Battle Frenzy
1041 Smart Lao Wang
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1041 Smart Lao Wang

"Bring him away!"

The surroundings were quiet, and it felt as if they had been shocked. Even if there were still those who wanted to try, no one would fight to be first. No matter how much the Titan supervisor liked to play, he would not possibly design a test that could not be completed. They would rather see other people dash across first and make some conclusions about their experiences before making the attempt themselves.

Many people turned to look at bone goblin Pavaro. Although the bone goblin race did not have any shocking natural endowments when it came to thunder techniques, they were experts at illusory techniques. Pavaro was also one of the top three experts in this batch of Combat Cultivation pupils and was one of the strongest. It looked like he would be the one testing the waters for everyone else.

However, before bone goblin Pavaro showed any intention of stepping forth, someone else had stepped up.

Blood Demon Balor.

Out of the three top experts, Ghost Gorst definitely would not rashly try things out. As for that Earthling from the previous time, Balor did not pay any attention to him. Even though he had body art techniques from cultivating in the other worlds and had a certain cultivation, in the end, he was only a Foundational Stage. When faced with this strict test where there was no way to be opportunistic, a Foundational Stage would definitely not be enough.

In the end, his competitor for this test would be Pavaro. Balor had intentionally stepped up in front of him to fight for first place. At that moment, he deliberately looked at Pavaro, but Pavaro had no intention of competing with him. He simply waited at the side expressionlessly. Not that a skeleton had any expressions.

Balor smiled. It looked like Pavaro's ability to see through illusions was useless against this lightning domain. After all, it was a level-4 illusory weapon that the Titan supervisor had brought. The ability of bone goblins to break through illusions had limits.

"Balor is still stronger. After all, he's from the Blood Demon race."

"When Balor attacks, it will be settled. After all, he is one of the top three experts. If even he is helpless, the rest of us don't even need to think about crossing."

"Let's see how he plans to cross this. Has he seen a way to resolve this lightning area?"


Shockwaves were released from his body, and violent spiritual power started to surge from it continuously. His spiritual power was blood red and burned like flames on his body. Violent aura was released into his surroundings and formed a massive humanoid shadow that was three or four meters tall and had two horns on its head. His Spiritual Energy Value increased rapidly, and many broken stones around him started to roll even without any wind. The stones were pulled along by this force, and some small stones even hovered in the air.

Demon Blood Transformation Technique!

Peak experts would typically not reveal their true forms easily, especially in front of rivals. Blood Demons were particularly adept at controlling their blood and aura. Even if they did not reveal their true forms, they would be able to surpass many people. Wang Zhong estimated that his current Spiritual Energy Value had reached over 300,000, which would at least double when he revealed his true form.

At that moment, Balor's entire body was surging with terrifying power. He calmly glanced in Pavaro's direction and tapped his foot. Then, he simply rushed into the lightning area.

"With that route and speed, he is probably going to force his way through!"

"Can he do that? When that lightning sparrow revealed his true form, his Spiritual Energy Value was at least 200,000, and he had a natural resistance to lightning, but wasn't he forced out too?"

"You fool. Putting aside the fact that they are on different levels, even if they both have a Spiritual Energy Value of 300,000, can the lightning sparrow compare to Balor?"

"How experts use spiritual power is completely different."

Everyone started to buzz with conversation as they waited for a good show. Meanwhile, Wang Zhong secretly shook his head.

It was said that Blood Demons were irritable and easily angered, and were simple and direct when they did things. This was a nice way to describe them. In unpleasant terms, their brains were simple, but their limbs were developed. Just now, the lightning and thunderbolts that had struck the lightning sparrow were obviously targeting the limits of his lightning resistance. It was facing the strong with strong techniques. This lightning area was definitely not something that one could cross by force just by relying on one's strength. After all, it was a level-4 thunder techniques illusory weapon that was being controlled by the Titan supervisor. If one wanted to cross this area, one would have to observe where the lightning struck and its patterns.

Just from watching the lightning sparrow a bit, Lao Wang had already started to ponder about the pattern. However, that was not enough. He still had to see whether there would be any more changes in the lightning pattern. Thus, Lao Wang was not anxious to steal the first spot.

However, as one of the top three experts in the Combat Cultivation Hall, Balor could not even see through this and actually wanted to force his way through… He did not know why the Blood Demon race would make him the leader of their Combat Cultivation pupils.

In the blink of an eye, Blood Demon Balor had charged into the lightning area. The first thunderbolt that landed was a line-shaped thunderbolt that was as thick as a bowl. It was much thicker than the thunderbolt that had struck the lightning sparrow and was also much lower. Balor completely ignored the thunderbolt and continued to charge forward. The thunderbolt landed but was blocked by the massive aura shadow that filled the area around him. It only managed to break through 50 centimeters into the aura.

Five meters!

Balor did not seem to stop, as if he was not disturbed by that thunderbolt at all. He put his left foot forward and charged forth quickly.


The thunderbolt that was stopped did not disappear. On the contrary, it connected to the electricity in a dark cloud and suddenly swelled. It became as thick as a person's waist. Meanwhile, the bottom end of the thunderbolt rapidly swelled and transformed into the shape of a ball! It stopped him completely!

Violent Thunder Divine Prison!

The ball-shaped lightning instantly confined Balor like a prison and enshrouded him. Even then, this did not seem to stop Balor from charging forward. He simply slowed down slightly. At the same time, he suddenly started moving forward with large steps.

10 meters!

"He can really resist the lightning. This seems interesting." At the audit area, Jhonas widened his eyes. He had asked his Winged Cloud Insect to send letters to his friends about the pill incident. It was very convenient to have a messenger as he did not have to personally run around. However, the bad news was that he did not have Weapon Refinery Classes today and naturally had to accompany Boss here to experience this. However, the Combat Cultivation class was much more interesting than the Weapon Refinery class. He simply had to watch the bustle and not care about how big the matter was. Watching a group of arrogant fellows being abused until they were half-dead was just too satisfying. Jhonas was a fan of the Titan.

"We won't be seeing that much longer." There was another person beside him, Shannali. The Cloud Mist Faction was a pill Faction that also cultivated thunder techniques. Furthermore, the outlook of Pill Refinery Hall pupils was much better. Although she did not dare to say that she could see through this lightning area illusion, at least she knew that it was definitely not something a Void Core could force their way through. "His fate will probably be not much different from that lightning sparrow."

Recently, she had been busy refining the level-7 pill, and time was very tight. Thus, she had not come for a few Combat Cultivation classes. However, a few days ago, she heard that Celeste, the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince, had stepped up for Wang Zhong at the Pill Refinery District. Shannali was somewhat surprised by this. Since when did Wang Zhong get to know the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince? Furthermore, it seemed as if their relationship was not shallow… Back then, the fact that Celeste had invited Wang Zhong to join the Pill One Association was enough to shock people, but that seemed to be the normal procedure for an invitation and did not reveal the personal friendship or any secrets between them. However, from the words that Celeste had said in the Pill Refinery District, even a blind man could see that there was something between them.

When Jhonas heard her making conversation, he cheerily got closer to her. "Hi, beautiful girl, it's you! Last time, you seemed to be very close with Boss. Let's get to know each other…"

Shannali looked at him and smiled. Needless to say, Shannali was definitely not the most beautiful here, but she had a unique flavor to her. Furthermore, the more familiar one was with her, the more one would feel her charm. "Sure. The Illusion race is also very interested in weapon refinery?"

While they were making conversation, Blood Demon Balor had met with a problem.

He had dashed around twenty meters in, and the Blood Demon shadow that had formed from his aura was not just for show. Not only did it withstand the line lightning, the ball lightning, the explosive lightning, but even the chain lightning fragment and the lightning rain had been resisted. Even though his first two steps were large and he rushed forward quickly, towards the end, his speed dropped. However, he had still endured for a portion of the journey. Other than the fact that his Blood Demon shadow was mostly gone, he did not seem to have any injuries.

Hundreds of pupils from the Combat Cultivation Hall were already loudly applauding him. However, closely after, they saw a thunderbolt that was 10 times thicker than before suddenly strike from the sky!


There was a massive and terrifying sound. The sound of thunder alone was enough to cause the ground to tremble slightly. Balor was rushing forth when his expression suddenly changed. His body, which had been flying in midair, had been struck. This time, he did not just stagger. When he was hit, he simply fell from the sky and crashed to the ground. He had been able to endure a round of lightning attacks, yet at this moment, he was confused and disoriented from this attack.


The lightning suddenly transformed at a much faster speed than during the first round. It turned into a ball in an instant and trapped the fallen Blood Demon Balor. Dense electric waves traveled on the surface of the lightning ball and crackled. The thick ball of lightning had a diameter of several meters. Balor felt as if he could not even move, let alone break through this!

When Balor sensed how terrifying this upgraded Violent Thunder Divine Prison was, his face instantly turned ghastly pale. His reflexes were lightning fast, and his hands quickly crossed to protect his chest as he curled up his body. At this moment, the Demon Blood Transformation Technique had reached its limit. The rich energy was about to break apart the ball of lightning.


At that moment, the ball of lightning exploded and produced explosive lightning!

Luckily, Balor was in a full defensive position. However, he was at the heart of the explosion and became confused from this explosive lightning technique. His desire to live was also strong. With the impact from the exploding ball of lightning, his blood-red shadow did not even think and simply flew back to Balor.


Sparks flew everywhere from the exploding ball of lightning, and at that moment, the dispersed sparks formed a linked lightning web that fiercely fell on Balor's body. The thick aura shadow was simply dispersed, and Balor was injured, causing him to stagger. However, he was a peak expert among the Void Core Blood Demons. He gritted his teeth and endured this. The speed at which he rushed back accelerated again.

Pa pa pa pa pa!!

Dense lightning rain fell like the last brutal attack. The rain was too dense, and there was no way to dodge this. Luckily, the speed at which he dashed back was extremely quick. Luckily, all the lightning attacks in the lightning area only intercepted ahead of him and not behind him. He had been lucky in running away but could not avoid the might of the lightning rain along the borders.


A gray shadow dashed past everyone. Before the last wave of thunderbolts had struck, Balor rushed out looking extremely pitiful. He ran 17 to 18 steps ahead before finally being able to stand steadily.

The changes had happened too quickly. Just a second ago, the tyrannical Balor who had rushed in confidently soon after came back out pitifully, like a drenched rat. As a result, there was too much for everyone else to take in, and they could not react in time. At that moment, many pupils who were ready to bootlick him and clap for him with their hands raised were feeling extremely awkward.

White smoke rose from Balor's back. Even those far away from him could smell a burned odor. Meanwhile, Balor's face was black.

He had thought that the might of the thunderbolts would increase when he entered the central area, but never thought that it would increase this much. The might of the lightning had increased by 10 times. How was he supposed to endure this?

He might be able to endure if he used his true form and dashed with all his strength, but this was just in theory. Only the gods knew whether there would be even more terrifying attacks later on. His two old rivals, Pavaro and Gorst, were standing at the side and looking at him. How could he simply reveal his trump card for them to see clearly just to obtain some points? Furthermore, he had just gone once and failed. If he immediately used his true form and tried again, even if he succeeded, it would be embarrassing. If he did not succeed, he would have no face to look at anyone.

The price was just too high. Even Balor, who had an explosive temper, was so dumbfounded that he resisted his intention of going one more time. His actions were not rash as he had captured one point. The illusory weapon was not as powerful in preventing one from retreating. At least, he could advance and retreat. Thus, he had rushed out.

This seemed rash, but he did have an escape route. However, he did not succeed this time.

Earlier, the lightning sparrow had failed. Many people thought that they were stronger and might be able to make it. But now, even Blood Demon Balor had not been able to finish half the journey. Who else would dare to go up?

The Combat Cultivation pupils all around were silent.

"Brother Balor, you are really a scapegoat for everyone. You are very loyal," said Gorst with a smile. This sentence gave Balor a good impression of him.

Everyone knew that if they wanted to dash across the lightning array now, they had to master all the patterns. The people in front seemed to have given the rest an advantage. Gorst's words made Balor feel much happier.

There was no expression on Balor's face, but on the inside, he was beaming with joy. He waved his hand generously. "It's nothing. Someone had to go first!"

Many people looked at bone goblin Pavaro. Since Blood Demon Balor had failed, if anyone else in the Combat Cultivation Hall was able to succeed, it could only be him. However, over the past few days, Pavaro's body had been extremely gray, which was very different from his white bones back then. No one knew what had happened to him, and no one dared to shout for him to come into contact with the lightning area.

Pavaro was expressionless. What others wanted to do to him was not important for him. Bone goblins had always been a solitary civilization.

If the top three experts did not move, the others would not either. The surroundings immediately fell silent as the pupils looked at one another. However, Titan supervisor Tsargesimon was unhappy.

"This bunch of trash. Does no one else dare to rush through?"

Everyone kept silent out of fear. From Balor's earlier lesson, everyone knew that they definitely could not cross this lightning area by force. This artifact was very mighty. No one dared to make a noise as no one was willing to be struck by lightning.

"Damn, you're really useless." The Titan supervisor waved his large hand. Today's game was not too interesting. It was just a lightning area that would not kill anyone. Only two people had lost, but everyone was so scared that no one dared to step up. Were these garbage worthy of staying in the Heavenly Gates? It was as if he was really playing house with these spoiled children from rich families.

"Since there is no one, I will go according to your index number!" The Titan supervisor was no longer reasonable. In truth, if no one stepped forth, all he had to do was to deduct points. However, this was obviously not the objective of the Titan. His objective was to see a large group of pupils turn into balls of black ash after being struck by lightning while drinking refreshing herbal tea. It was two kinds of enjoyment from two sharply contrasting things. "Damn, I can't heal you bunch of…"

"Let me try." A voice sounded from the hopeless crowd. In this tense situation, many people could heave a sigh of relief, especially those whose index numbers were at the start. They secretly patted their chests. After all, dying later was better than dying earlier.

Everyone immediately turned to look at the same time. There was actually someone who dared to volunteer himself. They did not know who wanted to stand out, but when they saw who had spoken clearly, their expressions immediately turned stiff.

It was that Earthling once again!

With so many people in the Combat Cultivation Hall, was it possible that no one could do this? No, there were definitely more people who could do so other than the bone goblin and the other two. However, everyone else understood the importance of laying low at the beginning. After all, those who stood out first would be defeated first.

However, this fellow from a low-leveled civilization did not obediently stay in his corner and act invisible. Instead, he insisted on seizing the spotlight. He really did not know what death was…

"Boss, don't be rash!" Meanwhile, Jhonas almost wet himself. He wanted to hook up with this beautiful goblin called Shannali. After all, Boss might have no interest in her, but he was interested in her. However, before he could do so, he saw Boss voluntarily jumping out to dash through the lightning array?! Damn, was his brain cramping?

One could not blame Jhonas for being nervous. In the past, when he watched Lao Wang fight, he would feel that it was addictive. But now, Jhonas did not want to see Lao Wang fight at all.

He was so impressive in pill refinery. Clearly, he could rely on pill refinery for a living and to survive in this world from now on. If he fought for no reason, what a risk he was taking. Look at the pupils from the Pill Refinery Hall. Who were the ones shouting for others to fight and kill all day? They were from the lower classes! Furthermore, they were asking him to dash through this hungry lightning array!

What if his impressive brain for pill refinery was stupefied because of this?

Wang Zhong simply did not care about him. Meanwhile, Shannali seemed extremely interested. She did not know that Lao Wang had been able to produce a pile of Vitality Supplement Pills on his first try, but she had heard about the reputation that Lao Wang had made for himself in the Combat Cultivation Hall. Furthermore, Shannali was very good at reading gazes. She could immediately tell that Lao Wang's eyes were filled with confidence.

The corners of Balor's lips curled up. The Blood Demon race had powerful blood, and their recovery abilities were terrifying. He had personally experienced the lightning and knew the might of those thunderbolts best. If this Earthling wanted to cause trouble, he would watch how this human died!

Buzzing sounds could be heard all around, which Wang Zhong treated as flies buzzing about. At that moment, he arrived in front of the lightning area and stood still as he looked ahead. His gaze moved continuously, as if he was observing something. He was relatively focused and did not seem to care about the chattering around him.

Countless people focused their gazes on him but saw that he did not explode with spiritual power like Balor or reveal his true form like that Natural race member. Humans did not have any so-called true form… He simply stood there quietly and continued to observe.

"You won't see any flowers no matter how hard you look."

"Coward, if you want to act, then act till the end! Are your legs jelly now?"

"Damn, so are you going or not? If you have no guts, then don't blindly sound out!" There were scoldings all around him. A small number of Pill Refinery and Weapon Refinery pupils were very interested. It was said that the most impressive Combat Cultivation battles did not live up to their reputation. However, even though there were so many Heavenly Gates batches, there had been no one who had been as isolated as Wang Zhong.

Small groups would naturally depend on large groups. The Heavenly Gates was a place where large groups competed for power.

Wang Zhong activated his spiritual power and maintained it at a value of around 100,000. At that moment, jeers immediately sounded from the crowd. With this kind of spiritual power, he would be done for after a few lightning attacks. No one knew who gave him the guts to do this!


Wang Zhong moved swiftly into the lightning area, and thunderbolts instantly targeted him. He swayed among the lightning as if he was weightless and was not anxious to rush through. Instead, he focused all his attention on dodging. Even though the thunderbolts were vicious, everyone here was an expert. Having excellent natural endowments certainly did not mean that they were unable to dodge. More importantly… Why was Wang Zhong's experience not as cruel as the two before him?

After one minute of lightning, Wang Zhong finally started to rush through. Chains of lightning balls covered the entire area and rumbled towards him. However, this time, everyone felt that something was not right. Their might was much weaker than what they had seen before. What in the world was happening?

The supervisor also could not help but furrow his eyebrows. Was this little fellow really so clever?

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    《Battle Frenzy》