Battle Frenzy
1032 Affectionate
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1032 Affectionate

Jhonas widened his mouth and his eyes. Closely after, he laughed. "Boss, this is the coldest joke of the year. You don't know what an elemental spirit means. Let me tell you…"

Before the Flying Pig could chatter on, Wang Zhong opened up his palm. Back when he had signed the contract with Nini, he had pressed his hand against the crystal ball, leaving behind a red dot in the middle of his palm. At that moment, he activated his thoughts, and the red dot in the middle of his palm started to spiral and spread, forming a complex summoning pattern.

Beside him, Jhonas was still dumbfounded and had not recovered from his shock when he heard that Lao Wang had an elemental spirit. However, even amidst his shock, he could clearly sense the primitive simplicity and complexity of the summoning pattern at the same time. His "cutie" simply could not compare to this!

The runic array in his hand formed, and Lao Wang clapped his hands. He did not recite any summoning chants. He saw a ball of light dazzling before him, as if a tunnel had been opened up. Then, a winged spirit flew out from the light.

"Boohoo boohoo!" The moment Nini appeared, she started crying. "Master, Master, do you not like Nini anymore? Why did you only summon me now!"

Even Jhonas, who was dumbfounded at the side, could feel these intense emotions that spurted out.

Lao Wang did not know whether to laugh or to cry. "That's because nothing is happening."

If nothing was happening, there was naturally no need to summon her. Allowing Nini to stay in the Spirit Flower Garden for the time being was not bad. At least, Lao Wang felt this way.

"But Nini missed Master!" The small spirit pressed against Wang Zhong's chest. From the look of things, she was simply dying to rub herself into Lao Wang's body. She rubbed against him and hugged him in various ways. She was extremely affectionate.

"Okay, okay, okay." Lao Wang smiled and patted her lightly. "From now on, I will summon you a few times even if nothing is happening."

"How great, how great! I like Master the best!" She acted spoiled and cute while showing various forms of love. She liked the unique flavor that her master had. Nini was so happy that water was about to spill out.

"Glug…" There was the sound of someone swallowing saliva beside them. Jhonas's eyeballs were about to drop on the ground. Meanwhile, his mouth was so big that it was enough to fit Lao Wang's fist.

Was there any justice left? Was there any humanity left? What rights did he have?! Why did this happen?!

He was so handsome and rich, so why couldn't he obtain an elemental spirit? He was only able to get a Winged Cloud Insect…

When he thought about his Winged Cloud Insect, which was like a dark and swarthy fat pig, and compared it to this water spirit Nini, Jhonas instantly felt an impulse to bite off his own tongue. Had he actually called that ugly thing "cutie"? How in the world…?

He didn't want it! He didn't want it at all! Even his Boss was able to get an elemental spirit, so he definitely would be able to! After all, compared to his Boss, he — who had wings — was obviously from the same family as the elemental spirits!

Jhonas instantly felt as if a whole new world was opening up in front of his eyes. He tried his best to flash a sincere and cute smile as he looked at Nini.

"Master, that pig is narrowing his eyes!" Water spirit Nini was instantly on her guard.

Jhonas's sincere expression grew stiff. He was instantly hit by a violent 100,000-point attack.

Lao Wang smiled and let Nini sit on his shoulder. "Don't be playful. This is my friend and my roommate."

Lao Wang was not fooled easily and was not a naive man. When he saw Nini's eyes roll, it was obvious that she was jealous that Jhonas lived with him.

Nini stuck out her tongue. "Fine, for Master's sake…"

When Jhonas sensed the elemental spirit's "kind" gaze, he instantly transformed from his injured state to an extremely enthusiastic state. Simply said, his self-esteem multiplied.

Dammit. He had gained some first-hand experience. However, she was really beautiful. In particular, when she smiled, it was as if the entire world could melt. Furthermore, her invincible figure that was simply comparable to gold was small but healing for the eyes.

A gaze and a sentence was enough to allow Jhonas to forget about his earlier unhappiness. He had no choice as she was too charming. The elemental spirits were invincible in the world of cuteness. Furthermore, when one considered their powerful backgrounds, being able to get close to them was simply enough to make one intoxicated with happiness, especially if it was the proudest, cutest, and most-healing water spirit… Jhonas was about to go insane looking at her.

Meanwhile, Lao Wang asked, "Nini, can you refine pills?"

He had never confirmed this before. He had heard that elemental spirits were the best messengers and assistants for pill refinery, but this did not mean that all elemental spirits were good at it. They would always have their area of expertise.

"As for that!" When pill refinery was mentioned, Nini was extremely proud. She looked at Lao Wang with an expression that was as tender as water. She was simply dying to display all her glory in pill refinery for Lao Wang to admire. "Nini has always been among the top three in pill refinery among my sisters!"

"No need to ask! Boss!" Jhonas had recovered from his shock and wiped away his saliva. If he did not wipe away his saliva, it would have dripped to the ground. "Messengers have specialized assistant studies. For example, elemental spirits have to study pill refinery. With her help, you will get twice the results with half the effort in pill refinery!"

The Flying Pig, who had doubted Lao Wang's pill refinery future a second ago, had completely changed his stance. The charm of the elemental spirits was just this great. Furthermore, looking at how close Nini and Lao Wang were, this was simply a beating to Jhonas. He could not say anything that attacked Nini's master.

How impressive! With an elemental spirit as his messenger, this would definitely cause a storm if the news got out, but Boss was still hiding this? What kind of attitude was this?!

Hmm, this seemed right. It turned out that the rumors not too long ago were true, and a pupil from the Combat Cultivation Hall had signed a contract with an elemental spirit. However, it was best to lay low. If this was exposed, Wang Zhong would no longer have any peaceful days.

Meanwhile, Lao Wang did not care about this "affection". He had a reason why he summoned Nini. He had folded the list of ingredients in his hands into an envelope to be sent to the Heavenly Treasures Street.

The Heavenly Treasures Street did not have many good things, but gathering the ingredients for this level-9 pill was not a problem. Putting everything else aside, just Old Cow and Uncle Sea would be enough. In terms of the price, the entire Heavenly Treasures Street would definitely chip in. He protected the Heavenly Treasures Street, so it was expected that the Heavenly Treasures Street would provide him with these items. This was also one of the conditions for protecting the Heavenly Treasures Street with the Crocodile God. Thus, gathering these ingredients for the level-9 pill was not much to the Heavenly Treasures Street.

Of course, there was some other content in the letter. For example, he wanted to talk about the past with Old Cow and the others. He also wanted to ask about the recent status of Earthlings, whether anyone had gathered at Heavenly Treasures Street, their living situation, and so on. These were all trivial things.

When Nini received the letter from Lao Wang's hands, she was very happy. The biggest acknowledgment to her was having something that she could help her owner with.

She patted her plump chest. Her "S"-shaped figure made Jhonas want to nosebleed. "Relax, Master. Nini assures you that she will complete this mission!"


Heavenly Treasures Street, Catanlyke District…

It had been some time since Lao Wang had left. With Crocodile God Mugthol on guard, the Heavenly Treasures Street had been rather peaceful as scoundrels did not dare to commit crimes here. After all, there was a Void Core on guard. As for the powers around them, they knew that Wang Zhong was at Heavenly Gates and was not willing to easily provoke them. Furthermore, ever since the incident with the Shell Shade Faction, the law enforcement squad liked to wander about the Heavenly Treasures Street regardless of whether anything was happening. This was also a reason why people did not dare to cause any trouble.

However, after Wang Zhong left, the law enforcement squad came to Heavenly Treasures Street less frequently. Now, it had gradually returned to the normal frequency of patrols. Some people started to come up with ideas. Even though Heavenly Treasures Street was small, it was still something. People would eventually set their eyes upon the street. The first to jump forth was the Flamerock race.

At that moment, it was the day, but over 10 giant Flamerock people who were five or six meters tall suddenly appeared and blocked the ends of the street. The blazing flames on their body did not allow others to approach them.

"Who is in charge of this street? Come out!" There was a low voice, and a Flamerock person with a gold crown on his head appeared. As compared to the other Flamerock people, he was especially tall and large. The spiritual influence that surged in his body mixed with the flames on his body. Not only were the ordinary residents on Heavenly Treasures Street afraid, but even the other Flamerock people who were at least three to five meters away from him did not dare to get close.

This massive roar reverberated through the clouds. When such a large disturbance occurred in a place the size of the Heavenly Treasures Street, everyone knew about this situation within minutes. Many people ran out of their shops and looked over. Including the pedestrians on the street, the street was quickly filled with people.

"Is someone here to cause trouble?"

"They don't look kind."

"Hey, we just chased away the Shell Shade Faction. Who's here to make people upset? Don't they know that we have two great gods in the Heavenly Treasures Street?"

"They probably don't understand the situation well. Old Cow and the rest will explain the situation soon. They definitely will not fight."

Needless to say, after the incident with the Shell Shade Faction, the merchants at the Heavenly Treasures Street were full of confidence in dealing with this kind of situation.

In a place like Heavenly Treasures Street, under normal circumstances, a Void Core would be enough to protect them. For example, the past Shell Shade Faction had two Void Cores who were not satisfied with their original territory. Furthermore, other than Void Core Crocodile God Mugthol, Heavenly Treasures Street also had the even stronger Wang Zhong. They were more than sufficient to guard Heavenly Treasures Street.

People all around started to chatter incessantly. They quickly saw Old Cow leading Little Lost Fox and squeezing out from the crowd. It could be said that the current Old Cow was the spokesperson for Heavenly Treasures Street and supported Wang Zhong's image. Even Lord Mugthol, who was obviously superior to Old Cow, would call Old Cow "brother" and be extremely warm-hearted. Typically, if someone was causing trouble on the street, Old Cow would step up first and mediate the situation. If he could be kind, then he would be kind. After all, when he did business, amiability begat riches. He would only call Mugthol if he truly could not handle it and only take tough measures after peaceful means had failed.

The merchants all around quickly opened up a path for Old Cow.

"Brother, what's the matter?" Old Cow walked over, full of smiles.

"Are you the person in charge of this place?" The Flamerock person with a crown on his head glared at him coldly. "This place will be protected by the Flamerock race. You will pay 1,000 Silver Star Stones every month, and we will make sure that you are safe and sound!"

Old Cow had a bit of a headache. This Flamerock person seemed very unfamiliar, and the Catanlyke District had never heard of this race before. They had probably come from a foreign land. It was common for foreign Factions to seize territories in other areas. A possibility was that the development of their Faction was good, and they were carrying out a normal expansion. Another possibility was that they had been chased out of their original territory and had reached a dead end.

Frankly speaking, no matter which case it was, it was still a terrible situation. If they were expanding normally, they were definitely very strong. As the saying goes, those who were not brave enough would not step forward like a ferocious dragon. If they dared to stretch out their hands towards someone else's territory, they were definitely not weaklings. Meanwhile, if they were Factions who had been chased out of their homes and had reached a dead end, it would be even more dangerous… This was because no matter how much strength they had left, they came with the attitude of risking their lives. Once they were targeted by these kinds of powers, they would definitely not rest until one of them was dead.

"Are you unhappy?" The Flamerock leader picked his eyebrows.

"You must be mistaken." Old Cow hurriedly smiled and said, "This street is already protected by someone else."

"Oh?" The Flamerock leader said coldly, "Fighting for territory with the Flamerock race? Let me see if he has the right."

It seemed like he did not know about the situation here. In Old Cow's heart, he was sure that with Void Core Mugthol on guard, ordinary powers would not be willing to provoke him just over Heavenly Treasures Street.

"We signed a protection agreement with Void Core Warrior Lord Crocodile God Mugthol." Old Cow smiled and said, "This is his territory. It must have been hard, coming all the way here. How about this? I…"

"So what?" Before Old Cow could finish mediating the situation, the Flamerock leader had coldly disrupted him. "A fake Void Core who couldn't even defeat a loach? Is he suitable to make the Flamerock race give way?"

He was simply a member of the goblin race who had been born as a Void Core and was chased out of his Faction. Furthermore, the limit of his Spiritual Energy Value was only about 100,000. Even slightly stronger Foundational Stage warriors could finish him off.

"Let me say this again." The Flamerock leader stretched out one finger in front of Old Cow. The blazing temperature from the finger had burned off Old Cow's eyebrows, scaring everyone around them to retreat. "A thousand Silver Star Stones per month. If anyone is not willing, get them to look for me. However, if you dare to pay one less Star Coin, I don't mind setting everyone on fire. Recently, the weather has been very dry. Be careful of anything that can catch fire!"

Old Cow simply could not even move in the face of this intense flame. He felt as if he had been burned thoroughly and would immediately break into pieces if he moved slightly. The Flamerock leader had turned hostile too suddenly, leaving Old Cow with no space to react. He simply widened his mouth and stood there stunned.

"You have such a big tone!" There was an explosive sound in the air. A green figure flew past the air.

This Flamerock leader was on a different level from Yin Jiao. When he was shouting, Mugthol could already sense his strength and felt that he would be no match. This was why he pushed Old Cow to speak first. It looked like they could no longer be kind, but they were obviously prepared. Thus, they had no choice but to brace themselves.

"This street belongs to my brother, Wang Zhong. He is a pupil of the Heavenly Gates, from the Violent Demon Era, 58th Batch." He said in a stern voice, "It would be best to weigh your options."

The Flamerock leader flashed a ferocious smile. "That Earthling who replaced Yin Jiao? If he wants to talk, you have to wait for him to come back!"

Not only did he laugh, the other Flamerock people behind him also laughed. These two idiots would not have thought that the Flamerock race would blindly come here to cause trouble, right?

They had clearly heard about the Heavenly Gates namelist long before coming here. A fellow from a low-leveled civilization had been extremely lucky and entered the Heavenly Gates. However, unsurprisingly, he had been allocated to the Combat Cultivation Hall.

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