Battle Frenzy
1028 Master Supervisor Is Very Happy
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1028 Master Supervisor Is Very Happy

The Blood Demon had revealed his true combat form!

"His explosive Spiritual Energy Value can probably reach 350,000 and suppress that fellow from a lower-classed civilization. On the contrary, I want to see how he can still be opportunistic!"

"A strike to fell all strikes will be enough to suppress that Foundational Stage!"

Many pupils started to blurt out below. This was the natural talent of the Blood Demon race and one of their skills. As one of the races in the Land who were best at combat, no one was willing to face a berserk Blood Demon. They would not rest until they died, and they would not stop until they won.

"Finally, someone who is serious." Supervisor Tsargesimon also finally seemed to be interested. When Blood Demons revealed their true form, it meant that they were going to risk their lives. What could that Earthling do?

"Finish and resolve this battle quickly!"

"Tear that Earthling into pieces!"

"Be careful, he's slick! Don't give him the opportunity to delay!" The other pupils had started to make an uproar. Although they were not the ones who had been beaten up, they were shocked by a Foundational Stage from a level-4 civilization. No one had dared to go up, and everyone felt that they had lost face.

Even without the crowd telling him, Blood Demon Bacchus on the platform had focused all his attention on Wang Zhong, who was standing opposite him. He was able to maintain his composure and not lose his rationality even after revealing his true Blood Demon form. This was a basic requirement of joining the Heavenly Gates. Furthermore, his outlook was completely different from the Titan and Shadowsickle before him. He was evidently focused and intelligent. He did not blindly seize the first attack and was relatively patient.

The two before him had successfully been attacked by Wang Zhong while they were attacking. This was Wang Zhong's special characteristic. Furthermore, his standing posture was very natural. After all, he was a natural celestialoid, unlike many transforming races. Although they also had four long limbs and physiques that were suitable for fighting after they transformed, after all, those were not their natural bodies. Perhaps they could not tell in their daily lives, but once they were involved in high-intensity fights, their limbs could betray them, making them seem full of flaws in the eyes of experts.

However, Wang Zhong's extremely natural standing posture and the confidence on his face and in his eyes made him seem free of flaws in Bacchus's eyes. It was as if Wang Zhong would have an easy way to deal with him no matter how he attacked.

The two of them faced each other on stage. Neither of them moved. However, Bacchus's explosive spiritual power was gradually increasing continuously.

"Why aren't they attacking?" Someone offstage was anxious looking at this.

"The true Blood Demon form is an extremely intense method that will exhaust him. For every second he delays, he will lose one second. Is he giving his opponent a chance by not moving?"

"Is he intentionally losing?"

The corners of bone goblin Pavaro's lips curled up. This was someone who knew how to fight. However, it was a pity that his spiritual power was too low. It was not suitable for him to attack now.

"Drag it out…" Ghost Gorst's expression also became stern as he slightly furrowed his eyebrows. If he had looked at Wang Zhong in disdain before, the punch that had eliminated the Titan made him look straight at Wang Zhong.

"Relax." Evidently, Balor understood his own race well. His eyes were like torches. "Bacchus is considered an expert even among our race. When his Blood Demon Power reaches its peak…"


As if Balor's words were being proven, Blood Demon Power suddenly swept out from Bacchus's body. The energy that had been continuously surging in his surroundings stopped flowing outwards, and his aura was withdrawn. His round eyes had turned into slits in this instant, and an ominous glint flashed past.

"Arrrhh!" Bacchus roared loudly. It was as if a gust of hot wind had swept past like a scorching blaze and struck Wang Zhong like a hurricane.

That insufferably proud Earthling finally seemed to reveal some flaws. His left eye was narrowed slightly from the intense wind. Bacchus was waiting for this moment. At that moment, he bent his legs, and two small holes appeared in the sturdy ground from the fierce impact of his kick off.


The blood shadow was like an arrow as it flew at the speed of light.

Wang Zhong's slightly narrowed eyes did not show any unfamiliarity. On the contrary, there was a smile on his lips. This fellow was really naive. Just narrowing his eyes made his opponent think that he had found Wang Zhong's moment of weakness. However, he did not know that this weakness was simply a method to lure his opponent in.

For some reason, a large majority of the people stood with Bacchus. The middle class of the divine territory was very stable. They were instinctively in conflict with beings like Wang Zhong who broke the rules. A member of a low-leveled civilization should have the attitude and performance of a low-leveled civilization!

As the leader of the Blood Demons in the Combat Cultivation Hall, Balor approved of the standard of his subordinate. Most importantly, when he revealed his true form, Wang Zhong's weak spirit power did not seem enough to break through Bacchus's defenses. His only weakness was also well protected. He did not believe that this little bastard would be able to overthrow his opponent!

Thud… Thud… Thud…

Blood Demon Bacchus left behind a footprint with every step that he took. Unlike the two rash fellows before him, he displayed the understanding towards combat that Blood Demons possessed. In the divine territory, it was obvious that not all races were "degenerating". Those who learned from the demon race were competent.

"Step-by-Step Pinnacle Skill!"

Many pupils started to whisper among themselves. This was a combat technique of the Blood Demon race. Every step would allow one's aura and spiritual power to climb to their peak. At this moment, Bacchus was like an ancient giant that completely overpowered this small fly called Wang Zhong. Most importantly, this stable pressure would cause Wang Zhong to be unable to display his agility and cunningness.

Everyone felt a normal sense of delight, as if they were Bacchus at this moment. The supervisor was also smiling as this was finally interesting. This fellow from Earth had gone a bit too far. He liked to play with rogues of all kinds running wild, not individual heroes.

Bacchus flashed a ferocious smile as his massive fist contained surging spiritual power aimed towards Wang Zhong. Spiritual pressure instantly enveloped Wang Zhong, resulting in Wang Zhong being unable to display his agility. He was not truly slow but was instead controlling the rhythm.

This technique alone would be enough to defeat many people here. Only those who understood this realm would understand.

At that moment, Wang Zhong seemed to be shocked stiff and completely forgot to run away. Furthermore, he did not use the combat technique he had used to attack first. When he felt the spiritual pressure against his face, he finally woke up. Then, he aimed a slap at Bacchus…

Gods! This thin and pitiful midget was actually facing Blood Demon Bacchus head-on!

The supervisor was dumbfounded. At this rate, Wang Zhong would simply be beaten to death. Although the Heavenly Gates had a certain injury rate, if a death occurred, his track record would be harmed as well. This… How could this fellow from a low-leveled civilization be so stubborn?!


As they exchanged fists and palms, Bacchus's spiritual power suppressed and enveloped Wang Zhong… Everyone felt that Wang Zhong would be crushed into powder…


This was followed by an earth-shattering wail, and the entire crowd was silent. They had just exchanged blows for less than one second, and Bacchus's massive right arm had collapsed and exploded into countless pieces, causing blood and flesh to fly everywhere. He was sent flying outwards. This intense pain caused Bacchus to continuously roll on the ground and wail mournfully.

Wang Zhong did not show any expression and simply wiped the blood and flesh off his face. He had no compassion for Bacchus at all. The divine territory was not friendly to Earth. If another Earthling had been in his place, they would have been broken into pieces, and no one would care about them. They would disappear like shooting stars.

However, it was a pity that he was not an Earthling who would allow himself to be trampled upon by others, let alone being a clown who was laughed at by others.

His figure flashed. Crash…

Wang Zhong stepped on Bacchus's head and pushed his head into the surface of the ground with his foot, stopping the mournful wails of this annoying person. Then, he turned around and looked at the rest. Everyone who Wang Zhong's gaze fell on retreated.

Blood Demon Balor's expression was very ugly, and he could not control the violence in his heart. Meanwhile, Gorst, who was beside him, stopped him and shook his head. It was obvious that if he attacked, he would seem flustered and exasperated, pulling down Balor's status.

Balor's gaze was dim and cold. "I want him to die without a place for burial!"

Gorst smiled slightly. "You will have the time and opportunity to teach him a lesson."

Clap clap clap clap… The supervisor was happy as it had been many years since he had encountered someone who was not afraid of death. This was disruptive. How interesting!

"Very good, three consecutive fights. Wang Zhong, go down. Next!"

Tsargesimon had already seen that this Earthling was not simple. However, he had never thought that he would dare to recklessly face his enemy head-on and never expected his Spiritual Energy Value to explode to this extent. That attack had the power of 55 slaps, and the layers of power instantly broke through the Blood Demon's defense. This kind of attack meant that this Earthling had gotten used to the environment in the divine territory. At the same time, his body was not as weak as he had expected. This kind of attack had a terrifying backlash, but Wang Zhong made it seem like it was nothing.

After the supervisor spoke, even if Balor wanted to attack, he did not have any excuse or reason to do so. Furthermore, based on this supervisor's manner, he was probably protecting that little fellow. Compared to the impulsive Blood Demon race, the Ghost race was much more cunning…

Wang Zhong naturally walked offstage without extra trouble. Following that, people continued to step up. When the preservation of their qualifications in the Heavenly Gates was involved, no one wanted to become a stepping stone. If there were impressive people, there would naturally be those who were in desolation. However, Wang Zhong was now no longer an insignificant person.

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    《Battle Frenzy》