Battle Frenzy
1048 Lao Wang Pacifies a Storm
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1048 Lao Wang Pacifies a Storm

"Lord supervisor, everyone from the Law Enforcement Association, according to the laws of the Law Enforcement Association, how should false accusations be dealt with?" Wang Zhong was the one who spoke. The moment he started speaking, he completely extinguished the chattering sounds around him.

False accusation? Was this Earthling intending to cause trouble for Balor and Gorst instead?

For many people, their first reaction was to laugh. He was a member of a mere level-4 civilization. It was good enough that he was not messed around with, but now, he wanted to mess with others. Everyone more or less understood that the daughter of the Crown Prince definitely thought highly of Wang Zhong because of his elemental spirit, but this did not mean that Wang Zhong could act mighty. One had to make one's potential rise. And the more potential one had, the more low-key one should be.

However, it seemed like this truth did not apply to Wang Zhong.

Everyone immediately fell silent. Many people turned to look at Balor and Gorst at the same time. Gorst's expression was still calm, but Balor's expression had turned dark. "Wang Zhong, don't mistake good for bad!"

Wang Zhong smiled. Before he could reply, the Titan supervisor said, "For false accusations, the accuser will be sentenced to the punishment that was facing the victim of the false accusation. Balor, you need to pay a fine that is 10 times the value of the krypton gold neckband and to publicly apologize in the Heavenly Gates. Then, you will be banished…"

"Lord supervisor, this is simply because we were misled by someone and targeted the wrong person. We are also victims!" Balor loudly defended himself. "Before there is any conclusive evidence that this is a false accusation, this false accusation does not stand!"

"I know, I know." The Titan supervisor looked as if he was not afraid that chaos would break out. He laughed out loud and waved his hand. "Then that will have to depend on Wang Zhong."

"Before there is any conclusive evidence, you still have another choice to release your rage." The supervisor looked at Wang Zhong with extreme excitement. "You can challenge Balor to the Life and Death Arena! You can beat him to death or disable him. It's up to you!"

Looking at the Titan supervisor's excited expression, he had probably been waiting for this moment all along. However, to those who were watching the commotion, this kind of decision inevitably scared their excitement away.

According to the laws and rules, the fact that the wrongly accused could challenge the other at the Life and Death Arena before any conclusive evidence was produced was simply nonsense. After all, the wrongly accused was usually a weakling. When faced with someone that dared to falsely accuse them, would they think that the accuser did not have the strength and method to get rid of them at the Arena? Moreover, this was a Foundational Stage from a level-4 civilization against a genius Void Core from a level-8 civilization! Even though Wang Zhong had gotten some reputation for himself in the Combat Cultivation Hall, if he was to face a top expert in the Combat Cultivation Hall, no one would expect him to win.

This matter would probably remain unsettled. They did not know why the Titan supervisor was so excited.

The whispers all around did not cease. Meanwhile, Balor was quite excited and looked at Wang Zhong with shining eyes. As expected, this Earthling with a brain cramp did not disappoint him at all.

"Balor, to the Life and Death Arena!" Wang Zhong said this word by word.

Respect was not obtained through prayer, but through fighting. If he let this matter be this time, the future accusations would be even more sinister. Furthermore, the impact of this incident was very large. Even though the truth was revealed, who knew how the news would change as it was spread? They controlled the right to speak. This would cause Earthlings to face one disaster after another in the divine territory. This was something that definitely, definitely could not be allowed.

However, anyone who dared to fight back would only face —— death!

Balor laughed. Even though this situation was full of unexpected changes, this was simply his dream scenario!

The Life and Death Arena? As long as they entered the Life and Death Arena in the Heavenly Gates, the two of them could not possibly walk out alive!

"I admire your courage," Balor said. "I will give you a satisfying death!"

The buzzing noises of people discussing around them had completely disappeared, and their gossipy expressions had changed. They were somewhat moved and even touched. No one mocked them. Instead, they all had stern expressions on their faces. Regardless of just how foolish this Earthling was, in the Combat Cultivation Hall, anyone who dared to enter the Life and Death Arena was worthy of everyone's respect.

"Wang Zhong, Balor!" the Titan supervisor loudly announced. "Three days later, meet at the Life and Death Arena in the Violence Field!"

A newbie from a level-4 civilization had actually voluntarily requested to enter the Life and Death Arena with a Blood Demon genius, who was part of a branch of a level-8 civilization. This was simply as mystical as what happened in books. Although Wang Zhong had some reputation in the Combat Cultivation Hall, not many people from the Pill Refinery Hall knew him. But now, his name had spread throughout the entire Heavenly Gates in just half a day.

He had a water elemental spirit and even promised to meet Balor at the Life and Death Arena three days later… Either of these would have been enough to make the pupils in the Heavenly Gates pay attention. When both of them happened together, even some veteran pupils and the Heavenly Gates supervisors became interested in this Earthling.

Various gossip was also dug up. For example, the dark history of the Earth as the Playground of the Gods, the fact that the Earth had incidentally joined the Star Alliance along with the Mizobudapi civilization, as well as Wang Zhong's achievements in defeating many Void Cores in the Combat Cultivation Hall as a Foundational Stage emerged.

However, there was something everyone knew. This Earthling had been falsely accused. Regardless of whether he won or lost, this strength of character won him some respect.

People everywhere passionately gossiped about this mere Foundational Stage, Wang Zhong. Under normal circumstances, the Earth, a mere and lowly level-4 civilization, would not be noticed by experts who entered the Heavenly Gates. However, this incident truly captured their attention.

"…the Life and Death Arena with Balor… Celeste… an elemental spirit?"

Shannali had received this information rather late. Over the past few days, she had been undergoing closed-door cultivation to tackle the level-7 pill mission that Elder Yimo had issued. When she emerged again, various news about Wang Zhong had started to run amok in the entire Heavenly Gates.

She knew about Celeste when Celeste invited Wang Zhong to join her organization back then and was not surprised about this. In terms of combat power, she had seen him defeat Yin Jiao at the Heavenly Treasures Street and even saw him attack twice in the Combat Cultivation Hall. Thus, she was not surprised that he dared to challenge Balor. However, an elemental spirit… What kind of joke was this? That Earthling?!

Shannali was dumbfounded.

Wang Zhong had what she wanted. She thought that this Earthling who had never seen the world would be very easy to deal with but never expected that his actions were slightly uncertain[a]. Even when she voluntarily expressed goodwill, it had no effect on him.

She had never seen this kind of low-leveled civilization. As a result, she slowly lost her patience. She knew what was happening at the Heavenly Treasures Street best. After all, she had sent people to cause trouble there, but the news that returned was that an elemental spirit had appeared in the Heavenly Treasures Street. Shannali did not believe this and thought that this was just an excuse for failing the mission. Furthermore, she did not have the time to deal with this as she was busy with pill refinery.

She never expected that it was actually him. The situation became more and more interesting…

"Mistress, are we using this information…?" There was a husky voice at the side. It was a black shadow whose entire body was hidden under a cloak.

"No." Shannali paused for a moment and immediately shook her head.

Shannali decided to endure. As long as that little fellow was here, that thing would not fly away. She had repeatedly expressed goodwill recently, but he did not believe it. Obviously, he was wary of her. This was not yet the time to force him. Furthermore, the appearance of the elemental spirit made this little fellow more and more interesting. There were probably more secrets that she could dig up from him.

"Don't panic first. Let's see how it goes." A smile appeared on her face once again. At that moment, she was completely different from those women who were smooth and slick in establishing relations with others. She had the domineering air of a leader, as if everything was under her control. "Let me play with that bunch in the Heavenly Gates for now. Perhaps we can obtain even more useful information. Our matter is not urgent."

"Yes." The cloaked black shadow nodded. Then, he flicked his left hand past his cloak and disappeared into thin air. There were no signs of any spatial fluctuations around him, as if he had been a projection. However, there was clearly a living person here.

From what this fellow wore, he was definitely not from the Cloud Mist Faction. Furthermore, he could come into and leave the Heavenly Gates at will in this strange manner. His strength was also unfathomable. He was not someone that a level-6 Faction like the Cloud Mist Faction could have. Even their Suzerain was probably a far cry from him.

However, Shannali did not approve of him. She seemed to be used to it and did not even look at the disappearing black shadow. When she opened her door, the intimidating expression that would make people respect her had disappeared. It was replaced with a smile that made others feel like they had been hit with the spring of youth.

The Heavenly Gates was like a hodgepodge. Even though it served as a platform to reconcile the conflicts between the various races, in general, there would still be various small clashes on the ground. Disregarding the rise and fall of a race, this purely had to do with individual honor and disgrace. Only a minority entered the Life and Death Arena after a failed false accusation and without any evidence. The overwhelming majority came to settle private grievances.

The Life and Death Arena specialized in resolving this kind of conflict and refused any kind of investigation afterward. This was a tradition in the Heavenly Gates and also a kind of honor code.

However, it was the standard for both parties to be from the same leveled civilization and the same level of strength. This was the basis of honor.

This time, a Void Core would fight a Foundational Stage, and a level-8 civilization would deal with a level-4 civilization. Furthermore, the weaker one had voluntarily suggested this. This was the first time this had happened in the Heavenly Gates and simply blew everyone's mind. People would usually respect the spirit of defeating the strong when one was weak, but to the advantageous party, this matter was not honorable at all.

When this was announced, only a few people mocked Wang Zhong. On the contrary, many people mocked Balor. This also made Balor feel slightly awkward. Back then, he thought that he could just kill Wang Zhong but never thought carefully about what impact this would bring to his reputation. He racked his brains on how to kill this trash from a low-leveled civilization. The methods he used did not matter, but it would be embarrassing if he failed. Most importantly, he had been forced to the Life and Death Arena. Even if he won, there would be no glory. There was too much shame in this.

The competition within the Blood Demon race was cruel. Many fellow Blood Demons spread rumors that harmed Balor within their race, putting him in a disadvantageous position. He was incessantly annoyed.

In particular, there were some new rumors about this incident that had beaten him down. It was said that goblin Pavaro, Blood Demon Balor, and Ghost Gorst were the top three experts in the Combat Cultivation Hall, but this was simply self-proclaimed. In reality, the true experts in the Combat Cultivation Hall were definitely not restricted to these three people. The overall standard of this batch of Combat Cultivation pupils was relatively high. There were also nobodies like Wang Zhong hiding in the Combat Cultivation Hall.

These words were not unfounded, but belittling the top three experts Pavaro, Balor, and Gorst made them furious. Their strength was being unnecessarily questioned in the Combat Cultivation Hall. Even if there were hidden experts in the Combat Cultivation Hall, these three would definitely have no problem being part of the top 10. However, they were simply belittled, and their spotlight was severely stolen by a measly Wang Zhong. If Balor could not cleanly win this battle, how this would affect the reputation of the other two was unknown, but Balor would definitely be discredited.

Evidently, even though the trio were being scolded together, all the pressure was concentrated on Balor. Even though Pavaro and Gorst were also belittled because of this, they could endure their anger and hold themselves high, as if the situation did not involve them.

Among the Three Great Halls, the Pill Refinery Hall was the "mildest". After all, almost no one dared to fight with Pill Refinery pupils. Even if there was a conflict, it would be an internal conflict in the Pill Refinery Hall. They were disciples from large powers and Factions. Naturally, there would be more solutions to their conflicts. Meanwhile, the Weapon Refinery Hall was in the middle. There would occasionally be fights, but they were relatively few in number.

Only the Combat Cultivation Hall had the most impressive fights. Furthermore, the more they fact[b], the more intense the fights would be. The Heavenly Gates had opened the Combat Cultivation Hall to nurture an army of soldiers with shocking combat power and were happy to encourage fights. These were the rules and traditions in the Heavenly Gates.

On the other hand, there was no first place in intelligence and no second place in martial strength. The Pill Refinery and Weapon Refinery halls could be said to have geniuses in pill refinery and weapon refinery, and they were evenly matched. But what about the Combat Cultivation Hall? Every batch of Combat Cultivation pupils would definitely be ranked. This seemed like a ranking where one fought for strength, but this was far from the reality. However, typically, the Life and Death Arena would only be mentioned after entering the Heavenly Gates for one or two years. This time, it had only been over one month since lessons started. This made everyone rather surprised.

Many people felt that Balor had shot himself in the foot, and there were virtually no benefits for him. For him, a victory would harm his reputation, and a loss would leave him no place to be worried. Furthermore, for Wang Zhong, the price of losing was not much different, but if he could win, he would receive respect and replace Balor's position in the Combat Cultivation Hall! If a low-leveled civilization wanted to earn respect, unless the entire race had extremely powerful natural endowments in pill refinery like the Shell race, they would have to rely on fighting! This was simply a free chance. Even though the difficulty was very high, as long as he could win, the benefits were not little… They had not started fighting yet, but Balor had lost in terms of intelligence…

In the mushroom house, Jhonas was sighing in despair.

The Babi family was very powerful, but some families believed that amiability made one rich. They typically did not cause any trouble, but once there was trouble… they would definitely kill their opponent by cutting the grass and pulling up the roots… This was far-fetched. This had nothing to do with Jhonas, who was studying. He wanted to happily enjoy his holiday. When he first came here, he was really quite happy. Wang Zhong was amiable but did not have any appetite. However, he never expected that this fellow was simply the fairy of trouble.

"Boss, you were too rash. Once you saw that the situation was good, you should have accepted it. They even said to let the matter be…"

Wang Zhong smiled. After interacting with Jhonas for some time, he more or less understood the methods and habits the Illusion race adopted when dealing with situations. They were the kind to amass wealth while keeping a low profile and definitely had some relations with the higher-ups of various races. They walked a completely different path from the Heavenly Shell race. This did not mean that they were weak as those who were weak could not survive in the divine territory. This was simply their way of living. However, this did not suit Earthlings.



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    《Battle Frenzy》