Battle Frenzy
1051 Life and Death Battle
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1051 Life and Death Battle

The Law Enforcement Association members were viewed as being mysterious, strict, and deadpan! It was as if they would not bat an eyelid even if their close kin collapsed in front of them. Other than the members of the Machinery race or insect race they saw in class, these two races were completely hidden from sight in the Heavenly Gates. They did not even participate in any group activities in the Heavenly Gates. To them, researching laws seemed to be the entire meaning of their existence. But now, 14 of them had come at once!

Wanwan Min and the rest randomly found a spot to stand. Needless to say, the Machinery race and the insect race had an aura that could freeze the entire place. When they stood there, they were like cold statues. As a result, the buzzing noises in their surroundings were instantly followed by solemn silence, and the air temperature dropped.

Just at this moment.


A blood-red ray of light descended from the sky and simply crashed into the white crystalline platform in the Life and Death Arena. It was a round area of the ground that looked like a crystal, which formed a distinct contrast with the ordinary yellow soil around it. The power with which this ray of light crashed into the ground was incredibly puissant. Even though the white crystalline platform was extremely hard, when he landed on the ground, the large jolt caused the entire ground to rumble and shake. A cloud of dust flew all around.

Amidst the cloud of dust, a blood shadow stood up straight.

"It's Balor."

"If you want to fly, then just fly here. What is that exaggerated appearance for? There's dust everywhere now!" someone complained unhappily.

"Heh heh. He doesn't see that Foundational Stage rookie as a life and death enemy, right? How embarrassing."

When he heard the voices around him, Balor's face turned slightly red. He had calculated when he would come here. He had wanted to gain the upper hand with a show of strength and establish an imposing air in front of Wang Zhong. This could not be said to be a combat technique that he had intentionally implemented. Wang Zhong was only a Foundational Stage, and Balor could not possibly launch a technique from the start. However, by oppressing him in terms of aura, it would definitely allow his victory in the Life and Death Arena to be much easier. Today, his objective was not victory. He wanted to kill and suppress Wang Zhong in seconds and to his heart's content. If he had to struggle with that little fellow for a few minutes on the Life and Death Arena, it would be embarrassing even if he won.

However, he never expected that even though he had arrived in a dramatic manner, that little fellow was even more arrogant than him. At this moment, it was almost time, but he had not yet appeared! It was like showing off his charm to the blind.

Balor was depressed. He had been too conscientious. He should have been one or two hours late to make that little fellow wait. Why was he so early? He looked like an idiot standing and waiting here for a Foundational Stage from a level-4 civilization.

"That Earthling fellow really has a lot of arrogance. Why isn't he out yet?"

"It's already noon."

"He couldn't have run away because he was scared, right?"

"Look, that Earthling is here."

He seemed to have calculated when Balor would arrive accurately and arrived now. At this moment, he appeared in everyone's line of sight.

The discussions all around became slightly softer as everyone turned to look at Lao Wang. They saw two figures, one short and one tall, walking from the distance. They did not walk slowly, but they definitely were not walking quickly. It seemed like a very ordinary stroll on their journey. Their relaxed manner caused many people's eyes to light up. "Putting strength aside, this Earthling's attitude is really not bad."

Even with several hundred gazes focusing on him, Lao Wang was calm. However, Jhonas, who was beside him, was obviously unable to stand this. When the Illusion race, who pursued a policy of staying low-key, had so many people staring at them, the pressure on them would feel enormous. He quickly looked for an excuse to slip away. "Boss, I will go to the side to find a good spot. I will take the most handsome picture for you…"

Wang Zhong did not care about him, let alone the attention from everyone else around him. His gaze went straight to Balor, who was in front of him in the Life and Death Arena.

Balor let out a cold snort. Wang Zhong's calmness made him rather unhappy. However, before he could berate him, Wang Zhong tapped his foot and lightly jumped on the platform without any fanfare.

The platform beneath his feet was covered in crystals. This was also Lao Wang's first time here. At that moment, when he had stepped on the platform, he felt that the white crystals were unusually sturdy. Furthermore, there was a spiritual aura circulating underneath. It did not seem like an ordinary material.

It was said that once the Life and Death Arena had been activated, a ward would automatically take effect and prevent anyone from entering or leaving. No one would come to save you, unless the victor was willing to let the loser free. If not, the loser would not even have the chance to run away. In other battles, one still had the possibility of running away even if one could not win, but what about the Life and Death Arena? There, it was impossible to do so. This was the cruelest part of the Life and Death Arena.

At that moment, both of them were in the arena, and the surroundings immediately fell silent. No matter what, the two of them were about to fight for life and death. Everyone maintained silence before they started to fight and gave them the most basic etiquette.

The Life and Death Arena would determine their life and death. As long as both of them stood there, there was no other nonsense to speak of.

Neither of them spoke. Naturally, Balor was disdainful and did not want to exchange greetings with this Foundational Stage. Meanwhile, Wang Zhong did not have the habit of speaking rubbish. They exchanged glances. Then, the Titan supervisor, who was standing beside the platform, waved his large hand. The Life and Death Arena had been activated, and a transparent energy cage engulfed the entire platform.

The instant the energy cage appeared, a wave of violent surging spiritual power burst forth and continuously surged from Balor's body. The spiritual power was blood-red and burned like flames on his body. His violent aura spread and formed a massive human-shaped shadow. There were two horns on its head, and it was a full three to four meters tall. Meanwhile, his Spiritual Energy Value rose violently.

Divine Demon Transformation Blood Technique!

It was too embarrassing to reveal his true form when faced with a Foundational Stage. However, Balor understood Wang Zhong's capabilities rather well. There was no way he would underestimate him. He had to defeat him in one strike!

Balor's eyes dazzled with powerful confidence as he had the reasons to be confident. Opposite him, even though Wang Zhong immediately exploded with spiritual power, that bit of spiritual power was just…

Weak! Too weak!

Firstly, there was nothing special about his spiritual power. It was shapeless and colorless. Even though it could be seen from the outside, it seemed like a calm wind surrounding him. There was no might to speak of. Furthermore, his Spiritual Energy Value was only 150,000. To most Foundational Stages, this was definitely a peak value and could even be compared to a few weaker Void Cores, but so what? Balor was not an ordinary Void Core!

They had only activated their spiritual power, but their positions of power had already been immediately determined.

"The difference is too large. Balor's Spiritual Energy Value is around 350,000, but Wang Zhong's Spiritual Energy Value is only around 150,000."

"Balor's Spiritual Energy Value is more than double that of Wang Zhong's. This has gone beyond the scope of combat techniques. This is an utter suppression!"

"I'm afraid that your new friend will be killed in seconds." Harley shook his head. His impression of Wang Zhong was decent. Back then, Wang Zhong had actively rejected Celeste's invitation to join the Pill One Society. He was a young man with a high awareness of himself. "Heh heh. It's a pity if he dies. Do you want me to help him?"

"Interfering with the Life and Death Arena is not a wise choice, Senior Harley." Celeste smiled. "Furthermore, I don't think that Wang Zhong will definitely lose."

"Oh?" Harley was dumbfounded. In reality, he understood the reason why Celeste made friends with Wang Zhong. Ever since the news that Wang Zhong had an elemental spirit messenger spread a few days ago, Harley understood. When he said that he wanted to step up and help him, it was not necessarily because he felt that it was a pity if Wang Zhong died. In reality, he was very interested in how Wang Zhong had attracted the attention of the elemental spirit. If a Titan could obtain the might of a wood elemental spirit, he would become extremely frightening.

"Because of his messenger?" Harley furrowed his eyebrows and said, "Elemental spirits are very powerful to Void Cores, but don't forget that this is the Life and Death Arena, a ward isolation zone. Elemental spirits cannot be summoned inside."

"There's no particular reason." Celeste smiled and glanced at where the Law Enforcement Association had gathered. "Just my intuition. This person will not die that easily."

Just as she said this, Harley also seemed lost in thought and looked towards where the Law Enforcement Association had gathered. The 14 Machines and insects, who had come to see people fight for life and death for the first time, did not seem worried at all. Even though those cold expressions were the rational norm of their races, they had come specially for Wang Zhong. It was inevitable that this kind of calmness would make others feel that something was fishy.

While the two of them chatted, Balor could no longer wait. The Divine Demon Transformation Blood Technique had pushed his aura to its peak. His body flashes and "disappeared" from where he was standing!

Pavaro and Gorst's pupils shrunk slightly. Balor had not disappeared, but the speed at which he activated his attack was very fast. The switch between slow and quick made it hard for people to adjust their vision. This fellow's explosive power was even more shocking in actual combat. It looked like he had not unleashed his full-powered lightning area.


There was only an instant between activating and landing the attack. Many Combat Cultivation Hall pupils had not even seen the attack clearly when a massive sound exploded from the arena. A terrifying and heavy punch, as well as the explosive impact, sent Wang Zhong flying. A shock wave spread through the air.

It was over. It was too easy. They were simply not on the same level.

This thought involuntarily occurred to many observers watching the fight. The difference in their level of strength was too large. In the face of a direct attack, that Foundational Stage had almost no possibility of surviving.

However, before this thought could fully process itself in their heads, they heard a "ta ta" sound!

Wang Zhong had only been sent flying seven or eight steps back before landing. His two legs were firm and steady, as if they were rooted into the ground. Right in front of him, Balor was preparing to launch another attack like a storm. However, he never expected that Wang Zhong would be able to suddenly stop from that impact. He was stunned for only a moment, but a fist grew larger in front of him as he charged forward. It was as if he was voluntarily running into that fist.

There was a hint of excitement on Wang Zhong's face. Balor's punch was very heavy, and the rapid speed had exceeded his expectations, but the more surprising his attack was, the more Wang Zhong could test his own limits.

At that moment, his vitality was good, as if that attack had not harmed him at all. While layers of hidden power accumulated in his fist, his divine cells immediately burst forth.

3rd Drive!


There had been a mistake in Balor's judgment. Balor, who was charging forth, felt that his world had turned black and that his rhythm had been disrupted. His offensive had come to an abrupt end. In an instant, the fist slammed straight into his face, and he fell backwards. He was sent flying 17 to 18 meters like an artillery shell and tumbled to the ground head-first.

The arena was quiet. Their eyeballs almost dropped out. Was he acting?

What in the world?

How could Wang Zhong, who only had a peak Spiritual Energy Value of 150,000, have resisted a full-strength attack from Balor, who had a Spiritual Energy Value of 350,000? It might still be possible if he had used a technique to dodge, but he had clearly been attacked directly. Not only was he unharmed, he was still able to counterattack? What in the world was this? Could it be that he had a hidden high-defense artifact on him?

Before anyone could figure out his secret to success, in just half a second, the fallen Balor had jumped up from the ground. The rage in his heart was simply enough to set the Heavenly Gates on fire.

His opponent had attacked him with a full-power strike after transforming, but he seemed unharmed and immediately went into a counterattacking posture!

This was too surprising. Wang Zhong's combat power did not just stop at a value of 150,000. The use of techniques allowed him to deliver attacks with a Spiritual Energy Value of 200,000 to 300,000. This had been proven many times in Combat Cultivation Hall classes, and the key to his fame in the Combat Cultivation Hall. However, this was only in terms of attacking. Techniques could strengthen attacks, but how could they improve defenses?

From the punch just now, Balor clearly felt that all his power had been completely taken by Wang Zhong's body, and there were no defensive artifacts involved. Regardless of what techniques allowed him to do great things with little effort, that kind of impact was not something a Foundational Stage would be able to withstand. However, he had directly resisted the attack and was almost unharmed. Balor had suffered from his previous judgment. He was caught unaware by the counterattack and was easily sent flying!

He was not injured as Wang Zhong's attack was indeed at the standard of someone with a Spiritual Energy Value of 150,000, but the after-effects were severe. However, the thrust might have been powerful, but the injury was small. After all, his basic Spiritual Energy Value was too low, and this kind of attack could not break through his defenses. He had only been sent flying as he was caught unaware.

But a Foundational Stage had actually sent him flying! This was a completely different scene from what he had expected: killing him in seconds.

The Life and Death Arena was quiet, but Balor had simply exploded with rage.

Humiliation! Humiliation! What a massive humiliation!

White smoke was about to burst forth from Balor's head. He did not dare to imagine what joke those fellows who had already been mocking him were seeing from outside the platform. He did not dare to think about this, let alone look at them. The instant he jumped up from the ground, his furious eyes were bloodshot.

"Die!" Balor roared in anger.


Two bursts of white smoke suddenly rose from the ground where he was standing. His entire body rapidly shot forth. Just like the moment when he had first started his attack, he vanished in the blink of an eye. With the same pattern, Wang Zhong could not possibly think of attacking the second time. Balor would definitely not show any carelessness or misjudgment!

However, while he rapidly charged, Wang Zhong opposite him had moved at the same time. One's Spiritual Energy Value also directly determined one's attack, defense, speed, and sensitivity. In terms of speed, Wang Zhong seemed to be a far cry from Balor. Putting aside reaching a speed where he moved so quickly that he seemed to disappear, his actions seemed pitifully "slow". Even the fellows with the slowest reactions could clearly see all of his actions!

However, could Balor really see him clearly?

Even though Wang Zhong's actions seemed slow, strangely, the speed at which he moved was not slow at all.

Shadow Dance!

There was another side to everything. Furthermore, Wang Zhong's slow speed was only an optical illusion. The ground underneath his feet seemed to become shorter. The strange figure was slow and fast. There was a distance of over a hundred meters between the two of them. They set off at the same time, one slow and one fast, but instantly met each other in the middle.


There was a massive sound. The terrifying energy from the impact caused the center of the Life and Death Arena to be engulfed in the blast of an explosion. Meanwhile, the energy wall that shrouded the platform trembled slightly.

They faced each other head-on!

The difference in Spiritual Energy Value was almost double, but Wang Zhong had chosen to face Balor head-on!

Balor simply felt that the power in Wang Zhong's punch was obviously very weak and was half of his own. However, the continuous after-effects came in waves like an ocean. Furthermore, the speed at which the effects followed each other was extremely quick. It was as if there was no gap between the after-effects. They blocked his power in layers, and just four or five waves was enough to completely resolve his power. When they faced each other head-on, Wang Zhong was not at a disadvantage. He did not lose in terms of defense. Furthermore, he did not stop his attacks and even wanted to directly suppress Balor.

Balor had not been able to kill his opponent in seconds. Regardless of how unwilling or unhappy he was, the fact that he was unable to end the battle quickly had become a reality. He had thrown his face away. On the contrary, the continuous blocking of his attacks allowed Balor to calm down greatly, and he folded his arms. His all-rounded attack had been fast, but he suddenly slowed down. Instead, he was prepared to attack and defend at the same time.

Even though he still attacked more than he defended, he definitely had an advantage in terms of speed and power, allowing him to take the lead and control the situation. However, just this slight chance caused Wang Zhong to sigh silently. He had wanted to create a powerful contrast in Balor's mentality from the beginning and tempt him to lose his cool. However, just as he had laid his trap, Balor had calmed down. This fellow that typically seemed impulsive and crude had relatively powerful combat intuition during actual combat.

They were going to fight a tough battle.

Wang Zhong's abilities to adjust to the situation were very powerful. Even when his plan had failed, he only took half a second to adjust and give up on his attack. He immediately displayed his Shadow Dance. Even though he seemed slow, he moved swiftly all around like a demon, waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

Defending against counterattacks was Wang Zhong's strong point. However, Balor's close combat standard was obviously much higher than the several Void Cores he had faced in the Combat Cultivation Hall. Although his offensive was fierce, it did not reveal any obvious gaps. Even if there was a fleeting chance, he would quickly cover it up with his rapid speed, preventing Wang Zhong from capturing the chance.

The style of their battle had suddenly changed. The change from the violent crashing in the beginning to this struggle only took the blink of an eye. One of them was a demon who pranced about, while the other moved at the speed of light. At that moment, it was as if there were several Wang Zhongs and Balors at the same time. The sounds of collision did not cease, but most of them involved warding off attacks and did not inflict any harm. Their figures flashed past each other. For a period of time, it was difficult to differentiate them.

The two of them were locked in a stalemate. The stunned crowd around them only started to recover from their shock now. They heard that a freaky Foundational Stage had appeared in the Combat Cultivation Hall and that this Foundational Stage had the strength to directly challenge a Void Core. Many people who did not witness this personally did not believe this. They knew that some Foundational Stages from the lower worlds had very powerful combat techniques, but when it came to direct challenges, they were still Foundational Stages and Void Cores. There was no chance for one to be opportunistic. If they insisted that this was the case, who would believe them?

But now, everyone believed this. He only had a Spiritual Energy Value of 150,000, which was less than half of his opponent's, but he was not at a disadvantage in terms of strength when he directly faced his opponent. If one did not personally witness this, even those with the strongest imagination would not be able to believe this reality.

"The use of spiritual power is key. Indeed, these lower-world civilizations have allowed these weaklings to display their power to the fullest."

"It looks like we have underestimated this Earthling… Once these civilizations from the other worlds do not lose out in terms of basic power, they will be practically invincible. Look at his footwork. It is too erratic. It's enough to make up for the difference in speed."

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    《Battle Frenzy》