Battle Frenzy
1029 On the Watch
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1029 On the Watch

Not only was the Combat Cultivation Hall present, there were also many from the Weapon Refinery Hall and the Pill Refinery Hall among the audit students. Although the Combat Cultivation Hall was the least qualified out of all Three Halls, the skills from the Combat Cultivation Hall could be shared among all Three Halls. They did not have the high learning thresholds of the other Halls, where one would not be able to master the skills from just listening. Thus, there would always be people auditing here during every lesson. There were about a few dozen pupils from the Weapon Refinery Hall and the Pill Refinery Hall present today. Earlier, the Spirit Explosion Technique was only considered normal, but they never expected that they would see such a good show.

A level-4 civilization. A Foundational Stage… Damn, these two phrases were too misleading. Whoever believed these words was an idiot!

When Lao Wang heard the low sounds of discussion around him, he knew that he had become famous from one battle. This was very good as those with top identities would not find trouble with him for a while. As for those who were weaker, they would definitely pick on other weaklings. He would be saved from a lot of trouble, at least for a short period of time.

He also watched the following matches. Frankly speaking, he did not blame the Titan supervisor for being frustrated. When he watched the Combat Cultivation Hall pupils fight, it was actually very boring.

Their level of power was very high, and they shook the world. However, there was no content to their skills. They were direct, simple, and crude. In general, they all used their power to oppress others, and only about 10 people had any standards. Furthermore, that bone goblin seemed to be particularly taking note of him. To be honest, Wang Zhong also felt that there were a few threats here. Lao Wang did not feel that they were a threat in terms of skills, but their spiritual power was a bit too high.

Jhonas, who was listening outside, simply felt as if his tail was about to be raised into the sky. Wang Zhong was usually able to surprise him.

"That is my Boss who stays in the same hostel as me! This is the only member of the Law Enforcement Association who is from a different race!" Jhonas excitedly introduced Wang Zhong to the fellow beside him. As a result, everyone looked at him with a cold and hateful expression and wanted to stay away from him. However, Jhonas did not seem to care. On the contrary, he laughed even more happily.

At night, when they returned to the mushroom houses, Jhonas did not follow him home. When the Combat Cultivation Hall lesson ended, he had already flown away. He said that there was an offer in the Heavenly Gates spiritual medicine market and hurriedly went to help Lao Wang gather ingredients for the level-9 pill. As compared to the words he had uttered two days ago, he was extremely proactive today. In fact, he was enthusiastic and unrestrained. This was also an investment.

Lao Wang returned home and sat down. Just as he activated his Devouring Heaven Technique state, he heard the knocking of the door. When he went over to open the door and take a look, he saw a machine bee messenger using its head to knock on the door.

Although the machine bee messenger was only palm-sized and was rather delicate, when it opened its small stomach, the space inside was three to four square meters wide. The Machinery race had always been the best at folding technology.

It passed him a letter with the red words "Heavenly Gates Law Enforcement Association" written on it. Lao Wang opened the letter and took a look. He saw a few lines of large words written neatly on the white paper.

"The Heavenly Gates Law Enforcement Association, Violent Demon Era, 58th Batch Pupil Welcome Ceremony. We invite Wang Zhong to be present at 8 pm. Location: Heavenly Gates Street, Number 365. Inviter: Macatron."

"The Law Enforcement Association."

Lao Wang rubbed his nose. He had the best impression of the Machinery race, which was the coldest race in this world. Other races seemed warm but had their own objectives and even treated Earthlings as toys. Although the Machinery race was cold, at least they treated humans as a part of the divine territory. This was also an important reason why he had joined the Law Enforcement Association.

As long as one was respected, they would respect others as well.


At the Green Stone Shore in the Netherworld. A hundred representatives from the respective large Factions waited anxiously. No matter which race they came from, be it the elegant celestialoids or those with fierce and terrifying features like the insect people, they were all dressed appropriately for the occasion, and were civilized and polite. Of course, this was only in terms of their appearances. On the inside, torrents surged, and the atmosphere was hostile.

Today, this was the location of the third deal that they had agreed on with the Netherworld River Wanderer.

During the first deal, two Factions had received two red spider lilies.

During the second deal, 11 Factions and schools had come to exchange, including two medium-sized Factions. This time, even though they were not well-prepared, they also received six red spider lilies.

When these six spider lilies appeared in the Pill Refinery Records, the news about the Netherworld River Wanderer was uncontrollable.

Now, this was the third time. The 100 Factions that were left here had experienced many fierce battles and countless deaths and injuries. The situation became under control only when the three top Factions appeared.

The three top Factions did not clear the place as no one knew what the Netherworld River Wanderer wanted to exchange for this time. Putting aside the first time, when they dealt with him the second time, some items that seemed useless instead gained the favor of the Netherworld River Wanderer, and they were able to make an exchange. Meanwhile, some treasures that they felt were extremely valuable were ignored by that Boss.

Meanwhile, some Factions had made their own plans. If they were lucky enough to obtain the red spider lily, they would definitely trade it away. The red spider lily was too troublesome; cultivation resources were the true goods to them.

"He's here!"

"The Great Netherworld River Wanderer is here!"

Everyone hurriedly looked at the Netherworld River. There was a hazy white light that lit up the upper reaches of the river. Fog gradually covered everyone's vision along with this light and became bigger over time. This fog seemed slow but actually floated over very quickly. When one took a glance, the fog seemed to be white and misty. However, upon closer inspection, one would see that there was a strange silver light roaming about without rest in this white fog. It carried the stern aura of a ghostly thunderbolt.

In the blink of an eye, the fog arrived above the Netherworld River at the Green Stone Shore. The green river water seemed to synthesize with the fog. Then, a faint green light surged into the fog. Unknowingly, the fog became much thinner. If one used spiritual power, one could see through the fog slightly.

As the gathered looked into the fog, a small boat silently appeared from it. Then, a faint figure appeared.

"Let's start."

As this gloomy voice sounded, there was a rumble. A coffin suddenly appeared from the fog and landed on the Green Stone Shore.

The various great Factions immediately took out the items that they had prepared for this trade. They raised their items in front of them and waited for the Netherworld River Wanderer to choose.

Very quickly, a red spider lily floated from the small boat and slowly landed in front of an insect who was holding a small cauldron. Great joy appeared on the face of his strange insect as it hurriedly and carefully kept the red spider lily. Then, he quickly and gently placed the small cauldron, a prescription, and a set of food and drinks in the open coffin.

Everyone else was very envious, but they could only bury this jealousy for now. This strange insect from the insect race was a messenger from one of the three top Factions. This small cauldron also had a history as a medicine-producing cauldron. It was one of the items that the Great Netherworld River Wanderer had wanted the previous time. Some Factions that had also prepared medicine-producing cauldrons were silent. The medicine cauldron that they had prepared was obviously a far cry from the cauldron that this top Faction had brought. They could only swap it out for the other items that they had prepared in hopes of obtaining the favor of the Netherworld River Wanderer.

Very quickly, the second red spider lily floated over and landed in the hands of a messenger from a top Faction as everyone else watched. This flower was exchanged for a Divine Soul Pill and a technique.

It was obvious that this Boss was very interested in this prescription and technique. However, the problem was, these were the most valuable items in each Faction. They wanted to trick him, but if they were discovered, how would they deal with him in the future?

Thus, many people were conflicted, but there were also those who were not conflicted.

The third flower, the fourth flower…

When the 10th red spider lily fell, the gloomy voice sounded again. "We will stop here today. Next time, in one month, we will meet at the Demon Cloud Dragon's Head Shore."

The moment he finished speaking, without waiting for the reactions of the other Factions, the fog suddenly swept away and caused the small boat to disappear from the Netherworld River.

Mu Zi, who controlled the fog and fled far into the Netherworld River, did not notice that three figures on the top of a high mountain in the distance were raising a precious mirror. An unnoticeable spiritual power shot out from the mirror and seemed to engulf the Micro Mirror, moving about and exploring him. When the small boat floated deep into the Netherworld River, the three of them made the same hand signal at the same time. The precious mirror fled and floated in midair. Then, it slowly returned to the three of them.

The precious mirror was kept. The three of them did not say anything or even look at one another. Instead, they quickly formed one line and rapidly fled into the distance.

They dashed for one day, but they did not rest for even one second. They only slowed down gradually when they entered the pitch-black and round tomb mountain. The mountain was densely covered in tombs. Occasionally, will-o-the-wisps would float from the tombs and rapidly fall to the ground. Every now and then, there would be strange and terrifying shrieks. It was obvious that there were goblin ghosts cultivating. There was faint spiritual pressure from their bodies, which cut off some of the aura around them.

The three of them walked along the mountain road and arrived in front of a mountain stone that was as tall as a person. A string of strange characters was engraved on the stone. It was an ancient rune that was formed from the three words "Darkness Demon Faction". This was the gate of the Darkness Demon Faction.

The three of them swept past the stone at the gate of the Darkness Demon Faction and took a step forward. Suddenly, the air changed. The light, for a second, suddenly turned dark and frightening. They had stepped into a gloomy and terrifying space. It was obvious that there was a ward with the mountain stone as the boundary. A gust of wind brought along a dim shadow, and countless ghost faces appeared. These ghost faces landed on the bodies of these people. Then, the shiny clothes that they were wearing started to age, as if they had experienced corrosion for several hundred years. In the blink of an eye, their clothes were tattered. However, gloomy characters faintly appeared on the surface of these tattered clothes. Every single character radiated a terrifying threat.

These were not three living lives, but three dead creatures.

Buzz. There was the gloomy sound of a bell. Then, these three dead creatures fell on the ground and did not move.

Ten shadows quietly appeared in all directions and surrounded the dead creatures in a circle.

The three dead creatures trembled and suddenly turned into 12 strange fragments that fell into those shadows. Then, as the dead creatures dispersed, the precious mirror flew and hovered in midair as it dazzled with a faint and gloomy light.

One of the shadows gestured, and a gentle wave plunged into the mirror. There was a ripple on the surface of the mirror, like the surface of water moving. Then, around ten thin rays of light were radiated and landed on all of their foreheads. In an instant, countless pieces of information were transmitted outwards clearly, as if everyone had personally experienced the situation for themselves.

In their line of sight, there was no fog. There was only a small boat, a coffin, and the so-called Netherworld River Wanderer…

They understood everything clearly. Twelve pairs of eyes looked at the body of the Wanderer and stripped him of all his disguises.

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    《Battle Frenzy》