Battle Frenzy
1018 Lao Wang Wants to Stand Ou
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1018 Lao Wang Wants to Stand Ou

"Roar roar roar!" The bear goblin was even more fierce and attacked first. It used its body as a weapon and charged out like a speeding car, fiercely crashing on the centipede's body.


The impact was extremely shocking. The body of the centipede, which was several dozen meters long, instantly curled up upon impact. However, it turned defense into offense, and its curled-up body conveniently wrapped around the bear goblin. The 100 sharp legs fiercely wrapped around the bear goblin, and the countless pricks on its legs hooked onto it, firmly holding on to the fur all over the bear goblin's body.

A dark green liquid immediately flowed out from the pricks and tried to seep into the bear goblin's body.


The bear goblin let out an angry roar, sending trembling sound waves out and creating a powerful vibration, causing the centipede's body to turn rigid. There was a risk of it breaking out, but fortunately, it was firmly trapped by the pricks. The two monsters wrapped around each other and tumbled in the ground. They rolled on the ground, and powerful spiritual influence trembled and filled the air. Their massive bodies beat each other up. The surface of the ground rumbled, causing a buzzing noise to sound from the ground.

In the shadows of the darkness, Wang Zhong closed his eyes and observed this.

In this world of darkness, it was not a problem whether one's eyes were able to adjust. There was indeed no light, and they could not see anything. They could only use their spiritual power and senses to determine the positions and actions of their enemies. Those with high vitalities were too conspicuous in their world of darkness. The vitality that their bodies released simply could not be concealed.

However, Lao Wang was different. Humans were good at controlling their spiritual influence and could suppress their spiritual power and reactions to the minimum. Meanwhile, the divine cells could cause the remaining spiritual power to almost disappear, blocking and concealing themselves. At the same time, the powerful auras and disturbances did not affect Lao Wang's mood. This experience and level of control were not something these people could compare to.

Without any reaction from his vitality, there would be no reaction from his spiritual power. Thus, he naturally "disappeared" from the bear goblin and centipede's field of vision.

Lao Wang felt as if he had figured out the exact details in this world of darkness. The corners of his lips curled into a smile.

The two fellows in front of him had almost equal strength. They were both Void Cores and were about 30% stronger than Yin Jiao. They exploded with a stable Spiritual Energy Value of around 250,000. This was a standard value for Void Cores. Even though this was only 50,000 more than Yin Jiao's peak, these two fellows were fighting normally. Wang Zhong estimated that they would be able to reach a peak of around 300,000.

That was relatively terrifying. If Wang Zhong was at the level when he had just fought with Yin Jiao, it would have definitely been rather difficult to deal with one of them. But now, he was different from before. Two to three months of accumulated experience had allowed his spiritual power to reach a bottleneck. He was much more powerful than when he had fought with Yin Jiao! Furthermore, the attention of these two fellows was completely concentrated on each other. At the same time, the cruel hand-to-hand fight exhausted them extremely quickly!

He would wait for them to be more exhausted… Now!


With a tap of his foot, he quickly approached the two of them in the darkness like a dim spirit.

The two of them were at odds with each other and did not seem to have noticed this "ant" that secretly approached them. They were rather exhausted from this fight but suddenly felt a strange power attacking them from overhead.

Lao Wang did not hold back. Spiritual power instantly exploded from his divine cells, and his 3rd Drive was at full power. He aimed at both of them. With just two punches…

Bang! Bang!

The bear goblin and the centipede, who were not prepared at all, instantly felt as if their world had been turned upside down. They seemed like ordinary powerful punches, but the continuous after-effects came in successive waves like a tide, instantly breaking through their defenses and attacking their vital points.

Both of them felt something sweet in their throats at the same time, but before they could spurt out the blood from their mouths, they simply lost consciousness. Lao Wang did not have to continue attacking as the two fainted creatures instantly disappeared from the space. He could clearly sense that they had been moved out of this space at the same time.

"That's two." There was a flash in Wang Zhong's eyes. His spiritual power flowed into his divine cells and instantly disappeared completely from this "dark curtain".

"So amazing!" Outside, Jhonas was very enthusiastic and excitedly shouted. This was probably the only class he did not feel sleepy in.

Pigolo was rather dumbstruck when he saw this. Frankly speaking, getting rid of the bear goblin and the centipede was not too rare. The power he felt was also similar to that of the bear goblin. Most importantly, they were completely unprepared from facing off against each other and allowed this fellow to take advantage. However, he had seized a very good opportunity, causing the two creatures to simply disappear from the dark curtain. "Is this fellow a chameleon…?"

Shannali covered her mouth and laughed lightly. "It looks like you are going to lose."

"Hmph." Losing 100 Gold Star Stones was not painful to Pigolo, but it was embarrassing to lose in terms of insight in front of a beautiful woman. "He's only dealt with two of them. Let's see whether he is this lucky next time."

Before he could finish speaking, Pigolo closed his mouth as two more rays of light had disappeared from the cloth once again. Then, two figures were sent out at the same time.

It was Wang Zhong again!

At that moment, multiple fights had broken out within the cloth. There were earth-shattering battles everywhere. Thus, it was just too easy to find two targets.

He secretly approached them. Then, he raised his hand and landed his attack!

"How sturdy!" Lao Wang was still rather unsatisfied with his attack power. This was a member of the insect race with a hard shell and about three meters long, but its defense was shocking. Lao Wang had hit it in the middle of its head but only caused it to roll on the ground. Closely after, it withdrew its head and four limbs into its shell, like a turtle, and would not come out no matter what. Even though Lao Wang spent a lot of effort, he was dumbfounded that he could not break the hard shell.

This snakeworm had iron armor that could be compared to a dimensional barrier and had a naturally powerful defense. Even though the snakeworm was not considered strong, with its ridiculous natural endowments and defenses, it could be considered a tyrant.

During times like these, he particularly missed his Nebula Sword that had been stolen when he was outside Old Cow's shop. If he had the Nebula Sword with him, cutting through something like this would have been like cutting through a watermelon.

"If I have the chance, I'll have to find a convenient artifact. Even if I don't have an artifact, a good divine weapon will do too," thought Wang Zhong silently. His roommate's figure had already popped up in his head. "Yes, the illusion race is good at refining weapons. I will have to find Little Jho for this."

The battle progressed very quickly. Furthermore, the more the battle progressed, the faster it became.

A majority of the people in the cloth all formed pairs and slaughtered each other. If they sensed someone approaching them to take advantage and did not feel that victory was certain, they would definitely give up on combat and immediately retreat. No one thought about sacrificing themselves to help others achieve their goal. Wang Zhong had also encountered two or three extremely powerful individuals among the new pupils. For example, he saw a bone goblin that looked as thin as a skeletal rack. However, the bone spurs all over his body could stretch and contract at will, and he had extremely vigorous attacking power. A ferocious evil influence radiated from his body, making Wang Zhong feel oppressed, and he immediately avoided him. There were more than one or two experts in the darkness.

"He has to hurry up. It should be very easy for this fellow to eliminate the ordinary combat cultivation pupils, but he cannot be pulled down too much by the peak experts. He has to compete to be among the first 10."

Clap! Clap!

While he strolled leisurely, another two fellows collapsed.

"This sly fellow. This is cheating! He did not directly confront those warriors!" Pigolo was rather furious. This Earthling had actually dared to make him misjudge the situation in front of the woman he had taken a liking to.

This time, a member of the Ghost race and a member of the goblin race had been eliminated.

Lao Wang felt that the Ghost race was rather interesting. They were similar to the Soul race, but unlike the Soul race who could switch between material and hollow bodies, the Ghost race's bodies were completely hollow. They were an accumulation of consciousness like the dim spirits. They were particularly skilled in spirit-type attacks, and their bodies were extremely strong against material attacks.

It was said that the stronger a member of the Ghost race was, the stronger the actualization of its body would be. Members of the Ghost race who were able to achieve their Gold Core would become Heavenly Ghosts and would be able to refine their bodies to switch between material and hollow bodies like the Soul race. They would even be able to diffuse and integrate with the heaven and the earth, allowing them to be immortal!

Taking out this member of the Ghost race was not easy. If it had not been for the fact that it had been injured after fighting with the goblin, just with its faintly discernible body, Wang Zhong felt that 95% of the power in his punch would have landed in the air. Under normal circumstances, his typical methods would not have even been able to injure it.

Ding ~~

This was the 10th.

As the member of the Ghost race disappeared from the black curtain with an unwilling expression, Wang Zhong felt a dinging sound in his head. A gentle wave of power pushed him. Then, he felt the darkness around him suddenly disappear. He was left standing on the Violence Field.

The light around him was very bright and dazzling after coming out from extreme darkness. The black cloth was still hovering overhead. Meanwhile, there was a large and disorderly group of Combat Cultivation Hall pupils on the left. There were about 300 to 400 of them, as almost half of the 900 pupils in the Combat Cultivation Hall had been eliminated. However, this was evidently just a warm-up for the rest of the competition. Some of those who had been eliminated woke up slightly and were panting as they sat on the ground. They rubbed their foreheads and licked their wounds. Meanwhile, some were still in a daze, and their injuries were severe. Even before coming here, they had heard that the courses in the Combat Cultivation Hall would only ensure that they would not die, while injuries were a common occurrence.

Wang Zhong immediately saw a few familiar faces that he had gotten rid of. Meanwhile, he stood on an empty field on the left. He seemed to have been the first to finish. It was completely empty around him, making Lao Wang rather surprised.

He could sense a few powerful auras among the new pupils. The difference in strength among the pupils was very large, but were the peak experts still slower than him? However, when he looked up at what was happening in the black cloth, he understood.

For example, the bone goblin that had given him a very strong sense of oppression seemed much more powerful than ordinary combat cultivation pupils, but in reality, it was very difficult for him to eliminate others… No matter which direction he went in, those who were weaker than him would definitely escape in all directions immediately and not give him the chance to get near. After all, they were official disciples of the Heavenly Gates. There were different levels of power, but in terms of speed and escaping, the other combat cultivation disciples had their secret trump cards. When they were fully prepared, they could not be killed that easily.

Other than the bone goblin, there were a Blood Demon, a Titan, and a ghost that looked like a dim spirit. They were all unusually strong, but their treatment had been similar. Other than one or two targets that escaped slowly, they basically drove people away and made them scatter throughout the world. They could not "sneakily" approach them and easily resolve them like Lao Wang…

Sigh. It looked like he was far ahead of the rest.

As Lao Wang rubbed his nose, a sudden sound exploded. "Boss Wang Zhong is brilliant and divine! Boss Wang Zhong is graceful and elegant! Boss Wang Zhong is invincible in the Combat Cultivation Hall!"

This hoarse voice sounded like that of a drake and immediately attracted the attention of the eliminated participants, who were healing their wounds. Many who had been ambushed and eliminated by Wang Zhong looked at the source of the voice angrily. Although they had been secretly ambushed, they evidently still remembered the aura of the bastard who had ambushed them.

Jhonas instantly pulled back his neck. Then, resentful gazes immediately turned to look at Lao Wang. Lao Wang was expressionless, but on the inside, he was dying to slap this bastard to death. Attracting hate like this was simply asking for death.

"Shameless coward!"

"Despicable intruder!" Someone started to scold him angrily. They were unhappy that someone had used such methods to gain an advantage.

"If you have the guts, come and challenge me one on one! I can defeat you all by myself!" Those with short tempers could not help but explode with rage.

"All of you, shut up!" The voice of the silver Titan supervisor echoed from the distance. "If you have lost, you have lost! Do you still not give in? What is this?!"

This roar that sounded like dull thunder instantly shocked the eliminated pupils and made them tremble in fear. Their faces were bright red, and they no longer dared to make another sound. Then, they saw the silver Titan supervisor Tsargesimon prop up a massive umbrella. There were a tall table and a recliner under the umbrella. He was wearing a pair of sunglasses and crossed his legs. A straw was stuck into a large can-like cup, and the fragrance of herbal tea wafted into the surroundings from the cup.

Gu gu gu.

He fiercely took a large sip. He was not like Elder Yimo. As a teacher in the Combat Cultivation Hall, he was responsible for many people but did not receive much profit. All along, he had been doing the thankless jobs in the Heavenly Gates, but no matter how tough the work was, he would still find some joy, right? Who got him involved in this? Furthermore, watching the performance inside the cloth was the only fun that these rookies could bring to him.

He had seen Wang Zhong's performance. To be honest, this kind of opportunistic method was definitely lowly in the eyes of the honest and frank Titans. However, Tsargesimon was not a normal silver Titan. He stayed in the Combat Cultivation Hall where he taught rookies and was in charge of teaching this group of new rookies. The more normal a Titan was, the easier it would have been for them to go crazy.

"Young one, you are quite good at taking advantage of the situation." After stopping the clamoring pupils, Tsargesimon's smile was extremely satisfied when he looked at Wang Zhong. He liked those who did not play their cards normally, especially when he sneaked up on the goblin and brought its crotch to its doom, as if its genitals had a burning hatred against him. When Tsargesimon watched this, he started to form goosebumps, but this was finally interesting.

If not, even the strongest among this batch of new pupils, bone goblin Pavaro, would not even earn a bit of admiration in his eyes. "You are first. You are rewarded with 10 points!"

As he spoke, he conveniently took out a small book and made a mark. Wang Zhong smiled. What should be his was now his. Meanwhile, a majority of the eliminated pupils were dejected. Even though there were some who looked at him angrily, they did not dare to make a single noise in the end.

"Pigolo, you lost." Shannali laughed cheerily at Pigolo.

"Ha ha, Shannali, you truly have discernment." There was not a bit of unhappiness on Pigolo's face. He laughed loudly and passed her 100 Gold Star Stones. Of course, he also took this chance to touch Shannali's small hand. "This Earthling is quite cunning, but he will not always be this lucky. Next time, we can bet more."

"A thousand Gold Star Stones?" Shannali smiled and asked.

Pigolo laughed. "They are simply riches, and it's not interesting to bet on them. We can bet our bodies. If I lose, I will accompany you for a night, but if you lose, you will accompany me for a night. How about it?"

"Let's talk about what happens next time, next time. Thanks." Shannali laughed and raised the pouch with 100 Gold Star Stones. She happened to see Wang Zhong's gaze and smiled at him while waving her hand.

Wang Zhong saw this, but also saw Pigolo's dark expression while Shannali was waving at him. He did not know whether to laugh or to cry. He could immediately tell what the relationship between them was. Wasn't he being attacked just because he was present?

However, truthfully, this was not the only time he had been attacked just for being there.

After waiting for more than ten minutes outside, the second pupil to complete his quota emerged. It was bone goblin Pavaro. There seemed to be a smile on his face, but when he saw Wang Zhong, who was standing in the victor's area, the cold smile immediately froze on his bony face.

He was surprised. He was rather surprised!

In particular, when he found out that Wang Zhong was more than ten minutes faster than him, he simply could not believe it.

He had killed his enemies at a very fast speed. Even though the fellows he had chased were even more slippery than loaches, he had absolute confidence in his own speed. Thus, the entire process was considered successful, and he did not delay much. He had even seen an expert from the Ghost race and his old enemy, Gorst, chase someone and end up entangled in conflict. As a result, seven or eight pupils joined hands and counterattacked, forcing him to flee. This was just wasting time.

Frankly speaking, other than strength, this test also contained a certain element of luck. Pavaro had both the strength and the luck, but a weakling had completed the test more than ten minutes ahead of him…

"Pavaro, second. Five points." The Titan supervisor lazily announced. Although Pavaro was a top pupil in the Combat Cultivation Hall, there were these kinds of people in all batches of the Combat Cultivation Hall. He had seen far too many of them and was not interested.

Closely after, the third to emerge was a Blood Demon whose entire body was blood red and who had goat horns on his head. Ferocity radiated from his entire body and soared into the sky, and his face was full of evil. It was said that he was cousins with Kakadinme, one of the four top experts in the Pill Refinery Hall. However, as his intelligence did not tend towards pill refinery or weapon refinery, and he was bloodthirsty and could not be calmed down, he was allocated to the Combat Cultivation Hall. He was the third to emerge. When he saw Pavaro, he scoffed coldly in disdain. It was obvious that they knew each other and did not want to give in. However, when he saw Wang Zhong, the cold arrogance on his face froze, just like Pavaro.

This kind of weakling was ahead of him? What was this?

"Balor, third. Three points."

After Balor, the fourth person to achieve the goal finally emerged after a long time. It was a member of the Ghost race with negative energy radiating from its entire body.

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    《Battle Frenzy》