Battle Frenzy
1031 Developing Machinery Race Lao Wang“s Intelligence a
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1031 Developing Machinery Race Lao Wang“s Intelligence a

Rhode D was still ice cold. "The function of the Law Enforcement Association is to strengthen relations and to nurture law enforcement officers. Entertainment elements are reduced to the minimum."

Lao Wang rubbed his head. It was very obvious that Rhode D's thoughts were very overbearing. Lao Wang had given a little hint, but Rhode had severed his way of escape. However, if he really had to go through rote memorization every day, it would simply be a nightmare. Other than the Machinery race and the insect race, no other intelligent race could tolerate this.

"Of course, as pupils of the Heavenly Gates, we cannot stick to conventions. Why are we better than others? It must be because we possess different special qualities. Just now, everyone talked about simulating cases, but there have not been any suitable cases recently. I have an idea in order to display everyone's full abilities. Let's see who is truly the best law enforcement officer!"

Needless to say, Lao Wang was very provocative. This was something that he developed after becoming the Tianjing Captain. However… the house was quiet, and there were no fluctuations in emotions. It was very obvious that the Machinery race and the insect race were not easy to play tricks on.

"I'm called the King of Law Enforcement." Lao Wang smiled and said, "Let me explain the rules to everyone."

Games and desire were not of great significance to the Machinery race and the insect race. This was a characteristic of their race. To them, this was no different from playing the piano for a cow. They simply allowed Wang Zhong to finish talking out of politeness.

The rules were very simple. Firstly, they needed a judge to host the game, which would be the person who was most proficient with the rules. Naturally, this could only be Wang Zhong.

Then, the judge defined three special roles: the alchemist, the weapon master, and the prophet. The judge would also set the number of bandits and free beings accordingly.

The game was split into day and night. Every night, the bandits could come together and freely kill one person. In the day, they would act as free beings or special roles and mislead the others in order to escape punishment from the law.

The alchemist, the weapon master, and the prophet would hide among the free beings and had special abilities. The alchemist had poison and an antidote, and they could kill or save people. However, they could only use these items once respectively every round. The weapon master had the ability to fight back and kill others before they were killed. They were like a free bomb that had been properly placed. Meanwhile, the prophet could randomly check the real identity of any player at night as hints for when they held trials in the day.

These three special identities could be said to be the most important channels to obtain clues when they passed judgment in the day. Thus, if they wanted to protect the free beings, they definitely had to conceal their own identities and could not be discovered by the bandits when they provided clues. Frankly, speaking skills and techniques to divulge clues would all be very important.

In the end, whether the bandits killed all the free beings or the free beings punished and killed all the bandits, the side that stayed alive would win.

This was a game that tested their intelligence and pretending skills as both the good and bad characters had to act. This could be said to be the highest challenge that the Law Enforcement Association would face.

This was an adapted version of the werewolf game that Lao Wang, Ma Dong, and the rest had overplayed back in Tianjing. Back then, it had been popular for a period of time before dying out. However, if he adapted the game slightly here, he might be able to ease up the atmosphere. To be honest, this place was as cold as an undertaker's.

Lao Wang finished speaking with intense emotions and high spirits, but the house was still extremely quiet. This made Wang Zhong slightly frustrated. Damn, had he wasted all his saliva for nothing? You guys… why are you looking at me like that for?

Rhode quietly looked at Wang Zhong. "Judge, can we start now?"

Lao Wang was stunned. Slowly, he seemed to understand the rhythm here. They got rid of any unnecessary or extra twists and tricks. Everyone did things very directly. When Lao Wang looked at the poker faces and the sticky insect faces, he endured his feelings.

"Okay, I'll start dividing you into groups."

This was probably the first time the Machinery race and the insect race in the Law Enforcement Association had played games. When Lao Wang divided them into groups, he did not have any conflicts. He simply took a pencil and a cardboard sign to write the respective roles and allowed everyone to freely pick their roles. Then, the game started!

Then… the game exploded when the first round started. Lao Wang felt that the game he had played in the past was fake. This group of people… were simply geniuses at committing crimes. The once silent house concealed intense emotions that could not be described. It was like a battlefield with danger lurking on all sides. Every night and every day, there would be glints of daggers and swords. Furthermore, when they spoke, they tried to ambush one another. As a result, Lao Wang felt that with his brain capacity, he could not catch up.

This game had simply been tailor-made for the Machinery race and the insect race. Both of them were good at acting!

During the third round, it was as if various deep water channels had swept across the oceans. There were various feints and disguises. They had even started to use their ability to discern. Thus, Lao Wang had no choice but to adjust the rules and label it as "evolving".

It was as if the icy cold members of the Machinery race had shone from a second spring. Meanwhile, several imaginative insects had various plots and schemes. The one who played as a bandit called the others cunning, causing Lao Wang, who was an observer with the outlook of a judge, to occasionally feel that he had misjudged the situation. This was miraculous. This group of people who were simply playing were geniuses of the law enforcement system!

Those who felt that the Machinery race and the insect race were fools were the true fools. The phrase "the wise may appear stupid" was created just for this group of fellows. As a result, Wang Zhong had given up on his plan of playing the next round with them. If he joined them, he would definitely be forced to his death in the game.

He had just wanted to adjust the atmosphere and let them casually play a few rounds before forgetting about it. However, once he issued the game, he could not take it back. This group of people were already spellbound and could not stop. They dragged Lao Wang to accompany them for the entire night. Furthermore, they only allowed Lao Wang to be the judge. The Machinery race and the insect race were the races that always kept to the rules. As the creator of the game, Wang Zhong had the absolute right to speak as the "King of Law Enforcement".

They had to disperse in the morning as two Machines had Weapon Refinery classes. Everyone returned to their peaceful looks, but Wang Zhong had clearly sensed a change in them. The stiff barrier that existed had disappeared, and everyone had become much gentler. Furthermore, when they looked at Wang Zhong, their expression was different.

To Wang Zhong, who had been the judge for one night and was completely outside the world of the game, it was exciting at first. However, towards the end, it was simply torture.

When he returned to the mushroom house, even the lazy pig Jhonas was already awake. However, he looked at Lao Wang in disbelief. "Were you with the Law Enforcement Association all night? Damn, Lao Wang. It can't be. How could you have endured for so long with a group of living steel?"

In the past, others had joined the Law Enforcement Association but could no longer bear it and quit very quickly. After all, the Law Enforcement Association was simply too cold, and they could not communicate with the Machinery race and the insect race. Yesterday, Jhonas still pondered whether Lao Wang would return after sitting there for a while. However, he never thought that he would stay there for an entire night.

"That's not the case." Lao Wang stretched his back. It had only been one night, but that group of people had played the law enforcement game to new heights. Thus, Lao Wang did not feel that it was boring. "I feel that they are rather clever and interesting."

"In—interesting…" Jhonas was speechless. Lao Wang was probably the first person in the divine territory who used this word to describe the Machinery race and insect race. "Ahem… This… That's right. Boss, I've prepared the ingredients for you."

He took out a big bag of medicinal ingredients. "I gathered basically all of them. There were a lot of extras for other ingredients, but some main ingredients were hard to find. There are only three portions of these main ingredients."

A few main ingredients were relatively delicate and were hard to nurture or transport. The other ingredients had withered, were defective, or lacked vitality, but these few ingredients had simply turned into powder and did not leave any remains. Jhonas had bought these three portions out of his own pocket for Wang Zhong, to complete his promise. However, if Wang Zhong asked him to buy more ingredients… It was not that he could not afford to spend the money. He simply could not start doing so. After all, Jhonas had no intention of nurturing an alchemist.

"It's enough, it's enough." Lao Wang did not care. His source of ingredients was not just from Jhonas. "Thank you."

The learning pace of the Three Great Halls was completely different. After the first few days of back-to-back lessons, the Pill Refinery Hall only had classes once every month or even longer. Meanwhile, the Weapon Refinery Hall was relatively normal and had five to six classes every month. The Combat Cultivation Hall was supposed to have frequent lessons, but the Titan supervisor was obviously someone who usually slacked off. Under normal circumstances, they would have 15 lessons every month. However, Wang Zhong took everything into consideration and calculated. According to how frequently he sent the messengers to ask his pupils to study by themselves over the past few days, it was considered decent if they had 10 lessons per month.

This relaxed curriculum gave Lao Wang a lot of free time.

Regardless of whether it was pill refinery, weapon refinery, or combat cultivation, these all represented the top systems in the divine cells[b]. He continued to understand and make conclusions about these systems. He did not need combat techniques and physical skills as he felt that humans had developed this area to a relatively high level. His Spiritual Energy Value was only around 150,000 and could reach 200,000 if his divine cells exploded with all their power. When he included his combat techniques, he could fight extremely well. At least, he did not dread any Void Cores. However, if he moved on to higher levels, he would be restricted by the limitations of his divine cells as they could still be exhausted.

When he compared his divine cells and the Void Core, the pros and cons were very obvious. His divine cells could distribute and store a lot of power, support all kinds of attack techniques, and conceal his real strength. However, his divine cells lacked the powerful reserves and the level of energy that the Void Core possessed. Simply speaking, the Void Core was a nuclear battery, while the divine cells could only be considered as a lithium battery at best. Although he had a large number of divine cells, there was a difference in level. In particular, during prolonged battles, their recovery abilities were on completely different levels.

In the end, to him, it was most important for him to hurry and accumulate his Core.

When he received the medicinal ingredients from Jhonas, Wang Zhong made preparations for a few days and planted the defective ingredients in his fragment world.

Since he was in a place with an extremely high concentration of spiritual power like the Heavenly Gates Boy Mountain, the fragment world inside his body had also evolved. It had increased from five to six square meters to 10 square meters. Furthermore, the concentration of spiritual influence in the fragment world was obviously different from before. In the past, even the best medicinal ingredients for the level-9 pill would take at least one night to recover. However, they now took only one or two hours to recover.

He sent batches of trash ingredients inside and collected high-leveled ingredients which had increased in quality…

Jhonas could not see all this. However, he often saw Boss breathe deeply and cultivate in the past, but all he did was tinker with those trash ingredients all day. As a result, Jhonas could not help but feel some regret. Indeed, trifling destroyed the will… He would not eventually harm Boss by giving him these ingredients, right? As expected, there was a good saying. Not every low-leveled cultivation was the Shell race. Thus, those low-leveled civilizations should not be allowed to dream like the Shell race.

"Boss, you really don't like listening to what I say. I think that you are really wasting too much time…" In the end, Jhonas could not help but say, "Pill refinery is really not for us to play with… Furthermore, what are you doing, tinkering with these all day? You don't even have a pill furnace…"

"I am doing some preparation work. If you're talking about the pill furnace, I can rent that." Lao Wang did not hide this from him. He was almost done cleaning up the ingredients for the level-9 pill and made a list of what he was lacking. He had to gather at least 10 portions, especially of the main ingredients.

So he was only doing preparation work. Wait, did this mean that he would continue to waste a lot of time? Jhonas was speechless and continued to advise him. "Sure. Even if Boss manages to rent a pill furnace by then, you don't have an assistant…"

Every alchemist needed an excellent assistant. Furthermore, it was best that this assistant was an excellent messenger. Other than a few special races, only excellent messengers were able to have a mutual affinity with their owner and communicate their thoughts to each other. After all, pill refinery was a very meticulous matter. Putting aside the complex combinations, if one was half a second late in passing the ingredients, the batch of pills would drop by one level. If this mistake occurred another two or three times, the entire batch of pills would be destroyed. What would one be refining then? Thus, it was usually the most difficult to choose a messenger for an alchemist. Not only did their thoughts have to be the same, but they also needed a certain level of experience with accumulating their Core and so on…

"I'm not attacking you, Boss, but you don't even have a messenger. Furthermore— Wait!" Jhonas was suddenly alert. "Boss, you aren't thinking that I can be your assistant, right?"

"You're not a messenger." Lao Wang's first sentence was rather normal and allowed Jhonas to relax significantly. However, his next sentence made Jhonas slightly speechless. "Can messengers be assistants? Do you think an elemental spirit is fine?"

Ever since he had established the contract, Lao Wang had never summoned Nini, mainly because Nini was too dazzling. Furthermore, he had been very busy recently and never displayed her in front of Jhonas.

"Nonsense!" Jhonas could not help but taunt him. "Elemental spirits are definitely impressive and are the best messengers. Pill refinery is like appetizer to them! However, it is extremely difficult to obtain them. Furthermore, even if you have money, you can't buy them. I haven't heard anyone establishing a contract with them in a long time… Cough cough…"

For some reason, Jhonas, who had always thought that his intelligence was above average, felt that his reactions were slow by half a beat in front of Lao Wang. "Wait, Boss, why are you asking this? Don't tell me that you want to get an elemental spirit. I can't help you with that! I don't have a way to do it, even though I want to."

"I don't need your help."

Lao Wang sighed. His next sentence almost gave Jhonas a heart attack. "I already have one."

[a]Is that correct? It addresses Lao Wang as a Machine.


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