Battle Frenzy
1038 I Don“t Understand
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1038 I Don“t Understand

After waiting for three to five seconds, Wang Zhong carefully opened the lid of the container. He saw that there were 16 pills, clean as white jade, quietly sitting inside the jade container. Each pill was approximately as large as a pigeon's egg. Their external appearances and colors were beautiful. This had to do with his techniques when he arranged the medicinal ingredients. However, there were some pills in different shapes. Some were rounder, while some looked more like ovals.

This was expected. After all, this was his first time. Being able to form the pill in the end was a pleasant surprise for Lao Wang.

"Rate this." This was the first time he had refined pills. Although he could see at one glance that this was a far cry from perfection, Lao Wang was still in high spirits.

"60%." Nini gave him a score without any hesitation.

Lao Wang laughed out loud and did not know whether Nini was trying to curry favor with him. In general, he was very satisfied as the process of pill refinery had been unusually fulfilling. No wonder it was said that one could comprehend one's path through pill refinery.

Frankly speaking, to Nini, the fact that her master was able to form pills and produce level-6 pills during his first try at pill refinery made him a man of great talent. She did not know about the monsters in Heaven, but she had never heard of someone like him in the history of pill refinery in the Land and the divine territory!

There were no lack of talents and able people in the divine territory. However, pill refinery did not rely on brute force. This required the harmonious combination of spiritual influence, knowledge, and control in many aspects. However, what was most important was one's mentality. Many young alchemists were only able to form the proper mentality after many years of training, but it seemed like her master was born with it.

Nini was extremely satisfied with her foresight. This was a pleasant feeling. When she went back, she definitely had to show off to those little bitches!


In the Sacred Arena.

Aiolos touched his cold left hand, which was an artificial hand. After the previous battle with the Sweeper, Aiolos had paid an extremely cruel price. Although his left arm had been saved, only one-third of it was left. Thus, he was given a prosthetic hand made out of refined gold from the divine territory. Even though this was an artificial hand, it only felt artificial. If he did not deliberately think about it, he would almost forget that this was an artificial hand.

In the two days after his battle with the Sweeper, Aiolos had won two high-leveled matches consecutively, causing his reputation as a gladiator to increase even more. There were more aristocrats who paid attention to him and liked him. With a winning rate of 100%, some people even bet on his matches. This made some of the small tricks targeted at him very hard to carry out.

However, Tsarilorhuan was even more concerned for Aiolos. The more well-known a gladiator was, the easier it was for them to die in the Arena. In the Arena, the more famous they were, the stronger their opponents would be. No one could be assured that they would always be the one surviving.

However, Tsari was very clear that since Aiolos had fought to this stage, he had no way out.

"Even that Seductress would not be able to bail you out now." The difference between being well-known and unknown here was very large.

Aiolos smiled. In reality, even if he could be bailed out, he would not leave. More and more people in the divine territory started to respect humans because of him. To humans, this was an extremely good chance.

He thought about Undine. Ever since his arm had been broken, he had never seen her again. However, he knew that she was always there. The crafting of his left hand was an excellent work from a gold refinery master that she had hired.

Aiolos stood up. He heard the roars from the Arena, signifying that this battle was over. Next was the last battle for today, with Aiolos as the last gladiator to fight.


Aiolos stepped into the fighting arena, and loud shouts from the audience immediately sounded all around him. Regardless of what they were shouting, when all of these voices gathered, it was as if he could only hear crashing sounds around him.

Aiolos looked up and observed today's Arena. At that moment, the Arena, which could fit one million, was filled with people everywhere. It was as crowded as a festival.

When they saw Aiolos appear, cheers sounded all around him. These cheers were from audience members who had expectations for him.

However, the louder shouts belonged to his opponent.

"Let us welcome our Undying Demon, from the great bone devil race —— Briesis!"

"Briesis! Briesis! Briesis!"

Rumble… Everyone shouted Briesis's name, and their shouts sounded like thunder that was just nearby, rumbling into Aiolos's ears. He saw a terrifying white skeleton emerge from the Arena entrance opposite him.

The bone demon race was from a level-7 civilization and had broken free from their bodies of flesh. Their demonic bone bodies did not seem to have any so-called "vital parts". They did not have any hearts or brains. They had an extremely unusual understanding of battle and lived to fight! In the divine territory, among all the races that were skilled in combat, the bone demon race could rank as one of the top five.

Aiolos calmly looked at the massive white skeleton walking into the fighting arena. This was a terrifying monster that had a truly undying body.

The announcer who was hosting this battle gave everyone an introduction in an excited tone. "Briesis is the 'Kenah' of the bone demon race, which means 'Undying Bones'!"

"Meanwhile, our other warrior is — that's right — the one everyone has been waiting for today. The human from Earth —— Aiolos! He is a famous Master of Combat who is skilled at various combat techniques, no doubt! He is the son of miracles, the son of luck. —— Over the past month, we have seen too many miracles and lucky strikes from him, but they are all in the past. Now, he is facing a true test, a test from the Kenah of the bone demon race. Does this Earthling have the right to have his place here, in the Arena that belongs to all of us?!"

Roar… Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

The frenzied cheers from the audience mixed together in the sky above the Arena like thunder calling for rain in spring. They had been looking forward to this battle for a long time. This was the battle with the most speculation recently.

Aiolos had advanced after defeating the Sweeper, Troussiyer, and defeated two strong opponents consecutively after that. Now, he finally faced a true expert at combat —— the undying Briesis, a bone demon from a level-7 civilization who fought to live. Would an Earthling be able to surpass him? If he failed, he would die. But what if he succeeded?

There were many fans of the bone demon present. They shouted in a frenzy, "Fight to live! Undying Bones! Briesis!"

However, there were still many people who believed in Aiolos and waved the betting voucher in their hands. They had bet that Aiolos would win. "No one believed that he would be able to survive in the Arena, but he did it. No one believed that he could defeat Troussiyer, but he did that too. Now, we have used our Star Coins to believe that he can defeat the bone demon. Aiolos, please speak for miracles once again!"

This angered the bone demon fans. They rushed to the gambling spot and waved their vouchers which proved that they had bet on the bone demon's win before rushing back. "We will teach you what regret is."

This kind of match made the entire Arena full of nervousness that rose like gunpowder smoke.

At the golden stands, several Titan aristocrats were chatting. Like Tsari, they had silver lightning hair, and the thunderbolts in their eyes were like fog and nebulae at the same time.

Unlike the ordinary audience, they knew more truths as aristocrats. This was an unfair match. With Aiolos's achievements, he should not be facing Briesis. Even though there were disputes and shouts in the stands nearest the fighting arena, there was amusement in their eyes as this was something that they had arranged in advance. Only those who did not know what was happening would join enthusiastically. Of course, the aristocrats would join them. However, their attitude and perspective would be different. They were carefree and aloof. They were here mainly to play.

"Very good. Tsari's combat techniques have stabilized recently."

"No one can allow a noble Titan to die without honor or justice."

This group of Titans did not come to save Tsarilorhuan. However, they were also unwilling to see a Titan die in such an unfair fight. It would be a humiliation to the entire Titan race!

"However, he rejected our help unless we give this human a fair chance."

"Is his brain spoiled?"

"What are you worried about? Do you think that that human will continue to have such luck? Briesis is not a mindless monster like Troussiyer. Master of Combat? Anyone who dares to call himself that in front of a bone demon will only face one result."

When they heard this, several pairs of eyes fell on the fighting arena. Their gazes were like storms brewing in the sky with calm murderous intent hidden within the storms. Yes, if this human died, Tsarilorhuan would naturally give up and let them make the arrangements.

Above the golden stands were the star stands that were prepared for visitors to the Arena who were from level-8 civilizations and above. Seductresses were playing here and did not care about the battle of life and death that was about to begin below. In their eyes, this was just boring. Seductresses did not care about other people. They only lived according to their own ideas.

It seemed like they had come here on Undine's passionate request. However, more importantly, they saw Undine so obsessed with a gladiator that they wanted to taste the gladiator… although they would no longer be able to look for that human. He would not survive this battle. However, they might take a liking to other decent choices.

Undine knew this as well. She simply looked at the Arena quietly. Her fellow Seductresses banned her from meeting that human again. Furthermore, she had done this on the condition that they hire that gold refinery master to make an artificial left arm for Aiolos.

They had done it. Thus, Undine also kept her promise to them. She did not meet him again, but she was always present at every competition.

Aiolos had changed a lot and had become stronger. Undine knew that this was because he had found his path. He had brought himself back from the verge of death several times, not just because of his experience, but also because of his true power. His path and its strong power had been acknowledged by the divine territory.

Aiolos and the bone demon faced each other in the circular fighting arena. The white sand occasionally formed thin spouts that revealed the quiet clash between their auras. The bone demon had the advantage, but this advantage was not enough for him to win. This caused the bone demon's fans to fly into a rage. They roared angrily! "The human used a trick! He used a method to make up for his weakness and lack of strength!"

In their eyes, the combat techniques that humans used in the Arena was like kicking sand into a soldier's eyes.

The supporters of the bone demon roared angrily, "Kill!"

Meanwhile, a small group of Aiolos's fans shouted for him to fight!

The shouts became louder and louder, and there was a brief clash of aura, causing the bone demon to realize that this insignificant human who was only at the peak Foundational Stage had a spirit that did not match his realm. He gave the bone demon the feeling that he was very sturdy, making the bone demon rather surprised. At the same time, he was cautious. He put away the contempt that had formed because his opponent was simply a peak Foundational Stage from a level-4 civilization.

"Your power is worth respect. Thus, I will use all my strength to kill you." Briesis let out a graceful sound. Bone goblins did not have any sound-producing organs. Their sounds came from the vibration of their souls in the air.

"Same here," said Aiolos. He observed Briesis's bones. The secret of the bone demons' undying bodies was hidden in these bones. They were a kind of soul life. Their bones grew from the depths of their souls like how nails grew on human fingers. Extinguishing these bones would not be able to injure their core, just like how cutting nails did no harm. However, this did not mean that bone demons could not die. Instead, it was very difficult for one to find a weakness that could cause their death.

"Then, please go and die."

The bone demon stretched out his fingers, and white bones shot out like arrows, making it seem as if it was raining heavily.

Aiolos nimbly dodged them and used his hands to slap away the bone arrows that shot at him. He felt his fingers turning numb as massive spiritual power pushed into his skin like insects. Most of the time, one could only face spiritual power with spiritual power! Aiolos activated his spiritual power and blocked the piercing bone arrows. Suddenly, his heart throbbed with terror, and he turned around. A shadow was charging at him silently. It was a massive bone sickle, and the sharp blade dazzled. It was a vacuum that blocked all sounds and auras. There was no murderous intent at all.

Unlike monsters like Troussiyer, bone demons fought to live. They were most skilled at killing their enemies in one shot. Regardless of whether they fought desperately from the front or ambushed their enemy from the shadows, fighters with a technique that could kill their enemy would have the best battles.

Aiolos's spiritual power surrounded and enshrouded him like a round bell. Not only were his senses sharper, it was also as if he had countless pairs of eyes. Aiolos was able to "see" all attacks that were within a three-meter radius of him.

Briesis tilted his head, as if he was rather surprised by this. However, this was only another trick by him. Aiolos suddenly leaped and avoided the three terrifying bone pricks which resembled the antlers of a male deer that shot out from underground.

Briesis stepped forward. At this moment, Aiolos saw that Briesis's feet had been stuck into the ground like tree roots. Only god knew how many bone prick traps Briesis had secretly laid underground. Briesis continued to wave his bony arm. Every white bone arrow would chase after Aiolos like a bee. There would be a few tracing arrows that secretly contained spiritual power among the arrows and would change direction at the very last second, shooting towards Aiolos's vital parts at a peculiar angle.

Aiolos stopped all these secret arrows. He could sense them, but it was as if his spiritual power had burst a dyke, causing his spiritual power to deplete in a frenzy. Was this the combat power of a level-7 civilization?

This thought flashed past his mind before he pushed it deep down. He definitely could not have any cowardly thoughts! In the path towards being the God of Combat, courage was prioritized, wisdom was respected, and power was secondary. If he did not have the courage to face unavoidable confrontations, he would face a crumbling death.

Aiolos displayed terrifying combat techniques and resolved Briesis's never-ending attacks. His clean and efficient techniques, as well as his fist that dazzled gold, caused waves of reactions from the audience. At first, they were shocked by Briesis's attacks and did not dare to say anything. Closely after, they were so shocked by Aiolos's techniques that they shouted loudly, "Wah!"

In the star guest room, Undine's heart strained. She dug her fingers into her skirt, and her lips trembled slightly. However, she could not do anything. Aiolos. She could only say his name in her heart again and again, with more nervousness each time.

In the corridor of the Arena, Tsarilorhuan's hands were in front of his chest. This was a sign that he was nervous. His lightning hair violently shook as the impulse to fight surged in his body. His mind was filled with terrifying images. If that had been him, when faced with these kinds of attacks from the bone demon, there would be thousands of injuries and holes on his body, right? Of course, Titan lightning was something that bone demons could also easily deal with. But the problem was… How would Aiolos, who had been on the defense all along, win this life-and-death battle?

Briesis's actions sped up, and more bone arrows that he shot out contained his spiritual power. His eyes burned with white soul flames as he targeted Aiolos with spirit attacks again and again. This caused the bones on his body to change continuously. Then, his true form appeared: the White Bone Throne!

The massive bone armor and bone helmet that were covered in bone pricks covered the throne and did not leave any blind angles. Meanwhile, various bone swords and bone spears were pierced into the throne. A four-sided bone shield stood in four directions around the throne.

"Briesis's invincible form, the unbreakable White Bone Throne!"

His fans jumped and stood on their seats as they raised their hands high in the air, as if they would be able to send their desire for battle in their bodies to Briesis this way.

He could not even fight back against Briesis under normal circumstances, let alone when Briesis activated his invincible true form, the White Bone Throne!

On the White Bone Throne, the soul waves in Briesis's eyes were even more violent. He pulled out the bone swords on the throne and was determined to end this battle quickly.

The rain of white bone arrows finally stopped. Aiolos took a deep breath. He knew that the final moment which would determine his life and death had arrived.

However, he did not think that he would definitely lose. Unlike what others saw, he was not simply defending himself. His spiritual power had always been capturing the weak soul signals in the air. If cutting nails could not injure him, he would chop off his fingers.

This was the most simple and convenient way to deal with bone demons. The problem was how he would find the vital part of the bone demon's soul from that massive armor of bones.

There were a total of three spots that he suspected were his vital points. Every time the bone demon activated a spirit attack, a weak soul wave that could not be felt would leak out from these three places.

However, the bone demon only had one actual vital point.

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