Battle Frenzy
1053 Returning Good for Evil Doesn“t Exist!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1053 Returning Good for Evil Doesn“t Exist!

"He's won!" Jhonas grew excited. He had asked someone to investigate Balor's strength. It was said that his true form was extremely fierce, but he had obviously been complacent. He had been eliminated by Boss even before revealing his true form. Of course, he was not surprised. This was not the first time this had happened in the Combat Cultivation Hall.

"Idiot!" Nearby, Pigolo snorted coldly.

Jhonas did not dare to bicker with these fellows from the Pill Refinery Hall. However, he casually looked around him and saw that Celeste, Shannali, and the others who obviously expected Wang Zhong to win did not seem to relax. Putting them aside, even Wang Zhong, who was standing on the platform, had a stern expression on his face. At that moment, the entire Life and Death Arena was quiet. Only the cloud of dust that was kicked up when Balor slammed into the ground remained.

Humm humm humm humm…

There was the sound of spiritual power moving strangely. A ray of blood-red light dazzled from the large crater that Balor had fallen into.

"You dog, level-4 civilization, can even force me to activate my true form…" A low and cold voice sounded from the blood-red light.

Unlike the frenzied state that Balor had been in previously, he was strangely calm. However, others could feel the absolute rage that was hidden beneath his calm tone!


A figure stood up amidst the blood-red light. Jhonas was standing outside the Life and Death Arena, and his pupils rapidly contracted. That figure was over five meters tall. Including the sharp goat horns on its head that were two or three meters long, it was a total of seven or eight meters tall. He was comparable to a Titan! Furthermore, the aura that spread from his body was extremely powerful, making everyone feel that this power had gone beyond the scope that a physical body was capable of!

The Blood Demon race was considered a race with massive physiques. They did not lose to the Titans in terms of close-combat strength. This true form had a Spiritual Energy Value of 500,000. However, this was not the end. The transformations had not stopped!

Glug glug…

His spiritual power reactions did not change, but the strength of his aura was still able to grow. His boiling blood caused his limbs to rapidly wriggle. Tumors on his shoulder rapidly moved, as if they wanted to poke out of his body.

Pa pa pa pa!

Two small warts poked out from his shoulders and formed two heads in the blink of an eye. Meanwhile, the other parts of his body were also extending outwards. Arms started to grow out one by one.

This was the transformed true form of Blood Demon Balor —— the three-headed, six-armed Blood Combat True Form!

As the three heads and six arms took shape, Balor's spiritual power had also reached a terrifying peak of 600,000!

This combat power was stunning, even among the Void Cores.

Even in the same race, there were many kinds of true forms. For example, among the Titans, there were ordinary true Titan forms, silver Titans, and gold Titans. Regardless of whether it was in terms of strength or potential, there was a world of difference between these variations. Of course, there were many kinds of true forms among the Blood Demon race. In particular, the three-headed, six-armed form was the most famous one.

On a physical level, three heads and six arms would maximize one's attack and defense. Furthermore, not only would his techniques be able to break through all illusions, his terrifying vision would be able to do so as well. His six eyes would be able to note all the flaws in any attack from different angles! Of course, his spiritual power and soul would also strengthen in a terrifying manner. His soul would become three times stronger.

Back then, the classic Blood Demon race true form was called a "combat machine" during their scramble for supremacy. They definitely did not have an undeserved reputation. This was also a key factor behind why the Blood Demon race was able to be a part of the Fire Demon race and survive.

"This Balor…" Kakadinme's eyes lit up. As the most dazzling, genius Blood Demon and one of the top-four experts in this batch of Heavenly Gates pupils, his true form also had three heads and six arms. This was extremely useful for pill refinery. Not many Blood Demons had a true form with three heads and six arms. He never expected that his fellow Blood Demon that had been allocated to the Combat Cultivation Hall would also have this kind of true form… This was probably because of his personality. Most Blood Demons were irritable and lacked patience. In order to succeed in pill refinery, regardless of how good one's conditions were, one first had to be able to quieten down one's heart and accept the impact of countless failures.

Outside the Life and Death Arena, many people were visibly moved, including Celeste, Jhonas, and others who had great confidence in Wang Zhong.

Even though Wang Zhong had sent Balor flying in one attack and exploded with extremely potent spiritual power in that instant, Balor had a true form with three heads and six arms. A Spiritual Energy Value of 600,000 versus a Spiritual Energy Value of 150,000. Just the difference in their spiritual power would be enough for Balor to suppress him. With this kind of gap, skills and aura were no longer essential.

"Wang Zhong's explosion of power like just now is not sustainable." Senior Harley shook his head. Although he did not know about his divine cells, he could see the exhaustion Wang Zhong experienced after that attack. This method definitely could not be used boundlessly in combat. Furthermore, even that technique would probably not be able to stop the current Balor.

The difference was too obvious. Everyone had different reactions.

"Heh heh. Beloved, this Earthling will only last for, at most, ten more seconds." Pigolo laughed cheerily. Frankly speaking, when Wang Zhong had sent Balor flying, he had secretly panicked. Luckily, Balor's true form was powerful enough.

It was all good now as the outcome had been determined. He was finally going to fulfill his wish… He glanced at Shannali, who was beside him. That chest, those buttocks… Tsk tsk tsk. Pigolo drooled slightly. This girl had been keeping him on tenterhooks for a long time.

This time, Shannali did not respond. Instead, she furrowed her eyebrows slightly. Obviously, Balor's true form had exceeded her expectations slightly. If it had been an ordinary Blood Demon true form, she believed that Wang Zhong would definitely have a way. After all, he had that kind of thing. But when faced with three heads and six arms…

"God, please bless and protect him. God, please bless and protect him…" Meanwhile, Jhonas was mysteriously chanting. He held a small box in his hand with a treasure from his father. The treasure could prolong one's life, as long as one was not dead. To be honest, his heart ached slightly, but he had taken it out by some curious coincidence. In any case, a low-key and sincere fellow like him would not be able to use it either…

Meanwhile, the Machinery and insect race members all had the same silent expression. Only Celeste still had the same calm expression as before. No one knew whether this was because she did not care about the results or because she had more confidence in Wang Zhong.

"I will rip you into pieces, bit by bit!" At that moment, Balor's voice had sounded from the platform. His terrifying spiritual power suppressed the atmosphere, giving him the absolute advantage in the entire Life and Death Arena, as if this arena was his home ground. His spiritual power flooded every corner of the Life and Death Arena, leaving Lao Wang with no place to take shelter!

"We Earthlings have a saying. Supporting characters die from speaking too much," said Wang Zhong calmly.

There was a long, solemn silence. There were countless dumbfounded expressions around them. Even though they had eaten the translation candy, they took some time to understand this. They were also speechless towards Lao Wang's strange confidence.

When placed in an absolutely disadvantageous situation, no one saw any chance for Wang Zhong to turn the tables. However, he was still able to maintain this calmness. This was probably his remaining self-esteem as a member of a low-leveled civilization.

Balor laughed coldly. The aura that filled the air around him suddenly exploded. He had no intention of bickering with this weakling. The aura that materialized instantly soared into the air. The entire cage that surrounded the Life and Death Arena was filled with that scarlet-red light. The violent spiritual power instantly suppressed the entire arena, turning into a terrifying hurricane. Just the spiritual power alone caused Wang Zhong's body to sway!

The gap was too large!

Balor instantly vanished. Even several peak experts with extremely good vision could only see a red shadow flying past. Closely after, the shadow descended from the sky!

Kill ~~~~

Balor's eyes were red. This Earthling had given him too many surprises. He did not want any more obstacles to complicate this issue. Since he had revealed his true form, he would use his most powerful attack to kill Wang Zhong in one move!

His six hands pressed down at the same time. There was no technique or flowery move to this, but there was a terrifying force that caused the aura spread throughout the arena to gather at that moment. His left hand wound around his right hand, and his right hand wound around his left hand. His six hands formed a circle, and the aura that accumulated formed a massive blood-colored millstone in the air that would kill without discrimination. It descended from the sky, threatening to smash everything into pieces!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh!

The moment the millstone took shape, it had an aura that suppressed everything. Even the space here started to tremble!

It was still all right outside the Life and Death Arena as there was a protective ward around it.

There was no space to even dodge. Wang Zhong seemed to have realized that he was faced with a space where there was nowhere to dodge from the attacks. He stood where he was without moving. He looked at the chain of six hands that descended from the sky and remained still, with an expression as if he was waiting for death.

"This Earthling is done for."

"The difference between their levels of power is too large. No techniques or willpower can surpass this."

"The explosion of spiritual power from this attack has gone beyond his peak of 600,000. He's just a Void Core…" Pupils from the Pill Refinery Hall were also visibly moved by this. They had underestimated this fellow from the Combat Cultivation Hall. The true strength of the Pill Refinery Hall was their potential to accumulate their Gold Core and that they had a brilliant future. However, in terms of their combat power when they were in the Void Core Realm or the Foundational Stage, they might not be much stronger than these peak fellows from the Combat Cultivation Hall.

"It is too difficult for those from the lower worlds to stand out." Some pupils from level-five civilizations were also slightly dejected. Throughout the process of Wang Zhong's rise to fame, they had made some cynical remarks, but in reality, it was a resignation to their own fate. They were also bootlicking the higher-leveled civilizations — following their style and echoing their views. However, in their subconscious mind, they hoped that such a fellow from a low-leveled civilization would be able to walk to the peak and create a legend like the Shell race. This would give them even more inspiration. There was no doubt that Wang Zhong showed signs of doing so. However, it was a pity that he would fall here today.

"Just one technique." Pigolo's eyes lit up. He could already imagine Shannali being undressed by him on the bed.


At that instant, the blood shadow millstone had crashed into its target!

This was supposed to be an earth-shattering attack that would simply smash him into pieces, but it came to an abrupt stop…

A cold light flashed past Wang Zhong's eyes, and he raised his hands high into the air. The six-hand chain and the blood-colored millstone that fell from the sky were stopped in the air by his hands. Everyone was stunned. This was simply impossible. Even if Wang Zhong was able to burst forth with spiritual power again, he definitely would not be able to stand this kind of attack.

This did not make sense. Did Balor just have a worthless exterior?


Just as they thought so, everyone shuddered in fear. The breath they produced while speaking was as clear as fog. No one knew when this had started. The temperature around them was shockingly low. Not only did Balor feel this, everyone outside the Life and Death Arena felt this as well. It was shockingly low, and they could even see the cold!

They watched as Balor's invincible blood-colored millstone started to be covered in frost.

Wang Zhong's body released an endless stream of chillingly cold air. As the points of contact between his hands and the blood-red millstone rapidly started to spread, everyone was dumbfounded. Not only was Balor's attack completely frozen, even Balor, who was in midair, could not avoid this. He was simply frozen into a living ice sculpture! One could even see Balor's terror-stricken eyes and his stiff expression through the transparent ice.

This was…

Countless people widened their eyes. They could completely imagine the fear that Balor experienced at this moment. This cold air was able to seep out of the protective barrier around the Life and Death Barrier, causing hundreds of people around the arena to feel the same way. This kind of cold air was simply unimaginable and definitely not something a simple genius could do.

"Elemental power!" Harley could not help but furrow his eyebrows. How could this be?

The space in the divine territory was stable. Regardless of whether it was the power of the 5 Elements or the so-called rules that the lower worlds often used, they could not be used in the divine territory. For example, the powers of the 5 Elements required one to have the ability to control these elements and have an affinity with them. One had to reach several hundred, or even several thousand times the level of mastery one had on Earth.

Of course, this did not mean that such people did not exist. Some special races with particularly outstanding natural endowments in this aspect could possibly use these powers. However, all these races were either from level-8 civilizations or were the rulers of a district.

However, a mere human was able to use high-leveled ice abilities. How could the rules of the divine territory allow this?!

The surroundings were silent. It was as if all noises and expressions had been frozen by this cold air. In the divine territory, anyone who could achieve affinity with the elements had unlimited possibilities, regardless of where they were from.

His Spiritual Energy Value, techniques, and all that were just a warm-up. This was Lao Wang's trump card from Vladimir: Absolute Zero!

With the Great 5 Elements Constitution, Wang Zhong had achieved perfection in the use of ice abilities. He could use them as long as he received approval from the rules of the divine territory. Frankly speaking, in the divine territory, the strength of the 5 Elements relied on one's affinity with the elements on a higher level. Even the strength of one's spiritual power was secondary. This power was even more terrifying than on Earth.

The results in actual combat were much better than he had expected. When he looked at the ice sculpture of Balor, the corners of Lao Wang's lips curled. Since the day had come, how could he display reckless courage? In order to survive, and for the sake of the Earth's fate, he needed greater intelligence and tenacity. Once an opportunity appeared, he definitely had to seize it!

"The elemental spirit." Shannali laughed. Her panic just now was to tease Pigolo. She was probably the one who understood Wang Zhong the most out of everyone present. When she saw his calm expression, she knew that he could not possibly lose. Her intuition had always been very accurate. She had never lost when she bet with people on such matters, not throughout her lifetime.

"This is impossible!" Pigolo blurted out. "Even if he has an elemental spirit, how many days have passed since he obtained one? Furthermore, even elemental spirits cannot achieve affinity with the rules so easily, especially with such high-leveled power!"

Indeed, elemental spirits were a great help in comprehending the power of the 5 Elements and allowed one to reach high levels. However, it also took time to comprehend and obtain the approval of the elements. One could not suddenly go from knowing nothing to becoming omnipotent. In particular, one also had to have sufficient natural endowments.

Celeste's gaze was calm, but she was scorching on the inside. Of course, she could guess the reason why Wang Zhong had such high-leveled ice abilities. It was definitely because of the presence of Nini, the water elemental spirit.

In the divine territory, elemental spirits were an extremely valuable key towards unlocking the power of the 5 Elements. They could increase a creature's affinity towards the elements. With a key, one might not be able to unlock the vault, but without the key, it was definitely impossible. For example, the Shell race had a natural affinity with the water element. If they had a water elemental spirit, their natural affinity would increase significantly. If they had a fire elemental spirit, it would make up for the natural weakness of the Shell race and maximize their potential for pill studies.


Wang Zhong did not even move. The large block of ice in the air simply fell to the ground and even swayed two times. Everyone could see Balor's furious expression while he was sealed in the ice. However, other than his eyes, which he could still move, he was simply helpless against this terrifying cold air. He could not even move, let alone break out from the ice. He simply relied on his extremely potent spiritual power and true form to bitterly support himself and not freeze to death from the cold air.

A Blood Demon with a true form that had three heads and six arms, a Void Core peak with a Spiritual Energy Value of 600,000 had been eliminated this easily. His opponent was a mere Foundational Stage!

This Earthling… was about to defy the heavens.

The Titan supervisor's eyes lit up, and the corners of his lips curled into an interesting angle. This was the third surprise this human had brought him. There always seemed to be something interesting about him.

The surroundings were quiet. Wang Zhong looked at the ferocious face on the ice sculpture. Balor could no longer move. According to the rules of the Life and Death Arena, he had lost. However, this was not the end.

In the Life and Death Arena, the victor had the right to execute the loser. No one could come to help. However, did this Earthling dare to do so?

Balor, who was inside the ice, moved his eyes. He knew that he had suffered a crushing defeat and that his reputation had reached rock bottom. This was a destructive strike, but so what? Within the ice, Balor's expression was still fierce. He simply did not believe that Wang Zhong would actually dare to kill him. When low-leveled civilizations faced high-leveled civilizations, they usually had too many worries. Even if they occasionally achieved justice, they did not have the right to be arrogant. The pillar of support behind them was of a completely different level.

Furthermore, as long as he waited, even if his reputation had reached rock bottom and he was unable to take his revenge for now, Balor would wait. He would definitely make this Earthling pay for this 100 times over! He would be rivals with this Earthling for life!

"I really never expected that this Earthling could reach this stage."

"This time, Balor has really thrown his face away. The reputation of the Blood Demon race has also reached rock bottom as a result. I'm afraid that his life won't be easy when he goes back."

"It's rare to see the Blood Demon race lose face. How interesting."

The crowd was extremely lively. To observers, this was an interesting competition that did not represent anything. Whoever won or lost would simply become a topic of conversation. As for whether Balor would cause trouble for Wang Zhong in the future, it was not important.

Furthermore, at this moment, Wang Zhong smiled at Balor in the ice, whose eyes flashed with ferocity. Wang Zhong could see everything around him. Were Earthlings just insignificant playthings in their eyes?

If one repaid evil with good, then how would one repay good?


The ice sculpture, which had been frozen to the extreme, was extremely hard. However, it was instantly broken into pieces by Wang Zhong's fist. He was the creator of this ice and naturally had the ability to break it. However, Balor, who was pitifully stuck inside the ice sculpture, did not have his body broken by Wang Zhong. Instead, he was ripped apart by the broken ice and instantly turned into a pile of powder. Only his eyeballs, which were still wide open and threatening Wang Zhong, rolled to Wang Zhong's feet.

Wang Zhong stretched out his left leg and stepped without any hesitation.

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    《Battle Frenzy》