely naked, except for the hovering mist that covered her vital parts like a belt. She had a sharp chin, while her nimble and sharp ears made Aiolos take a second look at her. He knew the origins of this woman. She was a seductress from a seductress aristocrat race in a level-8 civilization. Furthermore, she was very young and extremely beautiful.

"You don't need to know," replied the seductress in a nimble tone. She brushed past Aiolos's body and lightly stretched out her hand. Her ice-cold fingers brushed past Aiolos's muscular chest, and she let out an even more enchanting laugh. Then, she twisted her waist and walked over. The mist on her body formed an emerald-green gauze robe that covered her body.

The Seductress race did not care about these. However, it was very evident that Aiolos was not worthy of knowing this. But Aiolos was not foolish either. This kind of thing was not rare on Earth, but he never expected that he would fall to this level, as a male pet, one day.

Aiolos stared at her back as she walked up the stairs at the side with a seductive bearing. Then, she turned around with great feeling and sat on a magnificent chair high above. She looked down at Aiolos from above. "Which is more realistic, the current you or the you in the Arena?"

One of them was messy and covered in blood and sweat, while the other was clean and tidy, like a new groom who was about to participate in a wedding ceremony.

Aiolos flashed a bright smile. At this moment, it was as if he had returned to Earth. He was the valiant eagle of the Pampas, the prince of a great tribe!

Aiolos closed in on her with eyes that were full of aggression. As he slowly got close to her, they could sense each other's breathing. "Which one do you like?"

The seductress was dumbfounded. Closely after, she let out an enchanting laugh that was extremely pleasing to the ears. She crossed her legs on the chair, and the pale soles of her feet faced Aiolos. He looked at her toes and then to her ankles. Her enchanting loneliness was extremely seductive.

"What if I say that I like both?"

Aiolos watched every movement from the seductress, whose actions felt ceremonial. Strangely, she seemed to be making an empty show of strength.

This made Aiolos rather interested. "I like you too!"

The moment he finished his sentence, Aiolos suddenly became proactive. He grabbed her delicate and moist sole, then intruded upon her space, and appeared in front of her. Thus, her leg was curled up to her chest. This strange posture caused her plump breasts to be squeezed, making them even more magnificent.

"Ah." The seductress, who had lost control, let out a surprised shout but reacted very quickly. She used her other leg to wrap around Aiolos's waist and snatched the upper hand. She said, "Do you know how high demand for you is? I spent a lot of effort before I could buy your first night."

Aiolos did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Of course, he did not know what was going to happen beforehand, but Tsari obviously understood the situation. He thought that Aiolos would face a "great figure" like a female pig? Thus, he had flashed a strange expression but did not say anything. After all, humans had just entered the Star Alliance and were still very picky in terms of beauty standards.

"Then I will let you feel that I am worth it!"

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