Battle Frenzy
1043 Conspiracy
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1043 Conspiracy

The four young family heads discussed the various changes that could occur in the future. While they spoke, they explored and clashed ideas. They were thinking about whether they should establish another alliance based on this incident. —— If what they had come here to ask for was not allowed and they were not given help, what had just happened might become another gap that they could go through.

At that moment, a sweet and beautiful woman walked over. She bowed slightly to the four of them. "Lords, sorry to keep you waiting. My Lord is waiting for you."

"No, we didn't make an appointment. We are already extremely grateful to have been given an opportunity."

Their expressions instantly changed, and there was no arrogance on their faces. Instead, they emitted a modest and amiable charm.

"Thank you for your understanding. Then, please note that Lord Gong Yi only has 20 minutes to rest. Thus, please make the best use of your time."

The four of them nodded their heads and could not help but hasten their steps. They did not feel like they were being looked down upon. The past could not be compared to the present as they were no longer part of the 10 Great Families. The politeness that others showed them was simply because they were like scrawny camels, shadows of their former glory.

However, they were not dead. Now, they would seize the chance to prove this.

The staff along the corridor were extremely busy, as if they were not affected by the attack outside at all. Very quickly, they saw Gong Yi in a meeting room.

Gong Yi looked at their young faces. These four great families were truly doing their all. If possible, he did not wish these families to have another chance. They were the rulers of the old world. If they were given a chance, they could obtain authority much faster than other people.

What the human civilization needed least was mutual checks and exhaustion in politics. Equilibrium had to be considered, but unity was more important. He believed that changes could no longer be stopped, and turning back the clock was even more impossible.

"I have seen your proposal about pioneering a cooperation in New Oceania. Your considerations are extremely comprehensive."

Excitement appeared in the eyes of the four young family heads. There was no doubt that going straight to the point was a good start.

There were five great continents on Earth, but after the great natural calamities, the entire Oceania was torn into pieces and turned into a sea of fog. However, just a year[a] ago, a violent earthquake occurred in Oceania. The sea of fog disappeared, and a new continent emerged from the sea.

A new continent meant new opportunities. To the four great families, this was definitely a chance that they could not miss.

"Please believe us. The New World will definitely benefit. The unknown represents a greater future."

These four people were obviously not spoiled children from rich families from their expressions and their speech. They had even understood Gong Yi's personality very well.

Gong Yi liked risks and stimulus.

Gong Yi laughed. "I agree. However, there is a clause that I want to change. The New World will take 60% of the earnings, and the rest will be split among you."

The four of them looked at one another helplessly. They had invested manpower, money, and strength to take this risk, but the New World only wanted 60%?

When he saw how they were stunned, he knocked on the table lightly. "70%."

"We agree!" Angus Seer immediately replied. At this moment, they had truly clarified their position.

"Very good, I hope that you succeed!" Gong Yi smiled very happily. Young people were usually very naive.


In the Holy Land, the Fifth Dimension…

On a Trust aircraft carrier, Qian Duoduo excitedly looked around. This was his first time sitting on a Trust aircraft carrier, which had been a peak weapon of the human race. However, only after a short time, it was already close to being eliminated. The first batch of 10 strategic aircraft had been produced by Gold Refinery City and was about to be delivered to the Holy Land to be used.

Qian Duoduo thought about it. If this aircraft was eliminated, would he be able to buy this massive carrier as his own private dimensional imperial palace?

Qian Duoduo felt that he was indulging in wild fantasies, but he seriously considered this for one second… This was not an impossible thing!

With the influence of the Tianjing System and the New World Empire, his business grew bigger and bigger. Even if he did not want to monopolize the industry, gradually, no one dared to forcibly compete with him. Qian Duoduo liked working with people and was usually able to find a win-win solution. As a result, his business channels became broader as the years passed. When he was fatigued and finally remembered to rest, his personal wealth had reached an astronomical number with so many zeros that his eyes went blurry trying to count them.

To be honest, back when he helped Ma Dong, it was simply because he was full of youthful vigor. He had never expected that this timely friendship allowed him to succeed, let alone imagine that the background of the New World was so deep. They had actually been able to win the support of the Patriarch Society. This was a level that they would not be able to achieve just with Wang Zhong.

Of course, this deep level of information was something that only the core circle would know. From what he knew, the Patriarch Society would not care about everyday affairs and were mainly in charge of the core members of the New World. However, the one who was able to change all this was a woman in the outskirts of Tianjing.

Very quickly, Gold Refinery City appeared in front of them. Through the glass windows of the carrier, one could see the low buildings that spread out below.

There were no tall and large buildings. All of them were standard two-storey gold refinery factories with white walls and a grey ceiling.

This was the new area of Gold Refinery City. As they learned from the Star Alliance, the developments in gold refinery had been the most outstanding. Thus, they had this massive new area.

When he got off from the carrier, Qian Duoduo's eyes lit up. He saw Scoffer Potter!

That rune science master! It was said that he had discovered how runes, that new technology from the Star Alliance, integrated with each other!

It was thanks to those cola orders. Scoffer, who had received a commission from Ma Dong, never expected the "star cola" that had been developed for use in the divine territories had become a way for humans to break through the trade barrier.

Qian Duoduo's objective was another batch of cola. His biggest business now was delivery for Ma Dong. Qian Duoduo delivered goods quickly, and they would definitely arrive at their destination. He thought about whether he could actually achieve his dream.

He looked at everything around him and recalled the night that he had shoved that note to Ma Dong. Qian Duoduo was sentimental and proud!


The night market at the Heavenly Gates was called the Sleepless District. Unlike the orthodox and strict atmosphere in the other areas of the Heavenly Gates, there was feasting and revelry all the time. It was bright with many colors.

The Heavenly Gates had no lack of entertainment. This was the peak entertainment district and money-squandering den that was extremely famous across the entire divine territory. One could find various kinds of women here and enjoy any delicacies one could imagine. Everyone idled away their time in pleasure. If they had the money, as long as they could imagine it, they would be able to do it. Many pupils from high-leveled civilizations liked to gather here.

In a private room within an extremely expensive-looking bar, Balor and Gorst were drinking their sorrows away.

The incident that had occurred at yesterday's Combat Cultivation Hall lesson made the two of them extremely unhappy.

Gorst was better off. After all, the Ghost race was afraid of lightning due to natural restrictions, and no one would laugh at him. Although the supervisor had adjusted the power of the artifact, Wang Zhong's train of thought was right. The lesson this time was to tell everyone that acting recklessly was the most foolish thing to do. They had to use their brains when they encountered anything. They should control their spiritual influence instead of bursting with it.

However, this entire thing made Balor seem extremely foolish.

That Earthling had slapped them in the face time and again, especially Balor. In the past, he had beaten up people from his own race, but now, he was the one who had been beaten up. Many rumors and slanders that questioned the Blood Demon race started to appear in the Combat Cultivation Hall. In particular, there were even comments among their own race that were harmful to themselves. Balor felt that if he did not make a counterattack, he would no longer have the face to remain in the Combat Cultivation Hall.

As a member of a high-leveled civilization, Balor had brought along his glory here. In particular, he was in a place like the Combat Cultivation Hall, which was not a place where elites from high-leveled civilizations gathered like the Pill Refinery Hall. There were only a bunch of people from low-leveled civilizations. If he was still oppressed here, he would be putting the Blood Demon race to shame.

Today, he had invited Gorst over because Gorst had shown kindness to him. If one wanted to establish oneself in the Heavenly Gates, one had to make allies. Furthermore, the Ghost race was most adept at playing dirty. Thus, he also wanted him to help think of ideas.

"There are many ways to get rid of him." Gorst spread out both arms and put them around a female slave from the Seductress race and a celestialoid female slave. The powerful negative energy from his body was extremely cold, but the two female slaves were able to easily endure it. Obviously, those who could become female slaves here were not only pretty but also had a certain level of strength. "It just depends on what extent you want to do it to and where you want to do it."

"Of course I want him dead!" When Wang Zhong was mentioned, Balor gnashed his teeth but did not evade the female slaves in the room. They were able to open this kind of place in the Heavenly Gates because their slaves were not allowed to listen in on their customers. If they heard something they were not supposed to hear, they would forget it. This most basic quality was definitely assured. Furthermore, they were frequent customers here. "But you know that the supervisor now favors him greatly. I think that it will be very difficult to have a chance to do so during lessons. The best way would be to do it outside lessons."

Gorst laughed cheerily. "Old Ba, I heard that you got your messenger a very impressive saddle recently?"

Balor's messenger was a hellfire warhorse. The Blood Demon race was famous for being big spenders. He often changed the saddle on his messenger, which was a luxury item that cost over 500 Gold Star Stones.

When Balor heard Gorst's suggestion, he furrowed his eyebrows slightly. "Are you thinking…? But I'm afraid that that will be very difficult. Don't forget that he is from the Law Enforcement Association."

"Naturally, we will have to make some arrangements. You will do this… and…" Gorst cheerily got closer to him and spoke in a low tone. Balor's furrowed eyebrows slowly relaxed. In the end, Gorst said, "Brother Ba, don't be fooled by the Law Enforcement Association. What can the Law Enforcement Association do? The Heavenly Gates is a place that is particular about proof, let alone the Law Enforcement Association. As long as you follow what I say, there will be human testimony and material evidence in the end. Even though they know that there is something dubious about this or even know that he is being treated wrongfully, there is no way for the Law Enforcement Association to reverse the verdict for him! Although the Machinery race is deadpan, heh heh, they do have their virtues."

"Okay! I will rely on what you have said!" Balor's plan was not very tight, but Gorst would be directly involved. The Ghost race was definitely the best when it came to scheming. "However, it would be best if we let some time pass. Once the influence of this situation dies out, others will simply say that we are fixing him.[b]"

An evil glint flashed past his eyes. "I want to see what else he can do this time!"


Just after waiting for one or two days, the batch of ingredients from Heavenly Treasures Street arrived very quickly. They were simply ingredients for a level-9 Vitality Supplement Pill and were not any rare items. The list of ingredients was simply long and complicated.

Later on, Lao Wang went to the Pill Refinery District several times. However, he did not refine pills for five consecutive days like last time, mainly because he still had to attend Combat Cultivation Hall lessons. He made use of every bit of time to refine pills, and the results were not bad. Although this method of refining pills only every now and then would inevitably cause newbie Lao Wang's techniques to be rusty, his natural endowments were truly powerful. The prescription and the medicinal ingredients were all of peak quality, and he also had the assistance of Nini. His success rate did not fall. On the contrary, it increased slightly.

With 10,000 Silver Star Stones' worth of ingredients, he turned on the furnace every now and then. There were times when he refined pills for one or two days. After almost a month of doing so, as well as asking for leave from the Titan supervisor several times, he finally turned these ingredients for the level-9 Vitality Supplement Pill into pills. This time, he had refined over 40 batches of pills and produced over 700 pills. There were almost no 40% or 50% pills, and they were all at 60% or above. In fact, there were also two batches of 90% pills.

Although he did not refine any perfect pills, Wang Zhong was already relatively satisfied. He had refined the two batches of 90% pills on the very last day. Furthermore, on that day, out of the six batches of pills he had refined, there were two batches of 90% pills, three batches of 80% pills, and only one batch of 70% pills.

When it came to forming pills, if one wanted to achieve 80% pills, they could not make any mistakes at all. If they wanted to achieve pills of better quality, not only could they not make mistakes, they had to display their comprehension of pill studies, have perfect guidance, and have favorable conditions, among other factors, before they could do so. This was beyond the control of the alchemist. It was something that could not be pursued or defined.

He had produced six batches of pills, including three batches of 80% pills and two batches of 90% pills. It could be said that even if a great alchemist were to refine such pills, their success rate would not surpass this. After all, this was simply a kind of low-leveled beginner pill. Even if these great alchemists had the best techniques, they could not display them here. Furthermore, Wang Zhong had a feeling that the cultivation results when he refined the level-9 Vitality Supplement Pill far surpassed the results in the beginning. Other than the 200 level-7 pills that he had asked Jhonas to sell, he had kept the rest with him. They should be enough for him to increase his dosage. Lao Wang felt that he could start trying to refine other kinds of pills.

Of course, the best sequence would be to find a few prescriptions for level-8 pills. Money was not a big problem as he had thousands of Silver Star Stones in his pocket, as well as hundreds of Vitality Supplement Pills, making him feel somewhat rich. Most importantly, a large majority of the prescriptions that circulated on the market were for level-9 pills. What about level-8 pills and above? They were controlled by a few pill Factions and would definitely not be sold outside. Lao Wang did not have any connections and could only ask Jhonas to check around. If there was still no way, he would think of another method.

As he intermittently practiced pill refinery, Wang Zhong's life was rather regular.

He would refine pills, attend Combat Cultivation Hall lessons, and go for Law Enforcement Association sessions. This was a standard timetable.

Ever since Lao Wang pioneered the law enforcement game, the activities of the Law Enforcement Association became more and more interesting. A simple law enforcement game had been adapted into many patterns by their members. Simply said, they were addicted and were completely drawn in by Lao Wang. Furthermore, there were more and more patterns to the game.

For example, at the strong request of Rowling J, regardless of whether it was the civilians or the three divine positions in the game, they were forcibly divided by gender. This was because the way males and females thought were intrinsically different. Thus, the addition of gender could give the game a more realistic experience, as well as more complicated changes in psychological activity…

Rowling J was a relatively interesting Machine and was also rather special. The Machinery race did not have any genders, but strangely, Rowling J insisted that she should be a female and insisted that her standard Machinery race name be changed to a feminine name. In her daily learning and living, she also spared no effort in imitating the habits and ways of thinking from several females from different races. In her words, if the Machinery race wanted to change the stiff impression that all the other races in the divine territory had of them, and if they wanted to make nimble and "human" law enforcement a reality, they could not rely on general law enforcement strategies to change this. Instead, they should integrate with the races in the divine territory with fine details. Understanding how females thought was one of these ways.

However, it was a pity that in the Law Enforcement Association, there were very few members of the Machinery race and the insect race that agreed with her. Even among the Machinery race, she was considered an abnormal alien, let alone to the other races. The natural obstacles and alert hostility from other races caused Rowling J's research to pause indefinitely. She could only rely on case observation to carry out rough analyses. However, if she relied only on this, how would she be able to fathom a woman's complex thoughts?

Luckily, Lao Wang's arrival gave Rowling J a new beginning. She rather approved of what Lao Wang had casually said to her when they first met: "A woman's heart is hard to understand."

"A woman's heart is hard to understand. Wang Zhong, you are absolutely right." Now, whenever Rowling J saw Lao Wang, she would sigh with emotion. She never forgot to display her approval of Wang Zhong. "One needs deep knowledge before saying something philosophical like this! That's right, I heard about something interesting yesterday too. Help me to do some analysis. I'm talking about two women in the same dorm, so-called besties. They…"

While Wang Zhong helped Rowling J to analyze these cases, he was also sentimental. The Machinery race actually had their own personalities. Concealed under their appearances and coldness that seemed completely the same were independent thoughts and souls. After having deep interactions with them, one would realize that no two of them were the same. The outside world had simply been mistaken due to the law enforcement powers and appearances of the Machinery race, as well as the rumor that all members of the Machinery race shared the Machine Heart. They were not machinery. They were an extremely advanced and intelligent race.

As a civilization which was always analyzing and even learning about various details of other races, continuously learning from their strengths to make up for their own weaknesses, and pursuing a breakthrough, they had already reached the true bottleneck and peak for a civilization.

After spending a long time in the Law Enforcement Association, not only did he learn that the Machinery race had such interesting individuals, Lao Wang also started to realize that the insect race, which seemed even stricter and more deadpan than the Machinery race, were relatively interesting in reality.

Like the Machinery race, in the eyes of the other civilizations in the Land, the insect race was deadpan and stiff as their most common catchphrase was, "According to the insect law, so and so…"



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