Battle Frenzy
1027 Troublemaker Lao Wang
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1027 Troublemaker Lao Wang

There were about three seconds of dead silence. Closely after, there was a clamor. "What happened?"

"Cook was the one who collapsed? What did that little fellow do? I didn't see him attack!"

"Damn, he was too fast. I didn't see it clearly."

"Two successive chops and one strike." Bone goblin Pavaro's eyes flashed with interest. However, today's Pavaro was obviously not as natural and unrestrained as he had been during the previous lesson. His dazzling white bones had turned into gray bones. It was said that a few days ago, his bones were fully black and were in an even more tragic state. It seemed like he would not be able to fully fix this for a period of time. However, the change in his bone color did not affect his strength. At his level, it was relatively easy for him to see their actions clearly.

Cook had waved his blades very quickly, but the Earthling called Wang Zhong was faster than him. He only started to fight back the moment Shadowsickle Cook approached him. His two successive chops accurately hit the joints of Cook's claws. This was followed by a punch that landed on Cook's back, making him feel suffocated.

"Are Earthlings this fast?" Blood Demon Balor was also rather interested. The fact that this little fellow had stolen the limelight from the three top experts had made him very unhappy, but he did not take this Earthling to heart. As for the reason why, the luck factor played a big part in the battle in the world of darkness.

"Hmph, no matter how fast he is, he is just a Foundational Stage. If he faces me, what can he do even if I stand here and allow him to hit me?" Ghost Gorst snorted coldly. There was pride all over his face. "He is not worth mentioning."

These three people had formed a circle, as if they were superior to the rest of the Combat Cultivation Hall. Obviously, the three of them would not allow anyone else to hear their discussion. At that moment, the others from the Combat Cultivation Hall had started to explode.

"Did he play dirty?"

"Goblin arts?"

"A curse?"

Even though the spectators did not understand this, they thought this was awesome and chattered among themselves. However, unlike how countless people competed to challenge him before, the audience was now evidently much savvier. They did not even understand how Wang Zhong had gotten rid of Shadowsickle, so who would dare to step up?

"You philandering fellow. Let me face you head-on!"

There was a massive roar that sounded like dull thunder. Then, a massive shadow leaped from the crowd.


The figure descended from the sky. White electricity covered the surface of his body, and he smashed into the platform with a heavy boom, causing the ground to tremble. Dense electric currents spread from his foot, looking like electric snakes dancing on the platform. His massive body was like a small mountain, and he was about four to five meters tall. His thick hair was tied into small braids and secured to the back of his head with a headband. This was a standard hairstyle in the Titan race.

Even if members of the Titan race were unable to evolve into silver Titans, or even gold Titans, they were still extremely powerful creatures. They had natural superhuman strength, thick skin, and shocking defense. Many people who fought with Titans would tire themselves out, but their attacks would only feel like an itch to the Titan.

"Little fellow, there are some things you cannot act humble about. Let's have a fight between 'men'!" This Titan had achieved his Void Core and seemed to have a fiery temper. However, in reality, there was finesse in his roughness. The power and defense of the Titan race were shocking, but they were most annoyed by opponents with fast speeds. They could be incredibly annoyed if their opponent ran around. This Earthling's movements were faster than Shadowsickle's. If he actually ran all around this place, this Titan would have a headache. Thus, the moment he stepped up, he activated his technique.

Wang Zhong smiled calmly. His gaze looked like he was looking at a fool.

Although the Titan did not feel that Wang Zhong would actually agree, Wang Zhong's gaze that seemed like he was looking at an idiot made the Titan rather stunned. He no longer hesitated and bent his extremely thick thighs. Then, his tall body rapidly shot up like a coiled spring.

Pa pa pa pa!

Countless Titan electric currents shot in and out of his eyes, nostrils, and ears. His entire body was instantly covered in electric currents. Meanwhile, terrifying thunder rumbled amidst the rapidly surging electric currents.

He leaped high above Wang Zhong's head. His angry eyes glared at him as he put his fists together. His body paused slightly at the highest point. Closely after, he rapidly dove towards Wang Zhong!

"Titan —— Tyrant Extinguisher!" The Titan roared angrily. Powerful spiritual power was mixed with his roar and charged at Wang Zhong like a sound wave. He would frighten Wang Zhong and gain the upper hand by showing off his strength!

He was about to smash that Earthling into minced meat! But the next second!


The Titan's clenched fists stopped a few feet away from the ground. He did not hit anything, but his back was arched.

Wang Zhong had taken one step forward and punched upwards right into his chest. This punch did not just contain Wang Zhong's power but also the momentum that the Titan had gathered when he dove at Wang Zhong. Putting aside the Titan, who was now injured, even Wang Zhong who had attacked felt that his entire arm was tingling and numb from the impact.

Silence reigned all around them… What were they doing? Were they both actors?

They saw the Titan being carried by Lao Wang over his head. His entire body was spasming, and there was white foam at his mouth. The electric currents that were flowing into the surroundings also rapidly grew weak, while his round eyes were like bells. The Titan had never thought that his ultimate attack would be broken through so easily.

He had just taken a step before him…

The Titan rolled his eyes. There was a sense of unwillingness and shame. His entire body turned limp as he lost consciousness.

Wang Zhong was still expressionless, as if he had only done something very insignificant, and that these two Void Core experts were not even enough for him to warm up. These two people were stronger than Yin Jiao, but he was much stronger now than when he had fought with Yin Jiao! Furthermore. The battle with Yin Jiao allowed Wang Zhong to have a sufficient understanding of the so-called young prodigies in the divine territory. On the other hand, the others had almost no understanding of him. These two fellows had not even revealed their true forms. They were just asking for death…

Knocking them out in seconds? It was not difficult at all.

He casually waved the right hand that he had raised high into the air. The body that resembled a small mountain was tossed to the side and caused a massive rumble when it crashed into the platform. When the body turned around, everyone realized that there was a fist-sized dent on the left chest of the Titan where his heart was. It had almost sunk into his heart.

It was silent all around them, and there was no uproar. When Lao Wang had eliminated Shadowsickle Cook, many people thought that something was fishy as they did not see his actions clearly. However, the vibrations underneath their feet were real. That was a Void Core expert from the Titan race, and his skin was extremely solid. No matter what technique Wang Zhong had used, the attack power that was able to knock out this kind of expert with one punch was enough to suppress half of the people present.

"I told you that you have to use all your power. Wang Zhong will earn two points, and these two fools will have five points deducted each!" Tsargesimon was not unhappy because a fellow member of his race had collapsed. On the contrary, he was extremely happy. These two fools had not revealed their true forms even though they were told to go all out. Tsargesimon's eyes were as bright as snow. From Wang Zhong's performance in the world of darkness, he was already extremely interested in this cunning Earthling.

At that moment, everyone was slightly speechless. This supervisor was simply… a bastard!

There was a dead silence offstage.

Regardless of whether it was Shadowsickle Cook or that Titan, they could not be said to be experts in the Combat Cultivation Hall, but they had definitely reached the degree where they formed the core powers of the Hall. Their Spiritual Energy Value had exploded to around 200,000 as Void Core experts even without revealing their true form. This kind of combat level was not something that everyone could ignore. However, that Foundational Stage fellow from a level-4 combat level had actually finished them with just one technique…

In particular, the punch that had eliminated the Titan in a second was far too shocking…

To be honest, those who came from the lower worlds were all adept at various combat tricks, and everyone was aware of this. However, they had a barrier that they would never be able to cross: the level of their power. No matter how good one was at playing small tricks, their opponents would be fine even after 100 punches, but one would be defeated with one strike. Then, even impressive skills would simply be empty talk. However, this person did not just have skills. He was able to knock a Void Core Titan unconscious in one strike. This kind of power could put him in the top ranks of the entire Combat Cultivation Hall.

They had thought that he was just a Foundational Stage, but they had made an error in their judgment. A majority of the people looked at the three top experts, but it was very obvious that they had no intention of attacking. To them, attacking at this moment would mean that they thought highly of Wang Zhong.

It was silent inside, but Jhonas was completely excited outside. Back then, he had seen Boss carry out various ambushes in the dark. Although he felt that those were very impressive, in the end, he felt that they were not good enough to show off as they made him seem opportunistic. But this time, he had actually eliminated two Void Core experts openly! Boss was only in the Foundational Stage. What would happen when this kind of impressive person accumulated his Core?

"He is just a Foundational Stage, but no one dares to fight him?" Titan supervisor Tsargesimon lazily asked everyone. Everyone offstage seemed shy and were like cowardly bullies, making him rather unhappy. "You bunch of cowardly folks. You're really wasting my time!"

The rather-confused gazes offstage seemed to have been stimulated by this sentence. Disorganized feelings started to gather again.

"He is just a Foundational Stage. Don't hold back with him. Cook and the Titan were too careless and should have used their real forms to greet him!"

"Damn, does it feel good to have a level-4 civilization climbing over your head? Go on!"

The roars all around were like thunder. Although they were all talk, no action, one person eventually stepped forth.


A blood-red shadow leaped from the crowd and lightly landed on the platform. His entire body was blood-red, and the two goat horns on his head were small but hard. His horns were steel-colored and radiated a silver light. This was evidently a layer of steel protection that protected the most obvious weakness of the Blood Demon race.

Blood Demon race —— Bacchus.

There were many Blood Demons in the Combat Cultivation Hall. As a high-leveled race that could adjust the blood in their body and go berserk, the Blood Demon race was rather adept at combat. They were famous, crazy soldiers that appeared in the history of the divine territory. Cruelty, wild arrogance, and irritability were their special characteristics.

However, with the lessons learned from the two fools, this fellow from a low-leveled civilization obviously knew some goblin arts. Bacchus, who had leaped up, evidently had no intention of looking down on his opponent. At that moment, the tips of his toes had just touched the ground when…


A wave of surging spiritual power continuously surged out from within his body. The spiritual power was blood-red and could be clearly seen with the naked eye. His already red skin instantly turned into a bright red from the surging blood-red spiritual power. His violent aura was like a red flame that was rapidly blazing, engulfing his entire body. His Spiritual Energy Value rapidly increased, and his muscles continued to swell. Waves of power were mixed in the air, resulting in earth-shattering changes in his physique and aura.

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    《Battle Frenzy》