Battle Frenzy
1024 A Rather Different Earthling
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1024 A Rather Different Earthling

"Boss, what a pity. You Earthlings don't have any special characteristics. The threshold for the Heavenly Gates Chamber of Commerce is quite high. Even if I recommend you, you won't be able to join." Jhonas had just broken away from the Heavenly Gates Chamber of Commerce. When he came over, he saw the lonely Lao Wang reviewing Elder Yimo's lesson and could not help but feel a sense of superiority. He loudly said, "Entering an association is quite important. After all, people will only take care of you if you have an organization. I will get my brothers to ask around another day and recommend you to the Honor Association for low-leveled civilizations… It's not that I'm looking down on you, Boss. When you join that circle and blend in with them, in the future, you Earthlings will have a much stronger foothold in the divine territory."

When Lao Wang looked at Jhonas's delighted appearance, even with Lao Wang's temper, he wanted to slap Jhonas. However, the Flying Pig was right. Social class was extremely important in the entire divine territory.

However, the main point was how to start pill refinery. He definitely could not refine the level-7 Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill that Elder Yimo had talked about previously. It was not that he did not understand, or that Elder Yimo's explanations were not thorough enough. Instead, many details that Elder Yimo mentioned were established on the basics of experience and mastery, which were the areas he was weakest in. After all, he had never refined pills. What experience and mastery could he have? Lao Wang did not feel that he was a reincarnated deity who could be enlightened and conquer the difficulties of the world after casually listening to a lesson. A level-7 pill… This starting point was far too high…

"Hi, Wang Zhong."

While Jhonas was still boasting, a familiar person came to look for him. Other than Jhonas, the only other person Lao Wang was familiar with in the entire Heavenly Gates was Shannali.

"Are you interested in joining the Spiritual Pill Alliance?" Shannali asked with a smile. Perhaps she was not the prettiest here, but she was definitely best at dressing up, especially with her sense of affinity that many pretty people did not have. In this batch of Heavenly Gate pupils, Shannali had a certain level of fame.

The Spiritual Pill Alliance could not compare to the Pill One Association, but it was a rather outstanding organization in the Heavenly Gates.

"Thank you. I will think seriously about it." Wang Zhong did not immediately reply, mainly because he was not sure about Shannali's intentions. He did not know exactly what this girl, who was gentle and treated everyone very well, was planning. This kind of "help" was very likely sweet poison.

The Flying Pig looked at Lao Wang as if he was looking at a fool. Those cute and big eyes seemed to be saying, "Brother, can you consider your own identity?"

"Sure. I am very serious." Shannali did not seem to be unhappy from being rejected.

When Shannali left, Jhonas's few hairs were about to explode. He did not stop egging Lao Wang on. "Boss, are you crazy? It's the Spiritual Pill Alliance! It is not worse than the Heavenly Gates Chamber of Commerce and has many impressive people inside? With your identity, being invited by others to join is like giving you gold! Why didn't you join them?"

Lao Wang simply smiled. He closed his mouth and did not speak.

"…" Jhonas was also speechless. As expected of a lower civilization without any outlook. Boss definitely did not understand the significance of these organizations and alliances. However, it was a pity that after this, he likely would not come across the same chance again.

He was too foolish! This was simply incurable!

However, before Jhonas could think of something to incite Lao Wang, someone else came over. This was followed by a wave of fiery gazes all around them.

"Wang Zhong." The gentle laugh sounded as if it was full of honey to their ears. Jhonas simply felt that all the pores on his body instantly open. He hurriedly turned back to take a look.

They saw the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince, Celeste, walk over. Jhonas was instantly stunned. Celeste had actually recognized Boss and voluntarily came over to greet him? Wait, when did this happen? He had been with Boss almost every day, but they recognized each other only a few days after they came to the Heavenly Gates? These two were not even on the same bloody level!

Not only was Jhonas shocked, the fiery gazes all around them were also evidently saying the same thing.

That was the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince, the leader of the top four experts among this batch of new Heavenly Gates pupils. She even had the support of Shell race supervisor Erza. Furthermore, she was also the goddess of almost every man's dreams. This kind of woman had actually greeted a member of a low-leveled civilization out of her own accord? What kind of brilliant luck did that little fellow have?

However, before the crowds around them could recover from their shock, Celeste simply delivered the second successive heavy blow.

"Are you interested in joining the Pill One Association?" She asked Wang Zhong with a smile.

The moment she finished her sentence, the low buzzing discussions around them were completely eliminated. There was dead silence.

"Pill—Pill—Pill One Association…" Jhonas, who was at the side, widened his mouth. There was intense friction between his soul and his body as his legs went weak.

What kind of existence was the Pill One Association? It was one of the top organizations even within the Heavenly Gates. Although they did not have restrictions on the identity and status of their members, their strength requirements were extremely high. Furthermore, they only recruited pill-refinery experts. Ever since its establishment, no one had ever heard of a Combat Cultivation Hall pupil joining. But now, she had voluntarily invited Wang Zhong? What in the world was this?

"Celeste." A low and rough voice quickly sounded from beside them. It was a gold Titan senior who coldly said, "This fellow is from the Combat Cultivation Hall. How is a piece of trash like him suitable to join the Pill One Association?"

This sentence simply belittled all the pupils from the Combat Cultivation Hall. However, all the Combat Cultivation pupils there did not dare to show any dissatisfaction. What kind of massive joke was this? Although only a few of the new pupils recognized him, he was the gold Titan senior of the Pill One Association. His strength was unfathomably deep!

It was not an exaggeration to say that this kind of figure could challenge all the Combat Cultivation pupils alone.

"Senior Harley." Celeste smiled and turned around. "Wang Zhong has natural endowments that are different from the rest, and I believe that he is suitable for the Pill One Association. I am the representative of the Pill One Association in this batch. I am willing to use my recommendation quota."

"The recommendation quota?" Gold Titan Harley was slightly dumbfounded. Then, he furrowed his eyebrows.

The Pill One Association would choose a new pupil representative from every batch to help the new pupils integrate with the organization. Not only did this representative need powerful pill refinery skills and have the acknowledgment of everyone, they also needed powerful backgrounds. Obviously, Celeste completely fulfilled these requirements. Furthermore, as the representative of the new pupils, according to the rules of the Pill One Association, she could unconditionally recommend one person to join the association. Of course, if that person did not perform well and did not reach the standards of the Pill One Association, not only would they be chased away from the association, at the same time, the one who had given the recommendation would also be punished. This would even affect her individual prestige and reputation. To the upper classes in this social circle, this would definitely be an extremely severe blow and a major loss.

Thus, every representative from each batch of new pupils had been relatively prudent when using the recommendation quota. In fact, many representatives would not even use this even after they graduated. They were afraid that they would make an error of judgment and recommend someone, only to destroy their own reputation. After all, the various thresholds in the Pill One Association were famously high. However, Celeste had casually used her recommendation quota? Furthermore, she had actually used it on a Combat Cultivation pupil who was not even from the Pill Refinery Hall?

Gold Titan Harley could not help but observe Wang Zhong. However, he did not see anything rare from this small figure.

This pretty boy?

Gold Titan Harley shook his head. His personal friendship with Celeste was not bad as they were both almighty experts in the Heavenly Gates. However, this did not mean that he could refute Celeste's rights as a representative. "Weigh the costs and benefits yourself. Don't affect your own future just because of some unimportant people."

He stopped here, but his gaze towards Lao Wang was slightly sickening.

Lao Wang rubbed his nose and was slightly speechless. He had not understood why Celeste, who he had only met once, would voluntarily invite him to join the Pill One Association. Was it because of water spirit Nini? Lao Wang did not think that he had been able to charm both a unique elemental spirit and the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince at the same time.

"Wang Zhong?" Celeste saw that Wang Zhong had no reaction and asked again with a smile.

Meanwhile, everyone around them was speechless as they cast various envious gazes at him. This little fellow had probably been so moved that he was stunned, right? When they thought about this, it made sense. If someone else were to be in this place and was invited by the goddess to join the Pill One Association, it would be strange if they were not stunned and could remain composed.

Beside him, Jhonas had slowly recovered from his shock and was slightly excited.

Boss was too amazing! No wonder he had rejected Shannali's Spiritual Pill Alliance. Damn, if he knew that the Pill One Association would invite him, only fools would have joined the Spiritual Pill Alliance!

However, before he was fully excited, another sudden sound came from beside them.

"Wang Zhong, hello." It was a rather rigid sound.

In reality, not many people in the Heavenly Gates dared to ignore people like Celeste and Senior Harley when they were talking, let alone forcibly interrupt them. However, the Machinery race was definitely one of them.

A member of the Machinery race had arrived. His cold expression and the use of rigid Star Alliance common language all made his identity clear. He was the representative of the most unique race in the entire divine territory.

"Are you willing to join the Law Enforcement Association? I, Macatron of the Machinery race, officially invite you." These words carried the style of the Machinery race: simple and direct.

There was silence, dead silence! Ever since this machine opened his mouth, not a single sound could be heard at all!

What was the Law Enforcement Association? It was also a first-grade pupil organization in the Heavenly Gates, but the entry thresholds and conditions were even more demanding than the Pill One Association!

The Machinery race nurtured law enforcement elites here. Eight out of 10 people who joined were from the Machinery race. Meanwhile, the remaining two people were almost certainly from the insect race. Just like the law enforcement squad in the Land, the Machinery race was the main member, and the insect race was the supplementary member. There were instances of other races joining the Law Enforcement Association, but these examples had all fulfilled special conditions. They were either members of high-leveled civilizations and races who had good relations with the Machinery race or heirs of future rulers in the Heavenly Gates. They were top and core personnel that had to learn how to build relations with the Machinery race, the insect race, and the law enforcement squad. It could be said that out of all those who joined the Heavenly Gates Law Enforcement Alliance, other than the Machinery race and the insect race, everyone else was definitely a future great figure in the Star Alliance who could summon wind and rain.

But this Earthling was from a level-4 civilization. Would he become a great figure?

Jhonas had just managed to close his mouth, but this time, he could not close his mouth at all. His jaw was about to drop off. Although he guessed that there was something fishy about the fact that Boss was able to join the Heavenly Gates as a member of a level-4 civilization and as a Foundational Stage, he did not think that it would be this fishy!

Firstly, the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince, Celeste, had invited him to join the Pill One Association. Now, the Machinery race had popped up to invite him to the Law Enforcement Association! Were these top organizations in the Heavenly Gates lining up to pick Boss?!

Jhonas did not know what to say. At that moment, his eyes were filled with stars of admiration. Meanwhile, the people around them felt as if their eyes were about to pop out from their eye sockets.

Not only were they shocked, even the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince, Celeste, was dumbfounded.

She had her reasons and objectives for inviting Lao Wang to join the Pill One Association. To her, ascending was the only goal she cared about. Thus, mixing around with the Pill One Association was not too important to her. She had invited Wang Zhong to join them, not because she felt that this Combat Cultivation pupil had pill-refinery talents that had not been displayed and could help her boost her reputation. She simply wanted to know how Wang Zhong had seized the heart of the elemental spirit. This was what Celeste felt was most important!

Simply said, this was a transaction.

She had only invited Wang Zhong because she had this outlook and did not even hesitate to use her recommendation quota, but how could the Machinery race step in? The Law Enforcement Association was famous for not recruiting people, let alone having any interactions with a fellow from a level-4 civilization.

After a short silence, everyone simply went crazy.

The Pill One Association and the Law Enforcement Association had invited a Foundational Stage who did not have any background or even any strength to join them at the same time. This was just too crazy. If they had not witnessed this for themselves, everyone here would not have believed their ears.

"Where is this little fellow from? Combat Cultivation Hall? Are you sure?"

"A celestialoid? Does anyone know any details about this little fellow?"

"What? An Earthling? From a level-4 civilization?"

"I'm about to go crazy. Since when did the Pill One Association and the Law Enforcement Squad lower their thresholds so much? A Foundational Stage from a level-4 civilization can join them? They even voluntarily invited them?"

"Do the higher-ups want to give the lower civilizations some face? Is that why they looked for one who could never rise?"

The crowd around them exploded as there were various feelings of disbelief. If a prodigy from a high-leveled civilization had been invited, they would naturally become a pleasant topic of conversation that people were willing to sing praises about. But a Foundational Stage from a level-4 civilization… Damn, was there anyone here who was weaker than this little fellow? There was no justice! Furthermore, the Pill One Association and the Law Enforcement Association had stepped up at the same time…

"Boss, Boss, this is rather difficult for you to choose!" Unlike the others, Jhonas immediately felt as if he was a notch above the rest when he stood beside Wang Zhong. There was an obvious expression of disdain when he looked at his fellow members from the Heavenly Gates Chamber of Commerce. He was extremely excited. "The Law Enforcement is definitely good. When you join them, your social status will be boosted. In the future, when you say that you are a member of the Law Enforcement Association in the Land, you can simply walk anywhere you want, and no one will dare to offend you! But the Pill One Association is also very good. They have a wide network, and it has a good reputation. Most importantly, when you are in the Heavenly Gates… Tsk tsk tsk. What a conflict, what a conflict. Boss, I think that the Pill One Association is better!"

When Jhonas said the last sentence, he looked at Celeste out of the corner of the eye.

The Law Enforcement Association was good, but it was filled with cold machines and ugly insects. Staying with them for too long was very disgusting. Furthermore, it was easy to draw boundaries with others. However, the Pill One Association was different. They had a wide network and many beautiful women… If it were up to Jhonas, this point alone would determine his choice.

Not only did Jhonas think this way, in reality, almost everyone around them felt this way as well. In fact, even Machine Macatron, who had invited Wang Zhong, felt as if it was hopeless. Under the circumstances that the Pill One Association was competing with them, no one would be willing to join the Machinery race and the insect race in the Law Enforcement Association. He could only say that he had arrived one step too late. It was somewhat of a pity.

However, they never expected that Lao Wang would laugh and look at Celeste. "Miss Celeste, thank you for your good intentions. I have decided to join the Law Enforcement Association. After all, I am not a pill refinery student. I will not break your rules."

Lao Wang's thinking was actually very simple. It was not because the Pill One Association was not good, or because of Harley's silent threat, but because the Machinery race had helped him before. Thus, he naturally felt closer to them. Furthermore, he could not just plan for himself. Building good relations with the law enforcement squad in the Land would be of great assistance to humans when they established their footing in the future.

As for the Pill One Association, his principle was very clear: he would not be rewarded if he did not deserve it.

Beside him, Jhonas was stunned, and the buzzing sounds around them fell silent. Even Celeste was dumbfounded. Ever since she was young, she had never been rejected for anything so directly. In particular… she had not yet proposed any conditions.

"Little fellow, you have a good knowledge of yourself. I like you a little." Gold Titan Harley was also surprised, but he was full of smiles. Even if Celeste had helped this inferior being from the Combat Cultivation Hall enter the Pill One Association, he would be gotten rid of very quickly. If he retreated now, they would have saved a lot of trouble.

"Was it because Senior Harley's gaze was threatening?"

"Water seeped into his head."

"Boss…" Jhonas was already unable to mock him. His Boss was simply different from the rest. It was no wonder that he was full of disgust when he saw Jhonas's small and cute messenger. As expected, his taste was too unique, and it was not that his outlook was unusual.

Macatron from the Machinery race looked at Wang Zhong. When he turned back to look at Wang Zhong, even though he was still expressionless, there was some movement in his gaze. Others had always thought that the Machinery race did not care, but in reality, no one liked being given the cold shoulder after a warm invitation!

Behind the cold exterior of the Machinery race were rich feelings. As expected, this human was different from other creatures as he was truly close to the Machinery race. If there were 10,000 people here, 9,999 of them would have chosen the Pill One Association.

"What a pity. However, I believe that joining the Law Enforcement Association will be a very interesting experience. Congratulations, Wang Zhong." Celeste was not conflicted. In reality, whether Wang Zhong joined the Pill One Association or not was not important. What was important was that she had displayed her friendliness to Wang Zhong. Furthermore, based on what Wang Zhong had said, Celeste could see that he actually wanted to learn the art of pill refinery. Thus, she had other, better ways of "transacting".

This was very normal. As long as they had the aspiration and ambition, learning how to refine pills was a necessary step for members of low-leveled civilizations who had not achieved their method of accumulating their Core. However, in the Heavenly Gates, the Pill Refinery Hall started from level-7 pills, which was evidently not suitable for low-leveled civilizations without any basics.

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