Battle Frenzy
1030 Heavenly Gates Law Enforcement Association
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1030 Heavenly Gates Law Enforcement Association

"Hmm? It's actually real. During the last deal, Corpse Brake's judgment was right as this Netherworld River Wanderer is not very strong. This precious mirror gets rids of illusions and reveals the truth. Not only is he not strong, he is very weak," a scorpion person with purple skin spoke. He seemed to have four arms, but only the pair of arms with pincers belonged to him. His other two arms had been transplanted from two other experts. His voice was deliberately icy cold, like the sound of glass shattering in the middle of the night.

Corpse Brake let out a cold snort. He was a member of the corpse ghost race who naturally had the ability to control corpses, demons, and ghosts. He did not have a nose on his flat face but had two mouths, one red and one black. His red mouth was used to speak with people, while his red mouth… It was very obvious that just like the hands of this purple scorpion person, his second mouth was not natural. At this moment, he opened his red mouth and let out an ear-piercing sound in retaliation that was as if a hacksaw was rubbing against a steel plate. "Only the living will make mistakes, but I have never made a mistake."

The purple scorpion's deep pupils shrunk slightly. They were the 12th Deputy Suzerains of the Darkness Demon Faction. They did not have a harmonious relationship with each other. However, no matter what, they were one entity.

The Darkness Demon Faction had once been powerful and was once a member of the Heaven. However, after a prolonged battle, the Darkness Demon Faction suffered from heavy losses and lost all of their past glory. They were demoted to the Netherworld and continued to degenerate. Although they were a strong power in this underground world, compared to the past, and compared to their glory in the Heaven, they were no more than beasts on their last legs!

However, they finally found a remedy for this situation — someone was trading a large amount of red spider lilies!

The Darkness Demon Faction's need for the red spider lily far exceeded anyone else's. The most powerful technique from the Faction was the Venomous Enlightenment Grand Technique, and this divine technique that allowed the Darkness Demon Faction to travel across the Heaven and the Land required a large amount of red spider lilies to carry out!

They did not just want red spider lilies! They wanted that person's secret!

The Darkness Demon Faction once had the ability to travel on the Netherworld River. This was the ultimate technique that had been passed down by mouth to the Suzerains. However, after that battle, this technique had been lost when the previous Suzerain passed on.

"From what I see in the mirror, he has not even achieved his Void Core."

"He relies on that boat and that coffin to travel on the Netherworld River."

"Traveling the Netherworld River. Tsk. We have to think of a way to target him and obtain his secret."

"We cannot get close to the Netherworld River. From how he controls the fog, he will definitely not take the risk and come out."

"We can arrange something and explore."


At the Netherworld River…

As the small boat floated slowly, the deep and quiet Netherworld River was as peaceful as a sleeping maiden, and the flowing current was like a virgin breathing. However, this was only restricted to the surroundings of this boat. A hundred meters beyond the boat, the rumble and pitiful wails from the Netherworld River was accompanied by its overbearing force as the river continued to surge.

Mu Zi looked at the peace around him and the frenzy 100 meters away. He simply drank some water and calmly ate a biscuit. The food and drinks in the divine territory made him reminisce about his time on Earth. There were many types of biscuits on Earth. Although not all of them were to his liking, it made him think that he did not like staying on the island as it was too dry and dull. Drifting along the shore gave him a large sense of novelty. Of course, he did not know that he would be spied on like this.

He had obtained prescriptions, techniques, and a few other things. Most of them were useless. Mu Zi was doing this to stock up for Aiolos and Wang Zhong in the future. Like a diligent worker ant, he was very happy when he thought about this.

The small boat changed, and a deep green started to spread from the bottom of the boat. The boat changed as the Netherworld River soaked it, making it seem more like an artifact.

There were also notable changes in Mu Zi. The Netherworld River no longer injured him. Furthermore, he felt that the spiritual power in his body gradually cooperated with the Netherworld River after spending a long time drifting in it; it even vibrated slightly according to a rhythm. Meanwhile, his cultivation was also at the same rhythm as the Netherworld River. When the Netherworld River was surging, he would also feel active. When the Netherworld River was violent, his feelings would be like a brewing storm. If he trained then, he could feel his spiritual power growing with half the effort. Meanwhile, when the Netherworld River was peaceful… This was usually his best chance to have a feast. This was because he could not feel anything besides hunger.

There were times when Mu Zi suspected whether the Netherworld River was hungry.

He felt someone spying on him from a distant shore. Mu Zi was not surprised and did not care. In any case, it was like saying hello. There were three more days to the promised trade day. As long as they traveled towards the Dragon Head Shore, finding his tracks was not a difficult thing.

As for these prying gazes, Mu Zi was calm as usual. After some changes that even he could not understand, Mu Zi felt that the Netherworld River was becoming more like his home arena.

The clouds in the sky gradually grew gloomy. In the underground world, darkness came as it wished. Before the final ray of light could disappear from the sky, the green Netherworld River had started to emit a dim light. Various kinds of negative energy rose and surged out from the Netherworld River.

Mu Zi opened the Life and Death Coffin, and the Coffin let out a whistling sob. The negative energy that rose continued to be engulfed by the Coffin. Meanwhile, Mu Zi also threw a few ingredients inside without stopping. When the ingredients from the divine territory were used by the negative energy and the Life and Death Coffin, they gradually dissolved and permeated into the Coffin, becoming a part of it.

As time passed, a flame suddenly burst forth at the shore in front of him. Mu Zi looked over and saw that a cart was on fire. A beast that was pulling the cart had collapsed in a puddle of blood. Under the light of the flame, he could see black blood slowly spreading across the dirt.

A snow-white lady was being surrounded and attacked. Her long and blue hair was scattered and floated in the wind. A man who was attacking her pulled on her long hair and dragged her to the ground. "Ah!"

The lady wailed mournfully but did not give up. She stretched out her hand, and her hair broke off in the middle. She unconsciously looked toward the Netherworld River, where she saw Mu Zi who had been floating by but had stopped.

"Save me!" She let out a short and miserable call toward Mu Zi and begged him for help.

The men looked at Mu Zi in fear. One of them explained in a low tone, "Lord, our Faction will deal with this traitor. You disturbed the Lord's journey and even asked him for forgiveness!"

"Lord, I have nothing to do with them at all! They are… Ah…" The lady wailed but was quickly pulled back by the men. She violently struggled, and her clothes were torn open. Her snow-white body glistened from the flame that appeared and disappeared.

Mu Zi looked at the frightened lady. This was a truly pretty woman.

She was a pretty and piteous celestialoid. Her dignified and beautiful appearance was like a spring flower that had been attacked by the rain due to her fright. Her white clothes that were tattered from the intense battle made her body look like a red apricot tree leaning over a garden wall, sparking a desire to explore her.

Mu Zi was no exception to this. This made him recall the story of the silk stocking. This was something that Sister Hong had talked about with him in the desert. The most seductive method was not to make the lady naked. This was a primitive, low-leveled, and uncivilized method. True men looked upon this with disdain, and only men who were weak and unconfident would be seduced by this. Thus, if women wanted to seduce men, they would wear silk stockings, turning originally ordinary legs and feet into rare items that men subconsciously wanted to explore in depth…

Back then, Mu Zi did not understand Sister Hong's words. He did not feel that naked women would not be less seductive than women who wore silk stockings. However, ever since that strange girl appeared, a part of his emotions seemed to have been opened up. However, that girl had disappeared.

He watched this poor lady struggling against a group of men; the amount of cloth on her body started to shrink. However, Mu Zi simply smiled and looked on. His eyes were as dim as the Netherworld River.

This was an exciting performance. There was no doubt that this had captured his peculiarities. This woman had activated his desire to protect. However, another world had opened up in his field of vision.

Although the people who were surrounding and trying to kill her were fierce and malicious, they did not radiate any actual killing intent from their bodies. Furthermore, the woman did not radiate any deathly aura that was produced when one faced death. This was the gift that the Netherworld River had bestowed upon him. Just like the legendary Netherworld messenger, Mu Zi was able to see special waves from the bodies of the dying and the killing —— deathly aura and killing aura.

Mu Zi watched this play that became clumsier as it went on. His gaze fell on the ground beside the burned cart. There was a large amount of star stones on the ground, as well as many ingredients for medicines and pills. From the look of things, this woman was planning to trade these items at Dragon Head Shore but encountered robbers along the way. They had actually set up this entire play.

Mu Zi looked at these items and smiled. All of these were rare items that he had chosen to trade red spider lilies for. These were also the resources that he now urgently needed.

Thus, he moved. Dim waves rippled through the fog as Mu Zi controlled the boat and rowed to the shore. The fog gradually filled the shore.

The people from the Darkness Demon watched the fog spread. However, with the effects of their spiritual power, their vision was not obstructed.

The boat approached the shore.


Almost instantaneously, there was a rumble, and the people who could no longer act instantly exploded! The flesh on their bodies was ripped apart, revealing their original appearances. They operated different energies at the same time and targeted Mu Zi all at once.

The world inside the fog became even brighter.

However, they did not stop and rushed head-first into the fog that gradually changed in color. They had locked onto Mu Zi.

Five meters, four meters, three meters…

Bang! The sound of bubbles exploding suddenly sounded from the fog! There was a solitary noise at first, but in the next second, the sound of bubbles exploding continued, like beans being fried!

Bang bang…

The determined steps that the Darkness Demon Faction took towards Mu Zi as they tried to kill him suddenly stopped. Following the exploding sounds was the intense aura of the Netherworld River! Water, water from the Netherworld River fell from the sky like a storm!

The fog was no longer a fog. It swept past and rushed up the river shore like a giant that had violently transformed into a storm. Then, it started to torment them!

Bang bang bang bang bang…

The torrential rain from the Netherworld River fell on their bodies. They let out mournful wails before they could even attack.


Those who charged into the fog to kill him wailed mournfully. Their bodies emitted rays of light. Their defensive treasures that were as precious as their lives exploded one after another. However, they were unable to stop the pulling of their souls by the Netherworld River and shrieked in pain. From their skin to their bones, and from the surface of their bodies to their souls, it felt as if they were being twisted like a towel by that power.

No one tried to grab Mu Zi anymore. If they continued to stay in this fog, they would die here. Everyone wailed mournfully and rapidly retreated. When they retreated from the fog, everyone looked at Mu Zi, who was calmly smiling in the fog, in fright.

Mu Zi smiled and did not chase them. If he actually fought them, he definitely would not be able to defeat them. They were at least Void Cores. However, as long as he was beside the Netherworld River, the water from the Netherworld River was the most effective weapon against these experts. He was insignificant, but no matter who faced the Netherworld River, they were all insignificant. The fear in their hearts stopped them from displaying their full power. They did not have the space to display their full power either.

Outside the fog, the people from the Darkness Demon Faction widened their eyes as they watched Mu Zi store the various medicinal and pill ingredients into the coffin. Their hearts were filled with rage. Several dignified Assistant Suzerains from the Darkness Demon Faction had been suppressed by a little fellow who had not even achieved his Void Core. However, when they saw the dim ripples that occasionally flashed past in the fog, they only dared to be angry but did not dare to face him. Most importantly, no one was willing to reveal their trump card and give him the advantage.


In the Fifth Dimension, the human Holy Land…

Ma Dong felt that he was about to go crazy as the divine territory had given them a large order. This time, they had ordered cola.

It was cola again. In order to satisfy the needs of the divine territory, Ma Dong had specially developed a "special supply" for the divine territory. The taste was the same, but the ingredients were extremely expensive as normal cola would become totally different once it reached the divine territory because of the difference in environment.

Regardless of whether it was Wang Zhong or someone else pushing this behind the scenes, he felt that this was a massive chance to earn benefits from the divine territory instead. Furthermore, all of these received the support of the Patriarch Society.

However, regardless of whether it was the Patriarch Society or Ma Dong, they were not clear of what was going on behind the scenes. They had heard from all kinds of powers, and the information was complex. There were no clues they could derive.

It seemed to have something to do with the Netherworld Wanderer… What in the world was that?

If humans could establish a footing in the divine territory through cola, they could earn enough Star Coins to nurture newbies…

This was the seed of hope for the humans.


In the depths of the Netherworld River.

Mu Zi rubbed his slightly itchy nose. He once again recalled the taste of cola, and the corners of his mouth instantly turned moist.

Frankly speaking, organizations and associations were simply ways to recruit people and form factions. When other organizations and associations organized activities, they would usually be especially "upscale". There would be various luxuries, and the content would be rich. While they made the strength of their organization conspicuous, they also used various content to promote the relationship among their members and establish a stable circle of power and benefits. Simply speaking, all the civilizations were the same, and the decisions they made in certain aspects were more or less similar.

Thus, a large majority of organizations would choose flourishing places of entertainment or upscale private clubs at Heavenly Gates Street. There were various rare delicacies and gorgeous customs present. One could imagine how high-leveled these places were. In the world of perfect beings in the high-leveled civilizations, there was nothing they could not do if they could imagine it. This was a level that one could only achieve if one reached the peak of the Fifth Dimension. Needless to say, if there was no comparison, there would be no harm as well.

When Lao Wang came, he came with the mentality that he was here to widen his horizons. Although the Machinery race and the insect race were rather "melancholic", these two races did not have a lack of money. Heavenly Gates Street, Number 365…

It was a house that could not be plainer. The house could be described as having only four bare walls. Putting aside decorations, it was so empty that there was not even a bench. Instead, there were around a dozen straw cushions on the ground. This was the entirety of the Law Enforcement Association Welcome Ceremony.

Macatron brought Wang Zhong in. There were nine Machines and three insects quietly sitting inside. Everyone had an icy cold expression. When Wang Zhong came in, everyone looked at him with a rather friendly gaze. Closely after, they looked at one another and fixed their gaze on each other… Was this the Welcome Ceremony?

Those who did not know him would have thought that he was an undertaker. Wang Zhong was also helpless. He found two empty straw cushions and sat cross-legged with Macatron. People then came in in an endless stream. After that, the atmosphere was mysteriously cold.

Wang Zhong continued to observe those around him. The appearances of the Machinery race were more or less similar to him. The greatest difference was in their heads. Most of the Machines were not of the combat type. Like the presiding judge in the Catanlyke District Court, most of these Machines had large heads. Some of them had transparent heads, while others had semi-transparent heads. The insides of their heads were like profound universes. They were obviously all intelligent machines.

The Heavenly Gates Law Enforcement Association did not nurture ordinary members who patrolled the streets and enforced the law. Instead, they nurtured the upper levels who focused on court trials and adjudication.

Furthermore, this was also the same for a few insects. Unlike the combat-type insects that Lao Wang had seen in the Combat Cultivation Hall, the ones here did not have hard outer shells and bodies that were slender and best for combat. Instead, they were all too fat to move. Some were like worms, while others seemed like a certain strange creature with a large head. However, their consciousness was particularly developed without exception. Even though they deliberately restrained themselves in this room, Wang Zhong could still feel the powerful electric waves that were being emitted all the time. They were like layers of unlimited electric waves that spread into their surroundings. Their thoughts and consciousness were especially developed.

These Brain Insects were also called King Insects. These names were general names for this kind of insect in the insect race. Unlike the Machinery race that emphasized the value of "all for one, and one for all", the insect race was divided into strict social classes. The insect race was the civilization with the strictest class system in the Star Alliance. These King Insects or Brain Insects were born into powerful positions in the insect race! Other than the extremely mysterious Queen of the insect race, they were almost equivalent to the spokespeople of the insect race.

Typically, it would be difficult to even find one of these Brain Insects. However, there were five of them here…

After waiting for about four to five minutes, it seemed like everyone who had been invited had arrived. In total, there were 18 people, including 12 machines, five insects, and Wang Zhong the Earthling. This was almost half the number of members in the Law Enforcement Association.

Rhode D, the chief of the Machinery race, took the lead. The identity of Machines had a great relationship to the alphabet letter after their names. The letter D put him at a high level. He was also the last to walk in.

At that moment, everyone surrounded him in a circle. Rhode D sat on the straw cushion in the middle and spoke in a mechanical and cold voice. "Welcome Kamulidor E, Dedesi F… Pilor Min, Fir Min, Wanwan Min… Wang Zhong. Welcome to the Law Enforcement Association."

Those who had alphabet letters at the back of their names were from the Machinery race. There were only four new people from the Machinery race who joined the Law Enforcement Association in this batch. The rest were old members.

Meanwhile, having the word "Min" at the back of their name was a right that only the King Insects from the insect race had. "Min" meant the king of insects, while the names in front, such as Pilor and so on, were their real names. They were still young and had many things to learn. Thus, as compared to the king, they did not actually have power.

Simply speaking, the outside world viewed the insect race in a very direct manner. If they had this name, they were bosses.

This was general knowledge. Lao Wang felt that the others were weird, but the others felt that Lao Wang was the weirdest. In this house, Lao Wang was indeed the strangest.

The house was silent. There were only pairs of strange eyes and layers of electric brain waves that swept past. Furthermore, strangely, even Rhode D, who was in charge of taking the lead, seemed to have finished all the necessary ceremonies and procedures after he finished talking. There was no follow-up at all. He only stared at Lao Wang, making his hair stand on end.

Just like that? Was this the Welcome Ceremony of the Law Enforcement Association? This was more like a horror movie. It was no wonder that no one was willing to care about this fellow. This was just too boring.

"Ahem…" Lao Wang could not help giving a dry cough and disrupting the strange atmosphere in this house. "Deputy President, what kind of activities do we have?"

Rhode D was the Deputy President of the Law Enforcement Association. At that moment, he was slightly dumbfounded. Then, a rather rigid voice beside him spoke.

"We learn about solutions and examine laws."

"We can also simulate cases." The insect's voice was very strange. It seemed like a singular buzzing noise, but this simply helped it to make sounds. It mainly used complex electric brain waves to transmit this precise meaning.

"There doesn't seem to be any recent exciting cases in the Heavenly Gates that can be simulated," said a Machine expressionlessly.

"Last month, there was a case where Elder Dawn's furnace was stolen." One of the Machines gave a suggestion.

"His pupil was the one who stole it." Another Machine shook its head. "He was too foolish and was caught before even walking out of the Heavenly Gates. The culprit and the item were both found. It's too simple. There's nothing to dispute about, and there is no value in simulating it."

The surroundings immediately fell silent. This was a bit of a headache. The public security in the Heavenly Gates was rather good, and there were few cases that they could simulate.

Lao Wang was about to cry. This fellow was even more boring than a monk reciting scriptures. If there were more of such activities, he would truly go crazy.

Rhode D continued to observe. When he saw Lao Wang's speechless gaze, his eyes were still stable, as if a gentle breeze had blown past. He calmly asked, "Wang Zhong, do you have any activity suggestions?"

Countless pairs of icy cold gazes all turned neatly to look at Lao Wang. Yes, they were very interested in Wang Zhong. However, they all displayed their interest in this way. To be honest, this was the main reason why other races were unable to adjust to this style. All along, the Machinery race and the insect race communicated in this way. However, this method, which seemed highly efficient but uninteresting, made other races keep a respectful distance away from them. It was not that others did not want to adjust to them, but they really could not get used to it.

One of the reasons why it was so difficult for other races to integrate with the Machinery race and the insect race was because their thoughts were on a different level.

"I think"—a Law Enforcement Association member[a] felt that kneeling down was far too uncomfortable and crossed his legs—"that as the Heavenly Gates Law Enforcement Association, we first have to strengthen our bonds and understand one another. I suggest that we start from this aspect!"

[a]Wang Zhong?

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    《Battle Frenzy》