Battle Frenzy
1021 Spirit Flower Garden
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1021 Spirit Flower Garden

Pure males from the Seductress race were also relatively handsome and attractive. They were full of charm, and if they dressed up a bit, they could be even more bewitching than female Seductresses… It was said that some strange races liked male Seductresses.

Wang Zhong was dumbfounded. What in the world was this…? There were truly all kinds of fish in the sea.

Meanwhile, Jhonas was still introducing the Seductresses that he yearned for the most in an endless stream. However, after introducing them for half a day, he suddenly seemed to have realized something and stopped talking.

He was able to reject an invitation from a female Seductress and was interested in the men of the Seductress race. He had even asked about them… Wait. It couldn't be that Boss…

What kind of person was Boss? One look at his actions and one could tell what he was thinking, yet one could not exactly point out his thoughts. When Lao Wang thought about how this fellow's snores were so loud that his head hurt. At that moment, he did not even bat an eyelid as he said, "Yesterday, you slept very deeply. I couldn't wake you up no matter what."

Could, could not wake him up…

Jhonas was not afraid as he knew that Lao Wang was deliberately scaring him. However, when it came to this matter, he was still traumatized. Thus, it was very difficult for him to break free.

In the end, he instantly felt that it was better to keep his *sshole tight like never before. He hurriedly stretched out and covered his plump and perky buttocks. Then, he fled quickly and distanced himself from Lao Wang. His face was full of fear and alarm. Meanwhile, he had decided that he would definitely not completely fall asleep tonight, even if he had to beat himself to death!

The moment they stepped into the Heavenly Gates, the clamor and hawker sounds started to reverberate all around them. Their surroundings were extremely crowded, and people were bustling about while making an uproar. The Heavenly Gates Street was split into several roads. The way they were categorized by functions and grades was also extremely brilliant. This gave Wang Zhong the feeling that the class system in the Star Alliance was comparable to the old ages in the human civilization. Even the Federation, which had experienced great disasters, had not reached this stage.

There was a massive sign hung at the entrance of the first road on the left. The Star Alliance words for "Bring You to Fly" were engraved on the signs. That was the name of this street, which was also called First Street. The messengers here were famous in the entire divine territory. It was said that there was nothing that could not be bought as long as one had enough money.

Buying a messenger was also the main aim of today. In the Heavenly Gates, it was not too convenient without a messenger. However, when Jhonas arrived, he left on his own first, saying that he was going to settle some private matters on the street. He told Lao Wang not to randomly buy things and to look around. After Jhonas was done with his matters, he would help Lao Wang to choose. Jhonas pledged that he was an expert in messengers.

"Do you want to experience the feeling of flying? Kamende messengers have the fastest speed and the most gentle personalities. They are also extremely similar to elemental messengers. They will help you show off and bring you to fly!"

"Keloddiya Teethed Beast messengers can help you send letters, bear attacks, and give you a ride. One messenger, three uses! It has the highest cost performance, the strongest body, and will give you a worthy experience!"

"Flower Nymph messengers can act spoiled and act cute. They can send letters and scratch your itches for you. They can even dress like maids and warm your beds for you! You can walk by, but you can't miss this!"

The hawker sounds all around did not stop. Regardless of whether they were shops or stalls, the voices of the hawkers could be heard everywhere. There were some massive messengers that were three or four meters tall, and small ones that were the size of a palm. They all came from the worlds below and were excellent creatures that were able to withstand the power of the divine territory. They also had outstanding intelligence. Of course, the best messengers were still those that could fly.

The new semester had begun in the Heavenly Gates, and there were relatively many new pupils buying messengers. Lao Wang saw a few new pupils whose faces he had seen before. They formed groups and gathered around the shops to negotiate with the boss. Thus, Wang Zhong could not help but laugh. All along, every Earthling that entered the Star Alliance had the attitude that they were playing with their lives. However, to the native residents in the divine territory, especially the high-leveled civilizations, the divine territory was a home that they had completely gotten used to. Living here had become part of them and was no different from humans being on Earth.

When he saw some shops with better business that offered higher cost performance, Lao Wang also squeezed in and casually asked for the price. However, the cheapest he got was worth several hundred Silver Gold Stones and could not fly. Furthermore, they were very ugly. Those that looked slightly better were worth hundreds or thousands of Gold Star Stones. Attractive messengers that could fly and had excellent bloodlines could reach prices of 100,000 Gold Star Stones. To be honest, Lao Wang was shocked. He would not have enough money even if he sold the Earth…

Not only was this shocking, this was also extremely extravagant!

When he considered the strength of these messengers, even the weakest could challenge the extremely powerful Heavenly Soul Great Teachers in the Holy Land. However, they could only be sold to others and be reared as pets here. He thought about how Carolyn, a living Heavenly Soul Earthling, had only been sold for 500 Star Coins. Furthermore, no one showed any interest in her. In comparison, this was not surprising.

If they were not strong, the heavens would not allow them to live an easy life!

Lao Wang touched the 1,000 Silver Star Stones in his pocket and gave up. He could not afford them. In any case, he did not need to use messengers for now. He would leave this for later.

When he gave up on buying a messenger, he was more leisurely and started to admire his surroundings. There was heavy traffic and an endless stream of people at every shop along this street. There was only one shop that seemed rather simple and crude. It looked as if visitors were few and far between, and no one was interested in this shop.

"Demon Flower Garden?"

As compared to "Helping You to Show Off" and "Bringing You to Fly", the name of this shop was extremely simple and plain. Lao Wang was filled with a sense of intimacy toward this name as it was similar to Old Cow's Secret Flower Garden. Furthermore, it had simple decorations and a small, narrow door. It probably sold cheap goods. It was no wonder that no one was interested.

Wang Zhong was also interested. Unlike those who pursued messengers with many functions, to someone with not much money like him, having a messenger that could send letters was not bad. Who cared how fast it could fly, whether it could bear attacks, and whether it could warm beds?

"I'll go in and take a look. If it's really cheap, I can buy one. Indeed, it will be very convenient. I can even contact Old Cow and the others often." He was extremely excited and stepped inside.

However, the next second, half of the street fell silent.

"That person went in?"

"Is he crazy? Can ordinary people go in there?"

"He definitely didn't know the rules… Poor child."

"He probably won't come out."

There were low voices of discussion and empathy.

However, even the sensitive Lao Wang had not sensed anything. The second he stepped into this shop, it was as if he had been cut off from the outside world. There seemed to be some kind of ward that isolated the sounds transmitted from the outside world. The clamor on the street did not even enter the shop, and the shop was extremely quiet.

This place seemed unusual. Lao Wang felt that there was something strange.


A gentle voice sounded from inside the shop. He looked up and realized that it was someone familiar… More accurately, Lao Wang recognized the person, but the person did not recognize him.

There was an extremely fresh and bookish-looking young girl who looked extremely pure. She was one of the four top new pupils in this Heavenly Gates batch, daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince, Celeste. However, unlike the aloof manner she had displayed several times in the Heavenly Gates, Celeste was now smiling genuinely. She did not wear her thin yellow clothes either. Instead, she wore a straight white uniform that seemed like a work uniform. However, she seemed particularly bold and valiant.

She seemed to have seen Wang Zhong's uncertainty and smiled. Her memory was very good. She had already remembered all 1,500 pupils in the new batch during the test on the first day. Her powerful natural endowments were not displayed just through her body, but also through her brains. She could tell that this fellow had been allocated to the Combat Cultivation Hall. Wang Zhong was insignificant and was not even worth mentioning, but there was no arrogance on her face. Instead, she displayed a standard service smile. "I'm working here."

…Working? Sure, second-generation member of the Shell race who was experiencing life…

Lao Wang suddenly felt as if he had walked into the wrong place. He was not foolish. With Celeste's position, if she could work here, this place definitely sold items that he could not afford. As for the "simple and crude" decorations at the entrance, he was not sure whether these rich people liked elegant decorations. Furthermore, he remembered the ward that cut off the sounds and auras from the outside world. Would he call someone who could use this kind of thing "simple"?

"Cough cough! How about this? There's nothing. You do what you need to do, and I will casually look around…" Lao Wang pretended to cough twice. "That's right. I don't have to pay to look around, right?"

Celeste was dumbfounded. She could not help but laugh. "We don't ask for money here… We ask for lives."

Lao Wang felt awkward. The conversation had died. Then, he turned to look at the left and instantly saw the massive "shop rules".

This was the Spirit Flower Garden, which carried the best messengers in the entire Heavenly Gates —— the elemental spirits.

Elemental spirits were a branch of the elemental civilization in the Heaven. Furthermore, they were unlike their distant relatives who gradually assimilated and grew close to the main race after offering their belief. Instead, they had actually inherited the bloodline of the elemental race in the Heaven.

They had an extremely valuable bloodline and were not any lower than level-7 or level-8 civilizations in the Land. Rather than saying that they were messengers, they were more like creatures who signed equal contracts and had a symbiotic relationship with their owner. From this selection method, one could see that for other messengers, one would take money to choose and buy a messenger, but for elemental spirits… one could only be chosen by them.

In reality, there were many people like Lao Wang who wanted to try their luck and came in. However, these elemental spirits were all extremely proud and hard to serve. Furthermore, they had high intelligence and were sly. They were very serious about the process of signing contracts. If one was chosen, then so be it. If one was not chosen, one's soul would be injured in a minor case, but in a major case…

Even the arrogant prodigies would not rashly try it out. Losing their face was not a big deal, but being stripped of their natural endowments was terrifying. This was also why visitors were few and far between.

"The elemental spirits absolutely despise ugly and weak souls." Celeste smiled and explained, "When this store first opened, many people wanted to come and see what was happening. As time passed, no one dared to come here anymore."

Celeste had only been here for a few days but obviously understood this shop very well. In reality, the reason why she had chosen to work here with her status was evidently not because of some measly salary. Instead, she wanted to nurture an affinity with the elemental spirits here. After all, she was a member of the level-8 Shell race, and was strong and beautiful. Thus, she possessed certain hopes. Furthermore, through this method of getting close to them, as time passed, she would definitely gain the favor of the elemental spirits. She would use her powerful background to save her nation.

"Can I give up now?" Wang Zhong directly went to the point.

"I'm afraid that you're too late. Once you come in, you can only walk out once you have been chosen," said Celeste helplessly. She did not want to make things difficult for a weakling.

Wang Zhong forced a smile and shrugged his shoulders. "Okay, then I will try it out."

Celeste thought that he would wreak havoc, but that was all. This would probably be a vicious cycle. "Yesterday, someone from the Combat Cultivation Hall came. It was slightly tragic."

Since he was so cooperative, she would provide him with some advice.

"Why was it tragic?" Lao Wang asked curiously. He knew that she wanted to give him some information.

Celeste covered her mouth and laughed, as if she had thought of something interesting. "Bone goblin Pavaro came to try. If you see him today, you will definitely be very surprised how a white bone goblin became a charcoal bone goblin."

Bone goblin Pavaro was a peak Void Core expert. Yesterday, Lao Wang sensed that when he exploded with power, his Spiritual Energy Value while fighting was around 400,000 to 500,000. Even with such massive spiritual power, coupled with the terrifying defenses of the bone goblin, if he had turned black, it was definitely not just because of his gloomy expression.

"Don't worry. The spirits felt that he was ugly and seized his only merit, his dazzling white body. He is considered relatively lucky." Celeste smiled. "Try to keep a good attitude."

When Celeste saw that this fellow from the Combat Cultivation Hall remained unmoved, she felt that it was rather interesting. Since the visitor was a guest, she led Wang Zhong into a hall and then through a deep passageway.

This was very strange. It seemed like a small broken and wooden [a] from the outside, but the inside was very vast. They walked several hundred meters before reaching the end of the deep passageway. Then, he saw a large door that was engraved with countless runes standing at the end of the passageway. Celeste took out a strange sign. When she approached the door, the sign dazzled, and the countless runes on the door seemed to have come to life. There was a rich display of lights and colors as the mechanisms of the door were activated. Then, they heard a creaking sound as the door gradually started to open.

When there was a small gap in the door, a wave of extremely pure and massive spiritual power started to leak from behind the door. When the door was completely open, they saw a beautiful… spirit flower garden.

It was as if there was a sea of fresh flowers and green grass all over the ground, and the small stream flowed endlessly. The gentle river breeze carried the rich fragrance of flowers. Many elemental spirits that looked like flower nymphs danced in the air. They were extremely small. Their appearance and physique were similar to that of a human's, and they wore thin clothes. There were two small and cute horns on their head, and they had a pair of transparent wings. They formed groups and frolicked about in this fairytale-like world as they laughed and cheered happily.

Everything was filled with perfection and happiness. It was free of worries like heaven. As a result, Wang Zhong could not help but be drunk from the marvelous atmosphere in this place. Furthermore, this place was filled with thick spiritual power. This was also the first time that Wang Zhong clearly sensed the 5 Elements in the divine territory.

It was very obvious that the 5 Elements were different from the 5 Elements on Earth or in the Holy City. The elemental power here possessed a powerful consciousness, which was the elemental spirits dancing in the air. Needless to say, touching them was potentially an offense.

This gave Wang Zhong a completely different feeling. He had the Great 5 Elements Constitution and was used to the control he had on Earth and even in the Holy Land. However, when he came to the divine territory, he became a commoner. But here, he once again sensed the elemental power. Even though the elements here possessed a very strong self-consciousness, all of these roused Wang Zhong's spirit.

Celeste did not go in. Even though she was an employee here, she could not casually enter. If she did not have a relationship with the supervisor, she would not even have the qualifications to work here… The messenger shop for elemental spirits was not a place where ordinary people could come to work. She had gotten in through the back door. After all, if she could obtain an elemental spirit from this, it would provide massive help in various aspects of cultivation.

She stood at the door and looked in. It was a simple door but seemed to separate the two worlds. She watched as the Earthling walked in without any precautions. Furthermore, unlike many "applicants" who entered with great admiration and terror, this Earthling's state was far too peaceful. He walked relatively naturally, as if the elemental power in this place did not bring any powerful danger to him.

As he walked deeper into the garden, many elemental spirits around him had obviously noticed him and started to get closer. However, this fellow was like an idiot and completely did not notice them. As a result, Celeste furrowed her eyebrows.

His sense of smell and reactions were far too slow. At this pace, he was just asking for death. Although the elemental spirits were naturally gentle, they were extremely proud and did not have any sense of propriety when attacking at times. If one offended them in the outskirts, one or two elemental spirits would not kill you even if they did not hold back. However, when one walked deeper inside, hundreds or even thousands of elemental spirits would be interested in them… This scene was just far too beautiful. Celeste simply did not dare to imagine this.

More and more spirits appeared around him…

Lao Wang did not feel anything. He did not have any experience, nor had he seen anyone offend the elemental spirits. Instead, he completely relied on his feelings. He had noticed the elemental spirits that gathered around him but did not feel any evil intentions from them.

Wang Zhong, who was strolling, unknowingly and completely relaxed himself. He integrated with this world and felt a rare sense of self-indulgence and satisfaction. This place was as beautiful as a fairyland. It was a completely different world from outside. He did not know how to interact with the spirits, so he waited for them to choose him.

Celeste was dumbfounded as Wang Zhong did not understand. How could she remain unmoved? An arrogant elemental spirit was actually… embarrassed?

No, it must have been an illusion. This was definitely their first time seeing a strange Earthling. The appearance of Earthlings was easily mistaken for other, high-leveled races.

Finally, a brave spirit flew in front of Wang Zhong. "Hi, handsome man. Look at me, look at me! I am the prettiest one here!"

The next second, dozens of elemental spirits instantly drowned out these words. All the spirits started to speak all at once and desperately displayed themselves.

"Look at me, I am the youngest here!"

"Choose me, choose me! I am the rare wood spirit!" …

Although the spirits were noisy, they maintained their elegant steps as they revolved around him. Layers of elemental energy rippled through the sky, making Wang Zhong's body extremely satisfied.

Meanwhile, the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince was stunned and widened her small mouth. These proud elemental spirits were actually using the common language. Elemental spirits had their unique spirit language, which was one of the few languages that the translation candy could not translate. They typically used spirit language and only spoke in Star Alliance language when the supervisor came previously. Meanwhile, she had been there for many days but had only heard one sentence that she understood.


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    《Battle Frenzy》