Battle Frenzy
1047 Another Way to Unlock Elemental Spirits
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1047 Another Way to Unlock Elemental Spirits

"Since you said that I was the one who stole it, there must be fingerprints and an aura on it. The Machinery race can check," said Wang Zhong calmly.

Beside him, Wanwan Min nodded its head. "We already checked when we found the item. There's nothing."

Gorst smiled. He had already prepared what to say but never expected that this person from a low-leveled civilization would have such a mentality. "Any pupil can wipe away fingerprints and aura, let alone a recurring thief like you."

"Since you dared to steal, you have definitely thought thoroughly about it. It looks like you are more insidious than we thought!" Balor finally recovered from his shock and continued from where Gorst had left off. He was the main person involved in this matter. If Gorst was constantly the one making comments at the side, there might not be enough strength in their argument. "Brothers, do you believe a level-8 civilization Blood Demon or an Earthling who has just stepped into the divine territory? Are you willing to let such a despicable person live in the divine territory?"

"Low-leveled civilizations widen their eyes at the sight of money. Their hands and legs are not clean. This has not happened just once or twice. This is something that has happened all through the ages!" Gorst was trying to spur emotions at the side. "Thus, the Heavenly Gates has always rejected level-4 civilizations from joining us. This time, they specially gave this low-leveled civilization a chance as they advocated for equality in the Star Alliance. However, I never expected that they would treat this chance this way!"

"Go away! Earthlings do not deserve to stay in the Heavenly Gates!"

"You poor fellow who only knows how to pilfer!"

"There's still his dorm mate, the thing that looks like a pig. During the previous Pill Refinery class, he handed up a pile of powder to deceive them into giving him points. He is just as despicable and dirty. Dirty poor fellow!" Everyone quickly grew excited.

Frankly speaking, Earthlings had no position. In the Star Alliance, they did not create a good impression in the eyes of other civilizations, especially the genius who was able to enter the Heavenly Gates.

Wang Zhong's expression remained unchanged, but his heart was sinking.

It was very easy to criticize others irresponsibly in real life, but the most difficult thing to mediate was mass anger. Earthlings were far too disadvantaged in this aspect. Putting aside the fact that the evidence was strongly against him, even if it benefited him, it would turn into a disadvantage in the eyes of these people who wore rose-tinted lenses.

Now, it depended on the attitude of the Titan supervisor and the Law Enforcement Association. However, the Law Enforcement Association obviously would not easily express their stance. After all, Wang Zhong was a member of the Law Enforcement Association. They had to avoid arousing suspicion.

As for the Titan supervisor, Lao Wang had always felt that he had discerning eyes and kept his thoughts hidden. With the Titan supervisor's insight, it was impossible for him not to see something fishy about Gorst and Balor's scheme.

It was just that whether they would step out was still up for discussion. This would depend on his luck.

The Titan supervisor was rubbing his nose. However, before he could state the final conclusion, Jhonas raised his hand in a frenzy beside him. "This, can I say a few sentences?"

The Titan supervisor picked his eyebrows. He looked as if he was in no hurry to mention the conclusion and allowed Jhonas to speak.

Jhonas was very shy. "I don't lack money…"

"What?" The Titan disliked how soft his voice was.

Jhonas loudly said, "My name is Jhonas Andu Babi! I think that with this name alone, I should not be lacking money! If I don't lack money, my Boss won't either! My warehouse is filled with this kind of junk!"

"The Babi family…"

Everyone around them was immediately dumbfounded.

It was not that they did not know this Flying Pig was from the Illusion race, but regardless of what race they were from, there would definitely be the wealthy and the poor. Many people knew about how Jhonas used a bunch of trash medicinal ingredients to cheat the supervisors into giving him points during the previous Pill Refinery class. Even if he entered the Heavenly Gates Chamber of Commerce with his identity as a member of the Illusion race, he was definitely the kind to come in just to eat and drink.

But the Babi family… They were the absolute rulers of the Illusion race! They were said to have wealth equal to the rest of their race. Furthermore, having the surname "Babi" meant that he was destined to be one of their heirs! Regardless of what civilization level the Illusion race was, in terms of wealth, even the Blood Demon race was not much richer than them[a]. After all, the Blood Demon race was only a branch of a level-8 civilization, while the Babi family controlled more than 60% of the richest Illusion race's wealth!

One of the members of the richest family in the divine territory was this pig? And a bunch of people falsely accused him of stealing the krypton gold neckband of some messenger?

…Forget about it. However, no one had ever seen anyone from the Babi family — not just heirs but even servants — be worried over money.

Even Gorst and Balor were stunned for a long time. After some time, someone from the Weapon Refinery Hall could not help but say, "Then you've been acting filthy poor all this time?"

"That's right. You handed in the most trash medicinal ingredients during the Pill Refinery class too."

"I was laying low…" Jhonas was slightly helpless. Exposing his identity was not part of his place. "Lord supervisor, I am here to study, not to flaunt my wealth. Furthermore, the wealth from my family belongs to my family. I should contribute to my family, not run amok."

Simply speaking, a certain pig had concealed his identity and played a game of the frog prince. He wanted to see whether he could find his beloved other half in the Heavenly Gates who did not like him for his identity.

Jhonas had no choice either. If he did not use his identity and was labeled a thief with Wang Zhong, he would definitely be done for when he returned home.

However, many people's thoughts immediately changed. Putting Jhonas aside, everyone suspected that the root cause behind why Wang Zhong had stolen was because he went to the Pill Refinery District every two or three days and rented the pill houses. To a level-4 civilization, this kind of consumption would make it hard for others not to suspect him of stealing. However, since he was friends with someone from the Babi family, it was very normal. How much did it cost to rent a low-leveled pill house? This kind of money would drip out from the gaps between the Babi family's fingers. Why would he need to steal?

"Even then, he cannot be freed of his suspicion!" Gorst no longer had much to work with, but he was forcibly explaining, "Perhaps it was not because of money. What if it's because he likes to do so? You should know that Balor's krypton gold neckband is the work of a great master. Even if you have money, you might not be able to buy it. What if this little fellow wants to use it for his messenger? Even though he doesn't have a messenger now, he will definitely have one in the future! This is a deep-rooted bad habit of low-leveled civilizations!"

"But I don't think that he will do that."

This time, before anyone else could speak, someone with a voice that resembled the sounds of nature silently appeared. The gentle tone instantly calmed everyone's excited emotions from watching the commotion greatly. Many people turned to look at the source of the voice. It was the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince, Celeste.

"It's actually her…"

"Back then at the Pill Refinery District, the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince stepped up for Wang Zhong. This time, she's doing it again…"

"Just what is their relationship?" Everyone started to whisper among themselves. However, in an instant, the sounds of doubt towards Wang Zhong had disappeared.

Firstly, Gorst had given himself away slightly. He was obviously saying the opposite thing from Balor at the beginning. But now, not only did he speak on behalf of Balor, he even knew that Balor's neckband was the work of a great master. Obviously, they had colluded with each other in advance. A majority of those who were able to come to the Heavenly Gates were smart people. There would be some premise to any disturbance caused. If a problem occurred and they blindly followed the trend of the situation, that would be dumb of them.

Furthermore, what kind of identity did Celeste, the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince, have?

If Jhonas's identity gave Wang Zhong some chance, then the appearance of Celeste simply caused the entire balance to tip.

"You need evidence when you speak!" When faced with Celeste, Balor obviously did not have enough confidence. However, the situation had reached this stage. There had to be some kind of result.

However, this time, no one verbally agreed with him. The surroundings were quiet. Celeste smiled and said, "Of course I have evidence, but I think that I won't be able to use it. Once his messenger appears, I believe that everyone here will immediately be able to judge that this is a farce."

A messenger? That Earthling had a messenger? Even then, it was just a messenger. Would it be able to influence this case?

"Hey, what you said was very interesting." Gorst laughed coldly. "I am curious now. What kind of messenger can do this?"

Not only was Gorst curious, everyone there was also curious. Even the Titan supervisor turned to look at Wang Zhong.

Everyone was looking at Wang Zhong. Even the supervisor was curious. What kind of messenger could make Celeste, the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince, place so much importance on him? The messenger of an Earthling?

A summoning array appeared on Wang Zhong's hands. Everyone's pupils immediately shrank as messengers that required this kind of summoning array were all peak messengers. How was this possible?

The runic array was extremely magnificent, attracting everyone's gaze. Then, they saw a blue light dazzle in the sky. The next second, they heard a tender and lovely voice. "Master, Master, Nini missed you so much!"

She flew accurately into Wang Zhong's chest like a young swallow flying into a forest. She acted spoiled and rolled around, so sticky that it was too much. There was no choice. The smell of her owner was just too tasty.

Meanwhile, everyone around them was stunned for a long time… Good heavens, what the hell?!

Almost everyone felt as if they had been struck by lightning in succession.

Everyone only reacted after a long time. An elemental spirit?! An elemental spirit messenger?!

This Earthling from a low-leveled civilization actually had an elemental spirit? Furthermore, it seemed like this elemental spirit was very affectionate with him… One should know that elemental spirits like strong and pleasant souls. Although this did not mean that their owner was definitely a perfectly good person, but even if they were a bad person, it meant they would have achieved the pinnacle of evil. They would have perfect characters, making them seem like a boss. What about stealing? That did not exist. This type of person would definitely not commit this kind of obscene and dirty action.

Everyone was instantly silenced, and Balor's expression was extremely ugly. Putting the fact that he had created absurd and fake evidence aside, even if authentic and reliable evidence was presented in front of them, everyone would think of 10,000 rational reasons for Wang Zhong. There was no choice. The degree to which elemental spirits chose souls was just too deep. Falsely accusing a perfect person with an elemental spirit of stealing? Only a fool would think of this stupid suggestion.

The problem was, how was he supposed to know that an Earthling would have this kind of messenger? It was like the Heavenly River flowing backwards!

Nini was a high-leveled elemental spirit. Very quickly, she understood the situation from the discussions of other people and Jhonas's explanation. The girl displayed a disdainful gaze. She looked at Balor and the large group of people behind him with scorn. "No matter what, ugly souls are ugly. Are you worthy of speaking with my master?"

The surroundings were dead silent. She glanced at the krypton gold neckband in Balor's hand. "This item has no quality. My eyes will hurt even if you give it to me for free!"

The scene was dead silent. Balor's face was red and pale at the same time. If anyone else there had said this, someone else would laugh and think that they were simply speaking out of anger. But when an extremely proud elemental spirit with a fussy gaze said this… If she said that it did not have any quality, then it definitely did not have any quality. He had flaunted this item for a very long time.

Everyone was obviously slightly dumbfounded at Nini's appearance. Other than Jhonas and Celeste, who knew about Nini's existence, the rest had expressions of disbelief, even the Titan supervisor. He felt that he had thought highly of Wang Zhong in the past but never expected that he had underestimated him.

The Titan supervisor had seen the world. Out of the great figures who had elemental spirits, including some who he called brothers, they were restricted to a respectful relationship between the owner and the elemental spirit messenger, where they treated each other like honored guests. Even if their relationship was very good and they had stuck together in life-and-death situations, their relationship would still be more of a host-messenger one. This was normal.

However, the Titan supervisor had never seen a messenger like Nini who always had to stick to her owner and liked her owner very much… What magic potion had that little fellow fed to the elemental spirit? The Titan supervisor was stunned.

For a period of time, everyone around them could not recover from their shock. Nini quietly and secretly looked at Celeste and flashed an appreciative gaze. In a way, the elemental spirit inheritance strengthened several merits that females had.

Their perception was higher than their rationality. Celeste had spent one or two months in the Spirit Flower Garden and worked hard without complaint to serve them. The elemental spirits simply treated her as a "poop picker". They did not hate her, but they definitely could not say that they liked her either.

However, during the previous incident that happened outside the Pill Refinery District, this young girl had helped her master and even gave him a prescription. This time, she had stepped up to help again. For helping her master several times, Nini felt that this girl had given her a rare favorable impression.

Celeste laughed. Frankly speaking, she did not expect this to be so smooth. She had made friends with Wang Zhong just because she wanted to know what he had used to give the elemental spirit a favorable impression. However, from the look of things, she had crossed this step and achieved her objective. Elemental spirits typically did not remember favors. However, once they did, they would definitely pay it back. Furthermore, Nini was often at the Spirit Flower Garden. If she had a favorable impression of Celeste, this would be a great help to Celeste in obtaining a contract with an elemental spirit in the future.

There was a period of silence. At this moment, they finally recovered from their shock. The situation would flare up at this rate. As long as Balor and Gorst did not produce any conclusive or certain evidence, Wang Zhong could be considered falsely accused.

"This is a misunderstanding." Before the Law Enforcement Association could raise any difficult questions, Gorst took the lead. "It looks like we have wrongly accused Wang Zhong. Both parties are innocent… Perhaps some lawless person is deliberately causing chaos and disturbance. However, we were indeed rash…"

Balor had also recovered from his shock. "That's right. I feel that we should not give that sinister person any opportunity to exploit this. Since we have found the item, let's let this matter be."

Just now, it had seemed like Wang Zhong was definitely at a disadvantage. Now, the situation had changed in an instant. Many people felt a sense of pity, as if they had missed a great show. However, to be honest, being able to see an elemental spirit seemed to be big news.

"Let's go, let's go. There's nothing left to watch."

"That human could get an elemental spirit? The heavens are really blind!"

"Is it because of his celestialoid appearance? Elemental spirits seem to like these kinds of people."

Everyone felt some sense of pity and were prepared to leave. They felt as if they were not satisfied, but since Balor and Gorst did not intend to look into this, this incident was definitely over. Who would care about what a level-4 civilization thought? However, even with his identity as a member of a level-4 civilization, that Earthling actually had an elemental spirit. It looked like this incident was destined to become a hot topic for a long time.


A clear and cold voice broke through the chattering discussions all around them.

[a]or is it: the Babi family?

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    《Battle Frenzy》