Battle Frenzy
1025 That Which Is Rare Is Dear
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1025 That Which Is Rare Is Dear

Celeste smiled and simply took out a prescription scroll from her pocket. When figures like her wanted to cultivate friendships with others, their expressions of goodwill would come in succession. She had prepared this scroll for Wang Zhong. If Wang Zhong joined the Pill One Association, this would have been a congratulatory gift for him and an item that would allow him to build his foundation. Now, even though he had not joined them, this did not stop Celeste from using this prescription to further advance their relationship.

"I have a prescription for a level-9 Vitality Supplement Pill for you. Treat this as a congratulatory gift for joining the Law Enforcement Association."

The level-9 Vitality Supplement Pill was not considered a high-quality product, but it was one of the beginner pills in pill studies. Many tests for level-9 alchemists used refining a Vitality Supplement Pill as their standard. Furthermore, due to the special quality of the Vitality Supplement Pill that allowed it to replenish spiritual influence and vitality, it was a consumable that was essential for many alchemists when they refined pills. It had a very large market, and all the pills that one refined could be easily sold off. Thus, it circulated over a large network. Furthermore, this prescription was not a rare item and was something that could be bought with money.

This present was not particularly valuable, but to Lao Wang, this undoubtedly provided him with timely help. Ever since that day, Celeste had definitely tried to understand Wang Zhong's background. Thus, she understood his current situation and thoughts relatively well.

Wang Zhong was somewhat surprised. After all, one who was unaccountably solicitous would be hiding evil intentions. But… there did not seem to be anything valuable on him that she was eyeing. If there was one thing she wanted, it was probably the spirit.

"Thank you. If you need help in any areas, please let me know." Lao Wang calmly accepted it with a smile.

Celeste smiled. Her smile was like the spring sunshine that had emerged to bring the world alive, enchanting everyone around her. Flying Pig's drool was about to fall. However, she did not say much. She knew that Wang Zhong was a smart person and gave him a prescription in return for a "possibility". Even if there was no result in the end, it would not be much to her.

Celeste left, and many people watched her. Meanwhile, Machine Macatron looked at Wang Zhong and said in a serious tone, "There will be an entrance ceremony for the Law Enforcement Association in two days. I will send a messenger to relay the time and location of the meeting. You must attend."

"Okay!" Lao Wang replied frankly.


In the Sacred Arena.

Aiolos and Tsari's days became bloodier by the day. The crystal people exploited them in many different ways. They were often made to challenge a group by themselves. No one would be able to endure such high-intensity battles.

Tsari's injuries started to accumulate. Even though his injuries could heal by the next day due to the healing powers of the Titan race, as his opponents became stronger and stronger, his injuries became harder and harder to heal. The healing powers of the Titans were not boundless and were being exhausted by the successive battles.

Aiolos's situation was even worse. Although his recovery was not bad, it had only been a short time since he had entered the divine territory. He was a miracle to the humans, but in the divine territory, he was just a visitor. However, he was given more attention precisely because of his identity.

The more bleeding wounds there were on his body, the more nimble his actions were, and the more explosive his power was. Many fearless gladiators died under his fist. Wretched and violent fighters were often able to cause the audience to scream. Furthermore, smashing his fist into the chest of his enemies earned him a nickname: Sinister Hand.

Sinister Fist Aiolos —— some fervent fans had started to call him this. They believed that Aiolos's fist was much more impressive than the weapons that the Arena provided.

Many people went crazy over his terrifying pair of golden fists. Some of them were his fervent fans who supported him as a gladiator, while others were gamblers that hoped that he would quickly fall. Everyone could tell that this human was accepting a combat test that was above his limits. Many Arena fans who were fond of passing time there were betting that Aiolos would definitely either undergo an awakening and break through during a battle or collapse and die. Of course, the latter was more likely.

If he wanted to achieve a miracle, it would only be possible if he could achieve the Void Core Realm as a Foundational Stage gladiator or achieve the Solid Core Realm as a Void Core expert. Furthermore, it was very obvious that the human civilization did not possess this ability and relied solely on their combat level to rise. If they only had this, they would eventually die.

However, the fewer the choices Aiolos had, the crazier he became. Just like an injured wolf king, he made his opponents tremble in fear. On the contrary, this gave him a lease of life as his opponents started to fear him. The unnerving were afraid of those who were crazy, and the crazy were afraid of those who did not want their lives.

Aiolos received a special technique. Of course, when the silver Titan knew that Aiolos was alone, he continuously glanced at Aiolos. All the best, brother! Whether or not they were able to break free from this damned Arena would depend on that strange female aristocrat from the Seductress race.

This was the third time she had come to look for Aiolos!

Tsari felt that this was rather bizarre. All along, the Seductress race was famous for their unbearably chaotic personal lives. Regardless of gender, they were passionate about tasting new people from the opposite sex. Furthermore, almost no one of the opposite sex could withstand their allure. As aristocrats from a level-8 civilization, being played by the strong and beautiful Seductresses was a form of honor to a large majority of races.

Of course, in human terms, they were fickle and lascivious. In the eyes of the members of the Seductress race, their virginity was like an overcoat that was past its prime. They acknowledged that this moral existed in this world, but not among their race. Virginity existed, but to the Seductresses, it was too uncouth and definitely could not be worn on the bodies of the Seductresses.

It was not rare for Seductresses to like looking for gladiators. However, they would feel that a gladiator was fresh on the first visit and perhaps ponder over them during the second. But what about the third time?

With the normal "romantic" disposition of the Seductresses, they would definitely not waste so much time on a gladiator from a low-leveled civilization. Two nights was enough for a Seductress to be weary of an intense love. Moreover, they only connected their bodies once, but there was no joy from the mingling of their souls.

In any case, Tsari thought from the perspective of the Seductress for 10 more minutes. However, he could not think of a second reason other than "she had been charmed by Aiolos's effort".

How complicated, thought Tsarilorhuan. Thus, he exerted his strength and squeezed his eyes at Aiolos. If it were not for the restrictions that were placed on him after he retreated from the battlefield, he would have shot out electricity from his eyes.

As usual, the maids helped Aiolos to clean his body and carefully stitched up the wounds on his body. After using a kind of thread made out of fish skin to stitch his torn skin, the runes on their bodies started to radiate a gentle light. This made Aiolos recall the Sun, the fixed star in his hometown.

After the wounds were stitched up, scabs started to form, and the maids continued to use their powers. At this moment, Aiolos felt a numbness from his wounds, as if many ants were helping their queen to construct a new nest. When he was almost unable to bear it, the maids used their fingers to gently brush past these numb areas. There was a cooling sensation, and he saw the scabs falling off. The maids let out voices of shock as they looked at Aiolos with great respect. Even though they understood that Aiolos possessed powerful recovery abilities, the effects of their healing had exceeded their calculations.

This time, the essential oils that were rubbed onto Aiolos's skin obviously had ingredients that could replenish his vigor and stamina. Aiolos felt his spirit slowly being stimulated. Needless to say, this was a rare chance for him to rest and relax. Furthermore, the owner who had summoned him had definitely paid a relatively high fee.

After waiting for half an hour, the candle demon appeared in his room and brought Aiolos through the secret passage to the flower garden. When they reached the small path, the same servant from the Machinery race brought him into the room that was full of the stirrings of love.

Just like the previous two times, the young girl from the Seductress race stood up from the hot spring. Thin mist covered her body, making it seem like an illusion.

However, unlike the previous two times, she was not anxious to express her desire. Instead, she carefully looked at his body. Her gaze was focused and attentive.

"Are you okay?" The Seductress tried to calm her tone as much as possible.

Aiolos smiled. His smile was bright and dazzling, making him completely different from the fighter of death in the Arena. This lit up the Seductress's heart and kindled the other one-quarter of her lineage… that of the Heavenly Shell race.

She was not a pure Seductress as there was this other noble bloodline in her body. Her existence was rather special and was intended by the Seductress race. One had to know that all high-leveled civilizations were not too happy about mixing their blood, especially the aristocrats from high-leveled civilizations, unless there was a deeper meaning behind it.

"It's not serious." Aiolos smiled. Then, he stretched out his hand and grabbed her waist. This smooth feeling aroused his body. Meanwhile, the Seductress, who had sensed a change, became enthusiastic and rapidly rolled with him, sinking in the joy of their senses.

Undine looked at his face, and the continuous stirrings of love trickled into her heart like raindrops before surging out of her misted eyes. He was treating her warmly. Every single action was of the appropriate pressure and extremely cautious, as if he was playing with and making an appreciative analysis of a rare treasure. This made her body even more full of love. After an intense delight, she decided that she had to respond to his gentleness.

She kissed him. This was an ardent and long kiss. They exchanged each other's smell, and it was as if time had stood still. This was not supposed to happen. They indulged in desire, but emotions were another matter altogether.

This kind of feeling… Anyone would be jealous.

She had chosen him for the first round because of her coming-of-age ceremony. Her sisters had said that the man to take away a Seductress's first night would be cursed. Thus, she had to randomly find a person. There was no doubt that those gladiators were the best choices as they would not mind being cursed. This was because the gladiators understood their own fate. When they killed their opponents, they were also waiting for their opponents to kill them. Being able to taste a level-8 Seductress from a level-8 civilization was their honor. Of course, most importantly, gladiators who were able to win competitions were strong enough. One had to know that with the Seductresses' physiques, even if it was their first time, they had desires that were as unfathomable as the deep sea.

Meanwhile, it was up to the Seductress whether she wanted to complement her partner. Perhaps it was because of her Heavenly Shell bloodline that she chose to do so. She did not want to let her first man die just like that.

Then, she enjoyed a perfect coming-of-age ceremony.

She was different from the other Seductresses. She was a different kind of Seductress.

Thus, after her first coming-of-age ceremony, she often went to see his matches. Every battle, every hurt expression, and every increase in power, all trickled into her heart. She had been attracted. Even if she had no reason to do so, she "bought" time with the gladiator.

Unlike the first time, there were enthusiastic and rich feelings amidst his gentleness. He had lived the most tragic and despairing life, but she was able to sense hope and vitality that was even more vigorous than some noble Seductresses. His bright smile did not carry any inferior feelings, as if he had been born to nobility.

She said, "My name is Undine Abeli Downy."

"This sounds like a meaningful name." Aiolos smiled.

"It means that I am a mixed blood. I have the blood of the Heavenly Shell race because of a deal." Undine did not sound proud and even seemed to be laughing at herself.

"Fate is a bitch. The more you fight, the more interesting it is." Aiolos lightly touched Undine's hair. "Your existence and my existence are both unique. No matter what, life has to be exciting. Your life belongs to you, not anyone else."

Undine could not imagine that such words would come out from the mouth of a gladiator. These words were crude but seemed to make sense.

When dawn arrived, she realized to her shock that they had chatted for a night, but she still wished to continue.

When she looked at Aiolos's back, the intention of bailing him out naturally leaped from her mind.

However, very quickly, Undine realized that as an aristocrat from a level-8 civilization, it was very easy for her to bail out a gladiator. However, Aiolos was not so simple as he was now extremely popular. It was almost equivalent to pasting a label that banned him from being bailed. Furthermore, not only did she have to pay for Aiolos, as he was still a convict, she would also have to pay a heavy protection fee to the tribunal.

However, she did not plan to give up. With her current identity, if she wanted to bail out Aiolos, she had to go through an agreement and introduction to the owner of this gladiator before she could request for bail from the judge.

The big figures in her race could avoid this trouble. However, she could not and did not think of doing this through them. She would definitely engulf Aiolos and not leave any crumbs behind.

"Ha!" When the crystal person understood Undine's intentions for coming, he almost immediately let out a mocking and ear-piercing laughter. "The esteemed Ms. Undine. I think that you must be joking with me, right? This human is not for sale. I think you should be able to understand why. This is a decision by the tribunal."

The crystal person did not pay much attention to her. To be exact, he saw that her eyes were full of desire. He had tried the taste of Seductresses, and this memory was engraved deep into his bones. However, a mixed-blood Seductress who was pretty and innocent and had the blood of the Heavenly Shell race… The crystal person started to feel envious. That human had actually tasted the flavor of this woman several consecutive times!

"If you are willing, I can bail him out at the tribunal. He did not commit a serious offense. If not, he would not have been sentenced to the Arena either." Undine sensed the desire in the crystal person's gaze towards her. She felt waves of disgust but decided to endure.

Finally, the crystal person no longer concealed his eyes that were full of desire and simply stared at Undine's chest. As he imagined something, he said treacherously, "Even if you can get the tribunal to change their thoughts and allow him to be bailed out, Aiolos is now a star. I cannot play around with the Arena. The audience members who wait to see him every day will rip me to pieces…"

"State your conditions," said Undine calmly.

"Unless… you can do something… that would make me willing to go through all difficulties and dangers for you." The crystal person expressed his thought of "doing it once" in a roundabout but blunt manner. At the same time, he felt that only doing it once was not enough. That human had touched her three times!

Although the Seductress race was self-indulgent, the premise was that they would take the lead and control everything. If it was the other way round, it would be humiliating.

Undine smiled. At this moment, she was more like a Seductress. "Remember what you just said. You will pay for what you have said!"

Undine left. It seemed like some people had looked down on her. Seductresses were the worst to provoke. Would she ignore this just because she had some other blood?

In the Forbidden Jail of the Arena.

Aiolos's good mood after he was brought back made Tsari rather fervent.

"Have you talked about it with her? If she agrees, there are still many gates to go through…"

"Ah, I forgot to mention it." Aiolos rubbed his nose. In reality, he had not forgotten. However, as a man, there was no doubt that he was ambitious and proud. He was the King of the Pampas and a natural super expert. However, when he arrived in the divine territory, he instantly fell and became an ordinary person. He had endured many things and situations that he definitely would not have thought about in the past. Undine's appearance gave him warmth. He could sense the natural affinity between them. There were some feelings as their hearts beat in unison.

Under these circumstances, how could he say that if she wanted to buy him, she also had to have a Titan as an extra?

His pride and dignity did not allow him to destroy all of these.

The silver Titan seemed to have realized this. "That's right. If she were to buy us, would I be more expensive, or would you be more expensive?"

Aiolos rolled his eyes. This topic was really boring.

"Throughout the ages, that which is rare is dear. A Titan like me is in less demand than a human. Really, what kind of world is this?"

"Didn't you say that the silver Titans are high-leveled among the Titan race and have a super bloodline that is one in 10,000?"

"I was just boasting. Don't believe that…"

Tsari suddenly paused as he realized that Aiolos was changing the subject. Then, a strange idea jumped out from his head. This idea was like a demon that was using its sharp hooves to poke the back of his head, causing him to involuntarily blurt out, "You haven't taken a liking to her, right? If she likes you too… Brother, this Seductress is the most special Seductress I know. She has the blood of the Heavenly Shell race. With such excellent blood, she definitely has status and significance in the Seductress race. Perhaps she has some intentions. The Seductress race is the hardest to deal with among all the level-8 civilizations. We seemed to have deviated from our course!"

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