Battle Frenzy
1045 Targe
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1045 Targe

Very quickly, they were surrounded by people who wanted to watch the commotion. This was an abominable situation that would only occur among the lower-leveled civilizations. This had never happened in the history of the Heavenly Gates!

In the Heavenly Gates, not only was this a humiliation, it was also a serious offense. If Wang Zhong could not explain himself, he would really be done for.[a] His Heavenly Gates qualifications might be canceled, and in severe cases, he would be condemned and punished. This depended on the value of the items he had stolen.

Back then, Wang Zhong had used his identity as a member of a level-4 civilization to join the Heavenly Gates. This fact alone made many unhappy. On top of that, his recent performance had been very irritating. To be honest, there were many groups of people who wanted to cause trouble for him and make him into a joke. Taller trees in the forest would get swept away by the wind!

The chattering noises around them were not concealed at all. Those who were watching the commotion wanted to see a good show. On the other hand, Wang Zhong was very calm.

"What did you lose?"

"Don't act stupid. The gold neckband ornament on my messenger!" Balor coldly said. "You really have some power. In the morning, I sent you an invite to the Blood Night Carnival out of goodwill, but you came up with evil thoughts at the sight of money and stole my messenger's neckband. Now, you still want to slack off?"

Many people around them started to whisper among themselves. The Blood Demon race was rather extravagant, and even the neckbands on their messengers were made out of krypton gold, which was one of the most intelligent metals in the Land. It was a high-quality material for refining weapons and was not cheap. Of course, many aristocrats were even more shocked at Balor's invite. The Blood Night Carnival was one of the carnivals with the highest threshold in the Heavenly Gates. Ordinary pupils had no qualifications to take part. Especially since this was the case, Wang Zhong seemed too… lowly.

"I didn't see it at all." Wang Zhong understood. In reality, he could already tell what Balor's intentions were just by looking at his expression and felt that it was very strange as there were all kinds of people here. But this was good as well. It was better than staying in the dark.

"Then how could my baby disappear for no reason?" Balor looked at Wang Zhong with a belittling gaze, as if he was telling Wang Zhong not to quibble with him.

"Did it drop on the road?" Lao Wang laughed. "I'm not responsible for looking after your things."

"What a joke. Are you humiliating my hell warhorse?" Balor angrily shouted. "I checked before. It did not engage in any battles with anyone else. Furthermore, it only went to deliver you a letter during this period! It did not go anywhere else!'

Warhorses had very powerful combat abilities and were the species that was most inclined towards combat among all the messengers. Only the one who had received the letter could possibly have taken away its neckband under the circumstances that there was no combat. When one was receiving a letter, the messenger definitely would not attack or threaten the receiver. Since Balor said that his messenger had only sent a letter to Wang Zhong during this period, there was no doubt that only Wang Zhong was capable of doing so.

Everyone was immediately assured. Needless to say, this satisfied a guess that some people had towards Wang Zhong. He was lucky and petty. This low-leveled civilization person who had never seen the world entered the Heavenly Gates with a stroke of luck, but his vile nature would definitely be exposed eventually. Everything that had happened answered their guesses. They did not care about the truth. They only cared about the confirmation and satisfaction of their guesses.

"I say, we shouldn't allow this kind of low-leveled civilization to enter the Heavenly Gates. Their hands and legs are really not clean."

"Could it have been a mistake? This little fellow probably doesn't have the guts to steal something from a Blood Demon, right?"

"Nonsense. The Blood Demon race is a branch of the Fire Demon race and is considered a level-8 civilization. Would he falsely accuse a piece of trash from a level-4 civilization?"

"Damn, giving a krypton gold band to a messenger as a neckband?" Someone was tongue-tied. "He really has money. That is a high leveled weapon…"

The discussions all around them did not stop. Meanwhile, Jhonas was anxiously arguing, but it was obvious that it was of no help as no one paid attention to him. This situation was really terrible. No one expected that he would ask for Wang Zhong's life from the get-go.

Meanwhile, Wang Zhong calmly looked at them. Balor did not seem to fear anything, as if he had planned all of this in advance. If Wang Zhong wanted to fight back, just speaking a few empty sentences would be of no use. From the look of things, this situation would blow up. In the Heavenly Gates, offenses like stealing, especially when they were exposed in public, would end up with terrible consequences.

"Excuse me, excuse me!"

This incident spread very quickly as the Heavenly Gates circle was only so large. Members of the Law Enforcement Association immediately rushed over. There were seven or eight of them, including Rowling J and Wanwan Min.

"Wang Zhong? What's happening?" Wanwan Min furrowed her eyebrows.

Greeting the suspect the moment it arrived was not the usual style of Wanwan Min. This was because the relationship between Lao Wang and Wanwan Min was too good.

"Have the members from the Law Enforcement Association started to walk in through the back door?" Balor laughed cheerily as he looked at Wanwan Min. Others were afraid of the insect race, but the Blood Demon race was not afraid! As a level-8 civilization and a branch of the Fire Demon race, they had sufficient status and strength to be of the same standing as the insect race.

"The Law Enforcement Association is fair and impartial! We will definitely not side with anyone. If Wang Zhong is really guilty, the Law Enforcement Association will be the first to prosecute him. Rhode D is also here. Indeed, its impression of Wang Zhong in the Law Enforcement Association recently is relatively good, but not siding with anyone in the Law Enforcement Association is the most basic standard for becoming the Deputy President of the Law Enforcement Association. The more they are a part of us, the stricter our requirements of them are. If Wang Zhong had really violated the law, it will definitely not let him off the hook."

"Heh heh, good." The Titan supervisor Tsargesimon had also arrived. The supervisor would definitely appear wherever there was commotion or gossip to witness. He was much more active over this than when he conducted classes. Of course, the two parties involved in this situation were both from the Combat Cultivation Hall. Thus, he would be in charge of this. "With people from the Law Enforcement Association, we are saved a lot of procedures. I will supervise and oversee your trial."

The Titan supervisor's face showed him as being in a very good mood, as if he was watching a show. Wang Zhong was the Combat Cultivation Hall pupil that he rather admired. However, he only admired Wang Zhong. Compared to the vile interest that the Titan supervisor had in watching commotions, this admiration was obviously insignificant.

"Great supervisor, this…" When Balor heard Tsargesimon's tone, he was much calmer. He briefly explained the situation. "If Wang Zhong did not do this, who else could've done it?"

Wanwan Min laughed coldly. There was no evidence, and everything was based on guesses. Did this make sense? However, before it could fight back, Gorst was one step ahead and cut in. "Balor, this kind of thing needs evidence. You can't rely on verbal statements. You can't treat a good person unjustly."

Someone had said what Wanwan Min had wanted to say, and it closed its mouth. This also saved the trouble of others saying that the Law Enforcement Association helped their own people when settling lawsuits. However, Ghost Gorst and Balor were competitors in the Combat Cultivation Hall, and everyone knew this. If he spoke for Wang Zhong, it was unavoidable that he had intentions of deliberately acting contrary to Balor.

Immediately, many objections rose from around them. "Gorst, we don't fight in this kind of place. Why is there a need to deliberately speak for that human?"

"Yes. One look at that Earthling and you can tell that he is thievish-looking. He looks like he has sinister motives."

There were sounds of support all around him. Balor simply smiled. "Evidence? Then let's check. In the divine territory, only peak civilizations have mastered spatial techniques. This little fellow definitely does not know anything. To him, there is only one place where he can place such a treasure."

"Yes. If it's not on him, it will be in his dorm!"

"Check! Check clearly! Don't wrongly treat good people, but you definitely cannot let this philandering scoundrel off the hook!" The crowd immediately responded, and the echoes did not stop.

"Wang Zhong. As long as you do the right thing, you will not have a guilty conscience," Gorst said at the side. "Let him check! I believe you!"

Wang Zhong smiled and had a calm expression on his face. He did not agree or deny. He had no choice. Lao Wang had experienced way too many major situations. If they wanted to make him nervous or cowardly, this… It was probably easier to dream about doing so. After coming to the Heavenly Gates, he predicted that there would be an endless stream of trouble. This kind of thing would eventually happen. Looking at how much time he had spent there, this group of people probably could no longer take it.

There were no disputes or complaints, but this was a society, which would definitely exist in any place with intelligent life. This was the nature of life.

Everyone from the Law Enforcement Association looked at one another. Then, they looked at Wang Zhong, before looking at the Titan supervisor. They heard Tsargesimon lazily saying, "Then check him. If he is guilty, execute him. If he is innocent, then leave it. I am only responsible for supervising this."


Two of Balor's subordinates tried to come over and escort Wang Zhong, but Lao Wang glanced at them slightly. They could not help but shiver. They felt that this fellow had an icy-cold gaze and were so dumbfounded that they did not dare to use strength. They simply flanked him on both sides. They did not seem like guards who were escorting him, more like bodyguards…

There were attendants all around. The involved parties, the Law Enforcement Association, the supervisor, and those who were watching the commotion formed a vast crowd. One hundred people rushed excitedly towards the mushroom house.

Jhonas displayed a pained expression. He thought that Lao Wang was innocent. Even if this group of people checked the mushroom house, they would not be able to find anything. However, the problem was, the majority of his things were in the mushroom house. He had always acted poor in the Heavenly Gates, but if they discovered his family background, he would no longer be able to live an idle life.

"Let me say this first." Jhonas made a last effort while standing outside the mushroom house. He glared at Basir. "This is the private territory of Wang Zhong and me. If you cannot find anything here, I will report you for falsely accusing a good person!"

"Heh heh." Balor calmly glared at him. "Are you afraid of being discovered? Are you threatening me? Relax, once we check everything, you will not be able to avoid responsibility!"

Compared to Jhonas's obstruction and resistance, Wang Zhong smiled throughout and did not speak, as if he was unintentionally disputing with everyone else. They were surrounded by mocking sounds. Accusations towards them popped up in their words. Jhonas was speechless towards this.

The Law Enforcement Association was in charge of the search. Even though Wang Zhong was also from the Law Enforcement Association and was very close to them, regardless of whether it was the Titan supervisor or the crowd watching the commotion or even Balor and the rest, they naturally would not doubt the impartiality of the Law Enforcement Association in this matter. Their deadpan and stiff expressions, as well as their habit of conforming to the rules, had been formed over thousands of years. These would not be broken just for Wang Zhong.

Several Machines and Wanwan Min entered the house. The Machinery race had scanning rays and energy-seeing technologies. Any attempts to conceal anything was meaningless in front of the Machinery race. Also, the insect race had an unusual sense of smell, not with their noses, but using their extremely powerful seventh sense. Hiding anything in front of these two races was useless. Even if he hid them underground or threw them into a space in another dimension, as long as they entered from this room, they would definitely be able to find them.

[a]the previous chapter never mentioned that he's being accused of stealing?

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    《Battle Frenzy》