Battle Frenzy
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1044 Launch

The insect race was a relatively ancient race. Furthermore, the insect law was a system of rules that had been established by the queen of the insect race for the entire race and could not be violated. They formed the standard that restrained the actions of the insect race. The rules and the details included were considered as the supreme sacred writing by the entire insect race and were much more thorough than the Star Alliance laws, which had been developed and adapted for countless years. Most of the bases for their actions were according to the insect law. This would inevitably give others the impression that they were emotionless conformists who followed their law exactly, even more than the Machinery race. Thus, people felt that the insect race were walking corpses.

However, in reality, the insect race had much richer emotions and cognition than a large majority of races. This was especially the case for these Brain Insects, whose brains were extremely developed.

Just like how Lao Wang had previously used his personal experience to help Rowling J recognize the thoughts of women, he raised the examples of Small Eyes and Asher when he was in the Wanderlust Team. When he talked about how Asher had betrayed them, Small Eyes had pledged to get rid of him. Rowling J felt extremely sad for Small Eyes' encounter and thought that the rest of her days would be a tragedy. In the end, Wanwan Min happened to walk past. It only heard a small part but simply made a conclusion, "This woman is only saying something harsh. If she sees that man again, as long as that man shows some goodwill, she will immediately put down her self-respect…"

When Rowling J looked at Wanwan Min shaking its worm-like head in disdain, she was full of dissatisfaction. She felt that Wanwan Min did not understand women at all and came here to blindly cause trouble. However, Lao Wang widened his mouth.

In reality, after the Holy Battle ended, Small Eyes relied on Lao Wang's connections and specially went back to the Earth to look for Asher. In the end, after a fight, they vanished without a trace. Small Eyes did not even return to the Holy Land. After a very long time, she sent a message to Wang Zhong through Skylink stating that she was well. She even had a child. Including Asher, their three-people family picture seemed very joyous and harmonious… The results of Wanwan Min's analysis seemed to be decent. How should he put it? Whether one was right or wrong was probably something that many outsiders cared about, but to the ones involved, it was not even worth mentioning.

Of course, Lao Wang could not possibly argue about this with Asher.

"Did you guess that?" Lao Wang was surprised. The insect race… should not have been able to understand this.

However, Wanwan Min rolled its eyes at Wang Zhong. "What is complicated to you are linear thoughts to us. We have complex matrix thoughts!"

…Lao Wang was speechless.

With Lao Wang's spurring and introduction, laughter could often be heard from the Law Enforcement Association. This laughter was slightly frightening as the way the insect race and the Machinery race displayed "laughter" was rather strange, resulting in some conflict. However, there was no doubt that the Law Enforcement Association was much more energetic than before. Like the level principle[a], Wang Zhong's addition released their nature. This was something that the Law Enforcement Association did not expect to happen when they first invited Wang Zhong.

There were no Combat Cultivation classes today, while Jhonas was unable to find any level-8 pill prescriptions even after looking for a long time. It was probably hopeless. Lao Wang's plan had been to go to the Pill Refinery District with Jhonas and look around. He wanted to see whether he could buy a prescription from an alchemist by a stroke of luck. However, before he even went out, someone knocked on their door.

Jhonas opened the door and took a look. There was a relatively tall hellfire warhorse standing outside. Its entire body burned with constant black flames, and it had a saddle that dazzled gold. One look and he could tell that the saddle was not an ordinary item. It was relatively haughty and snorted at Jhonas who had opened the door. It threw a letter at Jhonas with a hateful gaze. It was a messenger.

"Damn, whose messenger is this? Why is it so flashy?" Jhonas's eyes were as round as saucers and drooped slightly. When he saw the elemental spirit messenger Nini that accompanied Lao Wang previously, it was enough to make him feel inferior. However, that was his Boss who could do anything. In the end, this messenger who randomly appeared was also very flashy. Looking at its form, tsk tsk tsk, this beetle was simply too lowly.

It took him great difficulty before he could endure the impulse to touch it. Jhonas resentfully took the letter and scanned through it. "Blood Demon Balor? Boss, this is yours!"

Blood Demon Balor?

When Lao Wang heard this name, he felt that nothing good would come out from this. From the previous incident involving the lightning area, Wang Zhong felt that Balor's tolerance towards him had reached its limit. However, that fellow had been unusually low-key during recent Combat Cultivation lessons. The storm that was brewing in this peace would definitely be a violent one.

When he opened up the envelope to take a look, there was a bronze invitation letter.

"Mr. Wang Zhong is invited to attend the Blood Night Carnival of the Blood Demon race tomorrow night. Balor."

The Blood Night Carnival was a traditional festival of the Blood Demon race. It was extremely grand and insane. The Blood Demon race was extremely well-known in the Heavenly Gates for being extravagant. It was said that one could have countless kinds of good wine and delicious food, and one could make unlimited demands from beautiful women, making everyone else admire them immensely. However, the attendees of this festival were usually Blood Demons. Only several noble friends who were highly thought of by the Blood Demon race could possibly receive their invitation. Even to level-7 or level-8 civilizations, this was a great honor in terms of their reputation as it represented the most respectful acknowledgment from the Blood Demon race. However, no one expected that Lao Wang would be invited.

Wang Zhong furrowed his eyebrows slightly. Meanwhile, Jhonas simply started to drool. "Boss, what a good thing! As the invitee, you can bring a companion. Bring me, bring me!"

"Go away."

"It can't be, Boss. Are you going to eat alone?" Jhonas shrieked.

"I'm not going either. There's no such thing as a feast. There is no friendship between us either." However, Lao Wang did not want to directly reject either. "I'm afraid that he is racking his brains to plan how to torture me during the carnival."

"How could it be? This kind of thing is very clear. That fellow definitely saw that Boss was extremely awe-inspiring in the Combat Cultivation Hall and wants to make friends with you," said Jhonas with certainty. This was obviously because the Blood Night Carnival had a powerful attraction force on him. "He was won over by you!"

Lao Wang shook his head and casually threw the letter aside. This was utter nonsense. He had no energy to waste time on this child's game.

When he saw the obliviousness on Lao Wang's face as he casually tossed the invitation into the dustbin, Jhonas simply exploded with rage. What a good opportunity! It was said that the beautiful girls at the Blood Night Carnival were relatively fervent and unrestrained… Boss was really too careful!

While they were walking to the Pill Refinery District, Jhonas continued to advise him. However, it was a pity that there was little effect. Lao Wang was not someone who would change his thoughts just because of a few sentences. Jhonas's original good mood turned into a mess just because of this. He felt extremely sorry for Boss.

Damn. He would not think about things that would not happen. Instead, he should focus on his main business today, to try his luck with Boss and buy prescriptions.

However, Jhonas was dejected and could not be enthusiastic.

They were going to buy prescriptions. Even though there were many prescriptions for level-9 pills circulating in the market, they were only level-9 pills.

In pill studies, level-9 pills were considered beginner-level and a threshold. A large majority of people who studied pill refinery would be stuck at level-9 pills forever. Level-9 pills seemed very simple to geniuses, but to a majority of people, it was a canal that could not be crossed.

In reality, prescriptions for level-9 pills were not spread to beginners either. After all, pill refinery was considered a core skill in the divine territory. Regardless of the pill level, buying and selling prescriptions did not exist.

However, many people learned and refined pills. Those level-9 alchemists who had been abandoned by large Factions wandered to various places in the Land and settled down. They passed down their prescription over generations. Naturally, prescriptions for level-9 pills were spread. This was something that even the large Factions could not stop. As a result, level-9 prescriptions became cheaper and cheaper, even giving people the misconception that prescriptions could be bought and sold.

But what about level-8 pills? Anyone who could learn how to refine level-8 pills from each Faction had proven that they had relatively decent pill refinery talents. No Faction could abandon this kind of talent. They would be born in the Faction and die in the Faction. Naturally, this stopped the possibility of prescriptions being spread.

Even though this kind of situation was not absolute, as compared to the level-9 prescriptions that circulated outside, level-8 pills could not be spread. It was no wonder that the people Jhonas had asked could not obtain level-8 prescriptions for him. Regardless of how much wealth Wang Zhong had, these prescriptions were highly regarded by the various great powers in the divine territory. Using money to weigh the value of these prescriptions was too vulgar.

Today, they had come here to try out their luck. Lao Wang was even prepared to spend a large amount of money. However, it was not convenient for him to simply open his mouth and ask about this. It was no different from simply asking what color their female friend's underwear was. He could only find ways to get close to people and beat around the bush.

The Illusion race, which Jhonas was a part of, had a wide circle of friends. He also knew many people from the Heavenly Gates Chamber of Commerce. On the other hand, since Lao Wang frequently came to refine pills recently, he was familiar with some celestialoid races. Both of them had their own social circles, and they split up to ask around.

After asking around for a long time, they did not seem to reap any results. When others heard that Lao Wang was asking about prescriptions, even though they were smiling widely a second ago, they would suddenly turn aloof. This matter was a taboo. No matter how obscure one was, as long as prescriptions were involved, others would definitely be extremely wary.

Lao Wang did not know what to do. It was a pity that the Machinery race and the insect race did not refine pills. If not, this matter would not have been this troublesome. Since he was unable to find a prescription for a level-8 pill, his only way was to follow the teachings of the Pill Refinery Hall and start refining the level-7 pill that Elder Yimo had taught about. However, alchemists were very afraid of jumping levels when refining pills as the difficulty would multiply. Having an extremely low success rate was a small matter, but they were afraid that the high difficulty and high failure rate would affect one's confidence towards pill refinery. When that moment came, if they wanted to salvage the situation, they would just be creating trouble for themselves.

Just as they were asking around, they suddenly heard a clamor at the side.

The Pill Refinery District was a very small place. Lao Wang looked up and saw a large group of people pushing the flustered Jhonas as they fiercely walked towards him.

"You all are framing me!" Jhonas was panicky and angry. He wanted to struggle, but a Blood Demon kept his hands behind his back, preventing him from struggling.

That Blood Demon was Balor. Beside him was Ghost Gorst, as well as a large group of familiar faces from the Combat Cultivation Hall.

Lao Wang narrowed his eyes. When he received Balor's letter, he already knew that it was not any good news. However, he thought that nothing would happen if he did not go to the Blood Night Carnival. He did not expect trouble to come knocking on his door this quickly.

"Wang Zhong!" Balor was extremely fierce. His face was full of contempt and anger. He led his group and walked in front of Wang Zhong. Then, he violently hurled Jhonas to the ground, causing a clear crash. "Hurry up and take away this trash[b]! Since we are fellow disciples, I will not haggle with you this time!"

[a]? I've never heard of this principle and google was no help


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    《Battle Frenzy》