Battle Frenzy
1033 The Threat of the Spiri
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1033 The Threat of the Spiri

The Flamerock race was a standard level-6 civilization and produced many Heavenly Gates pupils from their Faction. Even their current Suzerain was from the Heavenly Gates Combat Cultivation Hall. To those who had never entered the Heavenly Gates, its namelist might be mysterious and powerful, and they would not dare to provoke them. However, to the Flamerock race, they understood how the Heavenly Gates worked very well. To an Earthling, it was not necessarily a good thing.

The Heavenly Treasures Street, who had been discussing, instantly fell silent. They had thought that it would be fine as long as they raised the Heavenly Gates pupil Wang Zhong. However, they never expected that they would not even pay any attention to him.

"The law enforcement squad…" Mugthol braced himself. However, the moment he started speaking, he was attacked once again.

"What? Are we going to perform the play between the Shell Shade Faction and the Heavenly Treasures Street again?" The Flamerock ignored him and coldly said, "I must tell you bluntly that if we settle this in private, we can stick to 1,000 Silver Star Stones per month. However, if you insist on playing the law enforcement game, the figure will be much higher than that. After all, my time is very precious."

The so-called law enforcement game was finding loopholes in the system. Just like how the Shell Shade Faction had dealt with the Heavenly Treasures Street, they could look for a scapegoat to kill some of their leaders. If Heavenly Treasures Street still did not give up, they would continue killing by using their subordinates' lives to take even more lives and seeing how long they would last. If not, they would look for some people to block the ends of the street. Not only would Heavenly Treasures Street be unable to do business, the law enforcement squad would also not care about people freely standing on the road. There was no rule in the law that prohibited this. In short, if this kind of Faction wanted to play with a group of ordinary merchants, the merchants definitely could not win.

It was not that the Star Alliance could not draw up a more complete law to restrict this kind of situation. Frankly speaking, the Star Alliance tacitly allowed the great powers to define their territory. In fact, they silently acknowledged the existence of the rule that what strength one possessed defined what kind of territory one would occupy. This was a form of exploitation outside the Star Alliance. After all, if the high-leveled civilizations that supported the Star Alliance ate meat, they would have to leave some soup for the other civilizations. If not, they would have risen up in rebellion a long time ago. If they expected the law enforcement squad to step in and face a power who understood the rules, it would simply be nonsense.

The entire street instantly fell silent. Ever since Lao Wang had risen and left, they had only lived a few months without any heavy burden or exploitation. They never expected that they would return to the old ways so quickly. Furthermore, the Flamerock race was even fiercer. A thousand Silver Star Stones per month? That was equivalent to 100,000 Star Coins a month. If the several hundred shops along Heavenly Treasures Street were expected to split the cost evenly, their days would be even darker than when they were under the Ninth Wilderness Path!

"Uncle Thol!"

"Uncle Thol, get rid of him!"

Finally, someone could not help but shout loudly from the quiet street. Everyone turned their gaze towards Mugthol. Without Wang Zhong around, Heavenly Treasures Street could only count on him.

"Then let's go according to the rules!"

Old Thol was not careless. Although he could sense the difference in strength between him and the Flamerock leader, it was not his style to escape. At that moment, he did not say anything else. The spiritual influence on his body spread, and his true form burst forth. His figure rapidly swelled. At the same time, he pulled Old Cow, who was about to be burned from the flames, behind him.

He had decided that he would go all out. As long as the disturbance from the fight was large enough, the law enforcement squad would come over very quickly. Even though this was only a temporary measure, he would think about his steps as he continued moving.

However, his actions might have been fast, but the actions of the Flamerock leader were even faster.

Fire Technique —— Thousand Grand Flames Technique!

He widened his mouth, and an extremely large fireball shot out like a comet. There was no space or chance to dodge it. Crash! It violently crashed into Mugthol's chest.


This fireball came too quickly, and Mugthol did not even have the chance to react. He was instantly struck!

At that moment, the powerful crocodile-skin defense had not completely formed and was completely broken through by the fireball attack before putting up any sort of defense. The massive impact simply sent him flying, and his true form was instantly broken. He was sent flying 100 meters backwards from the fireball, leaving behind a burned and black trail that was wide and long!


Uncle Thol simply spat out blood. He had been exhausted by the fireball and knelt on the ground, unable to climb up. He had not been killed in seconds as his skin and flesh were thick enough. However, the roasted smell on his body stopped any thoughts of fighting again. In the divine territory, fighting power was on the lowest level, and the highest level was the power of rules, thunder techniques, and fire techniques. Only very few races were able to master these. If his opponent did not have fire techniques, Uncle Thol definitely had a 50% chance of winning. But now, his chances of winning were 0%.

Everyone around him was already stunned.

Mugthol, who they had relied on, had been eliminated in one move. Although Mugthol was not considered a Void Core expert, it had been 50 years since he accumulated his core, and he had reached a certain combat level. He was able to fight geniuses like Yin Jiao who had just stepped into the Void Core realm.

"Uncle Thol, Uncle Thol!"

"The law enforcement squad! Where is the law enforcement squad! Inform the law enforcement squad that someone is causing trouble in the streets!"

"The Shell Shade Faction just left, but this is happening again? Are you not giving a way for us to survive? Go and inform them!"

Mugthol was not invincible, but the merchants on the street were not scared either. In their eyes, there seemed to be no difference between these Flamerock people and the earlier Shell Shade Faction. Furthermore, Mugthol had a decent reputation on this street and was highly respected. At that moment, when he regained his senses, many people stood forth excitedly. Meanwhile, Old Cow, who had slowly understood the situation, rushed to the very front and protected Mugthol.

"How reckless." When the Flamerock leader looked at Mugthol, who was being supported by someone, as well as the crowds who were causing an uproar, he laughed coldly. "It looks like you won't be well-behaved if I don't teach you a lesson."

He waved his left hand slightly, and a ball of fire had accumulated in his palm. He simply looked at the small three-storey building beside him that had just been constructed. It was brand new and relatively taller compared to the other buildings in Heavenly Treasures Street. "Let me show you some fireworks!"

"Don't, brother!" Unlike how the others were filled with indignation, a toad-like goblin saw the Flamerock leader's target and was about to collapse as he wept bitter tears. Back then, when Yin Jiao and the others were fighting, his house had been destroyed. Now, just after he had repaired his house, they were back to destroy it? How bad was the "feng shui" here?

Would the Firerock leader care about him? At that moment, the fireball had formed. Then, the Firerock leader snapped his fingers.


There was a flash of fire, and the newly repaired building exploded. Flames soared to the sky like bright fireworks.


He simply burned the house without another word or any sloppiness or even hesitation. This attack was even more intense than the attacks from the father and son of the Shell Shade Faction back then. From the manner he attacked, if the crowd still dared to make noise, he would dare to burn the entire street and even kill people in public.

The excited crowd had also been scared into silence, and no one dared to stand out at this moment. There was only the crackling sound of the small building burning and the cold voice of the Firerock leader echoing throughout the street. "I am not like the Shell Shade Faction, and I have no patience. I don't mind being even more violent with you as well. You only have one chance. You—"

Before he could finish speaking, a massive water curtain fell from the sky. Not only did it put out the fire on the burning building, but even the Firerock people behind their leader were all drenched and wailed mournfully. This was not ordinary water but contained rich spiritual influence. Furthermore, its level of spiritual influence was very high, far beyond what the ordinary Firerock people could endure. The flames on their bodies were instantly extinguished, producing terrifying white steam, as mournful shrieks soared into the air.

This change had occurred too quickly. The indignant expressions of the people on the street instantly turned to confused ones. They did not know which great god had arrived.

"Who is it?! Reveal yourself!" The Firerock leader had a very ugly expression. Who was able to instantly activate such great water elemental spiritual power? Was it the Shell race?

In the divine territory, some races had a natural affinity with thunder techniques or fire techniques. However, water techniques were rather rare. The most famous race that mastered water techniques was the Heavenly Shell race.

"Bah! Do you have the right to ask for the name of a young lady?" A delicate voice that was filled with rudeness and anger exploded through the air. Although this voice was not loud, it carried great charm. Even those who were standing at the ends of the street could hear it clearly.

A gentle feeling that made everyone feel relaxed and joyful descended from the skies. The street, which had been seething with waves of heat from the struggle with the Firerock people, instantly became much more refreshing and comfortable. Furthermore, at the same time, a small but extremely dazzling figure appeared in the sky.

Her entire body radiated a light that was as gentle as a pond ripple. She was sacred and clean, and was completely pure. Her beautiful and delicate appearance resembled that of a fairy. She had a curvy body that was like a demon's. Coupled with her pair of transparent and thin wings, as well as that spoiled expression…

"An—an elemental spirit?!"

Everyone on the street was instantly stunned.

What had they seen? They had actually seen an elemental spirit! This was a species mentioned in legends. Even though they only appeared as messengers, everyone knew that they stood at the absolute top of the pyramid of messengers! People who were able to control elemental spirits were either powerful figures in the Land or prodigies from high-leveled civilizations. To the people of Heavenly Treasures Street, they would only exist in books or legends.

"Hmph hmph hmph! Who dares to fight in my master's territory?! You even dared to set things on fire? Are you asking for death?!"

At that moment, Nini's large and watery eyes did not have any hint of gentleness. She exerted all her force and looked at the Firerock leader, full of anger. This fellow was rather skilled. She unleashed her Heavenly Continuous Rain, but the flames on his body had not been extinguished. It looked like she had to be even fiercer with him!

Master? Who was the master of this elemental spirit? Wait, this was her master's territory…

The others on the street had not recovered from their shock, and even Old Cow and Mugthol were still dumbfounded. However, the Flamerock leader had immediately put on an extremely respectful smile.

He was taking their money to save them from disaster. He had come to Heavenly Treasures Street simply because someone had offered him money. Would he really take a fancy to protection fees of 1,000 Silver Star Stones per month? The information that he had been given was very detailed. There was a Foundational Stage from a low-leveled civilization with the combat power of a Void Core, as well as a Void Core goblin who had never cultivated properly before.

The status of those people was not low, and the Firerock leader obviously trusted the information that they had provided. In his eyes, the two of them should be weaklings.

But now, what kind of joke was this?! This was a terrifying person who had been able to become the master of an elemental spirit, and he was being asked to seize their territory? Putting aside their master, this water elemental spirit alone naturally restrained him. The Firerock leader could only see himself being beaten up.

"It's a misunderstanding! It's all a misunderstanding!" The Firerock leader smiled like a flower, even though it was very difficult for that rock face to turn into the shape of a flower. "Just now, I was just learning from Brother Mugthol and didn't hold back. I was definitely not causing trouble and setting things on fire. Who would dare to mess around in the territory of that Lord? The Firerock race would be the first to disagree!"

He did not dare to verify who the owner of this elemental spirit was. Was it Mugthol? Definitely not. Then was it Wang Zhong who was in the Heavenly Gates? Stop that nonsense. He was only a Foundational Stage from a low-leveled civilization. This street might have other great figures behind it… Thus, he could only say "that Lord" and vaguely continue. He wanted to simply pull his subordinate over to take the blame, but everyone on the street had seen what he did. He definitely could not deceive her.

However, he spoke with stern righteousness, and Nini's anger seemed to have subsided slightly. However, what kind of person was Nini? If he thought that she was easy to deceive, he was absolutely wrong.

"Then?" She fiercely glared at the Flamerock leader.

"Of course I have to pay compensation!" the Firerock leader said with a sense of justice. "Even though we were just learning from each other, I accidentally injured Brother Mugthol. I will pay the medical fees for Brother Mugthol. If you need any spiritual medicines, please tell me! I will also offer 10,000 Silver Star Stones to Brother Mugthol. After suffering from such a heavy injury, if he does not eat well and recover, how can I let this pass?!"

The entire street was stunned as they watched this Firerock leader's performance. He had changed from arrogance to humility and changed expressions quickly and in a natural manner. He was truly one-of-a-kind. Nini was too lazy to look at him and simply pointed to the house that had been burned.

"I will compensate that! I will compensate for everything! Not only will I compensate for the building, I will also pay for working fees and psychological damage," the Firerock leader said in a heroic manner. "I will calculate the details. To us practitioners, this is a casual and small matter. However, to ordinary people, this is a major matter that affects their lives. We absolutely cannot be careless!"

Nini snorted coldly and continued to shift her gaze. She looked at the Firerock people who were still shrieking mournfully after being drenched by the Heavenly Continuous Rain.

The Firerock leader immediately started to worry. He fiercely turned and looked at his subordinates before shouting, "You are extremely lucky to have a fairy give you a shower. Why are all of you making a terrible racket? Furthermore, you have no public spirit and are still blocking the way. Don't the shops have to do business?! Go away, all of you, go away now!"

The Heavenly Treasures Street was silent. From the shock the moment the elemental spirit appeared to the extreme change in the Firerock leader, everyone was unable to keep up with this tempo. This was simply a massive reversal. A colossal disaster had instantly disappeared… Wait. Master's territory? Heavenly Treasures Street was only so big, and everyone was very familiar with one another. However, they had never heard of anyone there possessing a super messenger like an elemental spirit.

This cutie and little angel did not come to the wrong place and recognized the wrong street, right?

They could not reveal this; they could not disclose the truth! At least, they had brought the Flamerock leader under control. They would let this beautiful misunderstanding continue to the end. Everyone silently agreed that they would not speak.

However, when the Flamerock leader left behind compensation and ran away crestfallen, Old Cow and the others surrounded Nini and were prepared to ask whether she had gone the wrong way. However, Nini's first sentence caused everyone to freeze.

"My master, Wang Zhong, asked me to send this letter. Who is Old Cow?!" Nini waved the envelope in her hand and had no intention to lay low at all. She simply strutted into the crowd and shouted.

Wang—Wang Zhong? Master? An elemental spirit?

All the frozen people on the street instantly understood. This was not a beautiful coincidence, but a display of awesomeness!

Old Cow's face turned red, and he suppressed his enthusiasm. His entire body was shaking. Someone pushed him towards Nini. Meanwhile, Mugthol, who was at the side, seemed rather emotional.

They had been saved by Wang Zhong once again… However, he seemed to remember that Wang Zhong had only brought 1,000 Silver Star Stones to the Heavenly Gates. Was he able to buy an elemental spirit with that money? Even though Old Cow and Mugthol had little knowledge about this, they knew that this was definitely not possible. As expected, a figure like Wang Zhong was a different species that they could not appraise when he was in Heavenly Treasures Street. He gave them the feeling that his prospects were unlimited. However, he had never expected that in the short span of a month, the gap between them had become even bigger.

Once the letter had been passed to Old Cow, Nini's mission was complete. She did not have to transport the ingredients back as she was only responsible for sending the letter.

Even though Lao Wang had said that Old Cow and everyone in Heavenly Treasures Street were his good friends and asked Nini not to be impolite, Nini was not just "impolite" to them. If she was expected to open her mouth, chat with this bunch of people, and get close to them, it would be forcing her to do something she was unwilling to do.

Once she passed the letter, Nini nodded at Old Cow and simply turned around. She waved her thin wings slightly, and in the blink of an eye, she disappeared from Heavenly Treasures Street.

When this being that shocked everyone left, the dead-silent street gradually regained its warmth.

"An… an elemental spirit. My god, I actually saw one with my own eyes…"

"Wow, can you get an elemental spirit once you enter the Heavenly Gates?"

"What do you know! It's because Uncle Zhong is impressive enough! What if you tried? You would be beaten up!"

"That's right! Look at that Flamerock leader or something and his stunned expression when he saw the elemental spirit. He almost peed his pants!"

"Uncle Zhong is simply invincible!"

Everyone quickly descended into a frenzy and broke out in a heated discussion. The more impressive Wang Zhong was, the more stable they would be. Typically, they could not find anything to boast about even if they wanted to show off. But now, they had seen an elemental spirit who had acknowledged Wang Zhong as her owner. How could one not be excited and crazy about this? How could one not start to boast outrageously about this?

"Everyone, quiet! Quiet!" Old Cow was also slightly excited and simply opened the letter in front of the crowd before reading it. When he regained his senses and tried to hide the letter, it was too late. Luckily, there were no classified topics in the letter. On the contrary, there was a greeting from Wang Zhong towards the shops at Heavenly Treasures Street. "Uncle Zhong asked me to send his regards to everyone in his letter!"

The crowd that had just fallen silent instantly exploded.

Look. This was Uncle Zhong. This was friendship! Since when did you see protectors who were high up above sending their regards to the people they protected?"

"Uncle Zhong is really a people-centered person. He actually remembers that we're waiting for him even though he is busy!" Someone was so excited that they cried.

"Which fool said that Uncle Zhong's feelings would go away once he left? Come out! I will slap you to death!"

The surroundings were instantly excited. They sang various praises and pleasant flattering words. The entire street was seething with excitement just because Lao Wang had casually sent his regards in the letter.

Old Cow did not announce the rest of the content in the letter to everyone. Although gathering medicinal ingredients for Wang Zhong involved the entire street, this was an additional condition that everyone had agreed to when they signed the protection agreement. However, Mugthol had just obtained a compensation of 10,000 Silver Star Stones and did not keep them for himself. Instead, he tossed them to Old Cow. This would be enough to cover the ingredients for the level-9 pill that Wang Zhong wanted. He did not need to trouble the rest of the shops to slowly gather the ingredients.

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    《Battle Frenzy》