Battle Frenzy
1034 Extravagan
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1034 Extravagan

Old Cow could settle all the ingredients tomorrow in one trip to the medicine ingredient market with Uncle Sea. Naturally, he would ask someone to deliver them to the Heavenly Gates on time. Furthermore, Wang Zhong had requested information regarding the Earthlings.

Wolf goblin Basir had been in charge of this all along. Naturally, he would be the one who reported the information. Wolf goblin Basir was very diligent in doing things. In the short span of a month, he had found many clues regarding the other Earthlings.

There were a total of six people near Catanlyke District who had heard about the news from Wang Zhong and the Heavenly Treasures Street before coming over, or who had been found by wolf goblin Basir. Furthermore, they were all Heavenly Souls who had been part of the first batch from Earth. Their lives were very tragic. They did not have any interactions with Wang Zhong before, and they were all unfamiliar people.

Furthermore, through the various underground channels of wolf goblin Basir, he heard reliable news that there were still 16 humans who were scattered across various areas in Catanlyke District, but they were very dispersed. Most importantly, there were many problems with their identities. They had either signed long-term contracts or had become slaves because of various things. Thus, it was very difficult to pull them in.

Of course, wolf goblin Basir had confirmed the identities of these 16 people but did not find "Lan Daier", "Grai", and the others that Wang Zhong had highlighted in particular. Furthermore, those who were outside the Catanlyke District were scattered too far away. Putting aside the fact that wolf goblin Basir did not yet have the time to find them, even if he went to find them, it would be extremely difficult for him to look for them in a land away from this familiar district. This was something that could not be resolved in a short period of time.


In the waiting area of the Arena.

Aiolos was doing his best to adjust his condition. There were times when the spiritual power in his body was as explosive as a volcano, and times when it was as peaceful as a lake. With the help of his will, the similarities between Soul Power and spiritual power communicated with each other in a clever way. In reality, there had been no changes in the essence of his power. The only things that had changed were the person and the environment. When Aiolos was on Earth, he had always used the gains he had obtained from battles to continue battling. He continuously challenged the dangerous areas in the Dimensional World. Thus, to a soldier like him who was not afraid of the uncertainties in his future, the divine territory was not terrifying. In fact, he could see the loneliness and weakness of his opponents' souls.

However, this place did not give him the chance to catch his breath.

He was injured every day. At first, he could still endure, but as his injuries continued to accumulate, the recovery abilities that he had once deemed as his pride had gradually weakened. There were many times when he brought his injuries to battle and was only one step away from the god of death. Luckily, the goddess of luck gripped his arm and pulled him away from the gates of the netherworld.

Luckily, there was Undine, the mixed Seductress who had given her first night to him. Without her help, he definitely would not have been able to endure his severe injuries. Every time he was almost unable to bear it, the Seductress would appear to give him the rare chance to catch a breath.

In general, the crystal person could be said to be a businessman. As long as the appropriate price was paid, he would give his guests the best experience.

However, this also aggravated the destruction that the owner of the Arena inflicted upon Aiolos. The crystal person saw this as a challenging game and wanted to see to what extent Undine would sacrifice for Aiolos. At the same time, he was curious whether this weak human from Earth had any potential. He had been shocked by the results so far, as well as the massive attention that his gladiator had won.

After several severe injuries, Aiolos got used to being injured, and his body started to change. It was as if he had gone through the fated test that the divine territory had imposed on him. His exhausted recovery abilities and even his "path towards being the God of Combat" that he had been cultivating all leveled. The current him was like a piece of iron in a smelting furnace.

"Aiolos, it's your turn."

A deep and icy-cold voice sounded from outside. After that, the candle demon brought a maid and walked through the corridor before opening the prison door. After the candle demon checked Aiolos's body, he released the special restraints on his body and asked the maid to dress up Aiolos simply. As his reputation spread, Aiolos seemed even mightier and more terrifying. Thus, he was able to fulfill the expectations of the audience towards the matches in the Arena.

Aiolos was no longer unknown. As one of the most popular gladiators in the Arena now, half of the audience hoped that he would die quickly, while the other half hoped that they would be able to see a miracle.

Regardless of which type they were, a dazzling appearance ceremony was usually able to spark the blazing desire for blood among the audience.

They had more and more titles for Aiolos, including "The Undying Human", "Master of Combat", "Ghost Hand", "Golden Fist"… Furthermore, more and more audience members did not come to see Aiolos's matches just because they were curious or wanted something new. Aiolos had started to gain some fans.

"With Aiolos, our evaluation of humans from Earth might have been wrong. Earthlings are not as weak as we had imagined."

"Indeed. Even though the overall strength of the Earth is only at level-4, they have a lot of potential in terms of combat strength."

"They seem a bit like a warrior race. Perhaps they can find a special occupation in this direction. Ha ha, a race of gladiators."

When faced with these fights that would never stop, what allowed Aiolos to continue enduring was the fact that many people's attitudes towards Earth and humans would change every time he defeated an expert. The human civilization from the Earth was not as easy to provoke as they had imagined as they also had experts. Thus, humans would not allow themselves to be trampled upon like ants.

He believed that shedding blood here would give Earth precious time to develop, even if this development was insignificant.

As Aiolos walked through the corridor, he saw Tsarilorhuan. The Titan had just won a competition. As he took off his armor, he showed off the strength of the Titans to a group of new gladiators who had just arrived not too long ago. After Aiolos and Undine met for the second time, he and Tsarilorhuan had never been teamed up together since. Instead, they were sent to fight by themselves. This change was obviously reducing their strength in the Arena. The more chemistry they had as their hearts beat as one, the more obvious their advantage was when they fought together.

When Tsarilorhuan saw Aiolos come out, he waved his arm at the newbies who were listening to him boast and cast them aside. Then, he gestured at Aiolos to show that he was waiting for Aiolos to come back victorious.

Aiolos smiled. Then, he heard the host in the fighting arena shouting loudly using a megaphone, "Please welcome today's challenger. I believe that everyone is very familiar with him. That's right, he is —— from Earth. —— He has used his golden fist and fighting skills that are like a frenzied soldier to prove his status and the strength to continue surviving here. —— The great Master of Combat —— Ai —— o —— lo ——s!!!"

Aiolos walked to the entrance of the fighting arena. The voices of people that were seething went into a frenzy from the host's introduction. The roars that rushed at him like a wave of heat made his blood feel as if it was boiling. "Today's condition is very good," thought Aiolos. He stepped forward into the white and fine sand and entered the round fighting arena.

At the same time, the host's voice suddenly changed. He used a gloomy but excited tone to shout out the illustrious name of the other gladiator. "Now, let us welcome the great Gladiator Sweeper! He is a terrifying monster, a mixed demon between the goblin race and the insect race. He is bloodthirsty and violent. He has an incomparable appetite. If this makes you uncomfortable, please endure as this is his fighting style. He has eaten 39 gladiators who have challenged him. Will our Master of Combat, Aiolos, be the 40th?! Now —— let's invite —— Trou —— ssi —— yer!!!"

Aiolos looked at the entrance opposite him. All the shouts and frenzied cheers were filtered by his ears in this moment. Accompanied by a murderous aura, he heard the sound of chains. The guard was doing his best to pull the beast. Amidst the crude breathing of the beast that sounded like a drum was the cruelty that a beast showed when it encountered prey.

"Battle —— be —— gin!!!"

With this command, the sound of the chains disappeared and was replaced with heavy and anxious footsteps. Aiolos felt the ground trembling. Then, a massive figure rushed over from the other entrance. It was so fast that it was as if it had wheels on its feet!

But it was still not fast enough.

Aiolos understood his own advantage. More accurately, he found the advantage that humans had in the divine territory: skills, which a majority of the races here ignored. Due to the powerful spiritual power present here, various techniques were accompanied by terrifying effects. As a result, techniques were like a gaudy show most of the time. They could cause others to see a blur for a while but would collapse at the first blow in the face of true power.

But in reality, this was not the case!

Aiolos felt that skills were not the way to decide victory and defeat. Instead, if one only used skills as a means to gain the upper hand, the situation would be vastly different.

For example, he now used his nimble skills to dodge a direct attack from the monster and blocked its eyes like a bull, bringing it under his control. —— Every time they clashed, Aiolos would leave a massive wound on the beast. Black blood would surge out from its injuries like mud and drip to the floor like tar that had been burned.

He was not particular about dealing a fatal attack. Instead, he was particular about accumulation and gaining the upper hand. He would turn his advantage into victory!

Every time the monster was injured, the audience who was watching from the circular stands would shout very loudly. They had various different appearances, but they were similar in how they danced for joy from excitement every time blood flowed.

Aiolos had obtained a massive advantage. He did not try to get rid of his opponent called Troussiyer in one shot. The fact that he had gotten the upper hand too successfully made him even more cautious. Every time they came into contact, he left room for him to escape and retreat at any time.

Troussiyer flew into a rage and accelerated in a frenzy. However, no matter how fast it was, Aiolos was always able to take the initiative. This was technique in action.


There was an intense clash as Aiolos successfully left a massive fist print in Troussiyer's chest. Spiritual power burned through its skin and flesh like fire. Then, more sticky blood flowed down like a waterfall.


Troussiyer's frenzied gaze turned dim, and Aiolos let out a long sigh. His fighting aura was fixed on this crazy fellow. He could sense the powerful vitality flowing out from its body.

At this moment!

Crash! Troussiyer's massive body suddenly exploded!

A pitch-black insect broke out from its body and flew out. It seemed to have the same appearance as Troussiyer, except for the pair of insect wings on its back; —— more accurately, this was the real Troussiyer! It flew in midair, and its wings let out an ear-piercing sound as they flapped. There was a pair of scarlet compound eyes on its thin face that emitted a cold light.

Aiolos's advantage was no more than an illusion that it had created. It was not simply a member of the insect race. Instead, it was a taboo and disgusting mix between an insect and a goblin that had been banished.


The circular fighting arena immediately rose with excited cheers as they shouted its name. These people were those who had seen it engulf its opponents. The action of it leaping out from its massive body made them recall the blood that made everyone tremble in fear. Thus, they could not control their emotions and shouted the name of the expert.

There was a unique stand at the very top of the fighting arena. A massive screen was displaying the intense slaughtering below. After the insect-form Troussiyer appeared, the advantage that Aiolos had obtained after much difficulty had been shaken. His speed no longer gave him an advantage. Meanwhile, Troussiyer flew into the air as it had realized Aiolos's weakness against airborne attacks.

"It looks like there won't be a miracle." There was a clear voice. The crystal person held a cup of blue wine and slowly tasted it. The corners of his lips that were stained blue showed a faint sense of cruel elegance.

"Are you going to spare his life?"

Beside him was a white insect, whose snow-white outer shell made it seem strangely demonic. This was an insect witch from the insect race. Troussiyer was the work of this insect witch, a monster that had been grafted from the goblin race and the insect race through a secret technique! Not only did it have two different forms, it could also consume food to fuel its extremely powerful regeneration abilities. As long as it engulfed that human, its first form, the massive body, would regenerate.

"The human that has lost is of no value." The crystal person shook his head and looked at the image displayed on the screen with some pity. This human had won a lot of attention. It was a bit of a pity. However, he desperately wanted to know how that beautiful Seductress would react after this human died. Of course, he was now looking forward to what another Seductress had promised him even more. He would have the "terrifying" experience of being exploited by two Seductresses.

On the other hand, in a star-shaped VIP lounge, Undine gripped her skirt tightly with both hands. She did not even dare to use her strength to breathe. Aiolos…

She powerlessly shouted this name in her heart. There was a truth in the Arena. No one was able to leave this place alive, and all hopes were dreams.

In the Arena, Aiolos had completely lost control of the situation, while Troussiyer continued to attack him from the sky. If they were on Earth, he would have had many methods to make Troussiyer regret flying into the sky. However, here, the methods that he could utilize were extremely limited. His opponent's strength was at least at the Void Core Realm, while Aiolos was only at the peak of the Foundational Stage. Even though he was only one step away from the Void Core Realm, this was like being a step away from heaven. Even if he was just one step short, he was still a ghost, not an angel.

Sss! There was the ear-piercing sound of flesh being ripped apart. Aiolos did not manage to dodge an ambush attack from behind him. Then, Troussiyer's claw tore into his left shoulder. Fresh blood stained the white sand, as if the sand was filled with despair.


Troussiyer violently slashed its claw and Aiolos's left arm was cut off at the shoulder before being eaten by Troussiyer. The insect goblin chewed it ravenously. Blood flew everywhere and was accompanied by the cracking sound of bones, as if this was a delicious chicken leg.

Just as everyone thought that this battle would end with the monster's victory, Aiolos's right hand suddenly appeared in front of Troussiyer's mouth. At this moment, when food appeared, the monster's composure and intelligence were lost. Instead, it would be immersed in blood and chewing.

However, death was leading the way here.

Aiolos pierced his right hand through the insect goblin's eye, and his arm went into its brain.

In his hometown, there was a saying that one who was not prepared to risk their child would never catch the wolf.

On the tall platform.


The gorgeous wine glass was smashed against the massive screen. Through the blue wine, one could see Aiolos's shining golden right fist smashing through Troussiyer's head with frenzied power.


The golden fist had punched through the brain of the strange insect.

There was complete silence. Everyone was shocked by this sudden twist, as if they had even forgotten how to breathe. The gladiators in the divine territory had the instinct to sacrifice a part of their body in order to escape. However, they had never seen anyone who would sacrifice a part of their body for an opportunity.

This was the martial arts from Earth!

After half a second, they used all their strength to let out shouts that shook the skies——


He deserved this kind of treatment.

They saw that when Aiolos pulled his right hand out of the insect's head, he was grabbing the insect's brain that was pink and white! Then, he hurled this pink and white thing to the ground, turning it into a red and white paste. Then, he suddenly seemed to have recalled something and went to take back his broken left arm.


Aiolos looked up at the sky and adjusted his breathing. He was not cold, arrogant, or passionate. Instead, he was filled with a kind of peace and tenacity.

He would fight to the end as long as he was alive!

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    《Battle Frenzy》