Battle Frenzy
1046 Counterattack
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1046 Counterattack

Obviously, Lao Wang's "methods" of hiding his things was a far cry from that of high-leveled civilizations. One could even say that his methods were embarrassingly clumsy. When several Machines and Wanwan Min walked into the room, they had found the goods in less than three seconds. It was hidden among his bedding!

Wanwan Min furrowed its eyebrows. Frankly speaking, this was very strange. Firstly, the Wang Zhong it knew was not a fellow with low intelligence who would steal things and hide the stolen item among his bedding, as if he was waiting for someone to catch him in the act. Secondly, the moment they obtained the krypton gold neckband, the Machines and Wanwan Min immediately scanned it but did not discover Wang Zhong's fingerprints.

However, these could not form evidence to fight back. There might not have been any fingerprints as he had wiped them off. He might have placed it in his bedding as he did not think that others would check his belongings so quickly. Furthermore, the Machines and Wanwan Min did not sense that any outsiders had entered this mushroom house. There were only traces from Wanwan Min and the Flying Pig Jhonas.

Thus, even though they felt that something was fishy, from the evidence alone, this accusation was confirmed.

Then, Wanwan Min and the Machines held the krypton gold neckband and walked out without a word. Before the Law Enforcement Association members could even speak, Balor had already laughed coldly. "How was it? What do you think now?"

Wanwan Min's lips twitched, but it did not say anything. They were law enforcement officers and had to be neutral. The members of the Law Enforcement Association all silently looked at Wang Zhong and waited for his argument. Then, they heard the Titan supervisor say, "Wang Zhong, do you have anything to say? If not, according to the law, you will be banished from the Heavenly Gates. At the same time, you will have to pay a fine that is 10 times the value of this item. If you cannot pay, you will be sentenced to the Sand River to serve your sentence."

The surroundings fell silent. The words of the supervisor were fair. In particular, in the Heavenly Gates, anything that involved the protection rights of civilizations would result in severe consequences. Wang Zhong had been caught as an active criminal, and it would be impossible for him to be let off lightly. Furthermore, the results of this would have direct implications on the future. If another genius appeared among the Earthlings, they would be denied the opportunity to enter the Heavenly Gates. This meant that the path of advancement for humans would be severed.

"I say, this fellow from a low-leveled civilization is not reliable. He has never seen the world!"

"Is he crazy poor? He dared to steal something from the Blood Demon race?"

"No wonder this little fellow often went to the Pill Refinery District and has the money to rent pill houses for pill refinery. So that's where his money came from…"

"That's right. If not, where would a fellow from a level-4 civilization have the money to refine pills?"

"Yes, do you remember the previous Pill Refinery lesson? This little fellow and his pig dorm mate handed in a pile of rubbish to earn points. You can already see their character from that."

There were obvious whispers all around. If this happened to a pupil from a level-8 civilization, they would be suspicious of their motives, but if this happened to a member of a level-4 civilization, then it was very normal. Stealing had always been the patent crime of low-leveled civilizations.

Gorst sighed slightly and looked at Wang Zhong with some pity. "Why? Even if you are poor, you should not steal. Wang Zhong, you have lost everyone's trust. Balor, I wrongly accused you."

Those who had spoken for Wang Zhong had changed their opinions, and the doubt that had existed also completely disappeared. Everyone was even more certain of their own judgment.

"It's just a misunderstanding. It's no matter. Oh, I never expected that someone in the Heavenly Gates would covet a messenger's neckband." Balor smiled. "I simply cannot imagine the thoughts of such a low-leveled creature. Everyone says that Earthlings don't have enough qualifications to enter the Star Alliance. Earlier, I thought that it was a small thing that did not matter, but now, I feel that the Star Alliance should do a check on their situation. If they really do not have the qualifications, we should remove what should be removed. If all low-leveled civilizations are as dirty as Earthlings, it will really destroy the atmosphere of the entire divine territory."

When it was said that Wang Zhong had stolen, the people around simply watched the commotion. But now, when the qualifications of low-leveled civilizations were mentioned, several people immediately voiced their approval.

Needless to say, the established civilizations detested new immigrants more as time went by. These low-leveled civilizations were too greedy for resources and all thought that the entire Star Alliance was filled with natural treasures for them to pick up and thought that these resources had been prepared for them to advance their civilization level. However, they did not know that their true identities were simply that of slaves and servants. They did not have an ounce of self-awareness!

"Quiet! Quiet!" The supervisor furrowed his eyebrows and looked at Wang Zhong. "Wang Zhong, do you have anything that you want to say at all? If you continue to maintain this silence, I will take it that you have agreed to all the accusations against you! Same goes for your dorm mate, what's your name again? If you don't report what you know, you will be charged as well!"

Jhonas almost wet his pants. What was happening so early in the morning?! Damn, Boss maintained a calm and composed expression throughout. How were you calm and composed? My eyebrows feel like they're on fire, and punishment was upon them…

Even though Jhonas could not help but want to collapse, Wang Zhong still maintained a smile, as if he did not sense any pressure at all. He observed the entire scene, and his calm gaze caused the chatter to gradually die down.

He could not possibly panic, let alone cause any disturbance. He first had to satisfy the demands of these people towards this "play".

"Are you done speaking?" He calmly asked everyone, dumbfounding them. "Supervisor, I have something I want to report."

"Speak." The supervisor was expressionless but was aware of the situation. If Wang Zhong easily admitted defeat, it would be meaningless. Furthermore, this little fellow was obviously not this kind of person. To him, the truth was not important. The process was what mattered most.

"Balor was jealous of my performance, so he stole my underwear. It's very likely that he's wearing them now," said Lao Wang with a smile, as if he was saying something that did not matter at all.

Everyone burst into an uproar and did not know whether to laugh or to cry. What did this have to do with anything? This kind of false accusation was just too stupid… Balor stole your underwear? Did he lack underwear?

The Titan supervisor did not seem to mind watching a show. He turned to look at Balor. "Did you steal his underwear?"

Balor was dumbfounded. Obviously, he had never expected the supervisor to deal with such a humiliating statement so seriously.

"Of course not! Supervisor, how is that possible?!" Balor turned to look at Wang Zhong. "Little fellow, can you actually make such an obviously fake accusation? Did your brain cramp up? Do you just want to see me take off my pants? I will play with you until the end! What will you do if I'm not wearing your underwear?"

Many people flashed a knowing smile. This Wang Zhong was obviously desperate and would do anything. However, this kind of lie was too easy to expose. Balor just had to take off his pants there. When they heard Balor's tone, the rest were obviously not worried about this.

"Nonsense." However, Wang Zhong calmly glanced at him. "If you're not wearing my underwear, that means that you definitely hid them. It's even possible that you ate them. What can a pervert and a sissy who steals men's underwear not do?"

Everyone around them was dumbfounded. His ability to blindly and falsely accuse others was unmatched. However, many people understood what Wang Zhong actually meant. This little fellow was attacking him with an innuendo.

"Wang Zhong!"

"Don't call my name, you wretched pervert. How disgusting." Meanwhile, Wang Zhong was calm and remained composed even amidst this chaos, as if he had confirmed that Balor was a pervert.

"Tsk tsk tsk." Jhonas was extremely happy as they finally had a chance to counterattack. Boss, this attack was very cruel. "I didn't know that high-leveled civilizations have such vile interests."

"You…" Balor's face was bright red. He was more used to fighting with others rather than bickering with them. At that moment, one of them asked him about his vile interests, while the other called him a wretched pervert. For a period of time, his head spun, and he was so angry that he could not say anything.

"Lord supervisor." Beside them, Gorst had spoken. "I feel that that is a completely different matter. Wang Zhong is misleading the public. Shouldn't we first resolve the matter of him stealing?"

"Gorst, this carefully choreographed scheme is really not bad." Wang Zhong smiled. "Isn't it the same thing? I have never even seen that item, but you randomly asked someone to push it on me. Do you think that you can slander me just like that? If that is called evidence, doesn't that mean that I can randomly accuse others too?"

"The item was found by the Law Enforcement Association. You can ask them…" Gorst was very calm.

However, Wang Zhong laughed coldly. "Are you talking about how there are no signs that anyone has entered the mushroom house? But according to what I know, you Ghosts without any material bodies are best at doing this kind of thing. The mushroom house has no security. Wouldn't that allow you to go in and out?"

"Heh heh." Unlike Balor, Gorst did not let this get over his head as easily. As a cold Ghost, even if they were fiery, their heads would definitely be calm. "I often hear that bottom-dwelling civilizations have decent talents in acting shamelessly, and I witnessed that for myself today. Not only are you slandering Balor, are you thinking of slandering me as well?"

The surroundings were quiet. Regardless of whether they were observers, members of the Law Enforcement Association, or even the Titan supervisor himself, they watched these two people express their thoughts. Wanwan Min was especially interested in this. The law enforcement game that had been trending recently had been invented by Wang Zhong. It did not dare to say that Lao Wang understood the laws of the Star Alliance very well or was extremely smart, but at least he was someone with a rather clear and logical thought process. Similarly, the Ghost race were famous for their calm and logical abilities. It was extremely interested in how these two would argue.

"As a member of a low-leveled civilization, you obviously lack money. However, you recently went to the Pill Refinery District often and rented pill houses. You have a large amount of wealth with unknown origins. This first point is rather obvious," Gorst calmly said. "Balor invited you to the Blood Night Carnival. You thought that Balor thought highly of you and that stealing his messenger's neckband would not be a big deal as he might not haggle with you over this. You thought that you could get by with luck. This is the second point."

"Just now, when we came to the mushroom house, your partner was obviously resisting law enforcement. When the Law Enforcement Association was checking your house, he obviously had a guilty conscience. This is the third point. Most importantly, the item had been found in your room. This is the fourth point. If you said that Balor was the one who had done all these, are you worthy as a member of a level-4 civilization to say so? Furthermore, with so many incidents stacked together, is such a coincidence possible?"

Everyone nodded their heads. They felt that Wang Zhong was the one who had stolen. With Gorst's analysis, he had simply shown that the evidence was authentic. Even Wanwan Min and the rest from the Law Enforcement Association could not find any reason to fight back.

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    《Battle Frenzy》