Battle Frenzy
1049 Board the Boat!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1049 Board the Boat!

"You definitely cannot escape from this now. I'll get someone to ask about Balor's situation," Jhonas said in a dejected tone. "Although the Blood Demon race is a wildly arrogant group, since that fellow was able to become the boss among the dozen Blood Demons in the Combat Cultivation Hall, his true form must be very powerful. Boss, you understand nothing about him. You are at too much of a disadvantage."

Knowing himself and knowing his enemy was the best preparation. Wang Zhong was not modest with Jhonas and nodded his head. He had no choice but to request for the Life and Death Arena. If not, he would face many inconveniences in the future. This was to show others his strong side and make those who dared to provoke him in the future weigh their decision carefully. However, this did not mean that Lao Wang did not think highly of Balor's strength. He had seen the half-true form of the Blood Demon during the previous lesson, and it was enough to stun Lao Wang.

In terms of combat techniques and experience, Lao Wang was not afraid. He was on a completely different level from Balor. Even though Balor held back his strength, this was still the case. The main problem was with the gap in their Soul Power. Even though the Devouring Heaven Technique and the Vitality Supplement Pills allowed his soul to expand greatly, he only had a Spiritual Power Value[a] of 200,000 under normal circumstances. However, it was safe to say that Balor's true form had a value of at least 350,000. This was a difference in their strength levels that Wang Zhong had no way of resolving at this current moment.

However, when an Earthling faced challenges, there were only three words —— just do it!

They had three days to prepare. The various heated discussions outside were extremely noisy. Jhonas was also busying about, but Lao Wang was relatively at leisure. The day before the fight, he even received a piece of good news from Nini from Heavenly Treasures Street. Old Cow and Uncle Sea had managed to find a prescription as he requested.

For a level-8 Yin and Yang Pill.

They were extremely lucky. It was said that the Netherworld had a high demand for Yin and Yang Pills. No matter what quality they were, they would not refuse any! This item was a necessity in the Netherworld. Other than a few civilizations that had completely adjusted to the Netherworld River, the large majority of races had to rely on the Yin and Yang Pill to resolve the negative energy in the Netherworld River just so that they could survive. All along, the Netherworld had stored a massive amount of Yin and Yang Pills. This sudden demand for a large number of pills caused many people to guess that something had happened in the Netherworld. Perhaps the pill houses used for storing Yin and Yang Pills that belonged to several large Factions had been robbed or destroyed. Perhaps there was a large movement surrounding the Netherworld River that had happened recently. There were many such cases in the past.

Thus, their desire for these pills was relatively strong. Not only did they buy the pills at a high price, some large Factions who mainly wanted to buy these pills even asked a few pill houses that could refine the Yin and Yang Pill to release their prescription. Of course, they would have to collect a certain fee and sign a series of agreements. Not spreading the prescription was the most basic agreement. More unreasonably, if one received the prescription but was unable to refine it and was unable to produce the goods when the time came, the consequences would be extremely severe. If one wanted to stand someone up, one definitely could not stand someone from the underground world up. After all, they were all students of death…

Old Cow and Uncle Sea had asked Wang Zhong, and Lao Wang estimated that with how smoothly he had been able to refine the Vitality Supplement Pill, he was relatively confident in refining this new pill. In the end, they signed the agreement at Uncle Sea's pill shop and sent the prescription over. However, when signing the agreement, Uncle Sea's hands trembled slightly. The Netherworld was dealing with his pill shop. If anything happened, he would be the first to be affected.

This was Wang Zhong, the legend of the Heavenly Treasures Street. Uncle Sea would not have dared to help anyone else, even with 10,000 times more confidence.

The 60,000 Silver Star Stones that had just fallen into Lao Wang's pocket and did not even have the chance to warm up disappeared in the blink of an eye. Purchasing the prescription alone required 10,000 Silver Star Stones. For a level-8 prescription, this was an extremely low price. They intentionally set such a low threshold because they needed more Yin and Yang Pills. This was not a real purchase. If it had been, one would not be able to buy it even with several million Silver Star Stones. Other than that, he also had to gather the ingredients for the Yin and Yang Pill.

Under normal circumstances, the Heavenly Treasures Street was not equipped with the capabilities to accumulate ingredients for the level-8 Yin and Yang Pill. However, this time, refining Yin and Yang Pills was a special request from the Netherworld. Several large Factions who sold their prescription would also provide the accompanying ingredients to the buyer at cost. Lao Wang had managed to buy 10 portions of ingredients for 50,000 Silver Star Stones. This was considered lucky.


In the underground world, many races had a love-hate relationship with the Netherworld River. They praised the Netherworld River, but also feared this long river that gave birth to and destroyed life.

The underground world had initially been prepared by high-leveled civilizations for their food chain and some of their low-leveled followers. They felt some nostalgia, but as the divine territory continued to expand and competition became fierce, some civilizations lost their space to live and could only continue to advance in the harsh underground world instead. However, surprisingly, they gradually found another kind of power and another path to survive. Furthermore, after some considerations in several areas, the divine territory allowed them to continue living.

A group of dragon wing birds were anxiously flying over the Dragon's Head Shore, and their cooing noises did not cease. This was the mating season for the dragon wing birds, and the Dragon's Head Shore was a breeding place that the dragon wing birds had not moved from for several hundred years. However, this hotbed for mating, where they could not tolerate any disturbance, had been occupied by a group of terrifying creatures. Their intelligence told them that they had to distance themselves from these dangerous beings, but the instinct that existed in their memory urged them to circle over this area without stopping. They had to complete the most important journey in their life here.

The birds shrieked and vainly hoped that these thieves would be tactful enough to leave. However, very quickly, the dragon wing birds' enraged shrieks turned into despair. Not only did these terrifying thieves not leave this place, over the next one or two days… even more thieves started to surge in from all directions.

With sad and shrill shrieks, the dragon wing birds left the breeding place that they had not changed for several hundred years. Once they lost this place, there would only be half the number of adult birds during the next breeding season, or even fewer.

On the ground, no one paid any attention to the massive impact that they had caused for a species. They came here for only one reason —— the Netherworld River Wanderer.

The place where they would trade red spider lilies had been confirmed to be here. Although it was not yet the day when the red spider lily trade would occur, several thousand people from various Factions had already gathered here. With so many people and so much power concentrated here, they did not wait idly either. Since they had people here, they had also brought goods to sell. Gradually, a decent-sized trading market had naturally formed at the Dragon's Head Shore.

Unlike the chaos that occurred previously, after confirming that the Great Netherworld River Wanderer could provide a certain number of red spider lilies, the maniacal mood of the various Factions and schools had calmed down. This was not their last resort. No one wanted to spill blood. The underground world was cruel, and no one cared about the life and death of a group. However, precisely because of this, once one's power weakened, one would definitely be targeted by other powers. The law of the jungle was the main theme here.

This kind of situation tallied with everyone's interest. As a result, the market was extremely crowded. This time, the various Factions and schools sent heads to take charge. All of them were figures with brains and were well-known in the divine territory. It could be said that they were all supernatural beings who did not show any weakness in their slaughter or their achievements. Even though they only had the positions of managers or attendants in the Faction, if they actually fought, they would be shown to be the best at fighting besides the Suzerains and veterans. If one only talked about their talents in killing, many Suzerains from various Factions would give way to them.

However, the Factions and schools sent them here not to fight, but to frighten the rest together. In the underground world, one fought for respect. They would only unleash their might when killing someone else. As long as they did not fight, the others would adjust their tone by not speaking in a loud voice to prevent themselves from any taboos.

When many Gods of Slaughter encountered one another, the scene would be extremely tense. However, even though there was some friction between the various Factions and schools, they were controlled at the lowest levels. At their level, killing methods and even techniques were weak. What was more important was their murderous intent and seizing their opponent's willpower. Frankly speaking, they had started off through slaughter. When they had reached the limits of actual combat, they had to take a step back and start researching "theories" before being able to move forward again.

When they reached this stage, even if they could learn from each other by exchanging pointers, they would still not attack each other. Instead, they would compare their forms and measure the strength of their souls.

"Ha ha ha. Lulan, long time no see. I still remember the technique you used to win against me a hundred years ago very well."

"Brother Flame, I haven't seen you in a hundred years. Your strength has changed, and your soul flame is well-developed. I am no match for you."

Two waves of fierce murderous intent clashed in the air.

On one side, there was a level-9 red slaughter lotus that was rotating above a hellfire. Countless dark and dead souls revolved above the fire, making it seem like a myriad of sacrificial rites were occurring there.

On the other side was a massive flaming tiger that was lifelike. Countless tiger shadows turned into various strange shapes and forms. They swallowed and spat out life and death, as well as light and darkness. These shadows had been produced from the souls that had been killed and devoured by the massive flaming tiger. They had various unthinkable powers.

"Are you frustrated? Could you not show off in a public space and decide a victor after seven days and seven nights of fighting?"

A rough voice sounded. The murderous intents of Lulan and Scattering Flame dispersed like clouds on a clear day. "Brother No-Teeth, how did the Imperial Soul Faction bear to let you out?"

"Are you asking why the Great Demon, who is only afraid that there is no chaos in the world, changed in character? ——It's a pity that I won't tell you."

"Isn't it because he reached the last stage in cultivating his killing technique? When one reaches the limits of killing, one would have to produce a benevolent thought before their Gold Core can advance." A pleasant female voice sounded but exposed them in one sentence.

"Who cares about your matter?!"

"According to him, with my immortal body, what's the difference between being a thousand years old and eighteen years old?"

The upper levels clashed explicitly and implicitly. Various murderous intentions frequently brushed past one another. It was very obvious that they were here to observe the so-called Netherworld River Wanderer. This definitely contained a massive opportunity.

"Selling slaves! Combat Sea Slaves produced by the Machinery race, selling ten of them. They are the best miners. They are extremely cheap!"

"An imitation dragon pill furnace. Even though it is an imitation, it has been nourished by Civil and Military Pill Flames. It will increase your success rate in refining pills. You will know when you use it. Five thousand Star Coins can be exchanged for a divine pill."

"Buying Hell Vines, Three Life Grass, and Bronze Flowers for a high price! Those with large amounts of these, come!"

"Delicacies from the polyeye race. Come and try…"

There was a busy flow of people, and people would frequently talk about a trade, exchanging items that both sides needed. Furthermore, because this trade was completely free, everything could be found here. There were top-quality pill ingredients that could only be found in auctions and beast skins that could be found everywhere. Food and services also occupied a large half of the market. Most of them were merchants from the Merchant race. They had taken the initiative and built many simple but clean and comfortable inns on a flat ground a distance away from the shore. Thus, the current market was centered around them. There were many stalls made out of simple wood shacks stretching out in all directions. Of course, the best stalls were at the two sides of the main inn's entrance. Many merchants who had dared to venture here rented out that space and prepared for great business there.

Everyone had come here to wait for the Netherworld River Wanderer. Regardless of why they were waiting, the process of waiting would definitely be very painful. Moreover, people's pain was usually a business opportunity for merchants.

A person dressed in black clothes sat along in front of a food store and slowly enjoyed the delicacies of the poleye race. Solo travelers like him could be seen everywhere here. Even though their appearances were completely concealed, they did not stand out. Many of these solo travelers brought one or two items that they thought were "treasures" and tried their luck here. However, these were not wild and unfounded fantasies. During the previous exchange, an extremely poor fellow had exchanged 10 energy crystals for one red spider lily.

"That Lord is really self-willed. Although he mainly wants techniques and prescriptions, there are also times when he exchanges his goods for something he's interested in."

"We are probably being deliberately perplexed. He is probably a representative of some almighty expert. However, I don't know what that expert wants to do. With a large amount of red spider lilies in the market, many races and Factions in the underground world will have a hope to rise."

"Indeed. Many special techniques need the power of the Netherworld River to advance. The best and the safest way to do so is to use this medium of the Netherworld River, the red spider lily."

"The Darkness Demon Faction earned the most. They first used star cola to earn profits. This product is recently in high demand. It seems to have some relation with the secrets of the Netherworld River."

"I saw it at the Summer Sand City as well and drank a cup. It's inexpensive, and the taste is not bad. There are many ways to drink it. I like to add Ice Yellow Grass for some stimulation."

When he heard about cola, the black-clothed person, who was eavesdropping on them, moved slightly.

At that moment, there was a voice from outside. In the distance, a ray of golden light from the sky delivered a piece of news.

The Great Netherworld River Wanderer was here.


In an instant, the bustling market instantly fell silent. Other than a few staff who stayed behind to look after their store, everyone ran towards the Dragon's Head Shore. At this moment, everyone ran their own path and knew what they were good at. It was a whirlwind.

The black-clothed person also stood up. There was excitement in his eyes that were full of vigor. However, he did not run over. Instead, he slowly walked there.

Even though they ran very quickly, they could not occupy the front positions at the shore. Those Factions and large schools had done the allocation. They had been distributed and arranged from front to back according to the strength of their Faction. Those who did not belong to any Faction could only stand at the sides or the back to try their luck. —— In reality, the majority of those who had come to the Dragon's Head Shore to try their luck had traded their treasures to the large Factions. For those who had not traded their goods, it was because their items were just too ordinary. The various large Factions had no need to purchase them.

"Tsk, he is a few hours early this time."

"This is also normal. The Great Wanderer only decided on a day. To be honest, it would be normal even if he comes one day early or two days late."

The black clothed-person walked to the outskirts and heard a group of people discussing among themselves. He looked into the depths of the Netherworld River. A fog was slowly floating down from upstream.

The fog stopped above the surface of the water a decent distance away from the shore and then slowly spread. The Netherworld River surged, but the small boat on the river remained stable, as if it was a part of the Netherworld River. It was peaceful in its actions.

Rumble. Just like the previous deals, the Life and Death Coffin landed on the shore with a crash, symbolizing the start of the trade.

In the distance, a dozen representatives from the large Factions exchanged glances with one another. They confirmed a truth at the same time — that one could not clearly see how this fog had spread. There were many explanations for this, but no matter which explanation it was, this person had thoroughly understood the secrets of the Netherworld River and was closer to the Netherworld River than anyone else. They could please the Netherworld River well.

In the distance, the black-clothed person let out a long sigh. Then, he removed the hood that covered his head. His originally handsome face had a cold and murderous air to it because of the numerous scars.

He walked past the crowd and walked towards the Life and Death Coffin. Then, he walked past the Life and Death Coffin and headed towards the Wanderer, as if he wanted to board the boat.

No one around him took any action. The small Factions and several individuals laughed coldly. This had happened many times in the past. There would be someone with no brain inside their heads. These fools would all have their heads filled with water from the Netherworld River and be engulfed by the Netherworld River without exception.

Furthermore, the large Factions also looked on coldly. They had arranged this many times in previous trades to explore. Those who had challenged either had special techniques or had Netherworld River treasures on their bodies. There would not be many problems if they simply approached the Netherworld River. However, the result would be no different from the true fools. It would be very obvious that the Wanderer had made a move, but they would not be able to see any sign of it.

However, this time…

They furrowed their eyebrows. Usually, the Netherworld River would surge in anger even before someone reached the shore. But this time, the Netherworld River was unusually quiet!

"Wait, the boat moved! Is the Great Wanderer…?"

"Is he picking him up? Picking up that fool— no, picking up that lord?"

Everyone saw the boat slowly approach the shore and pick up the person dressed in black clothes.

While everyone was stunned, the fog appeared again. After that, they saw the Life and Death Coffin suddenly rise and disappear into the depths of the Netherworld River with the fog, leaving behind a group of idiots.

Compared to the red spider lilies, this was a far deeper secret that everyone here wanted to know.

Mu Zi smiled like a fool who had seen the stars for the first time. He looked at the black clothed-person with scars all over his face and called out his name.


"Long time no see, Mu Zi!"

They could not suppress their sounds of joy and happiness, allowing both of them to deeply sense the excitement from each other. They hugged each other with force and remembered how they had represented the humans together when they first came here. Along the transmission path, everyone had been high-spirited and vigorous. They chatted with each other and even celebrated. Even Mu Zi, who was not good at speaking, occasionally spoke one or two sentences. Back then, everyone was so happy and was filled with hope for the future of humanity.

[a]It's popped up a few times in the past. Are you using this as an alternative form for Spiritual Energy Value?

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