Battle Frenzy
1042 Great New World
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1042 Great New World

Even then, this kind of rapid lightning would still deliver a fatal attack according to the current amount of spiritual power. However, the problem was that this was not Wang Zhong's only concern. When his body moved rapidly, his center of gravity would not be stable, allowing the power of lightning to spread in all directions and target the vital points of his defense.

Trying to escape uninjured from this kind of dense attack was simply an unrealistic thought. Wang Zhong would actively endure any attacks as long as they did not affect his movement. However, most importantly, this artifact was used to test others. Thus, it would adjust its power according to the power of the candidate. There was no doubt that this kind of adjustment was a very big problem. Thus, others thought about how to rush through in one go, and the faster they were, the better it would be. However, Wang Zhong's thought process surpassed this. He looked at the artifact and the situation.

Thus, the flaws were relatively obvious.

Wang Zhong broke through barriers the entire way. On the contrary, techniques were no longer important. Even the terrifying unlimited lightning hell did not appear as he had already broken through.

The defense capabilities of the divine cells were extremely strong, and he controlled half of his own power. The scattered lightning attacks were insignificant when they came into contact with Wang Zhong's body. Furthermore, Lao Wang's movements were very powerful, and he continued to display explosive movements relative to his weak spiritual power.

The next moment, the lightning area regained peace. Meanwhile, Wang Zhong was standing on the opposite side of the lightning area, virtually unharmed!

The entire Violence Field was already quiet. However, at that moment, after the sounds of thunder ceased, it was even quieter.

At the audit area, Jhonas widened his mouth. He thought that Boss was going to use his "valuable" brain to force his way through the thunderbolt but never thought that he would use this method. How handsome! Too handsome! As expected of Boss! Even Jhonas, a realist profiteer-in-the-making, could not help but feel as if he was in a dream in that moment. This was truly a smart person!

The audit area was silent, let alone the 900 pupils from the Combat Cultivation Hall. The surroundings were dead silent. Countless people stared at the figure who had crossed to the other side of the lightning. Their expressions were strange and complicated.

"Isn't that unscrupulous?"

"This Earthling is too petty and low. What kind of actions are these? Damn, if I had known, I wouldn't have put in so much effort!"

Amidst the noisy sounds of discussion and disdain, a crude voice broke through all these. "Good! Good, good, good!"

The Titan supervisor said the word "good" several times in a row as he was slightly surprised. Although this Earthling fellow often brought him surprises and some joy, he had planned to break his fighting spirit this time. He also needed to balance out some things in the Combat Cultivation Hall. If he allowed this little fellow from a low-leveled civilization to seize the spotlight all the time, this might harm the Titan supervisor. However, he never expected that he had underestimated the intelligence of this fellow. He was able to look at the problem beyond the situation and bravely try.

He had outlook and courage.

"Little fellow, you've surprised me once again." The Titan supervisor laughed out loud. "But I like it. Twenty points for you!"

Twenty points…

It seemed like ever since the Combat Cultivation Hall started lessons, all the first placings had been taken away by this little fellow. This time, the supervisor had even increased the original reward of 10 points to 20 points. This habit of the Titan supervisor to casually change his rules was… too rampant!

This time, the antagonism did not just contain mockery and disdain. Instead, it was rich and raw antagonism. There was no doubt that Wang Zhong's strength had been acknowledged by the supervisor. Furthermore, under these circumstances, if one wanted to be famous and catch the attention of the Titan supervisor, finding an opportunity in the future to get rid of Wang Zhong in front of everyone would be the best. They would gain a wealth of experience!

Lao Wang rubbed his nose and did not seem to mind. He was already used to such antagonistic gazes.

It did not matter. He saw nothing. Points were something he had to seize. He did not want to spend his time on some boring things.

"You can go." The Titan supervisor waved his large hand. This was his first time letting someone leave early in the Combat Cultivation Hall. This seemed to be a very random arrangement, but it was enough to show how special this Earthling was to the Titan supervisor. Then, he turned to the others. "Aren't you happy? Don't you feel that you've found a flaw? It's a pity that that's not the case. After this, I will increase the level of the lightning. You cannot repeat the previous pattern!"

When he looked at everyone wailing mournfully, the supervisor was especially happy. The first person was a wise person, but anyone who imitated them afterwards was a fool.

Wang Zhong did not think that this was much, but among the crowd, several pairs of evil eyes turned to look at his back.

Balor instantly felt as if his face had been beaten up and was now swollen. He looked at Wang Zhong with a critical gaze. This was not the first time and was not simply a problem of face. Every batch of Combat Cultivation Hall pupils could produce many experts with surprising natural endowments, but these experts definitely did not include an Earthling!

One hundred 60% Vitality Supplement Pills that were worth 20,000 Silver Star Stones was definitely a large business to the Heavenly Treasures Street. However, to merchants like Jhonas who dealt with the upper classes, it did not seem worth mentioning.

He thought that it would take some time to deal with this batch of pills but never expected that his messenger would send money over in just three days.

Before Jhonas's friend had started to sell the pills, he had simply gathered the 20,000 Silver Star Stones and sent them over. According to Jhonas, they had appraised the batch of pills, and they were considered extremely high quality among all level-6 pills. Thus, there would be no pressure to sell them for more than 200 Silver Star Stones each. In particular, there were also 20 to 30 Vitality Supplement Pills, but his friend took the price of a level-6 pill and made his calculations.[a] Jhonas could not help out in this aspect as this would bring great profits for his friend.

Lao Wang did not mind this. There would be a difference in the quality of a pill when it was appraised with the eyes and when it was appraised by a professional. Even an alchemist with rich experience would inevitably make mistakes if they used their eyes to evaluate pills. It was relatively decent if they could estimate the quality of the pills with their naked eyes. Furthermore, they were doing business. How could they allow others to profit more?

A trickle would last a long time. Wang Zhong wanted to make this a stable market.

However, the speed at which he cultivated the Devouring Heaven Technique increased as the days passed. This was because he consumed the Vitality Supplement Pill he had on hand daily. The over one hundred pills he had left over seemed to be a lot, but in reality, they would not last for long.

He simply gave Nini 10,000 Silver Star Stones to buy a batch of medicinal ingredients for the Vitality Supplement Pill from Old Cow at the Heavenly Treasures Street. Now, Lao Wang was getting more and more enthusiastic about pill refinery. His cultivation was quick; he made many realizations, could increase his experience in pill refinery, and could gain Vitality Supplement Pills. He could kill many birds with one stone, making him unable to stop. Of course, there was another vulgar reason that he had to pay attention to: money.

It was not too obvious now when he refined level-9 pills, but when he started to refine high-leveled pills, the 10,000 to 20,000 Silver Star Stones he had in his pocket would definitely not be enough. Pills and money were both difficult problems that Lao Wang would not be able to free himself from for now. Luckily, he had the fragment world. Selling high-quality medicinal ingredients would actually get him more than selling pills, but pill refinery was a process of cultivation. Furthermore, if he constantly had high-quality medicinal ingredients to sell, it would be too attention-grabbing. It was nothing like publicizing himself as a genius alchemist who sold some pills. This was a more logical action.


In the distant Earth.

Like natural disasters, daily changes gradually became "daily life" for everyone. People no longer cried out in alarm because of peculiar changes. Instead, they desperately chased after those changes.

This was very similar to during the major disasters that the old world had faced. Those who could not adjust would be eliminated.

The young people who were better able to adjust to the changes would gradually step up. They would forcefully charge at the old systems as the new world had no place for conservatives to survive. Everyone advanced bravely, which was better than sailing against the current. Once they stopped moving forward, no matter what they had already experienced, done, or possessed, they would only be pulled behind. Once they lost their job, position, and everything else, they would only be a product that would be packaged into cargo and brought away. The only contribution they could make to human society was a rich diversity that could maintain the bloodline of their species.

No one would wait for one to slowly catch up. Humans could not wait, and past information would be sealed up, only to be replaced by the latest shared information.

Tianjing had become the hottest administrative district in the Federation. New things and new technologies were tested out in Tianjing first. Once Tianjing felt that these new objects were feasible, they would be imitated by other areas and cities.

The heart of Tianjing was a massive Star Palace.

The center of the Star Palace was made out of thousands of massive rooms that operated transmission gates. Through these transmission gates, the Star Palace was connected to various places in the Fifth Dimension: the Holy Land, the dimensional colonies, the dimensional resource mines… At the same time, it also connected to the Tutankhamun Empire in Africa, the Pampas and Amazon empires in South America, as well as the New World Empire in North America —— after the Kaiser Empire fell from power, Ma Dong allowed the New World to take over North America without any mercy. The name of the Empire's Emperor was Wang Zhong, even though this was of no meaning to Lao Wang.

Of course, there was also the destruction of the old world. The old powers wanted to revive their generous lives that they once had but never truly treasured. Only when authority figures lost their power would they know that their so-called noble blood was no more than an illusion that power had brought about. Without the Kaiser Empire, there was no difference between them and the ordinary heroes and soldiers.

Some people moved in the dark like mice in the sewers. They indulged in loud and empty talk and once placed their hope in the armies that had been taken by Solomon to the Fifth Dimension. However, they fell into despair very quickly. Those soldiers would never come back. They had been called up by the Holy Land before being completely scattered, becoming immigrants in many colonies in the Fifth Dimension. The remaining people on Earth were also sent to the Fifth Dimension by the New World Empire. To them, this was a new beginning, a new beginning that was much more attractive than being cannon fodder. Perhaps there were still people who were blindly devoted, but in a new environment, they could only submit themselves to the new challenges. Furthermore, with the promotion of new techniques, new armies were established. Thus, the functions that they could serve became more insignificant as the days passed.

Furthermore, by the time the Star Palace in the New World Empire finished construction, those aristocrats had already become history. They had been abandoned by the human world, which was developing at a high speed. Their loud and empty talk turned into complaints that they could only rattle on about after drinks.

The Star Palace connected to the Star Palaces in Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America. Through this, one could reach any country that one wanted to within a day and then could reach the main cities of each Empire via armored train. The scale of the armored trains was also expanding. Ma Dong spent a lot of effort on this aspect. His goal was to reestablish connections throughout the Earth.

To the citizens of the New World, as long as they could endure it, they could apply to enter the Fifth Dimension for a legendary trip. Ordinary people could also dream of this and look forward to it.

The rapid circulation of people, as well as the catalysis from the Star Alliance, hastened the blending of human cultures. A rapidly developing civilization made the New World even stabler.

All sorts of people came and left hurriedly. There was no day or night in the Star Palace, only work that would never stop.

This was the case for the rooms that housed the transmission gates. There would always be people coming or leaving every moment. Among them, there were civilians who carried luggage, as well as soldiers who carried weapons. They queued up and went in and out of the same transmission gate.

In the Star Palace, the tallest building was a tall, pitch-black tower. This was also the hub of the Star Palace.

Hymin was examining a list of products to be sent to the Star Alliance. When she looked at the various resources and materials listed, she let out a long sigh. She silently cursed all those extremely greedy merchants from the Star Alliance. They imported these materials from humans but were not willing to tell humans what exactly these ingredients were and what they would be used for in the Star Alliance.

Hymin signed the permit on the list that allowed these goods to go through. Suddenly, a red ray of light shone from the window. Hymin was slightly dumbfounded. She got up and walked to the window. This was the 50th storey of the black tower. Through the glass window, she could see the entire transmission area below.

A group of soldiers dressed in red clothes was exchanging blows with the guards. They were equipped with excellent and uniform rune weapons. It was very obvious that they had entered this place from the runic array. Hymin quickly confirmed that their previous position was the Amazon Empire. After they entered this place, they should have immediately occupied this area.

As they fought, another group of soldiers came who were equipped with blasting equipment.

Their goal was to destroy the Star Palace. This kind of terrorist was nothing new.

Reynolds, who was in charge of the guards in the Star Palace, also appeared. He flew into a rage and started shouting. Then, an army rapidly took over the area. Very quickly, the soldiers were killed or severely injured. The rune equipment on their bodies could not resist attacks from the New Army weapons.


However, just before they could control the situation, a ray of white light suddenly exploded from the soldiers. They had detonated their explosive equipment and were instantly turned into ashes from the intense energy. Meanwhile, massive flares shot out in all directions…

Before it could spread, a jasper light pattern suddenly descended from the top of the black tower, sweeping across the energy rays from the explosions. In an instant, time and space trembled. Time slowed down in the places where the light pattern swept past. The panic of those who were watching from afar turned into wonder as they clearly saw the exploding beams that had been stopped. Then, the light pattern swept past once again. The area that was blown up immediately fluctuated violently, and light was drawn back. Time was rapidly traveling backwards in this small area!

In an instant, everything returned to normal. The soldiers who were supposed to die from the explosion stared blankly as they stood at where they were supposed to die. However, there were a few more ropes around their bodies.

Hymin smiled and returned to her table. Then, she started to sort out the documents that had piled up like a mountain. She thought about how another great figure —— or perhaps a great family —— was out of luck. These soldiers who faced death unflinchingly would not be able to guard their secrets. They would not face interrogation on Earth. One's foresight decided one's fate. These people simply did not understand that times were different. This was no longer a problem of the Holy Land. Instead, this involved the alliance in the Fifth Dimension. Wanting to cause trouble and occupy territory before stating their conditions was really amusing.

Suicide? As long as they were in the Star Palace, no one would be able to commit suicide.

The rules here were independent, and turning back time was simply the most basic application of the black tower. As for the Truth Speaking Technique and Penetrating Insight Technique used during interrogation, they could not be considered basic.

The Star Palace was not a form of technology that the human civilization had developed. Instead, they had received support from the Star Alliance. This black tower was a basic building that the Star Alliance would provide to all level-4 civilizations.

On the 21st storey of the tower, in front of the window, four handsome young men looked at the "farce" that was happening below with different expressions.

"They did not even clarify who their opponent was. In this rapidly progressing age, foolish thoughts of old times will kill people." Angus Seer shook his head. He was Divian's little brother. After Divian left the Earth, he became the hope of the Seer Family. Now, he had become the head and spokesperson of the Seer Family. He controlled the power of the family.

"If people from the Amazon Empire had participated in this, things will be fun. The ambition of those barbarians cannot be put away. It's time for them to sheathe their claws." The one who spoke was Tygerlu Bella Dean. He was only 26 years old and was the oldest among the four people. He had a restless face, as if the words "I am confident" were written on it. However, strangely, this kind of swagger did not make people hate him. Instead, he emitted a unique aura that others admired.

The other two people were from the Musk and the Torreya families respectively. They both had keen differences in their qualities. Furthermore, like Angus, they took on the position of head in their families. In fact, they controlled the future direction that their respective families would advance in.

Having young leaders was the way that the various great families dealt with the sudden changes in the Earth. As compared to the conservatives who were used to protecting the old ways, and although the young made mistakes easily, in this rapidly changing era, making mistakes was allowed. The only thing that was not allowed was staying where they were without moving forward because they were afraid to make mistakes.

They had no choice either. After the Zhao Family and the Gui Family collapsed, the former 10 Great Families fell into pieces. Furthermore, after the incident involving the Star Alliance, the conservatives from the Seer Family, the Bella Dean Family, the Torreya Family, and the Musk Family experienced various things. As a result, their decline became especially severe. After losing too many things, they finally changed their strategy. The young who were willing to become the head of the family took charge. Indeed, this stopped their terrifying decline. However, if they wanted to recover, there would be many difficulties.

As compared to them, the Mo Family, the Stuart Clan, the Potter Clan, and the Vasilyevich Family still maintained their position as top powers in the Earth, regardless of whether it was in terms of strength or influence.

They formed the new top five powers on Earth along with the New World.

In particular, the New World was the key to connecting the various great powers, like the central pole of a top.


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    《Battle Frenzy》