Battle Frenzy
1050 Creating a Trend
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1050 Creating a Trend

Everyone in the first group to come to the divine territory had been forced to scatter. The Earth and humanity were a mere level-4 civilization. In the Star Alliance and the divine territory, they were like an ordinary grain of sand that did not catch anyone's attention. Besides the guidance from the Star Alliance to authenticate their identity, they had never received any help from them. They were lonely and helpless. Furthermore, the new environment caused them to lose their unique power that they were proud of. They tried many ways to change this, and as they tried, they gradually started to disperse from their initial groups. If they gathered in the same area, they would compete for the same job with their own people. Those crafty alien races would use this to oppress them.

Mu Zi and Aiolos were the first to leave.

"After you left, we experienced several difficult internal disputes. Then, everyone completely dispersed. Some of our brothers have even fallen, becoming slaves. However, until now, some comrades have slowly adjusted to this place. But they are not as impressive as you are…"

Mu Zi nodded his head. He had heard of this information from some channels but did not know the details as everyone did not take the Earth to heart. They seemed to dislike being associated with it and even avoided it as a conversation topic. However, this was the scene that humans had hoped for. Even though it was not good, there was no doubt that it allowed them to develop while staying low-key.

"What about your face?"

"I encountered a few things. Take it as the price for maturity. You should know that our appearances are very attractive to some alien races."

Mu Zi laughed. There was no doubt that Grai's qualities and looks were the most outstanding among all of them. There was a kind of beauty that emerged from the root of disaster.

"In short, after I killed my way out, I reached the underground world. When I heard about the coffin, I guessed that you were the Netherworld River Wanderer, but it was still such a surprise seeing it. I checked several times, but I was only certain that it was you just now. How did you become the Netherworld River Wanderer?"

"You will know very quickly," said Mu Zi with a smile as he waved his hand. In an instant, Grai felt as if the world had turned upside down. For a moment, they seemed to have reached the bottom of the Netherworld River, yet it seemed like they were traveling in a mirrored space. Then, in the blink of an eye, he saw Mu Zi wave his arm once again. Then, everything returned to normal in another blink of an eye.

Grai blinked, and a massive island appeared in front of them. The small boat floated over to the island.

"This is…"

Mu Zi said, "This is Hell Island. At least, that's what I call it. No one has opposed it for now. Come on. Here, I can be considered the owner of the island."

The two of them went on shore. Grai clearly felt a wave of rich animosity rising from the island. In an instant, pressure that was as solid as a mountain pressed against him firmly. Before he could speak, he saw Mu Zi whisper in a low tone. His voice was dark and profound, as if he was explaining something. Very quickly, the animosity rapidly dispersed, and the pressure disappeared instantly.

"Hell Island has its own consciousness. However, it is very shallow. For now, I am helping it learn how to accumulate its consciousness. Take it as rent for staying here temporarily."

Grai did not feel that this was strange. In the divine territory, there was no need to feel that any weird things were strange. Most of the time, if one felt that something was strange, it meant that one did not know enough.

They came to the house that Mu Zi had built himself. The recent trades had given Mu Zi enough daily essentials. Even though the house was small, it could still contain all his essentials. He brewed some tea for Grai. Then, they chatted about their circumstances.

Grai had killed his way out of his situation and was a wanted man on the land above. Thus, he could only live in the underground world. Luckily, his bloodline as a member of the Blood race gave him strong abilities to adjust. If not, he would have been dead a long time ago. However, his thinking was exquisite, and he was patient. Thus, he was able to endure.

As for Mu Zi's experiences, Grai could only marvel at them. His affinity with the Netherworld River was simply unthinkable. It was very obvious that the Netherworld River and deathly aura would not attack Mu Zi. There was no doubt that this had involved an extremely fortunate set of circumstances for him.

"That's right. I looked for you this time because I have a piece of good news to share with you. Senior Wang Zhong came." When he mentioned Wang Zhong's name, Grai's tone involuntarily rose.

Mu Zi's eyes widened, and a surprised smile appeared on his face. "Ah! Second Brother is here? How great, how great!"

Grai took a deep breath, and his tone became lively. He said, "Yes, Senior is the Senior we know. What we think of as difficulties are nothing to him. He is now the glory of us Earthlings and has entered the Heavenly Gates…"

As Mu Zi listened to Grai's explanation, his expression was as focused and as serious as a child who did not want to sleep and wanted to listen to a story. He listened until the end and let out a long sigh. "I prepared a lot of things for Second Brother. I knew that he would be here and that things definitely would turn out this way. Are we going to Heavenly Treasures Street?"

Mu Zi's heart felt itchy. With the almighty identity as the Netherworld River Wanderer, he had obtained many good items. If he could give them to Wang Zhong, it could be said that he was a hero with treasures.

"It's best that we don't." However, Grai shook his head and disrupted Mu Zi's imagination. He noticed Mu Zi's disappointed expression and explained, "Your current identity is rather special. Furthermore, if we really go to Heavenly Treasures Street, we will be putting all the pressure on Senior. If Earthlings want to rise and establish a stable footing, flowers need to blossom everywhere."

Wang Zhong was like a ray of light that was shot into the night sky. The humans who lived in the divine territory all saw how he shined here. The Heavenly Treasures Street! To humans, this name had a new significance because of Wang Zhong. However, any expert would be able to see the problem. Mo Wen and the others knew this as well. Indeed, they could go to the Heavenly Treasures Street but did not go. They knew Wang Zhong well. From Wang Zhong's initial decision to give up on coming to the divine territory, they knew how heavy the responsibilities Wang Zhong bore were. If they went to the Heavenly Treasures Street, they would not be able to provide Wang Zhong with much help.

Perhaps Earthlings liked internal strife, but once they were faced with powerful external pressure, their unique unity, intelligence, as well as their tenacity, allowed humans to explode with terrifying energy.

Mu Zi knew this as well. However, compared to Mo Wen, he had a closer relationship with Wang Zhong. He hoped to be able to see Wang Zhong. He had many things to see and many thoughts. He needed Wang Zhong's opinions and suggestions.

"There will eventually be a chance. With your identity as the Netherworld River Wanderer, I think your impact can be even bigger. Many people suspect that you are simply a spokesperson for some almighty expert. I think we can make use of this…"

Grai explained his idea. Exaggerating the role of the Netherworld River Wanderer was the most ideal method through which they could help Wang Zhong. Through the Wanderer's deals, they could consolidate with powers that would comply with their distribution and mobilization. "We don't need them to belong to us. We don't even need them to directly take action, as long as they can speak up for us at crucial moments. Of course, we need to find some power that will be completely loyal to the Netherworld River Wanderer."

"Besides, even though no one has been able to see through the fog, if you personally appear at every trade, they will eventually notice a flaw. Thus, we need to deliberately mystify matters using your abilities and make other people guess. For example, we can create a 'Netherworld King'!"

They would intimidate others with a fictitious expert who would not reveal himself. Then, their deterrent force would be much stronger.

His and Mu Zi's strength had reached the peak Foundational Stage. However, unlike other civilizations and races, they had not found a method to advance to the Void Core Realm.

There would be problems with a Foundational Stage, but if he was just a spokesperson, then that would be another story.

"We will slowly plan. After all, the times produce the heroes. Once we achieve power and make everyone look squarely at us Earthlings, that will be the time when we reunite!" Grai's smile was still as determined as before.

The moment Grai left the Holy Land, he started to advance towards maturity. He was no longer that young student who had to be protected. As well, Mu Zi's abilities and intelligence might be able to kick up a storm in the underground world.

Three days passed in a flash. The past few days had been peaceful, and the Combat Cultivation Hall lessons continued as usual. However, it was very obvious that Lao Wang did not receive any so-called support or backing.

Admiring his courage was one thing, but supporting him was another thing. Not to mention, supporting Wang Zhong would mean that one stood opposite from Balor. Even without this consideration, many low-leveled civilizations simply enjoyed stepping on one another greatly. As compared to Balor's tyranny, they disliked Wang Zhong taking the spotlight even more. They would feel that it was normal if they were defeated by Balor, but if they were defeated by Wang Zhong, they would seem even more incompetent.

It was obvious that no one expected Wang Zhong to win. On the contrary, at the Law Enforcement Association, Rowling J, Wanwan Min, and a few other good friends had asked Wang Zhong whether there were any aspects he needed help in. With the abilities of the Machinery race and the insect race, even if the Life and Death Arena had been determined, as long as Wang Zhong wanted to back out, they had the ability to help Lao Wang cancel the Life and Death Arena. This gave Lao Wang a warm feeling.

However, Lao Wang rejected them very frankly. He definitely did not have the confidence that he would definitely win, but he thought that he could at least fight a battle. Furthermore, he had initiated this challenge. Fighting at the Life and Death Arena with Balor was what he had wished for. He had to conquer this himself.

Yes, the difference in their levels of power was very wide. This was the main reason why everyone did not expect him to win. When the difference in power was too big, techniques would not be enough to make up for it. It could not be said that this did not make sense, but they had ignored many key factors that were unique to Earthlings. To the divine territory, Earthlings were no different from any other Tom, Dick, or Harry. He wanted to change this view. He believed that the other Earthlings were doing the same thing.

Earthlings did not come to the divine territory just to struggle at death's door!

From Tianjing to Stuart City, from the Holy Land to the Mizobudapi World, he had encountered various opponents all along. He was strong in techniques, fighting spirit, adaptability, and so on. These experiences were extremely valuable. The people of the divine territory, who pursued the limits of power, might not think highly of these, but Lao Wang believed that these were the key to determining victory and defeat.

He had no intention of looking down upon the divine territory. Indeed, the divine territory had a unique power. Perhaps one could completely ignore the effects of combat techniques after reaching the upper levels, but he definitely did not have the shallow combat skills that the Combat Cultivation Hall pupils had displayed so far. The so-called common knowledge of others could not influence Lao Wang's judgment.

For example, the Titan supervisor's teachings were rather careless and casual, but Lao Wang could sense the talent that was hidden in the depths of his body from the words and actions that the Titan supervisor displayed on the surface. Thus, Wang Zhong was extremely curious. What level could the Titan supervisor's combat techniques reach? He was definitely able to teach some profound things but was just not willing to waste time on these so-called children of aristocrats.

Take the previous batches of the Combat Cultivation Hall. In the end, only very few people were able to learn skills directly from the supervisor. Some people could simply be chosen to learn these skills, but Earthlings normally would not be chosen.

Thus, this battle was even more important. However, this was not just because the competition was fierce. Lao Wang also wanted to use this battle to catch the attention of certain policymakers and seize even a small chance for himself and for the Earth…

When Wang Zhong arrived, many people had gathered beside the Life and Death Arena in the Violence Field. Not only were there pupils from the Combat Cultivation Hall, there were also many people from the Weapon Refinery Hall and the Pill Refinery Hall. No matter what, a Foundational Stage from a level-4 civilization voluntarily challenging a Void Core from a level-8 civilization to the Life and Death Arena was definitely a rare occurrence, no matter what era of the divine territory one was talking about. There were those who were truly interested, those who just wanted to watch the commotion, and even many veteran pupils. In total, there were about 200 to 300 people.

"He didn't succeed in his plot against a Foundational Stage from a level-4 civilization and was even dragged to the Life and Death Arena by that Foundational Stage. This Balor…" A veteran Blood Demon pupil silently shook his head. Defeat was definitely not possible, but even if he won, so what? There was nothing glorious about this victory. To Balor, who had a background as a member of the Blood Demon race, this kind of battle at the Life and Death Arena was a loss the moment he stepped in.

"It's a farce. I only don't know how long that Earthling can last in the arena."

"I heard that that Earthling was the one who suggested the Life and Death Arena. Just what in the world was he thinking? He is just a Foundational Stage."

"Heh heh. He had won against many Void Cores in the Combat Cultivation Hall. He is probably arrogant." Pigolo was also among the crowd. As an orthodox member of the goblin race, he had a distant relationship with the Blood Demon race in some way. Of course, they definitely could not be considered friends. In the eyes of Pigolo, Balor — a Blood Demon who blended in with the Combat Cultivation Hall — was no different from trash. However, at least he was much better than Wang Zhong. "There is a world of difference even between two Void Cores. This country bumpkin from the lower worlds has never seen the world."

As he spoke, he looked at Shannali beside him, intentionally or otherwise. Shannali maintained a smile and had no intention of rebutting him.

"Pigolo, you can't say that either. Can a country bumpkin obtain an elemental spirit messenger?" Someone deliberately acted contrary to him. He was also a pupil of the Pill Refinery Hall. They were a circle who stood at the left of the Life and Death Arena. Although they had the fewest people — only 20 to 30 — they were the most attention-catching.

Pigolo looked at the person who was speaking.

Kaman was a pupil from the same Pill Refinery Hall batch. When they first joined, his results were no match for his as he was only a second-class pupil. However, at the recent level-7 pill mission that Elder Yimo had issued, he was the seventh in the Pill Refinery Hall to submit. Furthermore, its quality was relatively decent and had achieved a standard 50% pill. He had formed the pill quickly, and the quality was good. His pill theory and natural endowments were relatively outstanding. In the Pill Refinery Hall, pill theories were everything. Kaman had recently gained popularity in the Pill Refinery Hall and was slightly famous. Other than the elites at the very top like Celeste, the other first-class elites like Pigolo had been defeated. As a result, Pigolo was rather unhappy. Recently, the two of them had been eyeball to eyeball in the Pill Refinery Hall. Pigolo did not forget to pick on him, but Kaman was not easy to handle either. He did not forget to be impolite and would definitely curse at him as long as there was a chance.

"Perhaps it's precisely because he's a country bumpkin. He's a piece of blank paper and is amusingly idiotic. What if this interested the elemental spirit instead?" Pigolo immediately rebutted him. "Don't forget that elemental spirits don't look at strength when choosing their owners. They only like interesting souls. This kind of clown is the most appropriate."

"Perhaps." Kaman laughed. He was not truly speaking on behalf of Wang Zhong and just wanted to rile Pigolo. The competition in the Pill Refinery Hall was also very intense. Pigolo was a goblin, but in reality, he had the "natural endowments" of the Blood Demon race. He was also impulsive and rash. Just now, just one rebuttal had made him immediately want to fight for victory and defeat. However, he did not know that this kind of anxious attitude made Kaman seem calm and composed, as if he was teasing a monkey. Regardless of the results, Pigolo had already lost.

Pigolo picked his eyebrows. Beside them, someone mediated the situation and said, "Heh heh. What the two of you have said is not bad. However, some civilizations from the other worlds, especially those who have just arrived in the Star Alliance, like to use the outlook of their own worlds to observe new things in the divine territory. However, this is understandable and unavoidable. Adjustment and evolution is also a part of the divine territory. It is a very long process. Those who have entered the Star Alliance for the first time cannot possibly truly integrate for at least a few hundred years."

Pigolo and Kaman both nodded, and the small fire between them disappeared. Meanwhile, the people around them were discussing this battle. However, their expressions were relaxed. This was a battle between a Foundational Stage and a Void Core. In particular, their civilizations differed by four civilization levels. There was no suspense about this kind of Life and Death Arena battle. The strange relationship between Wang Zhong and Celeste, as well as the elemental spirit messenger, had simply made everyone curious and interested.

At that moment, it was gradually approaching noon. More and more people arrived.

"Celeste is here." Someone saw the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince arrive. As the most eye-catching among this batch of Heavenly Gates pupils and the leader of the top four experts, Celeste would catch everyone's attention regardless of where she went. There was someone else beside her, Senior Harley from the Pill One Association.

Recently, the two of them had been frequently spotted arriving together. However, it was different from a couple arriving together. Everyone knew that love would definitely not occur between a gold Titan and a member of the Shell race. The difference between their physiques was too large, and they could not see eye to eye in terms of their beauty standards. However, it went without saying that friendship was possible. It could be said that in the entire divine territory, other than the Natural race who had helped the Shell race the most back then, the relationship between the Titan race and the Shell race was the closest. Furthermore, it was said that Celeste and Harley's families were friends, and they were both from the Pill One Association. It was not strange for them to appear together frequently.

Before the two of them had arrived, Pigolo and the other Pill Refinery Hall pupils had been the most dazzling. However, once the two of them arrived and casually stood in the arena, they immediately became the most dazzling stars there.

"The members of the Law Enforcement Association are here too. How rare."

Just as the two of them arrived, another heavyweight immediately appeared, causing everyone to turn and look at them. Wanwan Min, Rowling J, Rhode D, and a few others arrived. Five insects and nine Machines were here, and all of them were members of the Law Enforcement Association.

The fact that members of the Law Enforcement Association would come to watch the battle at the Life and Death Arena was a relatively rare and strange thing. Although they knew that Wang Zhong was a member of the Law Enforcement Association and that there was nothing improper about them supporting a member of their association, one needed to know what kind of impression the Law Enforcement Association had in the eyes of the Heavenly Gates pupils!

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    《Battle Frenzy》