Battle Frenzy
1040 Lightning Area
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1040 Lightning Area

"You can slim down with that stomach?" In reality, Lao Wang was in a good mood. He patted Jhonas's stomach, which let out a guang guang guang sound like jelly. It was dynamic and rather elastic.

He seemed to be in a good mood, which made Jhonas slightly uncertain. Was Boss's mood very good, or had he actually achieved some results? Such as forming pills… Jhonas did not dare to think for Lao Wang.

He was a member of a level-4 civilization who had never come into contact with pill refinery and was a pupil of the Combat Cultivation Hall. Forming pills with just 20 chances to learn how to refine pills? Unless he was from the Shell race or the Soul race, who had extremely powerful talents in pill refinery, it was impossible.

The best result that people like Lao Wang could achieve was some medicinal powder. However, even having medicinal powder was considered a success as people collected them. Even though they could not be sold for a high price, he would be able to recover some of his losses. Jhonas was all the more curious. After hesitating for a long time, he could not help it and asked him indirectly, "Boss, were you inside the pill house throughout the past five days? The rental fee must have been very expensive…"

"Um." Wang Zhong nodded. As he packed the items on hand, he casually asked, "Yes, how much does the Vitality Supplement Pill cost in the market?"

Jhonas was the right person to ask for the market price. As long as it had something to do with buying and selling, regardless of whether it was an industry that the Illusion race was involved in, these business spirits were extremely knowledgeable.

The—the Vitality Supplement Pill?!

Jhonas instantly felt slightly suffocated. Had Boss actually refined them? Had he been able to form pills with just the experience from 20 batches? Damn, was Boss really from a level-4 civilization? Why was this kind of person in the Combat Cultivation Hall…

"That will depend on the quality of the pill… Anything below 30% will not earn you anything. It's not that it's worth nothing, but the cost-performance ratio is just not proportional."

Thirty percent referred to the quality of the pill, while its grade referred to the level of the pill. For example, a Vitality Supplement Pill with 30% quality was more accurately called a level-9 30% Vitality Supplement Pill.

Jhonas was stunned for a long time before he recovered from his shock. Then, he explained to Lao Wang in detail. "For any Vitality Supplement Pill, if you use the pills that you refined yourself, the results will be the best. After all, pills are intelligent and will have a certain affinity and commonality with their refiner or creator. If the refiner consumes their own 30% Vitality Supplement Pill, it will have the same effects as other five-star Vitality Supplement Pills. Thus, if you sell your 30% Vitality Supplement Pills, you will not be able to sell it for a high price as no alchemist will be willing to buy them. It is for personal usage. Thus, a majority of the Vitality Supplement Pills on the market are at 50% and above."

Speaking till here, Jhonas stopped and prevented himself from attacking Wang Zhong.

Wang Zhong had been able to form pills by fluke but could not possibly achieve pills that were five stars and above. After all, he was a beginner. Furthermore, most of the medicinal ingredients for the pill had been sourced by Jhonas. He was rather knowledgeable in this aspect. With the quality of those ingredients, unless an almighty expert in pill refinery like Elder Yimo took charge, there would be something fishy if someone was able to form pills.

"Oh. How do you sell pills that have a quality of 50% and above?"

Jhonas coughed several times. "Each 50% Vitality Supplement Pill would be able to sell for around 100 Silver Star Stones, and the price will multiply as the quality increases. Six-star pills can be sold for almost 200, while seven-star pills can be sold for around 300. However, Vitality Supplement Pills that have a quality of 80% and above definitely cannot be bought from the market. Not only does this apply to the Vitality Supplement Pill, but any pills that have a quality of 80% and above will only be sold at auctions, regardless of their level. That is an art… The price fluctuations are also rather large, and there is no fixed value. I remember that two years ago, I saw someone auctioning a level-9 Perfect Vitality Supplement Pill. In the end, it was sold for a high price of 6,000 Silver Star Stones, which is far beyond the value of the Vitality Supplement Pill itself. After all, those who buy these kinds of things are the rich. They definitely did not buy these pills to consume them. It is possible that they collected it, conducted research, and so on…"

As Wang Zhong listened, he shook his head. It was no wonder that Uncle Sea called pill refinery an art that would cause him to lose money. Indeed, refining level-9 pills did not bring in much profits. After all, there were too many alchemists in the divine territory who used level-9 pills as a starter, especially basic pills like the Vitality Supplement Pill, which had a wide range of uses. Regardless of what quality his pills were, there were too many pills circulating on the market. Naturally, the price would not be high.

People like him with good success rates would be able to earn much more profits, but people like Uncle Sea who had a success rate of one in three or four and did not achieve good quality would really lose a lot of money.


While Jhonas was still speaking, Lao Wang brought out a heavy box that was half a foot long.

This, this this this… This couldn't be… This was too much, right? Don't tell me that not only did you form pills, you made more than one batch of pills!

Jhonas was slightly stunned. However, before he could open the box, Lao Wang said, "They are all 60% pills. There are a total of around one hundred pills."

"…" When Jhonas heard this, his entire body trembled.

One hundred 60% pills? Boss, did you rob a pill store?

"You have a lot of connections. Help me sell them." Lao Wang did not hold back. "I don't really know the necessary procedures and all. Do as you wish."

Out of the 19 batches of pills that Lao Wang had refined, the greatest number were of the 60% pills. There were a few 40% and 50% pills, but they had been consumed when he was in the pill house. He had only picked out these 100 pills and was not planning to sell the rest. They were the foundation and assurance that he would be able to continue growing his spiritual power. He even despised the fact that he did not have enough to eat. When Jhonas sold this batch and obtained the money, Lao Wang was still planning to refine more for himself.

Meanwhile, Jhonas had opened the box. He saw 100 crystalline and transparent Vitality Supplement Pill that were as smooth as jade neatly lined in the box. Jhonas was able to tell the good from the bad. There was rich pill influence hovering above these Vitality Supplement Pills. One look and he could tell that they definitely had a quality of 60% and above.

Flying Pig's legs turned to jelly, and he fell on his buttocks. His mouth was so wide that one could stuff the box in his mouth.

"This, this this this— Boss, did you really refine these?" Jhonas was so excited that he could not even speak clearly.

"Nonsense." Lao Wang rolled his eyes at him. "What? Do you have a problem with that?"

Gulp… Jhonas swallowed his saliva and patted his own face. In the end, he fiercely slapped himself in the face, causing him to see stars.

Damn… His first time refining pills! With such trash medicinal ingredients! And he had been able to refine 100 60% Vitality Supplement Pills? Was he human? Even the Shell race, who had been called the top geniuses, had never been as ridiculous as Boss. This was an exaggeration, right?

In an instant, the respect that Jhonas had towards Lao Wang immediately shone in his eyes.

This was admiration, admiration that could not be described using language! He was simply a living legend!

"No problem! There's definitely no problem!" Jhonas, who took great difficulty to recover from his shock, sprang up like a firecracker. His pig face was so excited that all his muscles were trembling. "Relax, boss. You can call me a dog if I don't sell your 60% Vitality Supplement Pills for the highest price!"

The most ideal price for 100 60% Vitality Supplement Pills would be around 20,000 Silver Star Stones. As a member of a massive business family, Jhonas definitely had channels to sell these. However, he would need some time.

Lao Wang was not anxious either. He still had 200 Silver Star Stones on him, which would be enough for him to deal with living in the Heavenly Gates for now.

After five days of non-stop high-intensity pill refinery, Lao Wang was also fatigued. Once he chased Jhonas away, he slept very soundly. It happened that there were Combat Cultivation Hall lessons the next day. The Titan supervisor had ended the holiday that he had temporarily given, which fit well with Lao Wang's schedule.

Even though he had successfully refined a beginner-level pill, Lao Wang did not dare to give the Combat Cultivation Hall the cold shoulder. Even though he had been extremely successful in pill refinery this time, he had sensed the extensive knowledge and profound scholarship involved in pill refinery even more deeply. If he wanted to enter the profound aspects of pill studies, it would definitely be impossible if he simply pondered on his own or listened to a few lessons. He still had to compete to join the Pill Refinery Hall. Thus, accumulating points in the Combat Cultivation Hall was the most important thing to him now. He would only have the chance to seize the opportunity if he maintained his top-three position in the Combat Cultivation Hall.

Meanwhile, at the Violence Field, the Titan supervisor was doing things in bad taste.

"I will not teach today." When the Titan supervisor, who had prepared a deck chair and drinks, said this, everyone knew that difficulties were upon them. "Let's play something interesting."

The 900 pupils in the Combat Cultivation Hall all looked at one another helplessly.

They saw the Titan supervisor Tsargesimon wave his large hand. Then, they felt that the clear skies in front of them suddenly darkened. Dark clouds filled the skies while lightning flashed. Dense thunderbolts that were as thick as an arm crashed to the ground, and terrifying and deafening thunder immediately reverberated throughout the surroundings.

A few members of the Ghost race who were standing in front almost wet their pants. The Ghost race was most afraid of thunder techniques as they targeted their physiques. In particular, this kind of natural thunder contained extraordinarily vigorous and forceful energy that was fatal if they came into contact with it.

In reality, not only was the Ghost race afraid of the terrifying lightning, even the other races were instantly shocked until their faces turned yellow.

"Don't be nervous. It's just an illusion," said Pavaro calmly. The goblin race were called All-Seeing Pink Bodies and had a natural ability to recognize illusionary techniques.

"Not bad." The Titan supervisor laughed and remained calm while looking at the Combat Cultivation pupils. "But illusions are also very dangerous."

Wang Zhong saw that there was a lightning-ball-like object hovering in his hand. It was covered in lightning runes and illusion runes. It was a thunder technique artifact.

Jhonas, who was from the Illusion race, was an expert in refining illusion weapons. After frequently chatting with that little fellow, Lao Wang had gained more knowledge on this aspect.

This thunder illusion weapon that looked like a lightning ball was under the control of the Titan supervisor. Even though it only created an illusory space that was not fatal, this did not mean that it did not bring about any harm. On the contrary, it could do a lot of harm. This kind of illusion weapon usually targeted the soul. Once it caused any injuries, it would injure the soul, which was much harder to heal than injuries to the body.

"Today's mission is to charge through the thunder array." The Titan supervisor was already sitting on his recliner. At this moment, everyone realized that the skies were still clear where he was sitting. This lightning illusion seemed to be completely confined to the area right in front of everyone. The skies were clear on their left, but there were dense dark clouds and lightning on their right. There was only a line between them, making this seem very magical.

"No matter what method you use, if you dash across this illusory thunder area, it will be considered a success. The first to dash across will get 10 points, the second will get five points, the third will get two points, and the rest will get one point." The Titan supervisor had started to drink his drink. Thanks to the previous two experiences, everyone knew that this drink was equivalent to the length of their lesson. Once he finished drinking, it was guaranteed that the class would immediately end. "As for those who don't dash across or don't dare to do so, minus 10 points!"

The lightning area seemed to be around 40 to 50 meters wide and looked as if one could dash across in the blink of an eye. However, the thunderbolts that fell from the sky were far too dense. They spread throughout the entire area like a carpet and were extremely dense! Furthermore, each thunderbolt was shockingly terrifying. Putting aside the powerful thunder techniques that were contained in the thunderbolt, if one looked at the material impact that was caused when the thunderbolt randomly struck, it would form a hole that was as large as a bowl on the ground. Furthermore, the ground would be charred black and give off a burned smell while emitting a white smoke. Just looking at it gave them the jitters.

The faces of half the 900 Combat Cultivation Hall pupils immediately turned black, especially a few members of the Ghost Race. Even one of the top three experts in the Combat Cultivation Hall, Ghost Gorst, immediately had his expression darken.

Asking a member of the Ghost race to dash through a thunder area? What kind of joke was this?! Not only were they unable to cross, they did not even have the guts to do so. Just the sound of thunder was enough for the Ghosts to tremble in fright. Damn, did he want them to die? They would definitely lose these 10 points!

Even though the members of the Ghost race were struck with terror, this did not mean that everyone was terrified.

Not everyone was afraid of lightning. In fact, there were many pupils who cultivated thunder techniques and had a natural affinity with thunderbolts. There were also those who had extreme confidence in their speed and agility. To them, this kind of lesson was an extremely rare chance for them to earn points.

While the others were still observing the area, a midget who was not even one meter tall rushed out. It was obvious that he wanted to seize the 10 points for dashing across first.

It was a member of the Natural race. Without saying anything else, he shook his body and simply revealed his true form. He was a golden lightning sparrow!

Wang Zhong narrowed his eyes. He heard that there were lightning districts in the divine territory, and there were creatures who lived there throughout the year. The lightning sparrow was one of these creatures. To them, this kind of lightning space was not much different from their backyard. Furthermore, the Natural race was one of the rare races that could choose their true forms after achieving the Void Core Realm.

Danger? That did not exist. How many people would feel that their backyard was dangerous? It seemed like this lightning sparrow was extremely confident!


The Natural race member had revealed his true form. He turned into a ray of gold light and simply rushed into the lightning area, as if he was afraid that someone else would take the lead.

The lightning sparrow was extremely quick. The golden light flashed, but the moment he rushed into the lightning area, a thunderbolt crashed towards him at the same time. However, he swung his buttocks, as if he had sensed the position where the thunderbolt would strike. The ray of golden light traveled in a "Z"-shape and instantly dodged the lightning, advancing over 10 meters.

In the blink of an eye, it had crossed almost one-sixths of the lightning area. Various sounds of silent swearing and unhappiness could instantly be heard all around. This lightning sparrow's strength was considered mid-tier among the Combat Cultivation pupils, but it had made the first move. Furthermore, they knew lightning sparrows lived in lightning and would be able to cross even with their eyes closed. Wasn't this a giveaway for them?

However, before they could articulate their complaints, the lightning area suddenly changed!

The dense and narrow thunderbolts suddenly underwent an intense change. The thunderbolt that had struck the ground suddenly transformed into a ball shape. It swelled and rapidly grew larger! However, the lightning sparrow's dodging route was large enough. Even though it was able to barely dodge the lightning, it instantly broke out into a cold sweat.

But it was not over. Closely after, the swollen ball of lightning exploded with thunderbolts!

The massive explosion and impact force caused a wave of electricity that immediately swept past. As a result, the lighting sparrow, who had been flying steadily, found his body tilting to the side and was involuntarily swept to the right.

However, before he could stabilize himself, another thunderbolt struck. This time, it was not narrow or ball-shaped. Instead, it was a chain of lightning that covered a large area!

The thunderbolt in the sky simply engulfed the lightning sparrow like a dense web. His body was no longer stable, and he could not dodge in time. This half-second delay caused him to be struck by lightning as the webbed thunderbolt crashed into him.

They heard the miserable wail of the lightning sparrow. His body went crooked and nearly fell down.

This was what happened to the lightning sparrow. He grew up among thunderbolts and had a naturally high resistance towards thunder techniques. However, at that moment, he was only struck once but turned around in great panic and fled with the speed he had used to rush in.

Hua hua hua hua hua!!

The thunderbolts transformed again. This time, the transformation was even more exaggerated. The lightning poured down like vigorous rain and fell everywhere.

Wang Zhong's eyes were as quick as lightning. From line-shaped lightning to ball-shaped lightning, then to web-shaped fragment lightning. After the lightning exploded, it turned into dense thunderbolts that covered the entire area like a maiden planting flowers. The lighting seemed to be ever-changing, but there was a hidden pattern to it. In fact, everywhere, the lightning strike seemed to be extremely accurate and neat. There were many changes, yet they stayed the same…

However, this was obviously only Lao Wang's perspective. Those who came from other worlds had this advantage where they observed everything from the smallest details. Since they were weak, there were too many things that were worth their observation but also too many dangers that they should beware of. Thus, their discernment was extremely powerful. In comparison, long-time natives of the divine territory, who were particular about using strength to break through techniques and pursue the top levels of power, were much weaker in this aspect.

Crackle crackle…

The lightning sparrow had obviously not realized this rule, or perhaps the spectators saw more of the game. He was scared out of his wits and simply dashed quickly. However, within a short distance of eight to nine meters, the lightning sparrow was stalled seven or eight times even with his full speed. When he rushed out of the lightning area, he fell on the ground and continued to wail mournfully.

Half of his wing was simply charred, and his body had black and white spots all over. His entire body also emitted the strong smell of roasted chicken wings.



Those who had been ready to scold this member of the Natural race for moving quickly and seizing the first step instantly kept silent. Meanwhile, the sounds of people gulping their saliva could be heard. This was with the true form of the lightning sparrow, which had extremely powerful resistance towards thunder techniques. He had moved so quickly, but only barely managed to escape after advancing eight to nine meters in. Even then, his wing was now about to break.

They had thought that the Titan supervisor was in a good mood and was giving away points. But this was fatal!

Everyone kept quiet out of fear. Meanwhile, the Titan supervisor, who was leaning against his recliner, laughed out loud and was as happy as a flower. Damn, these small bastards who had an exaggerated opinion of their own abilities. Did they really think that the Titan supervisor was here to babysit them? This was a level-4 illusory weapon. The illusory thunderbolts had recognition abilities. No matter how strong one's resistance to lightning was, it would be strong if one was strong and would be weak if one was weak. It would always adjust according to one's limits. Resistance? A mere Void Core like you?

The Titan supervisor waved his large hand and took a fierce sip of his herbal tea. He loved seeing these rookies being burned into ashes. How addictive!

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    《Battle Frenzy》