Battle Frenzy
1054 Well Received
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1054 Well Received


The eyeball was stomped into pieces, and a blood-colored aura floated out from the eyeball, quickly vanishing in the air.

The entire place was completely quiet. Dead silence, dead silence, dead silence…

No one could believe that Wang Zhong dared to strike!

However, Wang Zhong had struck. Not only had he struck, but he was also clean and nimble in his actions. He was full of murderous aura.

However, Wang Zhong's expression was tranquil, as if he had simply done a small and insignificant matter. This was the Life and Death Arena. He did not need to say anything, let alone explain anything. The victor reaped the benefits!

Flying Pig's eyeballs were about to drop out. He suddenly felt that he did not understand Wang Zhong at all. This was no longer as simple as bringing about disaster. He had simply killed someone. Brother, could you use your brain? Amiability begets riches!!!

The Titan supervisor was the first to applaud, breaking this strange and awkward silence. Closely after, the claps of the Machinery race, the insect race, as well as Celeste, Harley, and the rest, sounded. However, this applause was slightly sporadic within the Life and Death Arena that was filled with several hundred observers.

Needless to say, the gazes of everyone around him started to change. Evidently, in the eyes of many people, Wang Zhong's seemingly tyrannical action seemed more like the act of a mad dog who was not afraid of death… This made people envy him, be unsatisfied with him, and hate him, but more than anything, there was… fear.

This had nothing to do with strength. In this world, the straightforward ones feared the shrewd ones; the shrewd ones feared those who fought without regard for their lives, but all of them feared the mad. However, this fellow ticked all the boxes…

The road to advancement for low-leveled civilizations was usually filled with blood and fire. No one would be able to avoid this. Even the Shell race had to rely on pill refinery to make a name for themselves. Although observers only saw their successes in pill studies and thought that everything was smooth-sailing, this was only because the history records were written as such. Those who personally experienced the rise of the Shell race would know how bloody the road had been.

There was even a flash of satisfaction and curiosity in Celeste's eyes. If she had only been interested in Wang Zhong's elemental spirit in the past, she was now slightly interested in Wang Zhong himself, including the low-leveled civilization behind him.

What kind of civilization could have nurtured this kind of soldier, who was resolute in his slaughter and not afraid of anything?

There was a natural barrier between civilizations, but things were different when it came to fellow members of one's race. Over ten Blood Demons immediately rushed forth. To them, it was not permissible for a low-leveled civilization to kill a high-leveled civilization. This was a violation of the law of nature.

Wang Zhong stood there and did not move. He had already released potent spiritual power two times in a row, and his divine cells could not recover so quickly. However, his gaze was very calm. Perhaps it was because this had been too easy. The Blood Demon race was adorably foolish.

Before the Blood Demons could rush to the arena, a dozen Machines and several insects had quickly suppressed these Blood Demons. This was also the first time Wang Zhong had seen the Machinery race and the insect race strike. He could only say that this was an "accurate attack"!

With the terrifying "poker face" of the Machinery race and the frightening influence of the insect race, they did not even need to open their mouths to wake the Blood Demons up. This was the Heavenly Gates, not the private land of the Blood Demon race!

This was the Life and Death Arena, a place of honor. The victor had the right to eliminate the loser regardless of how "unequal" the relationship between them was.

This was simply a minor episode that no one cared about. However, they looked at Wang Zhong with a new perspective. Their concept of "Earthlings" was no longer equivalent to weakness.

"Damn…" Pigolo almost squeezed the jade core he had just bought into pieces. This was a new and extremely trendy item among the aristocrats for the past two years. When they held it in their hands, it could calm them down and nurture their soul. However, this was just a trick that exaggerated its actual function. Whether one was able to calm down would always depend on individual cultivation. For people like Pigolo, he was just putting on a lavish front. After all, even the cheapest 100-year jade core was valued in terms of Gold Star Stones. Its price could start from a three-digit value or even a four-digit value. It was a toy that only the rich bought to play with.

That young female was almost going to be on his bed, but… Balor, that good-for-nothing from a level-8 civilization, really did not know what shame was. Death was a light punishment for him!

"The Goblin Spirit Transformation." Meanwhile, Shannali was smiling. "I won't force you to show me the real thing. A copied or replicated version will do as well. Senior Pigolo, please don't forget about this."

Pigolo was rendered speechless by this. He only remembered the matter about the Goblin Spirit Transformation now. Closely after, he sweated profusely, and the lustful intent just now had completely disappeared.

The Goblin Spirit Transformation? This was an uncirculated secret of the goblin race. Even as one of the few geniuses from this batch of goblins, he still had to enter the Pill Refinery Hall before obtaining the approval from his elder to observe and learn it. However, this young lady casually made a bet and wanted to see this technique? She was not afraid of being blinded either… Back then, his lust had gotten to him. Furthermore, he only agreed to this bet when he was sure that Wang Zhong definitely did not have any chance of winning. Now, his bet was knocking on his door. "Ahem, heh heh heh. This…"

Shannali widened her large black bright eyes. She laughed and said, "I just want to see. Furthermore, once I have benefited, I will not forget Senior either. I believe that with Senior's character, you will not go back on your word." As she spoke, she started drawing circles on Pigolo's thigh with her small hand.

"…" The excuse that lingered in Pigolo's mouth was instantly held back.

After all, he was not a true fool. When he looked at Shannali's conspicuous laugh, he suddenly realized that he had been cheated by this young lady. If this leaked out, regardless of how, there would not be any good consequences for him. Most importantly, he would be done for from now on.

Pigolo took a deep breath. Without the effects of his negative intelligence, he rapidly calmed down and smiled along with Shannali. He slowly said, "You really are a bad girl!"


Lao Wang had been successful in "pulling through this calamity", but it was not as easy for Aiolos. The crueler the environment was, the denser the levels were.

The jail would not cause people to forget the taste of freedom because of its beauty and splendor, even if it was a freedom while in danger or poverty.

Undine Abeli Downy awoke from her deep slumber. There were still some sparkling tear stains at the corners of her eyes. She had seen a sad dream. However, after she opened her eyes, she only remembered that it was sad but could not remember what the dream was about.

Undine stretched out her pale and slender fingers to wipe away the tears. The tips of her fingers, wet by her tears, wiped past her lips. Thus, she tasted her own tears. There were traces of saltiness mixed with wisps of sweetness, forming a bitter taste at the tip of her tongue which turned into warm sweetness in her throat.

The tears of a Seductress were a precious material. It could be used to curse others or in pill refinery. This depended on the mental state of the Seductress when she shed these tears. If they had been tears of resentment, the tears would be a curse. If she shed tears because of pain or bleeding, the tears would be a poison. Only emotional tears could be used in pill refinery to make medicine.

However, when she tasted her own tears, Undine did not know whether these were cursed tears or medicinal tears. Perhaps it was a mix of both. After all, she was of mixed blood. She felt that she was different from real Seductresses.

Thus, she could not free herself and fell in love with a human —— this shocked even Undine herself. In the beginning, she thought that she "liked him". She cared about him and treated him with importance. However, these feelings were distant from "love". There was still a long way to go.

However, as she watched him win a fight that he definitely had no chance of winning in the fighting ring, and as she watched him collapse with victory, Undine's heart was immediately filled with intense emotions that assaulted the defenses of her heart. Her entire body started to tremble slightly. When he disappeared from the fighting ring and from her line of sight, she suddenly turned around. All her defenses had been completely broken. These complex emotions that could not be controlled or be described in words shattered through her cautiousness like an apocalyptic torrent.

Her body was being governed by love.

She rushed out of the concealed guest room to the backstage of the arena. She saw him. He was dying, but she would not allow this to happen. She used the taboo technique that she was absolutely not allowed to use, without any hesitation…

They were now together in life and death, and were connected as man and woman. There was no marriage for the Seductresses, but they would accompany each other through life and death.

Knock knock ——

There was a light knocking on the door. Undine stood up, and four maids pushed a golden cart inside the room. They were all pure-blood Seductresses.

"When can I leave?"

Undine asked them, but they did not speak throughout. No matter how Undine implored or threatened them, they simply did their routine jobs in silence. They arranged the utensils and filled in the hot spring. They sprinkled colorful petals and served her by bathing her. Then, they carefully helped her to put on exquisite makeup.

Undine could not resist their "decoration". Her spiritual power had been sealed, and her techniques had been confined as well. Furthermore, she did not plan to play around with her life. Her current life was no longer just hers. The secret Seductress technique had healed his fatal wounds and connected their lives. Two different bodies shared one life through an abstruse method.

She looked at the four Seductresses serving her. They glanced at her with empathetic yet jealous gazes.

She knew why this was the case. With her identity, she had suffered enough from jealousy. She was clearly of mixed blood, yet she received more favor from the Queen.

However, the jealousy they felt this time was completely different from what she had experienced in the past. The jealousy they had shown previously was because of hate. She was a mere mixed blood but won the favor of their Queen through cunning methods. They often treated her as the Queen's pet. The respect they treated her with was only on the surface.

However, the jealousy they felt now was because of admiration!

They knew that she had fallen in love with someone. ——This was proven by the secret Seductress technique. If it was not true love, this technique could not possibly succeed.

What did it feel like to love someone?

As Seductresses were adept at captivating the masses —— regardless of whether they were pure-blood Seductresses or of mixed blood —— they could easily obtain others' love towards them. However, they could not love others as they only loved themselves. They even had doubts about their love for themselves, which was accompanied by a cruel selfishness. Thus, they were unconventional by nature. They pursued everything joyful. Indulgent desire happily flowed through their blood like a darkness-engulfing light.

However, many Seductresses still wanted to know the feeling of loving someone.

Not being able to obtain this love was the most unpleasant feeling. It was just like a small cat looking up at the salted fish hanging in midair. This was not necessarily because it was actually greedy and wanted to eat the fish, but because it could not fulfill its temptation by obtaining the fish.

They envied that Undine was able to experience the feeling of loving someone.

But if they were to ask Undine what kind of feeling it was, she would not be able to answer them either.

She only knew that she was constantly worried about him. There was no moment she did not miss him. "Aiolos." Every time she called his name in her heart, a wave of indescribable emotions would surge forth. It was as if a hand had firmly grabbed her heart. Every heartbeat and every thought was closely linked to him.

This was a laborious burden, but she did not want to shun this at all.

She had completed her bath and eaten her meal. Her request to see the Queen had been ignored once again. As a result, she felt a sense of impatience. She did not know how her race would deal with this matter.

Now, as long as her secret technique was still in effect, her life would be connected with Aiolos's life. Thus, after that kind of thing happened, they did not immediately do anything to Aiolos.

The Queen still doted on her. Undine felt that she still had a unique value. However, if the Queen abandoned her… The Seductress race would definitely not let anyone who violated their taboos off. Furthermore, as the secret technique gradually faded out, the connection between their lives would grow weaker as a result. Before that, she definitely had to see the Queen and convince her to believe that Aiolos was someone worth investing in. This would be a beneficial choice, both to her and the Seductress race. This was very difficult, but this was the only method that she could think of. The problem was, how could she make the Queen see her?

The door opened once again. Undine raised her head and looked at the figure walking in. She let out a pleasantly surprised shout. "Zoena!"

Zoena was at the entrance, displaying her gratitude to the guards at the door. Two white ceramic vases were stuffed into their clothes. When she heard Undine calling for her, she turned around and smiled at Undine. Then, she nimbly ran into the room and closed the door.

"Undine!" Zoena shouted for her as she jogged over. Then, they hugged each other tightly. Zoena's worried voice sounded beside Undine's ear. "You've grown thinner."

Undine let Zoena go and shook her head. However, Zoena did not wait for her to speak. She stared at Undine and said, "Also, why are you so dumb?! Don't you know what great sin you have committed? My poor Undine, if it weren't for the Queen, you would have turned into dust a long time ago. Not even your soul would be left behind."

"You went to see the Queen?"

"It was the Queen who summoned me." Zoena's eyes sparkled. "Undine, with your current situation, not even the Queen can keep protecting you. Elder Yanye was planning to demote you to an ordinary goblin. Do you know how terrifying that is?! The Queen did not agree to this punishment. She asked me to tell you that as long as you kill that human yourself, everything will return to normal."

Undine looked at Zoena in shock as she listened to the words that continued to spill out from Zoena's mouth. Towards the end, she could not hear her words clearly. Only the words "kill that human yourself" continued to reverberate in her head. It was as if an ugly insect had grown from her heart and treated her heart like sandy soil. It dug in and out from the sandy soil, breeding and growing stronger as a result.

"Undine! Undine!" Zoena shouted her name many times before finally recapturing her attention. She continued speaking, "Dear Undine, trust me. I am your best friend. Now, you must calm down properly. You only feel this so-called 'love' because you have experienced too little. Furthermore, the indecisiveness of the Shell race has influenced your judgment. You will become better. Forget about him and end him. You will have better pursuits. Trust me. I can assure you of this."

Undine was dumbfounded as she looked at her best friend. They had once been extremely close and did everything together. She believed that Zoena would not harm her. However, when she looked at Zoena, Undine felt that she was very foreign.

Zoena still had a gentle expression on her face. "This is all for your own good! I think so too. The Queen still dotes on you. As long as you, the one who performed the technique, take action against him, the secret technique will automatically be removed. You can't possibly hope that he will be killed by someone else and experience the backlash of death, right?"

Unlike her expression, Zoena's heart was filled with frenzied laughter. Yes, she had been waiting for this day for a very long time. This was more magnificent than the most exciting drama. She wanted to fully enjoy this process and play her role well.


At the same time, in the Sacred Arena.

Teaser posters were being renewed outside the fighting arena. Many busybodies were waiting for the new battle teasers. As they chatted, they watched as the staff of the Arena pasted a poster into the advertisement lightbox. They could not wait to see the contents of the teaser while calculating how they would bet tomorrow.

The advertisement revealed itself little by little. Closely after, an extremely shocking piece of news came into view.

"Life and Death Battle —— Combat Master Aiolos Versus Silver Electric Titan Tsarilorhuan —— An Encounter of Two Experts, But Only One Will Live!"

"This is going to be explosive!"

"A story of brothers killing each other? Now this is worth seeing. The aristocrats will definitely surge into the Arena like a tide!"

Those who understood the situation all knew the relationship between Aiolos and Tsarilorhuan. They were even closer than brothers. They relied on each other and supported each other in the Arena. They had endured the challenges as nameless newbies and gone through thick and thin together. They had established their footing here.

However, gladiators were never able to control their own fates.

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    《Battle Frenzy》