Battle Frenzy
1052 Divine Cells
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1052 Divine Cells

"Are you joking? It's of no use. He must have used some special method to confront him in terms of power. The simple use of spiritual power cannot possibly double this power. This kind of special method definitely has some cost to it. I don't believe that he can last until this battle ends."

"Yes. Furthermore, Balor has not shown his true power. From the current situation, Balor is still at an advantage."

"Shannali, my gambling addiction is back?" Pigolo's mood was rather good. Even though he did not see the Earthling being satisfyingly killed in one slap, the Earthling living a bit longer might give Pigolo more chances to derive benefits.

"Do you want to give me money again?" Shannali smiled. "The combat techniques from the lower worlds can give them an advantage throughout."

"I just think that Balor will win. He will not lose even in terms of techniques. However, that Earthling's footsteps are rather strange. After all, this batch of Blood Demons has more natural combat talents. The bottom-dwelling races aren't the only ones that can fight." Balor laughed out loud. "If Wang Zhong loses, accompany me for three days! If I lose, it's up to you what you want to bet!"

"Up to me?" Shannali blinked slightly. "Then I want to see the secret technique of the goblin race, the Goblin Spirit Transformation."

Pigolo was slightly dumbfounded. Her appetite was not small. However, he was afraid that this young woman would not accept a bet otherwise. As for the Goblin Spirit Transformation, even though it was excessive, this was on the condition that Wang Zhong could win. But could Wang Zhong win? Pigolo laughed out loud. "Then it's decided!"

While the two of them spoke, the battle had reached a climax.

Balor's combat instincts and techniques had exceeded Lao Wang's expectations. He had reached the limit of his agility with the Shadow Dance technique, but Balor's rapid speed could still deal with him. Not only would this cause some trouble for Lao Wang as Balor built up a defense, but Balor would also not show any obvious cracks that could be exploited.

Balor's approaches were varied, and he was fierce and tyrannical. There would always be gaps and flows, but he covered them extremely quickly. This seemed easy but was extremely effective. Their fighting styles were completely different, but they were well-matched in terms of techniques. At least, at the stage where they were testing each other out, they did not give their opponent a chance to seize.

However, this kind of stalemate would not last for too long. When the difference between their combat levels was not large and they adjusted to their opponent's style, changes would appear.

"This Earthling has surprised me. However, after all, his Spiritual Energy Value is only 150,000. Even if his use of techniques is extremely powerful and explosive, and seems to be able to eliminate this gap, he has to go through the process of spiritual power operating in his body every time he attacks. Balor's power is much faster and flows naturally." Harley had seen a clue. After all, he was a great Heavenly Core expert. To him, there were no secrets to speak of from the fight between the two. "The gap in spiritual power is that Earthling's fatal flaw."

Just as Harley finished speaking, Balor suddenly changed his technique. He seemed to have adjusted to Wang Zhong's attacks and movements. Just as he landed a heavy punch from his left arm, his leg violently attacked from the other direction with a crash!

This attack did not make any sense at all. He did not even see Wang Zhong's body, but this was a conscious judgment Balor had made while getting used to Shadow Dance. A shadow was simply sent flying midair!


There was a massive crash. This kick was solid, and Wang Zhong was sent flying to the left like an artillery shell. This was not a collision between Wang Zhong's use of spiritual power and Balor's use of power. Instead, this was a massive impact on Wang Zhong, who had been caught unaware. No one believed that his body would be able to take this.

I'll be taking your life when you're this ill!

There was a flash in Balor's eyes, and his spiritual power exploded forth. A terrifying sound immediately erupted. He was like a booster rocket shooting forth. There was a perfectly straight trail behind him. This trail seemed to be limited in distance. He started to slow down after traveling just several dozen meters. However, just as they saw him slow down, he picked up speed and shot forward with a second blast.

Demon Overlord Triple Shot!

Three trails connected with one another without any gaps, resulting in three explosions of speed. The speed at which Wang Zhong had been sent flying was extremely quick, but the speed at which Balor's Demon Overlord Triple Shot activated was even faster!

In an instant, he had arrived below Wang Zhong, who was high in the air. Closely after, his legs kicked the air, and he changed the angle of his body. The pair of goat horns on his head shone with a cold, green light as he fiercely stabbed upwards!

When he sensed the fatal threat below him, Wang Zhong forcibly controlled his unbalanced body and twisted in the air, causing his body to slant. However, as he was rather thin, even though he was able to dodge the fatal attack from the horns in this critical moment, he was hit by Balor's iron head.


The terrifying impact caused Wang Zhong to soar into the air, but this was not yet the end. In that instant, Balor was still able to use the Demon Overload Triple Shot to rush forward! The perfectly straight trials appeared behind him without any gaps once again. In just the blink of an eye, Balor had appeared above Wang Zhong, who was flying in the air.

His eyes were filled with anger. At that moment, the blood-red spiritual power all over his body gathered in his hands.

He crossed his fingers, and blood power filled his hands. Then, his fists smashed down!

Kill ~~~~~~ Crash…

Wang Zhong's body was fiercely slammed into the ground. At that moment, Balor was extremely satisfied, but the resentment in his heart had not been released. He brought his fists to his chest and dove to where Wang Zhong had landed. Blood-red flames engulfed him, and the sound of the wind was very powerful. It was as if a meteorite was falling from the sky, or a shooting star was landing on the ground. He wanted to make Wang Zhong die without a burial site!


The arena was filled with dust, but one could still faintly see that a massive crater had been formed in the hard ground in the arena by the terrifying meteorite.

Meanwhile, Balor expressionlessly stood at the border of the crater. He looked up to the sky at a 45-degree angle, his face full of pride. Although he had wasted some techniques on him, he had won in a domineering manner.

"Shannali, it looks like we will have a joyous holiday." Pigolo was in an extremely good mood. He was not surprised by this win. That young girl had intentionally bet on a losing player. She probably could no longer hold back and casually looked for an excuse to throw herself at somebody.

"Not necessarily." Shannali laughed and pointed to the hole in the Life and Death Arena. "Look."

Before Pigolo had the chance to turn and look, he sensed that his surroundings had suddenly fallen silent. They saw a figure slowly standing up from the dust-filled hole in the Life and Death Arena.

Blood appeared at the corners of Wang Zhong's mouth, but Wang Zhong had no intention of wiping them away. The clothes on his body were already tattered beyond repair. They were casually ripped off by Wang Zhong, revealing well-proportioned muscles that were not exceptionally attractive. There seemed to be a red palm print on his chest. It looked like an attack had landed deep into his chest. This was supposed to be a fatal injury, but at that moment, it was rapidly healing at a visible speed!

It seemed like he had never experienced this feeling ever since he left the Earth. Perhaps he really lived to fight. The stronger he became, the more intense his reactions became. There were even times when Wang Zhong wondered whether his soul was different from others. This desire for combat and challenge against dangers did not seem to come from him.

Not only was Balor stunned, everyone outside the Life and Death Arena also instantly fell silent. They had seen people with powerful recovery abilities even stronger than this, but they were all top civilizations who had the strongest bodies in the divine territory, like the gold Titans! But an Earthling???

Balor's expression was even more frozen.

When he had crashed into his opponent, he had already sensed that something was abnormal. When Wang Zhong's body resisted his heavy attack, it did not feel as if his body was collapsing into pieces. This was very strange. His spiritual power was obviously weaker, but he always gave Balor an unimaginable feeling during combat. How could this kind of recovery ability and endurance be displayed by an Earthling? Furthermore, this was a Foundational Stage Earthling with a Spiritual Energy Value of only 150,000!

The tranquil atmosphere was broken by Wang Zhong's light laughter. He took a step forward. Then, he took several steps toward Balor.

These steps were even slower than the strange slow steps earlier. It was as if a video was being slowed down. However, he had crossed a distance of several hundred meters and arrived in front of Balor in just two steps!


Blood-colored spiritual power burst forth from Balor's body. Even though he could not understand this low-leveled Earthling, that kind of smile was enough for Balor to instinctively hate him.

"I'll fight until you die!'

Balor's punch was as fast as a shooting star. It accumulated all the power in his entire body, and his fist shot forth at the speed of light! This punch was clearly aimed at Wang Zhong's nose. However, Wang Zhong did not dodge at all. His fist was just about to reach the tip of Wang Zhong's nose but mysteriously brushed past Wang Zhong's cheek and only sent a few strands of hair flying.

Balor changed techniques very quickly. Once his attack missed, he quickly swung his fist horizontally. However, that elbow clearly aimed at Wang Zhong's neck mysteriously missed once again. It was as if Wang Zhong would suddenly grow smaller, and his elbow brushed past the top of Wang Zhong's head…

This feeling felt like dealing with fish in water. When one looked at them from the surface of the water, the fish would be beside one's feet, but when one stretched out their hand to touch it, one would realize that it was still a few inches away from one's feet.

Even though he had missed by a bit, it had led to a grave mistake. Balor's breathing became anxious, and his eyes grew large. He continued to bombard him with punches, but none of the punches hit their target. This was too mysterious, and he could not believe this! Closely after, he saw Wang Zhong's clenched fist…


A powerful and heavy impact slammed into Balor's heart!

Its power was still at a Spiritual Energy Value of 150,000, but the layers of effects that followed continued to pound his heart like dull hammers, attacking him until he almost suffocated.

Another punch, another punch!

Crash~~ Crash~~

Balor vomited blood and was sent flying!

He could clearly see Wang Zhong's actions, but was unable to attack him throughout. He could clearly see Wang Zhong's attacks, but could not dodge. The "slow-motion" actions instantly affected him the moment they appeared!

At that moment, the area outside the Life and Death Arena was filled with astonishment.

"What happened? Is that an illusion?"

"It can't possibly be an illusion. The barrier of the Life and Death Barrier can isolate and block energies. The illusions will only trick the people inside, but not observers."

"That is…"

The pupils from the Combat Cultivation Hall and even most of the pupils from the Weapon Refinery Hall did not understand this but felt that it was awesome. However, only a few people could see what was important about this, including Celeste, Harley, Rhode D, and a few others.

"It's not an illusion. It's his murderous aura, a murderous aura from the soul. It is too powerful and perfect, causing a visual illusion." Celeste's gaze was like fire, and she seemed lost in thought. "No wonder he could make the elemental spirits scramble for him like that…"

"His murderous aura index is nine. He is almost reaching the limit of what living creatures can bear." Rhode D's eyes continued to shine with light as he scanned the battlefield. The Machinery race had many abilities that were different from other races. For example, he could accurately determine all the parameters of this battle.

"Those with this murderous aura index have engaged in close-combat countless times, but he is still able to maintain a perfect mentality. The quality of his soul is outstanding." Wanwan Min was also visibly moved. It had always thought that Wang Zhong's intelligence and way of thinking were very interesting but never expected that his soul was also this interesting.

At that moment, Wang Zhong was in a demonized state, not in terms of his appearance but his soul. The dense deterrent force he displayed caused people to form misconceptions. Everything was because of the murderous aura that his perfect soul controlled!

He had often traveled along the Life and Death Boundary, and experienced soul destruction and revival many times. After overcoming fear, brutality, cruelty, and cowardice, what was left was a true combat soul! His techniques had reached their peak, and every action was the pinnacle of the body arts. Putting everything else aside, in this aspect, Balor, who was all show and no action, could never match up against him!

Only one who had entered hell and climbed out of hell to find themselves could control this level of power!


This was another sweeping kick. It seemed to come very slowly, but before Balor could fully react and dodge, the layers of power had fiercely collided into his head like a massive wave, sending him flying high into the sky.


Balor was fiercely sent flying into the ground, creating a large hole.

Even though he immediately stood up, the after-effects of the kick continued to jolt his head, causing his head to hurt so much that it was about to split open!

"You used an illusion! You're a fake! This is impossible!" Balor was going crazy. He had never encountered such an opponent, let alone suffer this much in direct combat. Those of the same level as him or even Solid Cores could not do this, let alone a mere Foundational Stage! A Foundational Stage Earthling who had been played around by the Demon Overlord Triple Shot twice!

Demon blood was surging in his body. "I will use my power to break through your techniques! I will use cruelty to prove myself! I will kill you!"

Ding Ding Ding!

The violent energy engulfed Balor, making him seem like a blood flame person. He rapidly rushed towards Wang Zhong like an artillery shell. Fist shadows connected to one another, and his figure transformed. In the blink of an eye, it was as if dozens, even hundreds of Balors, attacked at the same time. Thousands of fists covered the sky without leaving any gaps!

Balor's eyes were filled with scarlet wisps of blood, and he was in a frenzied state. He would smash through the strange game that Wang Zhong was playing with him! If one punch was not enough, he would deliver 10 punches, 100 punches, 1,000 punches!

Blood Overlord Thousand Spirit Elimination!

The fist shadows that filled the sky seemed to have transformed into blood-red skeletons, blocking out the entire sky. They blocked off all paths of escape. This was an absolute suppression of spiritual power!

At this moment, Balor was not muddled. Even though Wang Zhong was very strange and made him form misconceptions back then, he was now very clear. He did not compete in terms of techniques with this lower-classed civilization. Instead, simply using strength to force him into submission was the best method.

Wang Zhong closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The Devouring Heaven Technique was the key to activating his power. As he breathed naturally, the power hidden in the depths of his cells burst forth like a field of blooming flowers. Gold energy points started to connect densely within his body.

Burst forth! Divine cells!

In the quick span of one breath, the power that was hidden deep within his divine cells was released in that instant. His Spiritual Energy Value jumped, and Wang Zhong suddenly opened his eyes!

His eyes were as dazzling as the sun. He straightened his left palm and aimed at the attack in front of him, which seemed like countless shooting stars. Closely after, he raised his right palm. His hands crossed and charged forth.


There was a light clapping noise that went almost unheard in the face of the vast might from Balor's terrifying Blood Overlord Thousand Spirit Elimination technique. It was like a butterfly flapping its wings beside an armored train. However, a clear palm print had shot out from his left hand.

The palm print did not seem big, but with every inch it advanced, there would be momentum surging from behind, overlapping with the palm print and causing it to tremble and speed up while it spread. There was a change with every inch moved forward. In the blink of an eye, the palm print had silently moved four to five meters forward, forming a massive palm that was as large as a small mountain!

Meanwhile, the layers of power that surged from behind continued to stack up, causing the palm print to continue growing bigger, faster, and stronger.

—Hundred Fold Palms!

This was Grai's technique that Wang Zhong did not make unnecessary changes to. It did not have such might on Earth, but when techniques were used elsewhere in different spaces, with different rules and effects, and with different levels of power, they would display a new transformation that exceeded everything.

The palm turned into a mountain, and the mountain turned into a dragon. There seemed to be no limit to this palm technique as layers continued to stack, producing a powerful illusion that influenced the space around it!


The massive dragon that had transformed from a palm whizzed towards Balor and let out an angry roar that sounded like that of a real dragon. However, unlike ordinary illusions that only oppressed one's spirit, this dragon's roar was realistic. Not only could everyone outside the Life and Death Arena clearly hear this, the terrifying roar even caused Balor's fist shadows that filled the sky to disperse!

This terrifying dragon roar had nothing to do with power. Instead, it shook the soul, causing Balor's state of mind to throb with terror and his actions to slow by half a beat. This was closely followed by an offensive from the sky that could not be blocked.

The transformed dragon had soared into the sky. It could not be stopped and broke through everything!

There was a flash of disbelief in Balor's eyes. He sensed that Wang Zhong's level of power had increased by two or three levels in an instant. Ignoring the everlasting stamina of the dragon, he could sense that Wang Zhong's power had multiplied in just a moment. Furthermore, this power was concentrated in one spot. Combined with his fear, Balor was left completely unable to block this attack.

The fist shadows that filled the sky were easily dispersed by this terrifying attack. There was only Balor, who was fiercely sent flying. He flew into the air and became a black dot that was concealed by the clouds. No one knew exactly how high he had been sent flying!

"Boss is amazing!" Outside the arena, Jhonas simply could not help but want to present Wang Zhong with flowers. He was too impressive. He had sent Balor flying without a trace.

Everyone started to whisper among themselves. Evidently, they could not believe this scene. These combat techniques that utilized spiritual power had become an image and showed that he was in complete agreement with the systems of power in the divine territory. This was called a divine shadow. When this transformed into a substantial killing attack, it would evolve into a divine image. Furthermore, this could not be seen in lower-leveled civilizations. Everyone seemed to have changed their perspective of this "low-leveled" civilization. No matter what, he could not have entered the Heavenly Gates by chance.


After seven to eight seconds, the 100-layer dragon flew to Balor, who was in midair, and sent him flying straight toward the ground.


He looked like a free-falling object. He had lost most of his consciousness and fiercely slammed into the ground like a shot put, producing a dull sound. Lao Wang had suppressed his opponent with his momentary explosion of spiritual power. At that moment, he was using all his strength to recover. After all, his divine cells were not at the Heavenly Core level and could not continuously release this level of power without stopping.

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    《Battle Frenzy》